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Kilo Off

Kilo Off is sold in several high street stores in the UK, but its ingredients have not been proven to work and it contains bitter orange which has been associated with severe side effects.

Below we have reviewed Kilo Off against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Kilo Off Review

Kilo Off Pros
  • Available from high street stores as well as online
  • Created in GMP certified facilities
Kilo Off Cons
  • Many of the ingredients lack reliable clinical studies
  • Bitter orange bears similarities to ephedrine – could be potentially very dangerous

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Kilo Off Review

Kilo Off is a product created by Laboratoires Vitarmonyl, and distributed by Amirose London Ltd in the UK. They have very little information on their English website regarding exact mechanisms, but this report will summarize all available information to allow you to arrive at an informed decision about the supplement.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The British website claims that Kilo Off burns fat, acts as a diuretic, and acts as an appetite suppressant. It does not claim to block carbohydrates, increase metabolism or come with a diet plan (although it is possible that the ‘Kilo Profile’ mentioned on the website may be referring to a tailored diet plan, but details are unclear).

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How Kilo Off Works

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The website for Kilo Off in the UK states that ingredients such as green tea and coffee, orange peel, and guar gum (to name just a few of the ingredients) contribute to weight loss by ‘participating in fat burning’, ‘activating thermogenesis’, and ‘acting on feelings of fullness’. Ingredients such as green tea and coffee and bitter orange peel are all becoming staples of diet supplements. However, there are very few long term clinical trials regarding these kinds of substances, and so whether or not these ingredients actually work is unclear and more trials need to take place over longer time frames.

The main ingredient that is touted as an appetite suppressant is guar gum, which is present in many chewing gum products. There is however, insufficient evidence to confirm that it has a marked effect on appetite suppression.

Kilo Off comes with a diet plan style guidebook, but does not tell you exactly what to eat, only gives a guideline as to food groups you should include. When you first start to take Kilo Off you have to complete a questionnaire, and this gives you a “Kilo Profile”. This Kilo Profile is used to recommend various methods of weight loss based on your relationship with food personally. This is likely a big part of the achieving the results desired by using Kilo Off.

One ingredient that is claimed to have a thermogenic effect is bitter orange peel. Currently there are very few studies that have been conducted on this substance in order to confirm its effectiveness or safety, and this is worrying, especially because of the dangers associated with a similar product called ephedrine which is now banned, see our bitter orange article for more information. If it does work as a thermogenic then the mechanism by which it would work would be that it reduces the level of energy stored as fat, by releasing excess energy as heat rather than storing it. Users should approach this ingredient with caution due to the unknown long term effects and lack of clinical data over longer time periods.

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Key Kilo Off Ingredients

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The major active ingredients in Kilo Off include green tea, green coffee, bitter orange peel and guar gum. These are all involved in different mechanisms used by Kilo Off that are claimed to produce resulting weight loss. These mechanisms include thermogenesis and appetite suppression.

Guar gum is the main ingredient that is thought to have an appetite suppressing effect, although caffeine has sometimes been said to impact the appetite and this substance will be present in green tea and green coffee.

Green tea, green coffee, and bitter orange peel all appear to have been added for their potential fat burning properties. These ingredients are thought to increase the efficiency of enzymes that are involved in the breakdown of fat molecules. Bitter orange peel is thought to work as a central nervous system stimulant; in a similar way to caffeine, it is believed to increase energy levels and also increase the speed of the cardiovascular system. Because of these effects on the nervous system, there are concerns that bitter orange may not be safe for consumption; it has been associated with heart attacks and strokes in the past, even in otherwise healthy individuals with no history of cardiovascular problems.

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Clinical Studies

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Kilo Off claims on its website that it is effective, and that this has been clinically proven by carrying out an efficacy study, claiming that this is “Efficacy Study no. 2204”. However, it is very difficult to find any information at all relating to this study. It does not appear to have been published in any English speaking peer reviewed journals, meaning that any information available to English speakers comes from a 3rd party of some description. The Kilo Off website states only that it was carried out over 20 days using a varied and balanced diet. The product description on one retail website states that Kilo Off’s study saw that 95% of women lost weight and 75% of women were less tempted to eat between meals. However, there is no source given for these figures, we cannot confirm these figures; the study does not appear to have been published in a scientific journal and so cannot be deemed reliable.

