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LA Muscle Fat Stripper

LA Muscle Fat Stripper is a health supplement manufactured by British company LA Muscle and makes impressive claims as to its weight loss properties. However, with no evidence of any clinical studies having been carried out on the product, doubt may be cast over its true effectiveness.


LA Muscle Fat Stripper Pros
  • LA Muscle offer a 100% money back guarantee
  • Lots of information regarding manufacturing company is available
LA Muscle Fat Stripper Cons
  • No information regarding one of the listed ingredients ‘betan’
  • Claims that there are no side effects, but there may be potential effects

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LA Muscle Fat Stripper Review

LA Muscle Fat Stripper is a weight loss supplement that helps users to reach their health goals by targeting stores of fat in the body and helping to break them down so that they can be burned for energy. The product promises to act quickly on areas such as the stomach, thighs and chin and produce impressive results without the uncomfortable side effects that may come with other fat burning products. In this review we will look at both the positive and negative aspects of the supplement in order to establish whether it is the correct choice for you.

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Claimed weight loss benefits

LA Muscle Fat Stripper is claimed by its manufacturers to be a fat burning product that can also suppress appetite reducing the amount of calories that users consume and acting as an energy boost, increasing endurance levels and allowing users to workout for longer and so potentially burn more calories.

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How LA Muscle Fat Stripper Works

LA Muscle Fat Stripper is marketed as a stimulant free, strong and effective health supplement that is especially focused to aid weight loss from the stomach, thighs and double chin – arguably the main target areas for dieters. The supplement combines a number of natural ingredients that work together to burn stores of fat and encourage the body to use this fat for energy meaning that users can workout for longer. It also reduces hunger levels leading to a lower calorie intake in users and is likely to help prevent them from craving unhealthy foods.

Choline is a non-essential micronutrient that is believed to have a lipotropic effect as it promotes the body to use stores of fat and the substance may also have the ability to help the liver to dispose of these fats.

This substance helps the liver to break down fats in the body and when used in combination with choline it is able to form another substance known as lecithin which is thought to be able to fight fat. It is also a lipotropic agent, which means that it might be able to redistribute existing fat around the body during weight loss.

There is no information available on the internet regarding betan as a weight loss substance or information on the ingredient in general which is quite a concern, however the LA Muscle website claims that the ingredient works by being a strong fat metaboliser and burner.

Methionine is an amino acid that is thought to have liver supporting capabilities. The substance contains sulphur that could help to raise the body’s metabolic rate and therefore increase the rate of fat burning. Furthermore, methionine is also believed to be able to support the body’s production of the substance dopamine increasing good mood and leaving users less likely to overeat for emotional reasons.

This substance is thought to be able to help the body to produce more energy, as it is responsible for the transportation of fats into the cells where they can be used for energy. In helping this process they are also able to promote metabolism and by allowing the body access to more energy, l-carnitine can help users to work out for longer and potentially burn a larger amount of fat.

Chromium Picolinate
This ingredient is believed to control hunger levels of users while also stimulating metabolism to increase weight loss. In lowering hunger levels, the substance can limit the amount of calories that users consume and therefore potentially increase the results of workouts.

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Key Ingredients

As we have said, the ingredients used within LA Muscle Fat Stripper all work in various ways to help users lose weight and reach their health targets and when combined their weight loss qualities could potentially work together to produce even better results. However, it is not just weight loss benefits that these ingredients carry but also general health benefits and in this section of the review we will look at these alternative aspects in more detail in order to assess how exactly they may help the body and improve well-being.

Choline is a substance that can be found in foods such as liver, muscle meats, nuts, fish, beans, spinach, peas and eggs and the ingredient can be used in the treatment of a range of conditions including liver disease, depression, memory loss, dementia, Tourette’s and certain types of seizures. Choline may also be able to delay tiredness and fatigue and help users feel more awake for longer, lower cholesterol levels and possibly help to control and relieve symptoms of asthma by decreasing swelling and inflammation in the airways and lungs.

This substance may be able to help reduce panic attacks and help to relieve anxiety, depression and lower stress levels, due to its ability to balance certain chemicals in the body that control mood. The ingredient may also help to lower high blood pressure and blood glucose levels while potentially improving fertility levels in women with polycystic ovaries. Furthermore inositol could also be able to help ease certain skin issues such as psoriasis and reduce nerve pain in the body, while improving liver function and possibly improving general health and wellbeing.

