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Green Coffee Bean Max

Despite containing a relatively common ingredient, the Green Coffee Bean Max diet pills are still described as being something completely new in the diet industry. The manufacturers of the pills claim that what makes these pills so impressive compared to other diet pills is the fact that no other input whatsoever is needed by users to obtain a significant weight loss.

As well as this, the pills are advertised as ‘proven’ to cause weight loss irrespective of any diet or exercise regime and goes as far as to say that if users were to make an effort to change their eating habits or partake in exercise, then by adding these pills into this regime they will actually lose double the amount of weight that they should expect to lose from diet and exercise alone.

Below we will examine exactly how it is that this supplement affects the functioning of the body of users to enable them to see quicker and more efficient results in terms of weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Max Pros
  • Uses a commonly used natural ingredient
  • Money back guarantee
  • Company is claimed to have offices in the UK and the US
  • Doesn’t use many ingredients so less chance of experiencing adverse side effects
Green Coffee Bean Max Cons
  • Quantities of ingredients not made available to view before purchase.
  • No directions for use are made available prior to purchasing the pills, only a brief suggestion is given
  • The company has been associated with other diet products very similar to this one but with a different brand name

Green Coffee Bean Max Review

The manufactures of these pills claim that they are revolutionary for the weight loss industry. The website has no reservations in making clear that absolutely no diet or exercise is needed to achieve the impressive results with customer reviews plastered all over the main page. They even say that they include a proven fat burning formula.

This is confusing seeing as the website suggests that there is only one ingredient in the pills. In the following sections of this review we will see whether the Green Coffee Bean Max does live up to the description boasted by the company and whether it can actually help real users to lose their excess weight.

Claimed weight loss benefits

In terms of our five main weight loss properties, the manufacturers of the Green Coffee Bean Max pills allege that they possess two of these although they claim that the pills work in four different ways (as discussed in the next section of this review). The two weight loss properties are metabolism boosting and an appetite suppressing.

How Green Coffee Bean Max Works

boosts metabolismThe manufacturers of the pills claim that they can help users to lose weight in four different ways. It is stated that the first way in which they do this is by enhancing a users’ metabolism. As well as this they are also said to be able to balance blood sugar levels, reduce sugary cravings and enhance the mood of users without the common side effects associated with large doses of caffeine.

It is well known that caffeine in most forms tends to have a slight appetite suppressing effect, but in our experts’ opinion this alone would not be enough to lose a substantial amount of weight. The chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee bean extract is said to affect users’ appetite by its effect on blood sugar levels. Although there are clinical studies that suggest that weight can be lost via this ingredient, there is nothing to say that this is through a significant amount of appetite suppressing. Our experts are therefore inclined to say that whilst this might be the case, we still remain a bit dubious.

In terms of boosting metabolism, our experts believe that this is more likely to be the cause of weight loss in users. High doses of caffeine are often linked to an improvement in metabolism due to its thermogenic properties and so we would agree that the pills may possess this quality.

Having said this, with no information made available as to the quantities of any ingredient(s) our experts would suggest that potential consumers remain wary as to whether any weight loss will occur at all as a result of taking the pills alone. For more information, read our How to Use Green Coffee Max article.

Furthermore, absolutely no diet or exercise is needed to produce the results claimed to be associated with these pills, or so the website says.

For more detailed information relating to the effects of this product and how it works to promote weight loss we recommend that you read our How Green Coffee Bean Max Works article.

Key Coffee Bean Max Ingredients

Green Coffee BeanThe ingredients of these pills are something that our experts are still quite unsure of despite the amount of research that we have undertaken. On the Green Coffee Bean Max website itself there is only mention of one ingredient which, as the name suggests, is green coffee extract. This is used for its high chlorogenic acid content and the effects that this can have on weight loss.

Aside from this there is no indication that any other ingredient is used in the pills although our experts are inclined to think that there may be, at the very least, other fillers and agents contained in the capsules. Without any further information our experts have had to assume that the Green Coffee Extract is the sole ingredient used to make up the pills.