If we look at some of the clinical studies carried out on the active ingredients of Kilo Off¸ then this sheds more light on the potential effectiveness of Kilo Off used for weight loss.

Bitter Orange Peel (In conjunction with and without caffeine)

A review of the data available regarding studies conducted to investigate bitter orange extract consumption in humans was published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2012. Over 50% of people, who took part in one of the 20 studies involving a total of 360 subjects, were overweight or obese and around two-thirds of these overweight or obese people consumed caffeine alongside bitter orange. The overall finding in these studies was that bitter orange extract increases resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure. When products were administered over time periods between six and 12 weeks there was a marked weight loss effect. The article does however, state that longer term studies are needed in order to confirm the safety of bitter orange extract, due to its major component, p-synephrine, bearing a close similarity to the dangerous and banned drug ephedrine.

For more information regarding bitter orange peel, please see our bitter orange article.

Green Coffee Beans

There have been a few clinical trials conducted on the use of green coffee beans in dieting. The first was published in The Journal of International Medical Research in 2007, and involved just 12 volunteers. The absorption of glucose was significantly affected by the use of green coffee beans, and this could have a marked effect on weight loss long term. This study was however poor quality and larger studies would be required to confirm any effect.

Another study was published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy in 2012, and involved 6-week treatments with the coffee, and results were promising in the effectiveness of green coffee as a weight loss aid.

For more information about these studies and further studies, please see our Green Coffee Bean article.

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Kilo Off Side Effects

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Kilo Off contains a wide range of ingredients, from apple pectins to papaya extract. This wide range of ingredients results in a number of side effects becoming prominent. For example, caffeine has a noticeable effect on heart rate and blood pressure, and if too much caffeine is taken then an irregular heartbeat could result. For this reason, if you have any heart problems we recommend you discuss with your doctor whether you should take Kilo Off, as there is significant caffeine content within the mixture.

The only allergen within Kilo Off’s ingredient list is soya, however it should be noted that excessive consumption of Kilo Off can lead to laxative effects becoming apparent. Another potentially dangerous side effect regards bitter orange, due to similarities with ephedrine. Ephedrine was a thermogenic substance used in similar fat burning pills, but has since been banned due to its very adverse effects. Ephedrine would cause core body temperature to rise significantly, causing hyperthermia (not to be confused with hypothermia). This is a dangerous effect, as it can cause many chemical processes in your body to malfunction, and ultimately leads to death.

There are concerns surrounding the use of bitter orange peel in diet pills due to its similarity to ephedrine, and so if you decide to try Kilo Off and notice any particularly large increases in body temperature then contact your doctor immediately. There is very little clinical data surrounding the safety of bitter orange peel, and therefore you must take the utmost care in monitoring yourself when you are taking any supplement that contains it. You can find out more about bitter orange peel at our bitter orange article.

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How to Use

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When you buy Kilo Off, you are provided with a 40 page slimming guide, which will help provide a slimming plan personalised to you. You are asked to fill out a questionnaire and to answer all of the questions honestly. The results then help determine your ‘Kilo Profile’. This is basically a diet plan tailored to you since Kilo Off recognises that everybody’s dietary needs and eating habits are different.

Kilo Off is supplied in small sachets, which must be taken once a day after being mixed with a glass of water. According to their website, you then wait 10 seconds then stir. You are recommended to take this in the morning or at the time determined in your slimming guide via questionnaire, referred to as your ‘Kilo Off time’. Kilo Off is designed to be taken once a day, for twenty days after which you are then supposed to have a 15 day break between treatments.

Kilo Off is intended to be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet with controlled calorie intake and alongside a regular amount of exercise. It is supposed to be kept in a cool dry place and it is highly recommended that you do not exceed the suggested dose otherwise laxative effects may incur.

