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Ketone Advanced

Ketone Advanced is a weight loss claiming product which combines together many popular natural ingredients used in the dieting market today, such as raspberry ketones and green tea extract. Ketone Advanced promises quick and easy weight loss. However, the product has been associated with a possible weight loss scam.

In this article we will examine whether the Ketone Advanced weight loss claiming supplement actually works, as well as look at the possible side effects, and further investigate claims of a diet pill scam.

Ketone Advanced Pros
  • Ingredients have been scientifically tested
  • Made by a UK based company
Ketone Advanced Cons
  • Product being a possible diet pill scam
  • Is not stocked by reputable UK based medical manufactures or retailers
  • Some of the clinical trials have only been tested on animals
  • Dosage of individual ingredients is not given
  • Price of the product is not stated

Ketone Advanced Free Trial Auto-billing Scam Warning

A quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Ketone Advanced product has been linked to a number of free diet pill scams – whereby you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter and can be very hard to cancel. Read our article on raspberry ketone free trial scams to learn more.

Ketone Advanced Review

The manufacturers of the Ketone Advanced weight loss supplement claim that the product offers advanced fat-burning, which will help customers in losing weight and looking attractive. With claims to the product being a “number one miracle fat burner in a bottle”, Ketone Advanced raises a lot of hope for quick weight loss. The manufacturers of the product appear to be backing claims of the weight loss potential of the popular ingredient raspberry ketone, like many diet pills out on the market today.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Ketone Advanced’s manufacturers claim that the product has three of the five main weight loss factors; fat burning, suppressing the appetite, and being safe and effective to use as part of a diet plan for most people. Considering that diet pill scam claims have been associated with the product, one cannot simply believe that the product manufacturers are reputable or reliable.

How Ketone Advanced Works

The manufacturers of the Ketone Advanced supplement do not offer much information on how the product works on the official website. It is claimed that the product contains six scientifically-backed herbal ingredients plus raspberry ketone. Looking at other similar product’s, it can very much be assumed that these ingredients are designed to help boost the production of the hormone adiponectin, which breaks down fat molecules in the body. It has been claimed that raspberry ketones are a powerful, natural thermogenic substance, meaning they help in raising the metabolism for burning fat.

It is claimed by many raspberry ketone manufacturers that when following a weight loss diet, the levels of the body’s most important fat burning hormone – leptin, is said to rapidly decline, and the result of this is a slower rate of fat loss. Increasing both the production and sensitivity of the leptin hormone in the body is an important issue and main focus, however the Ketone Advanced supplement does not mention any scientific information related to this.
For more information, read our How Ketone Advanced Works and How to Use Ketone Advanced articles.

As with any weight loss claiming product, in order to fully understand the true nature of the supplement we must further look into its ingredients.

Ketone Advanced Key Ingredients

One of the key ingredients in the Ketone Advanced weight loss claiming supplement is unsurprisingly raspberry ketone, which is commonly used as a diet supplement for weight loss. Raspberry ketone became popular for weight loss after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz television show during the segment called “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle” in February 2012. However it is always important to remember that high levels of advertisement do not always guarantee how good a product is.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a chemical from red raspberries (Rubus idaeus), whose properties include increasing the body’s release of norepinepherine and adiponectin. Many weight loss claiming products containing the raspberry ketone ingredient claim that an increase of norepinepherine raises the body’s temperature, therefore helping to burn calories and increasing the metabolism.

Green Tea Extract

Unlike some other weight loss claiming natural ingredients, green tea extract is an ingredient which is commonly used to aid weight loss, and which is positively received. Green tea extract can be made from the leaves of the Camellia sininsis plant. It is commonly believed that Green Tea has a wide range of benefits other than possibly aiding weight loss. These include, lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, increasing mental alertness and reducing the risk or delaying Parkinson’s disease. Green tea also contains 2-4% caffeine which affects the body’s alertness. Caffeine is believed to be able to stimulate the nervous system, heart and muscles by increasing the release of certain chemicals in the brain called “neurotransmitters”. This can be linked to boosting the metabolism and increasing energy levels. Although many manufacturers of weight loss products claim that green tea can be used for weight loss, there is insufficient evidence available to support this claim.

If you have not already done so learn more about the ingredients used in the Ketone Advanced supplements by reading our article on Ketone Advanced Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

Considering the natural ingredients combined within the Ketone Advanced formula are common weight loss supplement ingredients, it could be assumed that the product does have some, though perhaps minimal, weight loss power. However there are no scientific trials, reviews of customer comments to be found to support this. It is recommended that the supplement is taken as part of a reduced calorie diet in order to achieve weight loss results. Therefore one should not expect results if taking the supplement on its own, and there is a possibility that the supplement may have no use in promoting weight loss.
Speed of results: 10/100

The manufacturers of the Ketone Advanced supplement do not give specific information about when to expect weight loss results whilst taking the supplements, however it is implied that results should be expected straight away but without any proof.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

The six main ingredients in the Ketone Advanced supplement are claimed to help the body burn fat quicker and reduce feelings of hunger. The manufacturers claim that users should feel less hungry because of the increase in the body’s production of the adiponectin hormone.
Long Term Results: 5/100

Ketone Advanced claims to not only help you lose weight but reduce the appetite and boost energy levels. However, there is no indication given as to whether this will last in the long term.
Safety: 50/100

The Ketone Advanced supplement promises to be a 100% safe weight loss product, due to the fact that it contains only all-natural ingredients. There is some cause for concern regarding the amount of caffeine in the supplements, as the Ketone Advanced formula contains green tea extract and caffeine, meaning that the result of jitters and increased heart rate and blood pressure appear to be very possible.
Value for money: 0/100

The price of the Ketone Advanced supplement is not given by the manufacturer on the website, making it difficult to determine the product’s value for money. Instead users are given the option of a free trial, for which they must first provide some personal information, such as full name, address, email, and then further on bank details. This raises concerns over a possible diet pill scam.

Ketone Advanced Side Effects

The manufacturers claim that because the Ketone Advanced weight loss claiming supplement only uses natural ingredients there are no side effects at all associated with the product. However, there is the possibility that those sensitive to caffeine may possibly experience some adverse side effects. An increased intake of caffeine for example can result in increased blood pressure and may cause feelings of jitteriness and a rapid heartbeat.

It is important to remember that even natural ingredients can cause side effects as every individual is different. We examine these reported side effects and their possible causes in more detail in our article on Ketone Advanced Side Effects.

Where to Buy Ketone Advanced

If you’re set on buying the product we would recommend having a look at our Where to Buy Ketone Advanced article, as well as information about the supplement being a possible diet pill scam. Additonally, we recommend you read our Company Behind Ketone Advanced article.

Overall Verdict

Ketone Advanced does have its positive points, mainly due to the fact that it includes natural ingredients. However one cannot dismiss that the product is a possible diet pill scam, in which case Ketone Advanced would indeed be a product to avoid. The ingredients combined within the Ketone Advanced formula have been scientifically tested, however either only on mice and rats, or on a very small level. Discovering how good a product is ultimately comes down to personal experience as well as reading independent reviews and real customer comments. Unfortunately the product is not available to purchase from well-known and reputable UK based retailers or on Amazon, meaning that it is rather difficult to find reviews about the product, as well as information about experienced side effects, or whether weight loss goals have been achieved, and in what space of time.

Considering that Ketone Advanced is not stocked by any reputable UK based retailers as to date and not approved by the FDA, one would be rather weary before buying this product as you need sufficient information about the product and the manufacturers before buying any weight loss supplement.

Overall: 19/100

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