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Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills

Kaloss Trimmers is a dietary supplement released by Kaloss International, which promises to promote weight loss by boosting the metabolism. Evidence in support of this claim is however lacking.

Below we have reviewed Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Review

Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Pros
  • None of the ingredients have been associated with severe side effects in the short-term
  • Available in a variety of bottle sizes
Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Cons
  • Very little evidence in support of the key ingredients
  • Some information lacking from official website, including a full ingredients list

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Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Review

The Kaloss Trimmers pills are claimed to be metabolism boosters by the manufacturers, which means that they might help the system to process fats better and allow for weight loss. They are also said to have numerous other health benefits, such as improving the appearance of hair, skin, and nails, and helping users to feel more energetic thanks to the compound of all natural ingredients which is used to create them. They also claim to be able to help detoxify the body and cleanse the colon, thereby improving the digestive system. However, it seems as though there is not much clinical evidence that this might be the case, and indeed the collection of ingredients that is used may lead to some side effects, particularly for those who are taking medication for existing conditions.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Kaloss Trimmers is said to work as a metabolism booster. This means that they will not work if you take them whilst eating a poor diet – those who wish to lose weight should follow a good diet plan and partake in regular exercise as well as taking diet pill supplements. They do not have any appetite suppressing qualities, although there is some small potential for fat burning through the addition of ginseng root and other ingredients, according to the manufacturers. They do not claim to provide any carbohydrate blocking properties.

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How Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Works

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According to Kaloss, the company behind Kaloss Trimmers, it is the combination of natural ingredients in the supplement that helps to improve weight loss and also to provide other health benefits.


The chromium in the product supposedly kick starts the process by naturally boosting the metabolism, so they claim, helping you to digest food more effectively and preventing the food that you eat from causing you to put as much weight on as it might otherwise do. This means that if you eat healthily, you might see some weight loss rather than gain.

Ginseng Root

Then your energy levels are said to be boosted mainly by ginseng root, as well as with some help from the Damien herbs, Lecithin, magnesium, and the gotu root. Higher energy levels could mean that you are able to do more without needing to eat, and that you are able to lead a more active lifestyle, helping you to burn more calories.

Ginger Root

Fat burning properties might be improved by the addition of ginger root, which is said to have a thermogenic effect on the body and might help to burn fat more efficiently. Digestion might also be improved by the ginger root, which purportedly has the added effects of detoxifying the body and cleansing the colon.

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Key Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Ingredients

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Kaloss Trimmers claim to provide a natural solution for weight loss, and this is supposedly achieved through the different ingredients that the supplement contains. It is said to be a metabolism booster, which might therefore help you to lose weight faster because you will be burning away fat whilst taking in much needed nutrients that keep you healthy. There is a range of ingredients included in Kaloss Trimmers, though the manufacturers seem to group them into two main areas. These are the ingredients that are most effective and have a higher percentage within the supplement, and then the ingredients that serve simply to boost the effects of the others and to improve the overall health of the user.

The first group is made up of four ingredients, and these are chromium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E. The second group of ingredients are listed as Damien herbs, ginger root, ginseng root, gotu kola, and Lecithin. This means that there are nine main ingredients that make up the supplement, and all of them are found in natural sources rather than being chemical or man made. There do not appear to be any other ingredients included in the Kaloss Trimmers, although the Kaloss Company have not published a full list online or included a copy of the ingredients label in their marketing materials.

According to the manufacturers, the pills work as follows. First, chromium boosts your body’s metabolism in order to help you eliminate body fat and lose weight faster. Then, magnesium also helps you to lose more weight by boosting your energy levels, which might help you to burn off more calories by leading an active lifestyle. Damien herbs, Lecithin, and ginseng root are supposedly added into the mix in order to help with the fat burning and energy boosting properties, which the other ingredients already showcase, and then gotu root should boost your levels of energy by stimulating the central nervous system.

In addition to these weight loss effects, ginger root is used to improve your digestion and cleanse the colon to shift any lingering weight issues, and vitamin E and zinc will help by providing the nutrients that might improve the health of your skin, hair, and nails. This should help you to feel younger and healthier as well as having an improved appearance, if the supplement works in the way that it is supposed to.

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Clinical Studies

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There have been no clinical studies, which have focused solely on the use of Kaloss Trimmers yet, but some of the ingredients, which are used in the supplement, have been tested in a number of ways and have been found to have certain qualities which may improve the efficacy of the pills. Not all of them have been found to have direct weight loss links, so we will first look at those, which have been explored specifically in relation to weight loss.


Chromium is one of the main ingredients of the supplement, and is the one, which the company claims, is doing the brunt of the work when it comes to helping you lose weight. Studies that have looked at chromium as a weight loss aid, have had mixed findings: some studies have seen the participants lose weight and build muscle, while others have not found any effect at all. From these results, it can be perhaps suggested that the results of weight loss from taking chromium are not substantial, and perhaps that they would be lesser than the results that you would see from exercise and a well balanced diet.