This substance is an amino acid that is able to help the body to make the proteins it needs in order to function properly. Methionine has a range of qualities that help it to improve general wellbeing and these include being able to prevent damage in the liver and treating liver disorders, to help treat depression and alcoholism, relieve certain types of allergies and asthma and help to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. There is also some reason to believe that the ingredient may be able to reduce the risk of some types of cancers although more research is needed to establish this.

L-carnitinne is a substance that can be used in the treatment of heart and blood conditions including chest pains, heart failures, heart attacks and high cholesterol. The substance may also be able to help treat male infertility and anorexia while helping to reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue, diabetes, overactive thyroid and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The substance can also improve endurance levels in users and is important for brain function and for muscle movement while also acting as an antioxidant meaning that it can prevent damage to the body.

Chromium Picolinate
Chromium picolinate can be used to treat conditions such as depression and polycystic ovaries. It can also lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol in people who are taking beta blockers. Much like some of the other ingredients used within LA Muscle Fat Stripper, chromium picolinate is able to increase endurance and is also able to keep blood sugar levels normal by improving the way in which the body uses insulin. The substance could also decrease the frequency of severe mood disturbance meaning that it could potentially help conditions like bi-polar.

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Clinical Studies

There does not appear to be any evidence of any clinical tests having been carried out on LA Muscle Fat Stripper, which suggests that there may not have been any studies conducted on the product as a whole. There have however been trials carried out on some of product’s key ingredients and so in this section we will look at these studies in detail in order to determine how well the product works and to establish whether there are any serious side effects that may potentially accompany the ingredients within the product.

A study was conducted in order to determine the weight loss and leptin level effect of choline on healthy humans. 22 female athletes were selected and divided into 2 groups depending on their weight. Those in the experimental group took choline tablets for 1 week before a competition while those in the other group took a placebo. The results of this trial showed significant differences between measurements of leptin, free plasma choline and urine choline levels, while body mass was also significantly reduced. The study concluded that the substance is able to encourage weight loss in users.

A study published in 2012 looked at the effect that inositol has on overweight polycystic ovary syndrome patients. The study took place over the course of 8 weeks where subjects were given inositol at 2g each day. At the end of the treatment body mass index and insulin resistance were measured and were both found to have decreased suggesting that the substance may have the ability to help weight loss.

While there have not been any major clinical studies conducted on the weight loss effects of methionine, there have been studies carried out on its effect on mood. One paper that has been published looked at these studies and concluded that there is strong evidence to suggest that methionine may be useful in treating patients with depression, however more research is needed to establish optimal doses.

In one study carried out on l-carnitine 36 moderately overweight subjects were given either 2g of l-carnitine or a placebo twice a day for 8 weeks. All subjects walked for 30 minutes 4 days a week. Body composition, resting energy expenditure and substrate utilisation were measured before and after treatment. At the end of the study the results collected indicated that l-carnitine does not have a significant effect on weight and therefore cast doubt over the substance’s weight loss abilities.

Chromium Picolinate
The effect of chromium picolinate on weight loss was studied by a group of scientists who used a randomised, double blind and placebo controlled 24 week trial on 80 overweight but otherwise healthy adults. The body mass index of the subjects was measured at baseline and again at the end of the experiment, however the results did not show chromium picolinate to have a significant effect on the weight of the subjects.

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Weight Loss Power: 40/100

The company behind Fat Stripper make some impressive claims about the product’s weight loss abilities, however they offer no clinical evidence to back up these claims. Furthermore, some of the clinical studies that have been independently carried out on the product’s key ingredients suggest that the ingredients may not be as potent as they are claimed to be.
Speed of results: 40/100

According to the official LA Muscle Fat Burner web page, the product is able to get to work in hours, suggesting that users should notice results within the first few days. But again, there is no evidence to back up these claims and so it is difficult to establish how quickly the product is actually able to work.
Appetite Suppression: 60/100

Some of the ingredients used within LA Muscle Fat Stripper are thought to be able to give the body a boost in energy meaning that users are provided with energy they may usually need food for. Furthermore chromium picolinate is able to lower hunger levels and reduce cravings, however there is only a small amount of this in the product.
Long Term Results: 35/100

Due to the lack of clinical evidence surrounding LA Muscle Fat Stripper it is difficult to know for certain how long lasting the results of the product actually are. While it seems that some of the product’s key ingredients may have the potential to aid weight loss, it is unclear if these results will be long term in the amounts found.
Safety: 60/100

The official LA Muscle website claims that the company’s Fat Stripper product is completely side effect free, however they do not offer evidence of any clinical trials to support this claim. Furthermore, research conducted on the product’s key ingredients suggests that there is some potential for side effects although they are unlikely to be of a serious nature in healthy individuals.
Value for money: 35/100

At £20 for a week’s supply, LA Muscle Fat Stripper is one of the more expensive weight loss products currently available on the supplement market. Without clinical evidence to prove the true effectiveness of the product it cannot be determined for definite whether the product is good value for money.