Learn more about the effects of this ingredient by reading our article Green Coffee Bean Max Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

Unfortunately our experts are unable to make as accurate a prediction about the weight loss power of these pills as we would like. This is due to the fact that there is a significant lack of information about the quantities and identity of ingredients used in them. Whilst the clinical studies indicate that some weight loss may occur from the long term use of Green Coffee Extract, this is unlikely to be of the magnitude claimed by the manufacturers of the Green Coffee Bean Max pills, especially without the addition of any calorie restricted diet or exercise regime.
Speed of results: 30/100

Again there is very little information given about this area on the Green Coffee Bean Max website other than the fact that the results will be ‘fast’. Given the fact that we assume that there is only one ingredient, our experts are of the opinion that this is probably unlikely and clinical studies also imply that the pills may take some time to work, if any weight loss is experienced at all.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

In terms of the way the pills work, the manufacturers insist that they can curb users’ appetite by balancing and controlling blood sugar levels within the body. There is very little information that supports this and the evidence that exists tends to be only preliminary. For this reason our experts have scored the pills quite low in this area but if more evidence does become available in terms of scientific proof we hope that we might be proved wrong.
Long Term Results: 0/100

This product is actually advertised as being an alternative to using any diet or taking part in any exercise regime. Although the manufacturers do not explicitly advise against these things in order to contribute to a user’s weight loss, they also do not encourage them. In fact their whole advertising campaign rests on the fact that no effort whatsoever is needed to be put in by the users and of course this is not good in the long term. The product does not attempt to change either the eating or lifestyle habits of its users and therefore it is extremely likely that once a user stops using the pills, they will actually end up putting back on any weight that they have lost because they will continue with their bad habits.
Safety: 50/100

In general the pills should be well tolerated by users who do not suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions but those who do should be very careful. The most common symptoms tend to be those associated with a prolonged or particularly potent use of stimulants, but as well as this there have been cautions from WebMD about more serious conditions that can result from the over consumption of green coffee extract.
Value for money: 50/100

Per bottle, the Green Coffee Bean Max pills actually tend to be one of the cheapest diet products that our experts have come across. However, given the fact that it is implied that there is only one ingredient the price may be an indication that these pills are unlikely to work. There are actually three packages available for potential consumers to buy, which operate on a ‘the more you buy, the more you save’ basis. There is a postage fee but our experts are of the opinion that all things considered, the price of the pills is fairly reasonable but a long way off exceptionally good value.

Green Coffee Bean Max Side Effects

Caffeine Insomnia - side effectsGiven that the only listed ingredient in these pills is green coffee extract, you would think that the pills should be well tolerated by users. There are however all of the usual stimulant related side effects that may occur as a result of long term use of the pills including insomnia, increased heart rate, nausea, headaches etc.

As well as this, there are also some rarer conditions that may be experienced or worsened by the pills especially for those who already have an underlying medical condition. This includes diseases such as heart disease, Glaucoma and Osteoporosis. Although being subject to these is quite rare, potential consumers should still be informed that there are such risks associated with the Green Coffee Bean Max pills.

For more detailed information on this matter and a more detailed explanation concerning the potential side effects associated with this product you can read our Green Coffee Bean Max Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Max

If you have decided to purchase the Green Coffee Bean Max diet supplement, we would recommend having a look at our Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Max article.

Overall Verdict

Given the lack of information that our experts have been able to find out about the quantity of the green coffee extract used in the pills, this question is quite hard for us to answer.

Going on what we do know, the clinical trials that we have found show that there has been some preliminary success in terms of using this ingredient to promote weight loss but having said that, some researchers themselves have even stated that more extensive and specific research needs to be done before the ingredient can be labelled as ‘proven’, as is boasted on the Green Coffee Bean Max website.

As well as this, the company behind the pills does appear to be a bit sketchy as they seem to be selling various different branded pills all with the same ingredient. When our experts attempted to get in touch with the company for some clarification on this issue this was unfortunately unsuccessful since the company did not reply to us. For more information on this point specifically you can read our Company Behind Green Coffee Bean Max article.

Furthermore, the pills also seem to only be useful for people who have a more or less clear medical history as there are many warnings about how the ingredient may affect the heart, bones, eyes and even exacerbate or result in the onset of diabetes.

Our experts feel that while these pills might look like an impressive product, there are definitely, much more effective and, more importantly, much safer alternatives on the market that would be well worth considering.

Overall: 32/100

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