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Fuel Station Juice Detox

Fuel Station Juice Detox is a weight loss programme that involves replacing meals with different fruit juices. Whilst this might help you to lose weight in the short term, it is not usually considered a healthy means of weight loss.


Fuel Station Juice Detox Pros
  • The meal replacement plan might help you to lose weight in the short term
  • The ingredients in the products themselves have not been associated with severe side effects (though the programme as a whole might be dangerous for certain groups of people)
  • The company provides contact details and does not appear to run a few trial scam
  • Orders are typically delivered on the next working day
Fuel Station Juice Detox Cons
  • No clinical studies have been undertaken on the product as a whole
  • The majority of the ingredients in the product have not been shown to aid weight loss
  • The detox is a form of fasting and is not always considered to be a healthy method of weight loss
  • No money-back guarantee available

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Fuel Station Juice Detox Review

Fuel Station Juice Detox is a programme that is advertised for people who want to lose weight or simply ‘press the reset button’. The basic ‘detox’ diet involves consuming three different fruit juices as meal replacements for several days of the week. Precisely how long you fast for will depend on which programme you opt for.

The main detox plan involves vegetable-based juices. The company behind the detox juices does however also offer fruit-based juices and soup detoxes. They also sell ‘delivered meals’, supposedly designed to improve performance or weight loss. The company is based in the United Kingdom and claims to be supported by a number of famous faces.

Fuel Station Juice Detox Claimed weight loss benefits

The Fuel Station Juice Detox programme is a meal replacement product. Full instructions are not easily accessible on the official website, but it is suggested that four juice products should be consumed every day for either three or five days, depending on the package you have chosen, whilst you fast. This means that for this time period, the only food you will consume is in the form of vegetable juices. The products can, in theory, help to suppress the appetite whilst an individual is undergoing a period of fasting whilst also providing an array of essential nutrients. The only ingredients in the products, so it is stated on the official website, are the juices of the stated vegetables.

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How Fuel Station Juice Detox Works


The Fuel Station Juice Detox products are different to many weight loss products because, rather than acting as supplements to a diet, they do in fact form the whole diet. The juices are supposed to be used as meal replacements. The diet is described as a ‘detox’, whereby the user does not consume any food apart from the juices for a period of either three or five days. The juices that they do consume are vegetable-based and therefore should not contribute many calories to the body. Customers on the plan might lose weight since they will be consuming very little energy for several days of the week.

How Each Ingredient Works


Kale is often included in diet plans for those looking to lose weight and/or gain muscle. It is not however usually considered to have any special weight loss effects such as fat burning or metabolism boosting. The vegetable is low in calories and so is a good addition to meals or as a replacement to higher-calorie meal component. Kale is also high in dietary fibre. Fibre has been said to have the potential to suppress the appetite and reduce hunger. As such, the kale in these meal replacements might help the user to feel fuller for longer, thus preventing hunger cravings and snacking during fasting days of this diet plan.


Apples are known for being a healthy option and a good alternative to sugary snacks. Apples contain a fibrous substance called pectin that is thought to have appetite suppressing qualities, helping to keep the consumer feeling full for some time after consumption. The potential effects of pectin are likely, however, to be reduced in this product because it only contains the juices of apples. The pectin is likely to have been broken down in the process of juicing.


Unlike most other ingredients in the Fueld Station Juice Detox products, ginger is sometimes associated with weight loss and accordingly, can often be found in weight loss supplements. The extract of ginger root contains substances called ‘gingerols’, which are thought to have the potential to increase fat burning and the metabolic rate. Ginger is thought to achieve this by triggering thermogenesis – an increase in the internal body temperature. This process is in turn believed to improve the effectiveness of fat burning enzymes and increase the rate at which fat is broken down for energy. Ginger has also been said to have appetite suppressing effects. The ingredient can supposedly help control blood glucose levels, reducing the blood glucose spike that is experienced after a meal and, in turn, preventing the associated increase in cravings for sugary foods.


