How to Avoid the Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse Auto Billing System Scam
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How to Avoid the Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse Auto Billing System Scam

When buying diet pills online it is important that you read the small print as it is becoming more and more common for companies to use an auto billing scheme where more product is sent to you and money is taken automatically from your account, usually on a monthly basis, without you having to order more of the product. Often, consumers are unaware of this scheme and sign up to receive the product without realising that they will be charged automatically each month. Occasionally it can occur that certain manufacturers will fail to inform their customers of this scheme, even in the small print, which can lead to their customers becoming surprised to learn that money has been taken.The Nutriberry Slim website has now been suspended, meaning that you can no longer purchase the product online, however it is unknown how long the website will be down for and whether or not it will reappear. In this article we will look into the complaints made about the supplement and how avoid alleged scams like this in the future.

The ingredients explained

Nutriberry Slim contains a range of ingredients that are common in many of the weight loss supplements that are available on the market. Each of these ingredients works in different ways to help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Green Coffee BeanScientists believe that the weight loss effects of green coffee beans are due to the amount of chlorogenic acid that they contain. Chlorogenic acid is not found in roasted coffee beans as it is broken down during the roasting process and this means that drinking coffee will not give you the same benefits that you will experience from green coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid is thought to effect the body’s ability to absorb sugar from starch while also effecting fat synthesis in the body, it is also believed that the substance is able to improve your mood and cognition. Green coffee beans also contain caffeine, which is a stimulant and is able to give your body an extra boost in energy and leave you feeling more energised in order to complete exercise or other physical tasks that could potentially result in a greater amount of fat being burned.

Nutriberry Slim also contains an extract of the acai berry which is thought to have positive health benefits on the body and on your general well being. It is also believed that the substance is able to give you an added boost in energy, however there has been very little clinical research to prove whether or not this is true.

The final key ingredient in Nutriberry Slim is raspberry ketone, which some scientists believe works by effecting a certain chemical in the body called adiponectin and promoting the oxidation of free fatty acids in the body. However, it must be remembered that raspberry ketone is a controversial ingredient that has recently been banned in the UK until further testing has been carried out to assess the safety and effectiveness of the substance.

Is there any clinical evidence to back up these claims?

There does not appear to have been any clinical testing conducted on Nutriberry Slim or Vita Cleanse as no evidence is provided on either website. With all the big positive claims made by the manufacturers about the product it seems strange that they would not want to back up their statements with evidence to further promote their product. Therefore is it more probable that these claims are actually fabricated in order to entice customers. The lack of clinical testing does raise some concern as it is otherwise impossible to know how effective the product is but also how safe it is to consume. Consumers should be told of all possible side effects and excluded groups of people who should not take the supplement in order for their purchase to be safe, but they should also be told if there is any doubt over the product having a real effect.

The manufacturers of Nutriberry Slim claim that one of the key ingredients within their product is raspberry ketone, however there has been no clinical testing of raspberry ketones or its effects on humans and so while it is often said to be a miracle substance for weight loss, there is actually no way to know this for sure. Furthermore, raspberry ketone has recently been banned by the Food Standards Agency for this reason and because many people felt that they were being mislead when purchasing the substance. This could be one of the reasons for the suspension of the Nutriberry Slim webpage.

The scam

scamWhen purchasing Nutriberry Slim you are re directed to another webpage selling Vita Cleanse, a product which is advertised as being a detox substance which should be taken a month before you begin dieting in order to get rid of any excess waste that you may have in your colon. This would suggest that any dieting you then undertake would be more efficient and effective and you would potentially notice better results. However, if this is the case then why are you encouraged to buy both products at the same time? Although neither page clearly states who manufactures the products, if you read the small print and terms and conditions you will find that the return address for both products is the same and that both products are made by the same company – Healthy Essentials Ltd. The fact that this information is not publicised but rather only appears in the small print suggests that they do not want the customer to know that the two pages are linked. This indicates that the two supplements are not grouped together for the benefit of the customer’s health, but rather in order to make more money for the company behind both of the products.

What the complaints say

There have been over 130 customer complaints filed on online complaint platform in the past 10 months and the website has been unable to find any information regarding the address, contact or founder of the company behind Nutriberry Slim – especially since the suspension of the website, and this instantly raises concern over the credibility of the company as it appears that there is currently no way to track them down. It also seems that it may prove difficult for those who have lost money to have it returned to them.

Auto Shipment And Recurrent Billing SystemMost customers complain about the fact that large sums of money have been taken from their accounts without their knowledge, usually after simply signing up for a free trial. One of these customers states that they never received the free trial product they had ordered but had been charged for a month’s supply and on contacting the company through the information provided on their website, the telephone number proved to be invalid. Another complaint states that although they were able to get through to the company, the customer service they received was rude and unhelpful and it also reveals that almost £300 was taken from the customer’s bank account without their permission through auto billing. However, this part of the complaint may not be completely fair as the terms and conditions of purchasing the product do state that the company uses auto billing as it offers a subscription service. While this may be very misleading to a large amount of people it highlights the importance of reading all available information before making a purchase in order to keep your money safe and to be in control of your purchases. This being said, there have also been complaints from people who knew that the company offered a subscription service and were charged large sums of money without ever receiving the product. This is another reason to believe that the Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse offer is a scam and does not show the company’s customer service team in a positive light.

