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Hoodiadrene is another diet pill that claims to be the answer to your weight woes but how true are these claims? Is Hoodiadrene the solution to your weight struggles or is it another diet pill with misleading promises?

To find the answers in this review, we will be looking into how Hoodiadrene works, the potential side effects, and the key ingredients.

Hoodiadrene Review

Hoodiadrene Pros
  • Takes an all-around approach to aiding weight loss
  • Little chance of side effects
  • A clinical trial has been made publicly available
Hoodiadrene Cons
  • Lack of reviews by consumers
  • Only one ingredient has a proven link to weight loss
  • Requires regular exercise and healthy diet in order to work
  • The reviews that do exist are mainly negative

Hoodiadrene Review

Hoodiadrene is yet another addition to the ever expanding selection of diet products that all utilise the Hoodia Gordonii plant as their prime selling point. The main reason why manufacturers’ are all churning out various Hoodia related products is due to a BBC news story that aired in 2003 which focused on the potential profit the native Kalahari San Bushmen could gain if they allowed access to the Hoodia Gordonii plant, which grows exclusively in their territories. The story claimed that the Kalahari Bushmen used the plant to keep hunger at bay during long journeys and hunting trips and so it was believed the plant could have the same effect on other cultures.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Hoodiadrene claims to be a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. We agree that it’s an appetite supressent, however, we disagree with its claims to be a fat burner.

Newton Everett Biotech make a number of claims regarding Hoodiadrene and how it can benefit you should you wish to purchase it. The product has many claims:

– Burn fat
– Suppress appetite
– Increase strength and energy
– Improve muscle tone
– Has no side effects
– Is formulated for both males and females

Its claimed ability to burn fat refers to the act of thermogenesis; this process involves the breakdown of nutrients in order to produce energy in the form of ATP. The breakdown of these nutrients causes heat to be produced hence the thermo prefix; it is often the case that the body will burn fat, as this is a natural store of nutrients. Therefore, an increase in thermogenesis will increase the amount of fat that is burned. This process can be naturally increased through activities such as exercise or when you are cold and therefore shiver. The most common problem involved in weight loss is that people fundamentally eat more calories in comparison to the amount of calories they are burning and as such, weight gain is inevitable. An appetite suppressant typically alters the level of serotonin, which tricks your brain into thinking you are full and so over the course of a day you take in less calories hopefully creating a calorie deficit and therefore weight loss.

The manufacturer does not make it clear how the product can increase strength or muscle tone as these can only be developed through actual exercise. Muscle tone is often mistaken as the actual appearance of muscle, for example, someone who has clear abdominal definition (abs) is often described as being toned. This statement is incorrect; muscle tone describes the relationship between the muscle, the central nervous system and the brain. This can only be developed through exercise as the brain is constantly sending messages to the muscle via the nervous system, while this makes the muscle firmer it does not affect the appearance of the muscle itself. As with most diet products, it is suitable for both male and females although the product utilises advertising based toward women, as they tend to be the predominant buyers of weight loss products.

How Hoodiadrene Works

Hoodiadrene has a whole host of ingredients but the main two are Hoodia Gordonii and Z-Plex Blend, which includes Advantra Z and Yerba Mate. Hoodia Gordonii is a staple of appetite suppressant products although the jury is still out as to if the plant aids weight loss. The main problem that arises is that companies are given a certificate of authenticity that allows the product to be imported into the US and UK. This certificate however cannot be found anywhere on the Newton Everett Biotech website. This isn’t to say that they don’t possess such a certificate but you would have thought the company would be proud to show it off.

There has been tentative research into the effects of Hoodia on human weight loss but these studies are often for commercial gain on behalf of companies seeking to sell their own Hoodia products. In one such study funded by Phytopharm, twenty obese participants were recruited and told to maintain their normal lifestyle habits. The group was split into two separate groups in which one group were given the Hoodia product and the other group were given a placebo pill. All subjects were able to eat food as and when they pleased in an attempt to recreate real world conditions. The group who were given the Hoodia product reduced their calorie intake by a thousand calories per day on average in comparison to the placebo group. The experiment supported the hypothesis that Hoodia somehow tricked the hypothalamus into believing that blood sugar/glucose was high when in fact this was not the case. There is little current knowledge that can be used to explain how this effect can take place and if it is the only mechanism that contributes to weight loss. A possible explanation is that the Hoodia is not the effective agent in weight loss but it is actually the P57 found within it (Avula et al, 2006). This causes an interesting question to arise, as it is well known within the scientific community that the thistle plant also contains P57. However, there have yet been no experiments relating to any potential weight loss properties of the thistle plant. The question remains then, does Hoodia itself have any weight loss potential or is it the P57 found within it the cause for apparent weight loss? If the answer is the latter then there may be cause to turn to the thistle plant which will be easier to source and hence a lot cheaper to produce and purchase.

For more information, please feel free to read the article ‘Clinical studies of Hoodiadrene’ or ‘How Hoodiadrene works’.

Key Hoodiadrene Ingredients

hoodia-gordonii in hoodiadreneHoodiadrene main ingredients are Hoodia Gordonii and Z-Plex Blend, see above.

There is currenlty concern regarding the addition of Advantra Z, which is used in the Z-Plex Blend. A few years ago, herbal medicines coming from China contained a plant by product called Ephedra. In 2004, the FDA banned the sale of Ephedra due to reports of death and serious consequences in people linked with known Edephra usage. Advantra Z has a very similar molecular structure to Edephra and it is feared that similar fatal consequences may occur with regular consumption of Advantra Z. Newton Everett Biotech strongly deny that such a danger exists but until further scientific studies are conducted there is no way to be sure. As Hoodiadrene is classed as a supplement, it is not regulated by the FDA and as such, they have authorisation to undertake any action until a fatality has occurred. However, since Newton Everett Biotech have acknowledged this may be a concern to consumers then the company would know the consequences (e.g. lawsuits) they could face and therefore their claim that Advantra Z is not a dangerous ingredient should be truthful.