Fruits and vegetables are known to be excellent additions to a diet plan – be this for weight loss or just maintaining good health. Cucumbers are no exception; they are low-calorie foods that can help you to fill hunger cravings without contributing much in the way of fat and calories. Cucumbers also contribute an array of nutrients that are beneficial for the body, incluidng vitamin K and C, helping you to remain healthy during your weight loss journey – something that is particularly important when following a fasting-style diet.


In common with cucumber, carrot is a healthy vegetable that is full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for general health. Carrot has not been associated with any special fat burning or metabolism boosting properties, but is a commonly recommended dieting food due to its low calorie content.


Some people have suggested in the past that lemon has special weight loss powers. Certain celebrities, for example, swear by the weight loss benefits of hot water with lemon juice. These claims aside, lemon has not actually been associated with weight loss. It might help people to lose weight if they are consuming lemon-infused water instead of high-calorie beverages, for example, but the actual components of lemon are not known to have any weight loss effects.


Like kale, spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is a common addition to weight loss or muscle gain diet plans. Spinach is low in calories and high in fibre, meaning that it might help to keep you feeling full for longer without contributing many calories to the body. This is because the vegetable passes through the digestive tract more slowly than other, lower-fibre, alternitives.

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Key Fuel Station Juice Detox Ingredients

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It is stated on the official Fuel station Juice Detox website that the detox juices contain only the juices of the vegetables listed. Beneath each juice product is a list of five different vegetables. No details are provided with regards to the nutritional content of the products or how much of each ingredient is present in the juices. The ingredients listed are either fruits or vegetables, depending on the product. Some of the ingredients have associated weight loss benefits, but the product is designed as a low-calorie meal replacement rather than as containing ingredients with weight loss properties.

Active Ingredients


Kale is often described as a ‘super food’; it is a leafy green vegetable that can be eaten in its raw or cooked forms. Belonging to the cabbage family, the vegetable is commonly eaten in a variety of dishes all over Europe. Kale has had a lot of positive press in the past few years because of its potential health beneifts. High in protein and fibre, the food is thought to help to keep you satieted and control your blood glucose levels.


Red and green apples are commonly eaten all over the world as a fruit snack, as well as being cooked into meals, desserts, and sauces. Because of their high fibre content, apples might be recommended for people who have gastro-intestinal problems. The pectin in apples can increase the bulk of stools and so treat diarrhoea and constipation. Apples have been suggested to help treat an array of other conditions too, but evidence in support of these potential effects is lacking.


Ginger is obtained from a plant that is most commonly found in Asia; the spice is extracted from the root of these plants. People all over the world use ginger to flavour their food, but it is also a common addition to traditional medicine supplements. Most commonly, the ingredient is claimed to help with stomach conditions, including sickness and diarrhoea. It has also been said to help with health problems like back pain and arthritis, though these claims are not backed by strong evidence.


Cucumber is the fruit of a plant that grows as a creeping vine. The fruit contains antioxidants, which are thought to have a selection of health benefits. Cucumber has been associated with the treatment of cancer, though this link has by no means been proven. There have also been claims that cucumber can improve the skin and help to reduce wrinkles, as well as improving health health and so reducing the chances of one suffering a heart attack or stroke.


Though available in an array of different colours, carrots are best known for their orange colour and are consumed in cuisines all over the globe. Carrots are high in fibre and have been said to help with the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions. They also contain the nutrient ‘beta-carotene’ which has been said to have beneficial antioxidant activity when consumed. The root of the carrot is used in traditional medicine supplements for the treatment of conditions such as cancer and diabetes.


Grown on lemon trees, the lemon is a yellow citrus fruit that has a very sharp, acidic juice. Lemon is used widely to flavour foods and drinks and also has a place in traditional medicinal remedies. The high quantity of vitamin C in lemon juice is thought to help treat the common cold and flu; it has also been used to treat scurvy, kidney stones, and Meniere’s disease in the past. This fruit also contains antioxidants, which are thought to give lemon its claimed health benefits.


Spinach is a leafy, dark green vegetable that is a flowering plant native to parts of Asia. The leaves of the spinach plant are consumed widely around the world in many different forms – boiled, steamed, fried, or raw. The vegetable has a high nutritional value; it is low in calories and contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins K, C and A, and magnesium and iron, amongst others. Due to its high iron content, spinach has been used to help with the treatment of anaemia in the past.

