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Kilo Trim Clinical Studies

Kilo Trim Clinical StudiesThe main Kilo Trim website gives very little information in relation to any references or clinical studies that have been carried out or that can be used to support its claims that the pills can be a powerful appetite suppressant and thereby help to reduce the weight of those who take them.

What is a bit confusing and to some extent also a bit dishonest is the fact that the manufacturers of the product claim that the pills are associated with ‘proven’ weight loss results and also that they contain ‘proven’ weight loss ingredients. Despite these somewhat impressive statements, the pills, as far as our experts are aware, have undergone no clinical testing of their own and so to say that they have proven weight loss results seems to be stretching the truth a bit.

What the Kilo Trim manufacturers really mean by this (we assume) is that the fact that their ingredients have each been the subject of clinical trials would point to a more likely weight loss result. This would coincide with their labelling of the ingredients as ‘proven’. Our experts also think however that this too may be a bit of an exaggeration. As you will see below, the alleged weight loss power of some of their ingredients have hardly been ‘proven’. While there may not be disproof of their potential effects, it is often the case that the scientists who have carried out this research recognise a clear need for further testing in order to confirm or look into the results of their studies in more detail.

The summaries of 3 clinical studies relating to the pills’ 3 main ingredients follow below. It is important to remember or at least be aware of the quantities of the ingredients used in the pills while reading the following information in order to be able to estimate whether the same results occurring in the clinical studies will also result from the consumption of these pills. The quantities are as follows (according to the Kilo Trim website); Saffron extract 150mg, Konjac Glucomannan 3.0mg and Chromium Picolinate 40 μg. These quantities are per daily recommended intake, which the Kilo Trim manufacturers say is up to 3 tablets per day.

Trial One: Saffron Extract

saffron extract clinical studiesThe first clinical study concerns the use of Saffron extract for weight loss. It should firstly be noted that there is not a lot of research surrounding this ingredient for weight loss purposes in particular. Due to this, this study concerns the clinical testing of the Saffron extract but in the form of Satiereal. This is a diet product in its own right but is also a product derived from Saffron and due to this fact it is our experts’ opinion that this study in particular is one of, if not the, closest we will get to an analysis of the effects of Saffron extract on weight at this present time.

60 healthy but mildly overweight women were used as the subjects in this study and participated in a placebo controlled, double blind trial, which lasted for a duration of 8 weeks. During this time, changes in both body weight and snacking frequency were assessed. The latter was examined through the use of a nutritional diary in which the subjects were to record their snacking habits over the 8 weeks.

31 of the subjects were made to take 1 capsule of Satiereal which contained 176.5mg of Saffron extract, (compared to the 150mg used in the Kilo Trim pills), twice per day while the other 29 were made to ingest a matching placebo.

During the study, the subjects were allowed to eat whatever they wanted and were given no restriction on the amount of calories, which they were allowed to consume within the period of the trial.

It was observed that those who had been given the Satiereal capsules displayed a significantly greater body weight reduction than those who had been given the placebo after the total 8 weeks. The mean snacking frequency was also lower in the former group of subjects while other anthropometric dimensions and vital signs remained almost unchanged in both groups.

The study concluded that the Saffron extract produced a reduction in snacking, which could contribute to body weight loss although this was to be left open for further research.

It does seem from this then that, the extract may have appetite suppressing qualities although this study in particular may not be entirely reliable. For a start, all subjects were female and of the same age, body weight etc. this raises questions as to whether the same effects could be noted in other, more varied groups of people. Also of particular note is the fact that the subjects were told to keep their own snacking diaries on which much of the conclusions were based; this casts some doubt as to the reliability of the data used.

Trial Two: Konjac Glucomannan

Konjac Root Glucomannan clinical studiesThis next document provides a summary of information about the Konjac Glucomannan contained within the pills. Although it is not a clinical study in its own right, it is helpful via the fact that it gives an overall statement of the proven effects of Konjac Glucomannan and the general opinion relating to its effects on weight loss. This is of huge assistance considering that there are mixed opinions and a relatively large pool of research concerning this ingredient and whether it actually possesses weight loss properties or not.

It is first noted that such preliminary evidence does exist that suggests that this ingredient may promote weight loss. At a dose of 2-4g per day, the Konjac Glucomannan was well tolerated by subjects and did in fact result in significant weight loss in both overweight and obese human subjects. It is worth noting that the quantity of this ingredient contained in the Kilo Trim pills does fall within these values.

The summary of information then goes on to say that, there is also some evidence that these beneficial effects result from the fact that the Konjac Glucomannan promotes a feeling of fullness or satiety and faecal energy loss. It has also been shown to improve lipid and lipoprotein parameters and glycaemic status.

It is concluded however that further research is needed in order to determine whether this ingredient can help to decrease obesity.

Trial Three: Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate clinical studiesThe next study concerns the weight loss effects of Chromium Picolinate and can be found published in the US National Library of Medicine. The study was carried out in order to find out whether the potential ability of Chromium to manage the levels of insulin within the body does in fact exist and, if it does, whether this results in a reduction of appetite and thus a significant weight loss effect.

The study used 76 normal and healthy subjects who were given supplements of 200mg of Chromium (compared to 40 μg which is approximately 0.04 mg contained in the Kilo Trim pills). This was ingested by them over a trial period of 3 months.

In order to test Chromium’s effect on insulin, subjects with different glucose concentrations were used. 20 out of the 76 subjects started with serum glucose concentrations greater than or equal to 100mg/dL 1 and a half hours after a glucose challenge. For these subjects the Chromium supplement did cause significant decreases in the 90-minute glucose concentration and fasting glucose concentrations.

35 of the subjects who had much lower concentrations of glucose after the 90 minutes actually experienced a significant increase in the serum glucose levels after having consumed the Chromium supplement.

The final group of subjects who initially had moderate concentrations of glucose experienced no change after the Chromium treatment.

This does show the ability of Chromium to be able to manage levels of glucose and insulin within the body and so it is likely that this ingredient should possess real abilities in terms of appetite suppression. It should be noted however that no significant changes was noted in terms of the absorption of lipids or overall body weight from the treatment of Chromium alone.

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