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Hydroxycut Review

Hydroxycut is claimed to boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite. It is a controversial diet pill that has been banned in the UK and the US for causing severe side effects and even death.

Below we have reviewed Hydroxycut against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

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Hydroxycut Pros
  • May have the potential to aid weight loss
  • Fitness and nutrition advice available on the website
Hydroxycut Cons
  • Serious health concerns around side effects and damage within the body
  • FDA recalled the product in 2009 after numerous liver problems including one death

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Hydroxycut Review

Hydroxycut is claimed to target two of the five key areas of weight loss, however, the product contains the now-banned ingredient ‘ephedrine’ and so is no longer legally sold in the UK.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The pills claim to boost your metabolism and work as an appetite suppressant, leaving you feeling less hungry and helping you to cut calories.

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How Hydroxycut Works

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Hydroxycut includes the drug Ephedrine, an amphetamine drug which was banned some years ago being called severely dangerous after causing many serious illnesses in some people and even fatalities. It is claimed to induce weight loss by boosting your metabolism, which should turn more food into energy quicker, as well as leaving you feeling fuller for longer so you’ll eat less in the first place. Ephedrine was considered to be an effective weight loss aid which caused a reduction in hunger and cravings as well as increasing positivity and energy spikes; however, this could also be said for substances like cocaine.

Hydroxycut It is said to be a thermogenic substance, which means that it may cause to body to produce heat in order to burn off calories. It uses high doses of caffeine and other stimulants in an attempt to achieve this increased metabolism, and consequently to help the consumer to lose weight.

The high caffeine content does also mean, however, that there is some substantial water loss also, and so it is important to keep water levels replenished wherever possible. A metabolism boost is also thought to be achievable through acerola content, which is a rich source of vitamin C. It also contains green tea extract, which is another key ingredient believed to have the potential to increase metabolic rates within the body.

Another important point is that once the body gets used to the potential fat burning ingredients of Hydroxycut (or the consumer stops taking the diet supplement), the body can go into starvation mode. This does, unfortunately, mean that sometimes weight can be put back on, due to the ‘intake mode’ of some fat cells.

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Key Hydroxycut Ingredients

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The key ingredient as we’ve just mentioned is Ephedrine, this was the ingredient which caused so many problems, in particular liver problems, in some users. The ingredient is obtained from a plant source and is said to help aid weight loss through metabolism boosting and appetite suppression. Health problems associated with the ingredient forced the FDA in 2009 to recall products and urge people to stop using Hydroxycut.

The product does contain other ingredients, such as caffeine and green tea – both of which are said to cause stimulatory effects, increasing energy levels and potentially boosting the metabolism. Together, these ingredients could cause additional side effects; these will be discussed in more detail in the ‘side effects’ section below.

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Clinical Studies

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A couple of clinical studies have been carried out to test the properties of Hydroxycut for lowering the body’s cholesterol and generally helping people to lose weight, as well as some of the dangers associated with taking the weight-loss supplement.

Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment or device is safe and effective for humans. They are also used to show what medical approaches work best for certain illnesses. A lot of scientific research is done first before any clinical trial takes place, and then the next step is normally animal testing to see how the approach affects a living body, and if it could be potentially lethal. However, what does work well on animals in a laboratory environment wouldn’t necessarily work in the real world so that’s when tests on humans are needed.


One clinical study carried out by the American College of Gastroenterology in 2010 states that Hydroxycut was recalled by the manufacturer in May 2009 due to reports of hepatotoxicity associated with the supplement. They sought to characterise the clinical presentation of Hydroxycut associated liver injury. They assessed the causality and grading of severity of liver injury using methodology developed by the Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN) study.