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Clinical Studies

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The Fuel Station juice detox does not appear to have been subject to any clinical testing as a whole programme, nor do the individual juice products appear to have been studied. Some of the ingredients in some of the juices have been associated with weight loss benefits in the past, but the theory behind this product is more as a low-calorie replacement meal, rather than boasting any special weight loss effects of particular ingredients.

Clinical studies are methods used to test the effects of a product or ingredient under controlled conditions. A clinical trial is typically designed and performed by scientists, making them reliable sources of information.

Clinical Studies On Each Ingredient

Clinical Studies on Apple

Apple has been associated with weight loss because it contains pectin, which is believed to have an appetite suppressing effect. No studies appear to have been performed to investigate any weight loss effects of apple, but potential weight loss impacts of pectin have been tested. A 2015 study, for example, looked at the effects of soluble dietary fibre (pectin) on body weight and numerous associated factors. Rats were given differing quantities of apple pectin and measurements such as body weight and food intake were taken. The results suggested that increasing amounts of dietary pectin were associated with decreased food intake, body weight gain, and fat conent.

That being said, studies have suggested that this appetite suppressing effect might only occur when the fruit is whole. Consuming the juice of the fruits (which will be the case with the Fuel Station Juice Detox products) does not seem to have a significant impact.

Clinical Studies on Ginger

As a spice that has been used in foods and as an ingredient in traditional herbal medicine for many, many years, ginger has been subject to some clinical testing. Research into the claimed weight loss effects of ginger root is still in the very early stages; only a small number of studies have been undertaken to this effect and those have generally been of poor quality. Results of some trials have been positive, but cannot be taken as certainty – many more trials would be required before any of the results can be deemed reliable.

A pilot study was undertaken to test any thermic effects of ginger supplementation on satiety and metabolic factors. This trial was published in the journal ‘Metabolism’ in 2012. Ten overweight men were involved in this preliminary trial, which was randomised and crossover in design. The subjects were given a meal either with or without a hot drink containing 2g ginger powder; their resting energy expenditure (more commonly known as metabolic rate, or metabolism) was measured for six hours after consumption and the participants recorded their appetite every hour after taking the drink.

The results did not show any significant impact of ginger powder on metabolic rate, but there did seem to be a notable impact of finger on the thermic effect of food. Participants reported lower hunger ratings and consumed less food after ginger was consumed when compared to the control. The authors therefore concluded that ginger might have a beneficial role in weight management, though more studies would be required to back these results.

Another study, this time published in 2014, looked at the effects of ginger on lipid profiles and the enzymes involved in the breakdown of fat. Unlike the previous study, this one was performed using rats as subjects, which were obese from being fed a high-fat diet. Half of the rats were given gingerol (the active component of ginger) once a day for a period of 30 days, whilst the other half were used as a control group. The rats that were given gingerol supplementation alongside the high fat diet had reduced body weight, blood sugar levels, and tissue fats when compared to those in the control group.

The effect of the higher dose of gingerol (75mg/kg) was greater than that of the lower doses (25mg/kg and 50mg/kg). It was concluded that supplementation with ginger could help to suppress obesity cause by a high fat diet, though it is important to remember that results from a study on rats are not directly transferable to humans.

One final study looked at the effects of ginger supplementation on blood glucose levels. As with the previous study, this trial was performed using rat subjects; this time, the rats were diabetic. The rats were given 500mg/kg of raw ginger extract every day for seven weeks and a number of biological measurements were taken. It was found that ginger supplementation could reduce blood glucose, fatty acid, and cholesterol levels in diabetic rats when compared to a control group. The results indicated that ginger consumption could help with the control of blood glucose levels and so be an effective treatment for diabetes. Though not concluded in this trial, this result could indicate that by stabilising glucose levels, ginger might be able to prevent sugar cravings following a meal.

