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Ketone Elite

Ketone Elite is claimed to use raspberry ketones, amongst other ingredients, to cause weight loss results. The website has been taken down as a result of claims from the Advertising Standards Authority that their advertising was misleading.

Below we have reviewed Ketone Elite against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Ketone Elite Review

Ketone Elite Pros
  • Raspberry ketone has been subject to some preliminary study
Ketone Elite Cons
  • The company has ceased marketing based on complaints of false advertising and the running of an auto-billing programme

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Ketone Elite Review

The manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone Elite make many claims for their product. They say that it is all natural and easy to use; that it will suppress your appetite whilst boosting your energy, promote fat loss, improve your metabolism, and that results will happen quickly. Several customer reviews suggest that there have been no weight loss results experienced from taking the pills, and perhaps more worrying is the suggestion that the company are actively scamming buyers out of further money by continuing to take payments after contracts have been cancelled.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Ketone Elite was claimed to be a fat burner and metabolism, however the company no longer sell this product due to claims of misleading the public, and free trial concerns.

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How Ketone Elite Works

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According to the manufacturer, it is the raspberry ketones in the pills that burn fat, increasing the expression and secretion of adiponectin. This is a protein hormone, which is instrumental in some different metabolic processes, such as the regulation of glucose and fatty acid catabolism, so it is thought that the more adiponectin you have in your system the lower your levels of body fat will be. The company also claims that their product has a range of other health benefits stemming from the adiponectin, such as controlling metabolic derangements and thereby preventing or diminishing type 2 diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease, and atherosclerosis.

Due to the official website no longer being active, we are not sure how Ketone Elite will work or what ingredients it contains. However due to the name and label we can assume that it contains raspberry ketones, so we will be looking into how raspberry ketones work.

Raspberry Ketones

It appears that Ketone Elite is based around the inclusion of raspberry ketones, which are said to have a number of health benefits. Raspberry ketone has gained recent popularity due to its appearance on the Dr Oz show and inclusion in many diet pills. Studies, which will be discussed in the ‘Clinical Studies’ section, have suggested that raspberry ketones might work by stimulating the production of a hormone called adiponectin, which works by promoting fat oxidation in the body.

Adiponectin is an important component of the modulation of several metabolic processes, which means that it is in charge of several parts of the body, which might promote weight loss. It regulates glucose levels and also is thought to be responsible for fatty acid catabolism, and it is suggested that the more adiponectin you have in your body, the lower your levels of body fat will be.

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Key Ketone Elite Ingredients

Bowl Of Raspberries (538)

The manufacturers of Ketone Elite have not made a full list of ingredients available online, though due to the name and the label on the bottle we can assume that it contains Raspberry ketones.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is the main ingredient that forms part of this diet pill, and it is the ingredient that is said to help to promote weight loss. The chemical that is taken from red raspberries is thought to increase the concentration of adiponectin in the body, which has been suggested to have fat burning abilities.

For more information on the weight loss benefits of Raspberry ketones, we recommend you read our What are the benefits of Raspberry Ketone? article.

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Clinical Studies

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Clinical studies have not been carried out on the Ketone Elite diet pills themselves, but there are a few preliminary studies that have been done on raspberry ketones. Results of these studies overall are inconclusive and it is clear that more studies of better quality, using human subjects, need to be undertaken on the ingredient.

Raspberry Ketone

It appears as though the product may be a safe to take with no negative toxicity associated with long term use, but – crucially – weight loss claims have not been substantiated. The only study to get any real results based on raspberry ketone alone suggested that the extract only had a small success rate, with other diet control methods proving to be more effective. It has been noted in studies that the use of the supplement can increase adiponectin, and rats which were fed raspberry ketone during high periods of overfeeding did see some prevention of body weight gain – though they gained more weight than those using normal diet control methods. One study has shown weight loss from taking of a supplement which included raspberry ketones, but it is not clear whether this or one of the other ingredients in that supplement was the effective ingredient.

The conclusion that we can draw here is that more research needs to be done before we can say that Ketone Elite can really help with weight loss – and it may well be that this is not the case, as customer reviews have suggested. There is no clinical proof that Ketone Elite is an effective diet pill product.