The results showed that eight patients developed liver injury after taking Hydroxycut. All were hospitalised, and three patients required liver transplantation. Some of the usual symptoms included jaundice, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The study concluded that Hydroxycut has been clearly implicated as a cause for severe liver injury that may lead to acute liver failure and death. This study must be considered before consuming the weight-loss supplement Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut claim that one clinical study found that people lost an average of 20.94 pounds in 12-weeks, or 16.5 pounds after 8 weeks when paired with a reduced calorie diet. In the 12-week study, subjects saw a 10.2 percent reduction in body mass index, compared to a 0.9 percent reduction in BMI for people who took a placebo. In the 8-week study, BMI was supposedly reduced by an average of 10.2% versus placebo subjects who reduced their BMIs by an average of only 0.9%. Unfortunately no link to this study was provided, and so it cannot be deemed reliable.

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Hydroxycut Side Effects


There are numerous side effects and drawbacks to taking Hydroxycut. The side effects appear to differ depending on the user but they range from aches and pains in the body, problems sleeping, problems staying awake, damage to the vital organs such as liver and kidneys and increasing the risk of heart problems. The list goes on, hence why the product banned in the UK.

Dizziness is reported as a common side effect of hydroxycut. This may be the high amounts of caffeine in the product, often added with the sight of increasing metabolism. A simple solution to this problem could be to switch to the caffeine-free variation of the weight-loss supplement.

People may also experience increased thirst. It is essential that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration whilst consuming the weight-loss supplement.

Headaches can be caused by low blood sugar due to a lack of food as a result of the appetite-suppressing effects of the weight-loss supplement. It is important you stop taking the supplement if this occurs, and see your doctor immediately.

Liver damage is a very serious side effect that was proven in a clinical study of 2010, which suggested that the version of the drug (now banned) containing the amphetamine Ephedra caused long-term, serious damage to the liver, and even fatalities. Ensure to consult your doctor before trying Hydroxycut.

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How to Use

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On the Hydroxycut website, they recommend two simple steps for starting out with Hydroxycut beginning with a three day trial period. In order to assess individual tolerance, the company behind Hydroxycut recommend that for the first three days of consumption of the product, you start with one Rapid Release Caplet, taken with a glass of water three times a day. It is recommended that this is taken approximately half an hour before your three main meals, and that there is no snacking after dinner or between meals.

If any problems arise from this method, it is essential that the consumer consults immediate advice from their doctor, and discontinues taking the weight loss supplement.

If after the three day trial period, success is found with the supplement without side-effects, and if you would like to continue, the consumer is advised to increase their intake to two caplets three times a day. Once again, this should be done approximately thirty minutes before your three main meals.

A further disclaimer by the product’s company is that the consumer should not exceed two caplets in a four-hour period or six caplets in a twenty-four hour period. In order to avoid sleeplessness also, the tablets should not be taken within five hours of your planned bedtime. They do also recommend you consume eight to ten glasses of water per day in order to avoid dehydration. Finally, be sure to read the entire label before use. There is more information on taking Hydroxycut on the official website.

There are also certain types of people who shouldn’t take the tablets, these include:
– People who are pregnant or likely to get pregnant
– Women who are breastfeeding
– People who have a BMI less than 18.5
– People who eat liver or liver products once a week, with other products containing retinol (XLS contains Vitamin A as retinol)
– People who are at risk of osteoporosis

You should also consult your doctor before taking the tablets if:
– You have diabetes
– You use cholesterol reducing medication
– You have an existing medical condition
– You suffer from Kidney stones or kidney disease
– You are taking any medicines

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Who Makes It?

Iovate Health Sciences is the company behind Hydroxycut, having been established in 1996. They describe themselves as a ‘dynamic, leading-edge nutritional supplement company’. Iovate claim that they offer some of the highest quality products in the world, despite their mishap with the amphetamine drugs contained in their weight-loss supplement leading Hydroxycut to be banned in the United Kingdom.

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, they pride themselves on providing their customers with delivering health benefits and results to their consumers through their selection of ingredients with scientific evidence to support their claims.

Iovate state that their key principles are to be committed to their people, through training a team of professionals to high standards, and they wish to process this caring attitude towards their products also to produce quality. Quality is something they believe in, claiming that all of their ingredients and products are tested to rigorous standards, and making sure that they are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure this.