Clinical Studies on Spinach

A couple of studies have been performed on spinach with the aim of determining whether or not it has any weight loss properties. Both trials were published in 2015. In the first study, subjects were give thylakoids (found in spinach) before breakfast to test the effects on satiety and hunger. The results of the trial suggested that thylakoids could significantly reduce hunger and increase satiety throughout the day when compared to a placebo. It was thus concluded that thylakoids might be useful as a supplement to reduce hunger. The second study was a similar one, testing the effects of spinach thylakoids on satiety. This trial involved 60 overweight and obese participants who consumed either spinach extract of a placebo in one of two parts (with a week in between). Measurements were taken and results showed that spinach consumption could significantly reduce hunger when compared to placebo.

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Fuel Station Juice Detox Side Effects

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The official Fuel Station juice detox website does not mention any side effects; this does not, however, mean that the product will not cause any adverse effects. Replacing meals for several days of the week with juice drinks is a form of fasting. This kind of dieting is therefore quite drastic and the body might react to it with side effects. Consuming the large amounts of fibre that are present in fruits and vegetables might also cause side effects relating to the gastro-intestinal tract. The lack of information with regards to ingredient quantities also makes it difficult to determine whether or not the individual juice products are likely to induce side effects.

Side Effects Associated With Each Ingredient

Side Effects associated with Kale

Kale is thought to be safe for consumption when eaten as a food; its safety in medicinal amounts is not known. The Fuel Station Juice Detox website does not mention precisely how much kale is included in its product. The juice that contains kale ‘Super Green’ is supposed to be taken two times a day. Because its safety in large quantities is not known, we would recommend consulting a doctor before taking this meal replacement product. It is not recommended that people who are pregnant or breastfeeding consume the Fuel Station Juice Detox products.

Side Effects associated with Apple

Once again, apple is considered to be safe for consumption in food quantities (though the seeds should not be consumed). Generally speaking, the juice of apples is not thought to cause side effects. The fibrous nature of the ingredient might cause changes in your gastro-intestinal system; consult a doctore before taking any of the juice products (they all contain some form of apple) if you have a digestive condition, if you are pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. Consult a doctor if you have diabetes as apple might alter blood glucose levels.

Side Effects associated with Ginger

Ginger should be safe to consume when taken in food amounts, but the ingredient has been associated with some side effects. The quantity of ginger is the Fuel Station Juice product ‘Carrot Spice’ is not disclosed. Some side effects that have been reported include heartburn, diarrhoea, increased menstrual bleeding, and stomach dicomfort. It is not certain whether or not ginger is safe for use by pregnant or breastfeeding people, we would recommend that these groups consult a doctor before taking. Ginger might also alter blood glucose levels and so a doctor should be consulting before taking the product if you have diabetes. Similarly, talk to a doctor before taking if you have a bleeding disorder or cardiovascular condition.

Side Effects associated with Cucumber

Cucumber should be safe to consume and there are no commonly reported side effects associated with the ingredient, which is present in the ‘Super Green’ and ‘Beet Boost’ products. Some unreliable sources have suggested that cucumber can cause gas.

Side Effects associated with Carrot

Carrot, too, is thought to be safe when it is eaten in food amounts. There has been suggestion that if a lot of carrot is consumed, it can cause the skin to become yellow and its juice can cause tooth decay. Its safety for pregnant and breastfeeding women is not known; consult a doctor before taking if you belong to these groups. Carrots might trigger an allergic reaction, so be aware of symptoms of an allergic reaction. Finally, carrot might change blood sugar levels, so people with diabetes should talk to a doctor before taking the juice products ‘Carrot Spice’ and ‘Beet Boost’.

Side Effects associated with Lemon

Again, lemon is considered to be safe for consumption in food amounts, but potential side effects associated with larger quantities are not known. Lemon is fine to eat in foods if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but these groups of people should consult a doctor before consuming it in high quantities (as may be the case in the ‘Super Green’ juice product that is to be taken twice a day on this Fuel Station detox programme).

Side Effects associated with Spinach

Spinach should not cause any side effects when consumed in food amounts. A brief review of the scientific literature does not reveal any reports of spinach causing side effects. Being high in fibre, the ingredient might have an effect on your gastro-intestinal system; these effects are likely to lessen with time, as your body gets used to the increased fibre intake. This ingredient is only present in one of the four Fuel Station Juice Detox drinks to be taken each day, but again, how much spinach is present in the drink is not disclosed so its safety is difficult to determine.