Besides Hoodia extract and Advantra Z there are supplementary ingredients, which are involved but their effect on weight, loss is negligible at best. Every three pills you decide to take contain a collective amount of:

– 400mg Hoodia Gordonii
– 1425mg Z Plex blend consisting of Green Tea extract, Advantra Z, Cocoa extract, Acetil L-Tyrosine, Yerba Mate, Ginger Root and Grape Seed oil. (No exact quantities are given for these sub ingredients)


Weight Loss Power: 55/100

In comparison to other Hoodia Gordonii based diet products; Hoodiadrene contains a relatively high dosage of Hoodia amongst other ingredients, which increase the weight loss potential of the product. A problem is that the manufacturer does not display the certificate that is awarded to products indicating that they contain 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, this means that the Hoodia found in this product may be diluted and hence may not work as effectively. It would be strange for the manufacturer to not display this certificate if they had actually been awarded it.
Speed of results: 55/100

Products that rely on thermogenesis and fat inhibition are never going to be overnight solutions unless they are of a chemical origin and you should expect to see weight changes after roughly four to six weeks of use. In order to boost the effects of this product you should consider incorporating exercise and healthier eating into your regime. If you don’t want to make these changes then you should prepare for a long process.

For more information read our How to use Hoodiadrene article.

Appetite Suppression: 50/100

Hoodia based products have shown to be able to reduce the appetite in rats, however due to this relevant finding no studies have been done in an attempt to replicate this effect in humans. This product certainly contains a wide array of ingredients that are present in larger quantities than the majority of hoodia products available now, this means that there is a good chance of you consuming less calories during the day but this statement cannot be scientifically supported.
Long Term Results: 40/100

The product does not promote any bodily processes that do not occur naturally and so the product should not have too much of an impact on your everyday activities. This should mean that when you stop taking the product you should continue to lose or maintain your weight. However, the packaging doesn’t offer any weight loss advice or diet programmes and so those people who depend on the product too much may become lost should they stop taking the product. The product exists mainly to help you change your eating behaviour rather than lose weight and so the long-term results will vary greatly from person to person. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 65/100

The product uses the Hoodia Gordonii plant extract which is perfectly safe to consume, and its use is regulated by the FDA to ensure safety remains a key priority. There are no side effects associated with this product although all fat inhibitors generally carry the risk of upsetting your bowel movements. The main problem that is associated with this product is the similarity between Advantra Z and Ephedra, which is an issue that cannot be taken lightly. At this point in time, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the link has been proven but the mere mention of a possible link should be enough to promote caution when using this product.– see our article Hoodiadrene Side Effects.
Value for money: 30/100

Unfortunately this product is one of the more expensive products you will come across. It is vital that you remember the product is only available in fifteen day supplies and so the price can rise very quickly if you don’t keep up on how much you are buying. That being said, the product does contain a lot of ingredients and so perhaps the higher price is slightly justified. It is often said that a higher price carries with it a higher perception of value but in this case, the product seems to carry a higher price relative to its effectiveness.

Learn more by reading our article on Where to buy Hoodiadrene.

Hoodiadrene Side Effects

hoodiadrene side effectsYou can see that this product certainly contains many ingredients and the quantity of each ingredient is quite small for one pill which should mean that the product is relatively safe to consume although you have to keep on top of your pill intake. That being said, there is the danger that Advantra Z may show similar health endangering traits that were exhibited by Edephra. The best policy to adopt is to immediately discontinue use if you experience any adverse health effects and consult your doctor. Aside from Advantra Z, none of the ingredients are notorious for having side effects and so taking this product should be perfectly safe. If you would like to learn more about potential side effects of the product please search for ‘Side effects of Hoodiadrene’.

Where to Buy Hoodiadrene

Newton Everett Biotech sells all its products through a retailer called Biovea who have a presence in many countries including the UK and US. You can also buy Hoodiadrene from Amazon and a handful of other websites. For a full list of retail outlets please feel free to visit this website. Alternatively, you can read purchase information in more detail in an article on this site entitled ‘Where to buy Hoodiadrene’. It seems that no matter where you buy from the price remains virtually the same. However, you can only buy a fifteen day supply which will set you back roughly £32. If you stick to the recommended daily dose then it would cost you around £64 per month, which can get very expensive for a product that isn’t guaranteed to work.

Overall Verdict

Hoodiadrene sells itself as a very multipurpose solution to the problem of weight loss. It would appear it is one of the more powerful hoodia based supplements that have flooded the market in recent years. However, it is also one of the most expensive hoodia based supplements as a month supply will set you back around £60. There is a concern that Advantra Z has the potential to exhibit similar characteristics to Edephra but the manufacturer has been quick to dismiss this. Aside from this, the product seems to be a safe product in comparison to other Hoodia based products although side effects can never be truly removed from the equation.

Interested in finding out who makes Hoodiadrene, then read our The company behind Hoodiadrene article.

Overall: 49/100


Avula, B., Wang, Y. H., Pawar, R. S., Shukla, Y. J., Schaneberg, B., & Khan, I. A. (2006). Determination of the appetite suppressant P57 in Hoodia gordonii plant extracts and dietary supplements by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (LC-MSD-TOF) and LC-UV methods. Journal of AOAC International, 89(3), 606-611.

Newton Everett Biotech:

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