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LA Muscle Fat Stripper Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Potential side effects of a product should always be mentioned to users before they begin to take a supplement so that they can determine whether the product is suitable for them. According to the LA Muscle website, their Fat Stripper product does not carry any side effects, however the company does not provide any evidence to back up these claims. Furthermore it is worth remembering that various ingredients within a product may affect people differently. In this section we will look at the potential side effects that are associated with each ingredient within LA Muscle Fat Stripper.

While low levels of choline do not appear to have any negative effects on healthy humans, there are some concerns regarding the safety of the substance when used in high amounts. Taking large doses of choline could result in uncomfortable effects such as sweating, stomach upsets, diarrhoea and vomiting. There is also a concern that high levels of choline could be linked to colon cancer, although more research is needed in order to know this for certain.

Side effects associated with inositol include nausea, tiredness, headache and dizziness, as well as flushing, loss of appetite and stomach upset. It is thought that the substance could worsen some types of medical conditions including bi-polar and so anyone suffering from such conditions should speak with their doctor before using the substance.

There is no information available regarding this substance and therefore it is difficult to establish whether there are any side effects associated with the ingredient.

There are some non- serious side effects that are thought to accompany methionine and these include nausea, vomiting and drowsiness and so users should take care when driving or operating machinery. The substance could also cause issues with liver diseases and not enough is known about using the substance in pregnancy.

Using l-carnitine can make symptoms of under active thyroid disorder worse and can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhoea and possibly even seizures. It can also cause urine, breath and sweat to have odours.

Chromium Picolinate
While there are some non-serious side effects associated with chromium picolinate including nausea, stomach aches, itching, tiredness, loss of appetite and skin irritation, there are also some more serious side effects which could prove to be dangerous to users’ health. These effects include thinking issues and trouble concentrating as well as severe stomach pain, issues with balance and co-ordination and liver damage. High levels of chromium picolinate may also be linked to some blood disorders and kidney damage.

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How To Use

Directions for use are important when it comes to using a new health supplement as they ensure that users are able to stay safe while trying it as well as experiencing the best possible results. The instructions for using LA Muscle Fat Stripper are made clear on the product’s web page and suggest that users take the supplement with either water or food. Users should take 1 capsule 3 times a day before their main meals. The instructions also notes that the product may not be suitable for everyone stating that it should be taken by anyone under the age of 18 or by those with medical conditions that could be affected. Furthermore, users are told to speak with their doctor before trying the supplement if they have any concerns regarding the product’s impact on their health.

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Who Makes LA Muscle Fat Stripper

Fat Stripper is produced by LA Muscle, a business that was established in 1997 and is a privately owned, British ethical sports nutrition company that is based in London. The company website provides a full physical address and customer service telephone number as well as an email address that customers can contact with any queries. LA Muscle manufactures a large range of health supplements that work to help users reach their weight loss goals and these products are manufactured to meet the strict GMP standards. They are also the company behind The Active Channel, a television channel that focuses on both health and fitness. To conclude, all of this information suggests that LA Muscle is a credible company that produces high quality products.

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Where To Buy

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LA Muscle Fat Stripper can be purchased directly from the official website for £20 a bottle or £50 for 3 bottles. Customers can opt for next day delivery meaning that they will receive their product on the next working day and orders over £50 qualify for free delivery. It is also worth remembering that the company offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of their products and will give customers a full refund if they are unhappy with their order. Furthermore, the product can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon although prices and delivery costs may vary. It seems that LA Muscle Fat Stripper is not currently available for purchase from UK high street shops and so it seems that the best option when it comes to getting hold of the product is to order it from the official website.

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Overall Verdict

To conclude, LA Muscle Fat Stripper makes large and impressive claims regarding its ability to burn fat however it does not provide any clinical evidence to back up these claims. Furthermore, independent clinical research does not appear to prove the effectiveness of all of the ingredients within the product, casting some doubt over its overall ability. In saying this, the clinical studies suggest that there are no adverse side effects to the ingredients indicating that the product is likely safe in healthy people, and the manufacturing company have a good reputation, which suggests that the product is of a good standard.

Overall: 45/100

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