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Ketone Elite Side Effects


There are a number of side effects that might be experienced by some users after taking these pills, largely as a result of the raspberry ketones, which are a main ingredient. Some customer reviews have reported negative side effects. One customer reported collapsing at work after taking the diet pills and having to be taken to hospital, though it was not clear what other issues may have been in place or how the hospital treated them.

Due to not being able to find the full ingredients list, we cannot be certain what all the potential side effects could be. Therefore, we are only able to look into the key ingredient, which appears to be raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketone

Due to raspberry ketones being similar to synephrine, it is possible that you could experience the same side effects such as jitteriness and raised blood pressure.

WebMD notes possible side effects such as increased blood pressure, a more rapid heartbeat, and jitteriness. Due to the fact that most of the reported side effects have not been proven through clinical studies, we cannot say for sure what effects may be experienced from taking Ketone Elite. It may well be that individuals experience different results after taking the pills, so you should seek medical advice before trying the pills if you are wary about them.

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How to Use

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Due to the official website no longer being active, we cannot be certain how you should take Ketone Elite. It is not clear how many tablets should be taken per day, how often they should be taken, or when they should be taken. We would advise you to read any instructions that are provided with the product carefully.

As with most diet pills we would advise under 18s, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those with a cardiovascular problem not to not use this product. If you have any pre-existing health condition or are taking any medications, we would recommend that you consult a doctor before taking this product.

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Who Makes It?

The company that manufactured Ketone Elite is also called Ketone Elite, and they are based in Panama according to a recent filing by the Advertising Standards Authority, though customer reports suggest that they may also have addresses in Ireland and the Isle of Man. This is just one of the areas in which some confusion may arise around the company, as it becomes clear when you start to look closer at them.

Their problems with the ASA arose after there were two sets of complaints about their website. The first was that their free trial offer did not make it clear to customers that they would be charged a monthly fee if they did not cancel their trial. The second was that their weight loss claims were not compatible with good medical and nutritional practices, after putting a customer testimonial stating how much they had lost whilst using the product. Both of these issues were upheld, and since then Ketone Elite have taken down their website and ceased to market the product, so that those visiting their page will now only find contact details and a cancellation page.

Many customers have reported that they have been billed against their knowledge, with the majority of them losing in the region of £100-£400 before managing to cancel their trials and apply for a refund from their bank or credit card company.

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Where to Buy Ketone Elite


Ketone Elite may is not available to be purchased in stores on the high street, and when buying online there seem to be a number of issues.

Originally, to buy Ketone Elite you would have to sign up to the free trial. However due to customer complaints that they were billed large amounts after receiving their free bottle. You can no longer purchase the pills via the official website. Allegedly, customers are charged one payment of £79.50, one of £37.50, and two of £4.50 each month until they are able to cancel their contract, which they can only do by sending the pills back to the company at their own expense. Banking and credit card companies now view the company as fraudulent and will help customers to get refunds.

The only other option available to you is to buy from a seller on Amazon; however, you cannot buy Ketone Elite by itself as it comes in a set with Cleanse Elite Complete Colon Cleansing System. This product has however gained negative reviews from its customers. If you wish to try this product, you can buy it for £34.99.

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Does Ketone Elite Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: The product was originally sold on the official website as a free trial scam that utilised an auto-payment scheme. This website has now been shut down and the product can only be found on Amazon, where it is sold using a one-off payment.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: This information is not provided.

Company contact details readily available: Contact details can be found on the official website.

Ketone Elite does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan, the product was sold as a free trial scam, and some information is lacking from the official website, including an ingredients list and manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

The official website for Ketone Elite has been shut down based on claims of false advertising and running a free trial scam. The product is therefore now only available to purchase from Amazon, where it can only be bought alongside another product. The full ingredients list for the product is not available and it has not been clinically studied. Raspberry ketone, presumably the key ingredient in the product, has been subject to preliminary testing, but results of studies are inconclusive. A lack of studies on the ingredient also means that its safety is not fully understood.

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    I have just bought raspberry elite from Amazon one off payment and full instructions I have only been taking for two weeks (26/8/2016)

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