How Does Kilo Trim Work?
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How Does Kilo Trim Work?

Kilo Trim How does it workIn this article, we will see how exactly it is claimed that the Kilo Trim diet pills can contribute to an expedited weight loss regime. In the following paragraphs each of the relevant ingredients listed as being contained in the pills will be examined with regards to the effects that they can have within the body and more specifically how these effects might be beneficial for those attempting to lose weight. It can then be seen whether the manufacturers of this particular supplement are in fact being truthful in their claim that Kilo Trim is the ‘tablet you need for proven weight loss results’.

Unlike some other diet supplements, the official website of the manufacturers of Kilo Trim helpfully provides an exhaustive list of ingredients that are contained in the pills. This list also includes the names of all filler and binding ingredients used in the product, which will not generally have a lot of impact relating to the overall intended purpose of the supplement. The list of ingredients is as follows; Konjac Glucomannan, a microcrystalline cellulose filler, a binding ingredient called Kollidon, Saffron extract, coating agents magnesium stearate, anticaking agent silicondioxide and the mineral Chromium Picolinate (listed on the website as Chrome Picolinate).

Kilo Trim appetite suppressant claimsAs you might be able to tell from this list, there are actually very few ingredients contained in the pills that are used to promote weight loss. Of the above list, the ingredients which are pertinent to Kilo Trim’s properties as a weight loss agent include; Konjac Glucomannan, Saffron extract and Chromium Picolinate. Below we will see how these three ingredients can potentially work together to give Kilo Trim its self-rated status as an ‘amazing breakthrough’ in the weight loss industry.

The manufacturers claim that the supplement can suppress the appetite and contribute to a normal metabolism. It is worth noting here that they do not claim that the product will result in a faster metabolic rate than that which users should be experiencing normally. But how do the pills do this?

Konjac Glucomannan

Konjac Root Glucomannan in Kilo TrimThe main weight loss ingredient used in the pills is the Konjac Glucomannan. This is a type of fibre, which the body cannot digest. The use of this ingredient means that this fibre will stay in the body for a much longer period of time and more specifically means that it will sit in the gut promoting a feeling of fullness. This tricks the body into thinking that you do not need to consume more food and thus reduces the appetite. This ingredient is also a natural plant extract, which suggests that it is unlikely to have any serious side effects while working to suppress the appetite. For more information on side effects, specifically you can also read our Kilo Trim Side Effects article.

Saffron extract

saffron extract in Kilo TrimAlso found naturally is the Saffron extract. Scientifically known as Crocus sativa L, it is a spice extracted from the stems of Crocus flowers which is often used in foods and while cooking. So how can a seasoning help you to lose weight? Those in the dieting industry believe that the Saffron extract is a great deal more than a seasoning and boast that it also has appetite-suppressing qualities. It is said that the extract can help to promote the amount of Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which has the ability to influence mood and is often found to be lacking in those suffering from depression. By enhancing mood it is believed that this can help users to control their snacking, reduce their cravings and say no to overeating thus having an indirect effect on the amount of weight that they could potentially lose. Whether this can be proven via the ingestion of the Saffron extract will be discussed later in our Kilo Trim Clinical Studies article.

Chromium Picolinate

The last potentially effective weight loss ingredient that has been included in the supplement is Chromium Picolinate. As you will see later in the article mentioned above, this ingredient is the most ‘proven’ out of all those claiming to have an effect on weight contained within this product. We urge you however to not take this as an indication of how effective the ingredient is since just because it has been researched more than the other ingredients, this is most definitely not to say that it proves to be any more effective than them. For now, it suffices to say that it is the least controversial of the ingredients listed despite whatever shortcomings it would appear to have in our Clinical Studies article and additionally that it is a popular choice of ingredient often found in a variety of different sports supplements.

Chromium is a mineral that is required by the body generally for its growth and development. Its effects on weight loss however are also celebrated within the diet pill industry. It has the ability to manage the way that the body makes use of insulin and can also affect our sensitivity to it.

In terms of weight loss, this increased sensitivity to insulin has the potential to play a large role. This increase means that the normal levels of insulin can be sustained for longer within the body and large fluctuations in blood sugar levels are prevented resulting in reduced appetite and less cravings for sugary foods. In practice, this means that users will be consuming less food and therefore fewer calories. It is obvious that this will help weight loss, as there will be less additional fat build up within the body and potentially allows users to concentrate on burning off the stored fat already present in the body.

It seems then that the Kilo Trim pills appear to work mainly as an appetite suppressant. Each of the three weight loss ingredients used in the pills will affect the appetite of users either directly or indirectly. This means that the reduction in appetite will be potentially multiplied through the use of all of these ingredients in conjunction with each other. This could result in a significantly lower calorie intake (much like if you were on a diet) allowing weight to drop off relatively easily and assumedly even without any other inputs such as an exercise regime or weight loss system.

If you have not already done so, we also recommend you read our main Kilo Trim Review.

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