Do not consume Kilo Off if:

– You are allergic to soya
– You have a heart condition due to the caffeine content
– You are allergic to any of the following fruits: orange, apple, pear, pineapple, papaya or cherry

To conclude, please make sure you consult your doctor before taking any dietary pills. Also take extra care if you are diabetic as the products claims to regulate fat and sugar intake.

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Who Makes It?

Kilo Off is distributed in the UK by a company called Amirose London Ltd. who are specialised in skin care and food supplements. Their main business is in the UK but they are prepared to export. Amirose Ltd. was founded in 2002 and has its main office in Essex, UK. Amirose Ltd. was established by Mr Jack Gordon and Mrs Susan Carol Gordon. Kilo Off may be purchased from Amirose London Ltd., but is developed by Vitarmonyl Laboratories.

Vitarmonyl Laboratories are a Vendée, France based company who are dedicated in research on food supplements. Vitarmonyl Labaroties were involved in and were one of the first companies to get food supplements on the shelves in French high street retailers during the 1990’s. They focus on trying to use natural materials in all of their products and make sure all active ingredients come from natural sources.

All of Vitarmonyl Laboratories’ products are said to be researched and manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing of Medicinal Products) certified research facilities, which are frequently inspected by ECOCERT, who are an organic certifying body founded in France who is now one of the world’s largest organic certifying organisations.

Vitarmonyl Laboratories was founded in the 1990s and is in a group of companies called the Panroy Companies. They are partnered with an organization called Neopharma, who are a pharmaceutical company.

Overall, Kilo Off appears to stem from established organisations. Both companies have large networks and good relationships with the consumer. Vitarmonyl has strict laboratory regulations and places a lot of emphasis on the quality of their research and products.

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Where to Buy Kilo Off


The official retailer of Kilo Off in the UK is Amirose London Ltd. They have a website, and Kilo Off can be purchased online from this website. They sell Kilo Off in packs of 2×10 sachets (i.e. 20 days’ supply). The price for this is £23.98, i.e. £11.99 per 10-day pack. It is quite inconvenient to have to purchase 2 packs at a time, so it might be worth your while to find a retailer that sells the packs 1 at a time, especially if it is your first time trying Kilo Off and you are unsure if you are going to continue.

One such retailer is popular online seller Amazon. Amazon sells individual packs at £13.99 for 10 sachets. This is £2 above the RRP and so can be considered too expensive, however, the trust you can place in Amazon to deliver your product effectively and deliver a genuine product heavily outweighs this downside, especially when you consider you have to buy your packs in duplicate if you buy direct from the official retailer.

Other retailers exist but many are lesser-known websites. These websites are often cheaper and do allow you to purchase packs individually. There are risks associated with buying from these lesser-known websites, including concerns about whether you are buying a genuine product, which is obviously a lot more important when you are going to be putting that product into your body. If you chose to opt for a similar website then ensure that your product is correctly sealed and if it appears to have been tampered with in any way then do not use the product under any circumstances. T

Much more reliable alternatives can be found on the high street in the UK for a low price tag however, such as at £8.47 for a 10 pack.

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Does Kilo Off Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, the product can be purchased from several websites or high street stores.

Manufacturing Standard: It is claimed that the product is made under GMP standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There an accompanying diet plan which is claimed to be customised to each customer, although the details of this are unclear.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: The official websites do not provide a full ingredients list.

Company contact details readily available: Full contact details are available on the Amirose website.

Kilo Off does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is money-back guarantee and some information is lacking from the official website, including a full ingredients list.

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Overall Verdict

Kilo Off contains a number of ingredients that have been the subject of some clinical study, although none of the ingredients have been definitively proven to aid weight loss. It should be noted that Kilo Off is a French product originally, and as such, much of the information surrounding its invention is mostly documented in French, so some information regarding its effectiveness may be unavailable in English. There seems to be a lack of clinical trial data surrounding a number of its active ingredients separate from the product. It is unknown whether the product is safe or effective, but there are safety concerns regarding one of the ingredients – bitter orange peel – and so we recommend that you consult a doctor before taking the product. It is available from high street stores in the UK as well as online retailers.

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