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Gastric Band Pill

The Gastric Band Pill is a herbal alternative which claims to have similar appetite suppressing effects to having gastric band surgery. There is however a significant lack of information surrounding the product.

Below we have reviewed Gastric Band Pill against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Gastric Band Pill review

Gastric Band Pill Pros
  • Money back guarantee
  • Some of the ingredients revealed have been the subject of some clinical studies
Gastric Band Pill Cons
  • No ingredient information disclosed
  • Product has not been clinically studied and the revealed ingredients have not been proven to aid weight loss

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Gastric Band Pill Review

The Gastric band pill has been on the market for a while and Clinico claim they have over 100,000 satisfied users. The company describe themselves as “Master herbalists, nutritional innovators and naturopaths” and supply other herbal supplements which are apparent alternatives to surgery.

The supplement is completely unrelated to Gastric band surgery and seems to have adopted this name to imply scientific success. The Gastric band pill is said to reduce appetite and burn calories faster, yet Clinico offer no explanation as to how. The manufacturers do not disclose any ingredients. Clinico use their official site as an advertisement bursting with positive testimonials but no information to support these claims.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The gastric band pill is primarily meant to be an appetite suppressant, tricking the mind into believing the stomach is full. Clinico also claim that it “maximises your metabolism” but do not expand on how the supplement does this.

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How Gastric Band Pill Works

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As Clinico provide no information on their ingredients or what exactly their supplement does, it is difficult to decipher how the Gastric band pill works. It can be assumed that as with many other dietary supplements, the ingredients are thought to stimulate hormones which make the brain believe that it is full and therefore needs no more calories, but this is a mere assumption. The only reference they make to the ingredients is: “It contains not only medicinal plant and herb elements but also a massive spectrum of minerals, salts, and trace elements”.

The name of the pill implies that is has some connection with a gastric band surgery but it does not. A gastric band surgery is a complex operation which consists of inserting a mechanical device around the upper half of the stomach which reduces the appetite by tricking the stomach into thinking that it is full.

The procedure is only available to those with a BMI exceeding 40 and averages at around £7000. Clinico claim that their Gastric band pill is a natural, cheaper alternative as it suppresses appetite without the need for surgery. This is an extreme claim to make, especially as there are no clinical trials to back this information up.

Clinco also claim that their product boosts metabolism so again it can be assumed there is some sort of stimulant included but how much or how effective is unknown. Clinico say that the Gastric band pill is so effective that the results are almost automatic, implying that no change in diet or exercise is necessary. There are not any individual customer reviews of the supplement. When searching for the product in Google, an image of the pill container can be found where the ingredients can just about be made out on the front of the label.


Guarana is a natural stimulant derived from the seeds of a South American tree. It has high caffeine content. As a stimulant, some believe Guarana may have weight loss properties as it is said to boost the metabolism by inducing thermogenesis. This is a heat production within the body which breaks large fatty acids into smaller usable chunks (to be converted into energy) and burns calories. The more thermogenic activity there is, the higher the metabolism.

The caffeine in Guarana is also believed to inhibit adenosine, a hormone which induces tiredness and relaxation. This keeps the brain alert but for a temporary period. It may also raise heart rate and blood pressure, which makes the body feel pumped with energy. There is a guide to how Guarana might fit in to or affect your lifestyle on WebMD.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a South American tea made from holly. It naturally contains caffeine and the strength can vary between the plants that are used, but is said to reach up to 1.7% caffeine weight. As with Guarana, this caffeine is used to stimulate the body by making it alert and kick start metabolic processes. This is purportedly achieved through the production of adrenaline, resulting in blood pressure rises. It is said to boost metabolism, which may produce more energy to be used in exercise. The breakdown of fats means energy is converted more efficiently, therefore having more available for use.

It is also said to have appetite suppressing abilities, tricking the mind into feeling full but there is still debate with regard to how that effect is achieved. We don’t know how much of this ingredient is included in this product so we don’t know how effective it may be.


Hoodia is believed to have appetite suppressant qualities. Hoodia gordonii is a species of succulent plant (which resembles a cactus) found in South Africa which has been said to have weight loss properties, after Bushmen of the desert used it for ridding hunger and thirst cravings on long trips. It is believed to produce a substance, known as P57, which is similar to glucose, which makes the brain believe it is full, reducing the calorie intake.

There are over 13 species of Hoodia, with Hoodia gordonii being the only one thought to have appetite suppressing abilities, yet other types are often used in supplements.

Although the main ingredients suggest weight loss elements, it cannot be determined if they will have the desired effect when used in the Gastric band pill. This is because the quantities used are not provided, which is necessary to judge the effects of the ingredients. There could be trace amounts of Guarana and Yerba Mate – enough to include them on the list but not enough to have real effect. There may be the same amount of caffeine of that used in a cup of coffee. Many supplements do this to save money by only including small amounts of the necessary ingredients.