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How To Use

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A brief guide on how to follow the Fuel Station juice detox is provided on the official product website. The programme is a meal replacement plan, though full instructions with regards to how the programme should be followed are difficult to find on the official website. There are two programmes available – the three-day plan and the five-day plan. It is implied through product descriptions that four juice drinks should be consumed each day for either three or five days, depending on which plan you opted for.

The juices should be consumed in replacement of all meals, meaning that during this time, you do not consume any other foods. It is also recommended that you avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as tea/coffee. No information is provided regarding what sort of diet you should follow on the days that you are not fasting – perhaps implying that you do not need to alter your diet on these days.

Be sure to read any instructions that are provided with this product. We would recommend consulting a doctor before beginning any form of fasting diet, particularly if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Be particularly careful if you have a history of gastro-intestinal conditions. Do not undertake this plan if you are under 18, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Be aware that fasting can cause changes in blood sugar; do not perform any rigorous exercise whilst fasting.

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Who Makes It

The product has an official website belonging to the company ‘Fuel Station’. The Fuel Station juice detox is the main product sold on the official website, but they have a number of other health products available. The main juice detox involved vegetable juice products, but there is a sweeter, fruit-based juice version available. Other products include 5-a-day juice drinks, different soup products (also sold as a meal replacement plan) and a ‘Matcha Detox’, which appears to be a set of mineral waters infused with matcha leaves and a range of other fruits; this is advertised as an accompaniment to the fruit detox.

We could not find any mention of manufacturing standards on the official product website. It is stated that the Fuel Station products are produced with the highest quality fruits and vegetables and that all orders are posted on the next working day to ensure optimum freshness. It is stated that they have carefully chosen ingredients with the lowest sugar content but highest nutritional value.

Full contact details are however provided. The company website lists an email address, telephone number, full postal address, and provides an online form that customers can fill in. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee, but several money-saving deals are advertised on the official website.

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Where To Buy Fuel Station Juice Detox


The Fuel station juice detox is available from the official product website. It can be purchased as a three-day programme for £60, or as a five-day programme for £90. These programmes both involve the consumption of four Fuel Station juices a day: Super Green, Carrot Spice, Beet Boost, and another Super Green, which are all included in the deal. The three-day programme is claimed to help to lose 8lbs in just three days, whilst the five-day programme can supposedly cause weight loss of 13lbs. Additional products are available, including two different seven-day diet plans, which include a set of detox juices and 12 meals; these plans cost £118 or £112, depending on which you opt for.

The products do not appear to be available to purchase from any other well-known online retailers or high street stores. The official website offers free postage to the UK and the offer of 20% off all 5day and free teatox with orders over £50. It is stated that all orders are posted on the following working day to maintain the freshness of the juices, though it is added that couriers do not work on the weekends so any orders placed after 2pm on Thursday will not be received until Tuesday. Worldwide delivery is not available.

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Does Fuel Station Juice Detox Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, there does not appear to be a 30-day money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, the payment seems to be one-off via the official product website.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of any manufacturing standard certification

Accompanying Diet Plan: A detailed diet plan is not provided, but the product is to be taken as a meal replacement, therefore contributing to the consumer’s diet.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No, a vague ingredients list is provided, but the specific quantities of each individual ingredient are not available.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, the company provides a postal address, email address, and telephone number.

Fuel Station Juice Detox does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria because it fails to provide a moneyback guarantee.

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Overall Verdict

Fuel Station juice detox is a diet product that can be purchased in two different quantities – one for three days a week and the other for five days of the week. The product is designed as a meal replacement and since it is composed entirely of vegetable juices, should be low in calories and fat. By replacing whole meals with this juice drinks, an individual will consume fewer calories and so might lose weight. This means of weight loss is however a form of fasting and is not always considered a very healthy way to lose weight. Fasting can cause side effects and is not suitable for all groups of people; you should consult a doctor before undertaking this weight loss programme.

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