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JST Jodie Semtex

JST Jodie Semtex is a product designed to help burn off those stubborn few pounds of fat that you can’t seem to budge even if you’re hitting the gym on a regular basis. That being said, there is no reason why you cannot use this product if you are not a regular gym go’er.

JST Jodie Semtex Pros
  • Designed with athletes in mind, will not fail a drugs screening
  • Available from both online and high street UK retailers
  • Detailed dosage instructions for both athletes and non-athletes
  • Reviews are very promising
JST Jodie Semtex Cons
  • Reports of side effects are quite common
  • Although suitable for everyone, more geared toward athletes

JST Jodie Semtex Review

According to research the ingredients contained within the product do have some recognised weight loss potential. While the results themselves only offer meagre weight loss results, when combined with exercise this product is likely to be effective to some degree. Exactly how much of a contribution JST Jodie Semtex will have on overall weight loss vs exercise is almost impossible to accurately predict but reviews of the product are promising.

Claimed weight loss benefits

JST Jodie Semtex claims that it is a ‘fat burner that supports your exercise and workout routines. If used as part of a balanced diet, this perfectly balanced formula will deliver unrivalled results giving you that desired edge.’ As far as claims go this is a rather vague one. First off, this product is not as they describe, i.e. a fat burner. Rather, this product is a metabolism booster and through this mechanism fat is burned off indirectly.

How JST Jodie Semtex Works

It is important to remember that no two individuals’ metabolic rate will be the same; this is due to many factors such as age, gender and lifestyle choices. Therefore artificially manipulating your metabolism via metabolism boosting weight loss products may not be as effective for you as it is for somebody else, and alternatively you may experience benefits when no-one else is.

Science has revealed the profound effects of the chemistry of stress, relaxation, pleasure, depression, and the effects that even prayer, pets, and other people have on our metabolic lives. Simply put, mind influences chemistry.

The speed at which chemical reactions occur in your body in order to produce energy is classified as your metabolism. Enzymes are crucial to metabolism because they allow energy to be produced as a result of the reactions that take place. The speed at which these enzymes interact with each other can be manipulated to make reactions occur at a quicker rate by increasing the temperature they operate in, which is where the metabolism boosting ingredients come into play, such as caffeine, guarana and green tea. These ingredients increase the rate at which enzymes function and thus increase energy output. In order for the energy requirements to be met, more calories need to be used so a positive energy balance can be achieved.

For more information, read our How JST Jodie Semtex Works article and How to Use JST Jodie Semtex article.

Key JST Jodie Semtex Ingredients

JST Jodie Semtex contains a total of five key ingredients some of which you will certainly be familiar with while a couple of the others may be somewhat new. For this reason only the more uncommon of the ingredients will be covered in this article. For a comprehensive description of each ingredient please read the JST Jodie Semtex Clinical Studies article, which goes into detail for each ingredient.

The first ingredient is Brazilian Cocoa Extract otherwise known as guarana. This plant belongs to the maple family and as the name suggests is found predominantly in Brazil. The seeds of the plant contain up to twice the amount of caffeine as an equivalently sized coffee bean, with each seed containing up to 5% pure caffeine. As such, the guarana plant is becoming increasingly common for use in diet products.

The second ingredient is caffeine, known worldwide as a popular stimulant in soft drinks and coffee.

Lastly we have capsicum extract. Capsicum, which is found in hot chillies, has a strong effect of firing up your insides, giving you more energy and boosting the metabolism.


Weight Loss Power: 60/100

The scientific reviews of each individual ingredient show some promise that this product can help you lose weight steadily rather than a sudden surge of weight loss. Reviews on Amazon are very mixed with some complaining of no noticeable weight loss whereas there are others stating they had the best workouts ever, with one particular reviewer claiming 9% body fat loss in one week. It would seem that the true weight loss power of the product will depend largely on whether you exercise or not, what your exercise regime is and what your overall goals are.
Speed of results: 40/100

As a general rule metabolism boosting products do make an impact fairly quickly and are most effective within the first two weeks. If you are exercising while taking the product then any differences caused by the product will be noticed almost immediately as you can compare how a workout without the product feels to that of a workout done while taking the product. For people who do not exercise and so have no such point of reference, they may not feel the results as quickly.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