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Key Gastric Band Pill Ingredients

Caffeine 538

These ingredients are taken from an image of the product packaging, as there is no ingredient list given anywhere for the Gastric band pill. The ingredients printed across the front of the bottle are Guarana, Yerba mate and Hoodia, but no there are no quantity amounts supplied.


Guarana is a natural stimulant which has higher caffeine content than coffee beans.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a South American tea which also contains caffeine.


The final ingredient, Hoodia, is a well-known weight loss ingredient which supposedly suppresses appetite. The molecule is said to send messages to the brain reporting satiety, even if nothing had been consumed.

The ingredients (if in correct quantities and if they have an effect at all) should, in theory, stimulate the metabolism, encouraging it to burn calories quicker while lowering the appetite so the calorie intake isn’t as high. These are only the ingredients printed on the front of the bottle so there may be some more in the small print and the quantities used are unseen also. It seems that on closer inspection, the Gastric band pill contains similar ingredients to many weight loss supplements out there and the effectiveness of these ingredients is debatable.

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Clinical Studies

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There are no clinical trials on the whole product to support the claims made by the Gastric band pill. An untested product may not be a safe product to use as there have been no trials to test the reactions of the supplement in the human body.

Clinical trials are scientific tests on products to define what results they have in the body. Experiments are conducted over a period time to test a theory and analyse the outcomes. They are important in supplements to ensure that the products are safe for consumption and have the desired effects. Many weight loss supplements claim to be clinically proven, however often only refers to the ingredients which may have been tested and sometimes have inconclusive results, requiring further testing.

As no clinical trials have been conducted on the Gastric pill band, we can examine the tests performed on the known ingredients.


Guarana is believed to boost metabolism and increase energy expenditure due to its high caffeine content. In a clinical trial, healthy volunteers were divided and one half was given two capsules containing Guarana a day and the other half was given a placebo for eight weeks. Those given the Guarana supplement gave claims of having more energy and 80% of the subjects showed a slight decrease in weight.

Yerba Mate

In 1999, a trial was conducted on a group to see the effects of Yerba mate in relation to preventing obesity. The study investigated a range of plants, all of which showed no difference in energy expenditure or respiratory quotient except the Yerba mate. A 1.5g dose showed a drop in respiratory rate was observed which indicated an increase in fat oxidation, proving Yerba mate to wield some potential when treating obesity.

There was also a study based on the combination of Yerba mate with Guarana and Damiana for gastric emptying and weight loss. They found that over a period of 45 days, the combination delayed gastric emptying and reduced the time it took to realise gastric fullness and this induced a significant weight loss in the overweight studies of 11 pounds, indicating that yerba mate may have appetite suppressing properties when combined with these ingredients. With Gastric band pills, the inclusion of Guarana is known yet that of Damiana is questionable, therefore drawing question to this study demonstrating the effects of Gastric band pills.


A review study of the effects of hoodia on weight loss was undertaken in 2010. The authors of this study were unable to identify any reliable (randomised, double blind, placebo controlled) trials that tested the effects of hoodia on weight loss. They found two small, unpublished (and thus unreliable) trials that suggested that hoodia does show promise as a weight loss aid. Overall, it is clear that much more research needs to be performed on the ingredient not only to test its efficacy, but also its long- and short-term safety in humans.

A couple of the known ingredients in Gastric band pills appear to have some potential in suppressing appetite and boosting metabolism, although these effects have by no means been proven definitively. Without knowing the quantities or even the other ingredients it is impossible to prove that the ingredients included will have the desired effect. Clinical trials need to be performed on the supplement as a whole to decide if it is effective or not, as well as on the poorly-studied ingredients.

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Gastric Band Pill Side Effects

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There do not seem to be any reported side effects of taking the Gastric band pill. However, the only reviews are on Clinico’s official site so this is not an impartial source. Without an ingredient list, the side effects of the individual ingredients cannot be examined and those printed on the front do have any quantity amounts, again making it hard to establish if there are effects of taking the Gastric band pill.

There are caffeine containing ingredients in the supplement so it can have related side effects to those sensitive to caffeine including increased heart rate, blood pressure and jitteriness. It may also cause insomnia, anxiety, headaches, ringing in the ears, nausea, and vomiting, amongst other problems.

Increased Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

It is said that as a secondary result of caffeine mimicking adenosine, the adrenal gland is stimulated which produces epinephrine. Epinephrine regulates heart rate and blood vessels and caffeine increases this hormone release. This increases blood pressure and the blood flow in the brain makes the body feel more alert however this can be quite dangerous, particularly for those with heart problems. It can also interfere with the functioning of prescribed medication. Caffeine stimulates cardiac muscle which means blood vessels can also become constricted, increasing blood pressure. This can lead to heart related illnesses such as a heart attack. The increased blood pressure may also be the cause of headaches and nausea.

