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Green Tea Weight Loss

Green tea is an ancient herbal remedy that has been used in Asia for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant ( meaning tea flower ) and its uses over the millennia have included reducing the negative effects of alcohol, increasing energy, helping skin conditions, aiding indigestion, as well as helping brain functions. Unlike many old remedies, Green tea has actually been recently clinically proven to help with all these conditions. Its popularity has spread to the western world especially with the discovery and subsequently clinical proof that it can aide weight loss through improving the bodies ability to burn fat.


Utilising green tea for maximum weight loss

There are many supplements ( most have been reviewed on this site ) that are used as aides to weight loss. Some are very powerful, some give only a slight help and others do nothing at all, where does green tea lie in this spectrum? Well its somewhere in the middle. There is no doubt that green tea does increase your bodies fat burning ability as has been shown in the studies done on the supplement, however only by around 4%. To put this in perspective some of the top rated diet supplements have been shown to be 3-4 times more powerful than this.
To gain the maximum out of green tea it has to be used very much as a supplement to help you lose the pounds and not relied upon too heavily to do all the work on its own. No doubt if you have been researching diet pills you would have come across the phrase ‘ must be combined with exercise and dieting ‘ boring and repetitive as it may sound it is the truth. To really gain the most from your green tea weight loss experience you need to see it as a boost to keep you going, an advantage, if you will, over the millions trying to diet with no supplement aiding them. However do not fall into the trap of relying to heavily on it or you will simply end up disappointed.

Pro’s and Con’s



  • Its clinically proven to increase fat burning by around 4%.
  • It has a whole list of other major health benefits
  • It can be used in conjunction with more powerful supplements
  • Very pleasant to take ( unlike many pills )


  • Has been linked to minor liver damage for a small minority
  • For the best weight loss blends can be reasonably expensive

Which Green tea is best for weight loss

Although green tea is a generic substance, like with other teas there can be massive fluctuations in varieties and blends. If you are looking to use green tea as an aide to weight loss we would recommend that you go for a blend designed for weight loss which may have other added ingredients to increase its weight loss power. Take a look at our review of Tava Tea

How does green tea compare?

tava tea packageThis is purely a question of what you are looking for, Green tea will give you a small, and no doubt welcome, boost in aiding your weight loss and that is more than 9 out of 10 weight loss supplements can manage. So if that’s what you are looking for then we recommend you give it a go, we would love to hear from your experience and how you get on (
If you are looking however to lose weight fast or even to lose a substantial amount of weight we would recommend you try something with more weight loss power. To take a look at some more powerful supplements click here for our to rated weight loss supplements

Good luck on your weight loss journey and please feel get in contact with any questions or even experiences you have had with green tea.

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