Zinc is one of the other main components of the supplement, which is supposedly included in order to help improve the healthy appearance of skin, hair, and nails for those who are taking it. However, the inclusion of zinc is a strange choice, as clinical research may show: zinc is normally used as a way to help put on weight for those who are unwell, perhaps suffering from Sickle Cell Disease or HI, because of the fact that one of the main symptoms of zinc deficiency is weight loss.


One more important ingredient, which is said to help boost the metabolism, in this case is magnesium. However, while magnesium is certainly necessary for overall health, it is incredibly rare to be deficient in it because it is present in a large range of foodstuffs; there is also no evidence that it is particularly effective at helping to lose weight, except in the sense that it simply boosts overall health.

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Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Side Effects

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While there are no side effects noted by the manufacturers, it seems from customer reviews that there may be some effects that come along with taking the pills. There are a lot of different ingredients within them that may clash with other medications or cause side effects if you take too much of them, so it may be wise to consult with your doctor if you think that you will be at risk before you start to take them.

Customers who have used Kaloss Trimmers have reported a number of side effects, some of which may be quite surprising. These have included waking up earlier in the morning and having difficulty sleeping at night, feeling ‘on edge’ and becoming snappy or anxious, stomach cramps or bowel problems, jitteriness, to the extent of a large amount of shaking, and some light-headedness.


Chromium is thought to be safe for most people when consumed in doses of up to 1000 micrograms a day for up to six months. Possible side effects include nausea, impaired thinking, dizziness, headaches, and skin irritation. In high doses, it might also cause issues associated with blood disorders, and liver and kidney problems. It might also impact blood glucose levels, so people with diabetes should consult a doctor before taking the product.


In doses of up to 40mg a day, zinc is probably safe. It is recommended however that you seek medical advice before taking zinc supplements regularly. Zinc might cause side effects such as kidney and stomach damage, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and a metallic taste in the mouth.


Magnesium supplementation is thought to be safe in doses of up to 250mg a day. It might cause diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach upset, and nausea.

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How to Use

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There are some very clear instructions on how to take the Kaloss Trimmers. The manufacturers state that you should take two capsules per day only, no more and no less, with one at around 10am accompanied by a glass of water. You should then take your second pill no later than 3pm on the same day, again with a glass of water. It is advised that if you drink plenty of water you will see better results, as dehydration can sometimes lead to greater consumption of food.

Those who should seek medical advice before trying Kaloss Trimmers are listed as people who are pregnant or nursing, who are known to have high blood pressure, suffer from a thyroid or heart condition, an enlarged prostate, or diabetes, or who are on prescription medication.

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Who Makes It?

A company called Kaloss manufactures Kaloss Trimmers and they run their own web presence so that anyone can find out the necessary information about them easily. The brand distributes Trimmers pills and supplements, as well as tanning creams, lotions, and sprays, and some slimming gels. They are based in Haddington, which is just outside of Edinburgh, and they operate from a 78,000 square foot premises there.

They are listed as being the online trading division of Kaloss International, which is a division of Crystals Limited. In order to delve deeper into the details of this company we can take a look at Crystals, which is a supplier of health and beauty products to the UK and also to European markets. They also have a range of other interests, which includes Greenguage Sports, merchant services, and Greenguage Surfaces for the sports world. I-Tan, Sunquest Sun Beds, and Crystals Merchant Services are also divisions of Crystals.

There is no mention of manufacturing standards or a money-back guarantee on the official website. The product does not appear to come with a diet plan and a full ingredients list is not available.

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Where to Buy Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills


There are a number of different places where Kaloss Trimmers can be purchased, though the most direct method is to go to the Kaloss website and purchase them there. A bottle of 180 capsules of the day pills can be purchased for the price of £16.63, and can also be bundled together with other products from the same range in order to get better value for money deals. This also seems to be the best option in terms of price, as other outlets sell it at a higher cost. It costs £24.96 for a package that includes diet gel or extra carbohydrate blockers, as well as £1.99 for a trial bottle of the night time formula.

If you would like to source your supplements from elsewhere, then there are a number of other options available. Amazon has the 180 pill bottle available at the price of £19.50, although a £5 delivery charge does apply, through the suppliers The Diet People. You can also find them at supplement sites such as Weight Loss Direct, where they are available in a 150 capsule bottle at price of £24.95 plus delivery.

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Does Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, purchase of the supplement appears to consist of a one-off payment.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of any official manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: A diet plan does not appear to be offered alongside the product.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No, ingredient quantities are not provided.

Company contact details readily available: Contact details are provided on the official website.

Kaloss Trimmers Slimming Pills does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and ingredient quantities.

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Overall Verdict

The company behind Kaloss Trimmers markets a range of other products and provides contact details; some information is however lacking from the official website, including ingredient quantities. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee or diet plan. The product as a whole has not been scientifically tested and there is very limited evidence available to support the potential weight loss effects of its key ingredients.

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