This product is not designed to be an appetite suppressant and contains no ingredients that would cause such an effect. In contrast, the metabolism boosting properties of the ingredient may in fact make you hungrier, especially if you are exercising as well.
Long Term Results: 10/100

Long term effects of this product are unlikely. As the product works on the basis that it stimulates your metabolism through chemical interactions, there will come a point where your body will build up a tolerance to the ingredients and it will cease to be effective. Even the official website advises that you should take a two week break from taking the product after a cycle of eight weeks taking the product. A reasonable course of action to take if you believe that the product works for you would be to have a cycle of two months on and one month off.
Safety: 50/100

The main problem with this product is that it contains a lot of caffeine. This causes a number of symptoms including insomnia, increased heart rate and nausea. Certainly these symptoms are a common fixture of many reviews which are not happy about the product. The likelihood of these side effects occurring is increased in people who are sensitive to caffeine or who do not include a caffeine source in their regular diet. Those of you who drink a caffeine source regularly may find that you do not suffer with these symptoms and this would be because you already have a natural tolerance to caffeine in place. The side effects do appear to be quite common, although none of the side effects are life threatening if managed properly.
Value for money: 50/100

At £30 for a month supply there is not much to say about the product in terms of value for money. The product is neither cheap nor expensive and rather occupies the middle ground. You do have the option to only take one capsule per day rather than the advised two capsules which stretches the product out to two months, while this makes the product a lot cheaper (£30 for two months) it is less likely to be as effective.

JST Jodie Semtex Side Effects

Just like in any caffeine containing product, the most common problems with JST Jodie Semtex include insomnia, restlessness, loss of appetite, anxiety, increased heart rate, heart burn, shakiness, ringing in the ears, headaches, and nausea. These problems are mostly temporary in nature however, if they persist, they require medical attention. Most of the severe problems are commonly experienced by people with heart problems, high-blood pressure, diabetes, kidney diseases, or thyroid disorders. These problems include vomiting, stomach cramps, racing heart, dizziness, seizures, and stomach pain.

Minor side effects are associated with both vitamin B3 and L – carnitine, also contained in the product. These include stomach upset, intestinal gas, dizziness and pain in the mouth. In quantities of over 3mg per day more serious side effects can occur such as liver problems, gout, ulcers of the digestive tract, loss of vision, high blood sugar, irregular heartbeat, and other serious problems.

For more information, read our JST Jodie Semtex Side Effects article.

Where to Buy JST Jodie Semtex

JST Jodie Semtex is available from a range of stockists both online and on the high street. The official website link lists all of the known stockists of the product on the high street. If you find the product outside of these locations then be very cautious about buying the product as the store has not been endorsed to sell the product. All of the stores listed on the page are regional stores belonging the GNC health shop brand.

The official website is currently selling the product for £30.49, this includes sixty tablets. The product should last you for a whole month but if you experience side effects or are unable to train regularly then you should drop it to one tablet per day. The website only allows you to buy three ‘tubs’ at any one time, which is an unusual limitation but one you should be aware off if the product works for you and you plan on buying the product in bulk.

JST Jodie Semtex is also available on EBay. The seller has the product available for £22 in addition to a charge of £3.20 for postage and packing. Having said this, all Semtex seem to be on auction and so a cheaper price may become available if you keep an eye out.

For more information, read our Where to Buy JST Jodie Semtex article.

Overall Verdict

JST Jodie Semtex has some promise if you go by the reviews on third party websites, such as Amazon, with people having reported to have ‘had the best workout ever’. However, for some people who don’t have the time to work out then they will probably be better served trying a different product. At £30 the product can neither be considered cheap nor expensive and instead occupies the middle ground between the two. You have the option of taking either one or two tablets per day depending on your exercise regularity. Therefore if you wish to only take one capsule per day then £30 for two months sounds fairly good. However, the product may not be as effective. At the end of the day users of the product are quite optimistic that they will lose weight while taking the product providing you can get over the side effects, which seem to be common during the first week or so.

If you are interested in the product manufacturers, read our Company Behind JST Jodie Semtex article.

Overall: 35/100

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