Something to bear in mind when assessing the safety of Gastric band pills is the unknown ingredient amounts. There could be an excessive amount of caffeine for example, which could have worse effects or there could be trace amount having no effect at all. If the user is not used to caffeine in their diet they can suffer from these side effects more severely and should take certain precautions such as lowering their intake or taking before 3pm.

Without the essential information or even the feedback reported in customer reviews, it is very difficult to determine whether or not Gastric Band Pills will cause severe side effects. It is recommended that you read the ingredients list carefully and consult a doctor before using the product.

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How to Use

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There are no instructions on how to take the Gastric band pill online and is assumed to be on the product label. There is no suggestion for period of use with Gastric band pills. There is no direction when to take the pills or even how many to take either. There are not even any customer reviews to extract this information from. All is known is that a standard pack includes 90 pills.

It may be wise to avoid taking the supplement after 3pm as it contains stimulant ingredients. As it contains caffeine, it should not be taken by pregnant or breast feeding women; also be wary of the supplement if you are sensitive to caffeine. Consult a doctor before trying the supplement if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking any form of medication; without a full ingredients list it is impossible to tell how the product may interact with medical problems and medications.

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Who Makes It?

The company that is responsible for the Gastric band pill is Clinico Limited. They are based in Worcestershire and deem themselves to be a “small totally ethical family firm” with over a century of knowledge in folk medicine and plants healing properties. Clinico describe themselves as “Master herbalists, nutritional innovators and naturopaths” and sell a range of herbal alternatives to health problems such as arthritis, depression and even cancer.

Clinico began in 2000 and according to business comparison sites, they requested to be dissolved in 2003 meaning that they are no longer responsible for their trade which may explain why their products are only available online. On their website they describe the company by continually referencing the testimonials on their site. Testimonials on manufacturer’s websites are rarely backed up and may not be genuine.

Considering that they have been around for such a long time, there are no reviews of the company or their products and do not have any kind of reputation which brings doubt to the “100,000” satisfied customers they apparently have. They say that 70% of their business is from customer recommendations.

Clinico provide no guidelines, safety warnings, side effects or even ingredients in their product descriptions. They use the term money back guarantee but this is unsupported by any terms and conditions. Overall, there is a lot of information lacking from the official website.

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Where to Buy Gastric Band Pill


The Gastric band pill is only available to purchase from the official Clinico website. It is not sold anywhere else, on the high street or online including retailers such as Amazon. Clinico sell the Gastric band pill for £29.50 for a pack of 90 pills with £5.00 delivery charge. They do not provide any information on how to take this pill either so it is uncertain how long 90 pills are meant to last. When purchasing the pills, it comes with a complimentary “Mental Gastric Band CD” (worth £29) which is supposed to suppress appetite by sending subliminal messages to the brain insisting it is full.

The one bright side to Clinico is that they do offer a money back guarantee. Although no details are expressed about this, it is advertised as “100% satisfaction or your money back. Guaranteed” and also “lose weight or your money refunded without quibble or question.” A money back guarantee is always promising for a product however they give no details of how long their refund period is and do not have any terms and conditions listed on their site, which perhaps is how they may trick consumers out of their refunds.

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Does Gastric Band Pill Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is mention of a money-back guarantee on the website, but the terms and conditions of this are not available.

One-off payment: Yes, though it can only be purchased from the official website.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of a manufacturing standard.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of an accompanying diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No – neither the full ingredients list or quantities are provided.

Company contact details readily available: An address and telephone number are provided, but they request that callers make an appointment before ringing.

Gastric Band Pill does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is diet plan and some information is lacking, including manufacturing standards and a full ingredients list.

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Overall Verdict

The Gastric band pill is claimed to help you to lose weight without making changes to your lifestyle. Unfortunately there are no ingredients disclosed by the manufacturer, let alone ingredient quantities. As such, it is unknown whether or not the ingredients are likely to be safe or effective. The product itself has not undergone any clinical testing and there is no information provided by Clinico on manufacturing standards, how to take it, or how it works; there is also a complete lack of reliable customer reviews.

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  1. Jean-Thomas says:

    With all the comments above, I wonder how the manufacturers of this product can put on sale a product for which they are uncertain about the effect, the usage instructions, the safety and the side effects? furthermore they don’t even know what the ingredients are?

  2. lynn curtis says:

    i bought the gastric band pill off of clinico and i have lost weight so i reccomend them

  3. Sunara says:

    I wanted to order some gastric band pills but I’m not sure if it’s gono work I have gastric bloated belly it’s very irrating can u please tell me if it’s good and will it do any harm to you

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