Almost all of the customer reviews here show that any attempts to cancel unwanted subscriptions proved to be unsuccessful which is concerning as it is important to be able to trust the company you are giving your money to. Again, this stresses the importance of knowing all the information you need to before making a purchase, including whether or not you will be able to cancel your subscription immediately or pay a fee to do so.

So how do you avoid auto billing scams?

As we have said, it is important to read the small print when purchasing a product online, and this means carefully reading the terms and conditions and ensuring that there is no mention of any auto billing scheme. Many of the consumers who wrote and submitted negative reports and complaints on our main Nutriberry Slim Review had not read the terms and conditions and had they have done this they would have realised that they would be billed automatically each month. However this is not to say that the website is not misleading and arguably unfairly conning people out of their money. We suggest that as well as reading the terms and conditions of purchasing a product, you also look into the background of the manufacturing company if possible as this will often give you insight as to how the company operates and whether they are credible and trustworthy or not. If a physical address and contact telephone number is provided and the company appears to have built a positive reputation for itself this usually means that it is more likely your money will be in safe hands. Furthermore, it is important to do your research on a product by reading reviews and looking at whether there is any clinical evidence to back up the claims made about it, as the weight loss supplement market is unregulated and often companies fabricate big claims to entice customers who after spending their money realise that they were, in fact, not true. You should be especially careful when a company offers a free trial or a free product with your order as often this can be a way of enticing customers to sign up for a subscription to the product, sometimes without them realising as they can be so enthused by the offer being made.

To conclude, it appears almost certain that Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse was a scam produced in order to make the manufacturing company more money. Although the websites were misleading, we must stress the importance of reading the terms and conditions of a purchase before placing your order and speaking with the customer service teams to make sure that the terms and conditions are still accurate. It may also prove beneficial to briefly look into the background of a company before giving them your bank details, as more often than not these scams can be avoided. It is worth remembering that both the Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse products are not claimed to include any unique ingredient or even mix of ingredients and that there are many other kinds of weight loss supplements that contain similar ingredients that are sold from companies who are credible, do not use auto billing payment schemes and that have conducted clinical testing to ensure that their products are safe and effective. It seems best to avoid purchasing Nutriberry Slim and looking elsewhere for similar yet more effective products. At the moment it seems that the Nutriberry Slim website has been suspended and is no longer in use, most probably due to the fact that the product contained raspberry ketone – a substance which is currently banned in the UK and European Union. This means that the scam is no longer functioning, however it is important to remember that when one scam comes to an end it is likely that another will begin. We suggest following the guidelines that we have highlighted in this article when it comes to purchasing weight loss supplements online in order to ensure that you will not fall into the trap of an Internet scam.

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7 responses to “How to Avoid the Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse Auto Billing System Scam”

  1. c elson says:

    hi, i have got into this scam, i have had a email to confirm
    cancellation, just tried to email for a RMA number, to return, trial products, my ? is, now, do i, or should i return trial products, ( informed bank 2)

    • Pat OConnell says:

      I have got into this scam but cannot find out how to cancel through emailing. No response to the phone call. What email address did you use?

  2. s lawrence says:

    Ive just found out 93 pound hasbeen taken from my account what should I do to stop this happening again…

  3. Nicole says:

    I too signed up to both Vita Cleanse and Nutriberry Slim. 🙁
    I actually got onto this site by accident whilst looking for a description of possible side-effects as I have found that the pills are making me nauseous. Am pleased about this now or I would not have realised the extent of the scam. Luckily I am still within the 14-day cancellation period. I have just written e-mails to cancel any further products/payments on account following their cancellation information on their two websites ( and They have written back that “having reviewed my account status, they cannot accept my order cancellation by e-mail”?! And now I have to phone London. I don’t think so. I take their reply as a confirmation of my cancellation, have printed off their cancellation procedure and e-mail confirmation, will phone my credit card company not to accept claims from them and if they try anything, I will sue them. These practices need to stop!

  4. Helen says:

    I was a victim and over 198 pounds was taken from my account and
    when I realised I had to call and it was cancelled

  5. Chris says:

    I too was mislead into auto replenish for the sum of £93
    I contacted my bank and they put a stop on any further payments, and if they take any further payments the bank will replace the money.
    Still £93 out of pocket.

  6. RE: ProbioSlim – sent for trial size. No clear mention that I was signing up for monthly supplies unless I cancelled within a specified period of receiving trial. When I called customer service that informed me there was a check box on the site re: monthly supplies (apparentlly it was in very small print). I told them I had to check with my doctor re: taking this due to other meds I was on. They put by subsdcription (on hold) as well as give me until early May to have pill confirmed by my doctor. Then I saw the amount of caffiene in the description – am not allowed caffiene due to SVT (super ventribular tachacardia). I will call them back. What a hassle though – short of being a scam. Thanks for listening to my “rant”.

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