Another key factor that Iovate Health Sciences say they trust in is their advanced scientific research, having plied many millions of dollars into their product development sector. They hope to extend this research through their partnerships with a number of leading research companies and universities, in order to achieve greater research and consequently better quality products.

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Where to Buy Hydroxycut


You will certainly find it difficult to find a seller in the UK given that Hydroxycut is banned. Certainly there will be no high street sellers but anything you might find online you should be wary of because of the fact that it is illegal to sell it in the UK. It is possible, however, to get hold of the weight loss supplement through some American retailers, and it is often possible to have this shipped over. Prices vary from place to place, you can spend £20 to £40 for a month’s supply.

There are many things to consider before buying Hydroxycut, firstly it has been banned from the UK and therefore is not judged as a safe weight-loss supplement in this country, with studies from the World Journal of Gastroenteritis to back these claims up. The company behind Hydroxycut do, however, claim that there have also been clinical studiescarried out by independent scientific research companies who have found evidence for substantial weight-loss in short term plans of eight weeks and twelve weeks when the product is combined with a low-fat diet and regular exercise.

With Hydroxycut, unlike many other weight loss supplements, there are no free trials or special offers and there is no money back guarantee. It is also important to note that Hydroxycut comes in a variety of forms, none of which contain ephedrine any more – you can purchase products including the standard ‘Hydroxycut Pro Clinical’. One example is the ‘Mixed Fruit Gummies’, which claim to be ‘delicious, great-tasting gummies with an incredibly mixed flavour’, which is a good variety if you struggle taking tablets and would prefer to have them in sweet form. There are also caffeine-free varieties for those who would rather avoid taking caffeine, as well as an instant drink mix, and sprinkles to conveniently put on top of food. offers a variety of forms and products of Hydroxycut, including the instant drink mix and sprinkles. You can buy single packs which contain sixty capsules which is a month-supply (taking two daily). One month’s supply of the Pro-Clinical variety, which is the standard form containing rapid release tablets currently costs $19.97, with shopping available online, and free if you make an order of over $45. Shopping through Wal-Mart does provide a lot of information about Hydroxycut including when best to take it, what it is, and benefits of taking the weight-loss supplement. is a health specialist retailer. It offers one pack of standard Hydroxycut Pro Clinical with 60 caplets for a sale price of $23.99 (a slightly more expensive rate, although there are more options available, with you being able to buy various different varieties of the supplement, including bigger boxes of ‘Hydroxycut Max’, containing 120 rapid-release liquid capsules, designed primarily for female consumers seeking extreme-strength weight loss). The website is very helpful, proving lots of information on ingredients, benefits and scientific information about Hydroxycut.

It is also possible to purchase Hydroxycut on with shipping options available for various countries across the world. The standard box of Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is available with 72 rapid release caplets – more than the average 60 caplets sold in other outlets – for a bargain $17.61. A number of other varieties and options are available on the website, including the sprinkles and gummy varieties, meaning you can tailor you choice to your own personal preference.

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Does Hydroxycut Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, Hydroxycut does not offer any money-back guarantees.

One-off payment: Yes, Hydroxycut products involve just one payment.

Manufacturing Standard: This information does not appear to be available on the official website.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: The ingredients list is available, but not all of the quantities. This is because the product contain proprietary blends, so the amount of the whole blend is provided, but not of its individual components.

Company contact details readily available: No, there is no ‘contact us’ section on the website.

Hydroxycut does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as the product does not come with a diet plan or money-back guarantee; manufacturing standards and contact information is also not provided.

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Overall Verdict

While some users may have found weight loss results through taking Hydroxycut, the product has been associated with very severe side effects and so is not suitable for consumption by anybody. There are very serious side effects ranging from small complaints up to dangerous potential liver and kidney problems. The product is therefore not available to buy from any reliable retailers. Hydroxycut have since started making other weight loss products that do not contain ephedrine; these are available through the official website, but the website lacks some important information.

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