Where to Buy Kilo Trim
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Where to Buy Kilo Trim

Kilo Trim Where to buyBefore purchasing this product, we recommend that you read our Kilo Trim review in order to get the facts before you try the supplement.

Unlike most other diet products, the Kilo Trim pills can actually be found on the shelves of well-known British pharmaceutical retailers and this includes Holland and Barrett. This goes some way in showing that the pills are credible and safe to use for consumers (for more information on this point please read our Kilo Trim Side Effects article). As well as this, the pills are advertised on a number of third party retail sites including Amazon.co.uk and Ebay.co.uk. As with any diet product, our experts warn against ordering from the latter type of sites, which usually sell or auction the products at discounted prices. Although this may seem like a good idea in the short term due to its financial benefits, you could be putting yourself in danger by buying from these third parties. The websites themselves (as much as they try) cannot fully guarantee the genuineness of the products, which may be advertised differently to what they turn out to be. You may end up buying a product; the ingredients of which you are clueless to, and must rely solely on the seller’s description and this could have fatal results both in regards to the financial risk you have taken but more importantly to your health. For this reason we would recommend that, you always buy these products directly from the manufacturer or through a reputable pharmaceutical retailer.

The Official Website

Cost of Kilo TrimThe manufacturer’s site for Kilo Trim is incredibly easy to use for consumers as it is set up much like an online shop. Although you might assume that most diet pill websites are like this, you would be mistaken and the fact that the site is laid out like this is something that our experts value in a product as it makes it easier for consumers to know exactly what they are buying and how much for. This is due to the nature of the company and for more information regarding this you should read our The Company behind Kilo Trim article.

In order to find the pills on the website consumers can type their name into the search bar, which will bring up their main selling page and it is worth noting that the same shipping policies etc. are applicable to all the products sold via this site as opposed to the Kilo Trim pills alone.

Once having found this page (which is hyperlinked to above), consumers can see the price and availability of the pills. Unlike some other diet products, the site does not offer any package deals concerning the quantity of the pills that consumers may wish to buy and does not operate on a discount basis. The pills are sold at their normal retail price and the British pharmaceutical retailers mentioned above also match this price. It also does not seem likely that these pills will become subject to any sales or offers on the main site although it may be worth looking to see if they become available in any Holland and Barrett sales.

At present, a package containing 30 Kilo Trim tablets can be purchased for £17.95. This might seem a relatively low price compared to some other diet products at first but it is important to realise how many of these pills you will in fact need to last you one month. Many consumers reading quickly over the description will assume that the package will last for 30 days but this is incorrect. If you look first at the manufacturers’ recommended daily intake of the pills, (for more information please see our How to Use Kilo Trim article) you will see that the recommended dose is 3 capsules per day meaning that this package will only last you 10 days. The price for a month’s supply is then around £53.85 plus any shipping fees. This doesn’t seem to be good value considering that the pills are claimed to work only as an appetite suppressant.

When you go to buy the pills, you are prompted to enter any discount codes that you may have for the product. Our experts are not certain how you would come about obtaining one of these unless you purchased and/or were emailed one after placing your first order.

Payment and delivery details

Payment and delivery detailsWhen it comes to payment PayPal does not appear to be an option and it seems that (if you live in the UK at least) you must pay either with a Visa or MasterCard card through a secure payment system. It does not specify however whether this must be a credit card and so we had initially assumed that debit cards can also be used but the terms and conditions state that this is not the case and that you must have a credit card to order from the site.

Prior to payment, you must also accept the terms and conditions of shipping etc. Unlike some other diet products, shipping of one package of the Kilo Trim pills is free which leads us to believe that the website does not have a minimum order, which you must purchase in order to qualify for this. It does however depend on your location and we assume that free delivery would not be an option for international consumers although there may be a specific version of the website dedicated to your country, which may provide the same benefits.

In terms of dispatch and delivery process, the terms and conditions state that the company will arrange for the delivery of your items although they cannot specify the time in which this will take.

For orders within the UK only, the company will ship the goods via a first class postal service with the aim that they will reach you within 1-2 workings days. They aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours apart from those placed on the weekend, which will usually be dispatched on Mondays.

It is also stated that if consumers do not provide adequate delivery instructions the company may cancel your order and refund you the price of the products. They will not however refund the shipping fee (which does not make much sense since it is free for UK consumers anyway) nevertheless it is important that if you think your home is hard to find, you give clear instructions in the comments box available at the checkout to ensure that you do receive your products

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