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LA Muscle Slinky

LA Muscle Slinky comes from the LA Muscle company, a reputable and respected company that makes a number of bodybuilding/dieting products. LA Muscle Slinky is designed specifically for women which of course means we see plenty of pink on the bottle.

The product claims to be a world first, apparently giving you ingredients highly effective for weight loss and combining them with powerful fat absorbers. Does it live up to this hype? In this review we will discuss whether its claims are genuine or not. LA Muscle Slinky review

LA Muscle Slinky Pros
  • Reputable and trustworthy company
  • Ingredient list fully revealed
LA Muscle Slinky Cons
  • Ingredients are not closely linked to weight loss
  • Studies presented by makers appear flawed, which makes claims doubtful
  • Could work out to be fairly expensive

LA Muscle Slinky Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

LA Muscle Slinky claims to be a carbohydrate blocker. However, our experts disagree with this claim.

How LA Muscle Slinky Works

LA Muscle Slinky claims to work in two ways, containing weight loss and fat absorbing ingredients although as far as we’re concerned this is basically just one method, absorbing less fats will surely bring about weight loss. We’re happy to see that LA Muscle has revealed almost everything about the product including ingredient quantities and a decent description of how the product works.

However, there is no clinical evidence on the actual product to back up the claims that are made. There are two studies shown on the product description page that look into some of the ingredients but this is different to the product, where these ingredients are mixed with others and in different quantities. Chitosan can be found in shrimpWe investigated these two studies and one did not reveal how much of the ingredient was given to the participants, the other revealed participants took 3000mg of chitosan, which is found in fish and shrimp, whereas LA Muscle Slinky will only give you 300mg daily so results will be much lower. Read about this study here.

Therefore claims the makers make like, “Slinky’s fat absorbing capabilities mean that you can take it with a meal which contains fats and still get away with eating it. No fat will get absorbed,” and “Chitosan is the most effective fat-blocker for women,” are not justified. This is not to say that the product won’t work at all but it simply won’t be as quick or as effective as the makers are making out.

You are asked to take one tablet, three times daily just before your main meals.

Key LA Muscle Slinky Ingredients

The ingredients and their quantities have all been revealed, which makes a great change from a high number of other diet pills. These ingredients include Choline Bitartate (150 mg dosage per capsule), Inositol (150 mg), Betan (150 mg), Methionine (150 mg), L-Carnitine (10 mg), Choromium Piccolinate (6.2 mcg) and Chitosan (100mg).

clinical studiesThe problem with these ingredients is that none of them are particularly noted for their fat burning or even fat absorbing abilities. The studies given as evidence of a couple of them working have been disproved to an extent by looking at the quantities in the studies and in the product. This means the fat burning possibilities are quite low and despite the reputable company and all the claims this product is looking increasingly unlikely to help you lose much weight.


Weight Loss Power:


None of the ingredients are noted for being strong weight loss substances and so therefore we don’t expect LA Muscle to be very powerful.

Speed of results:


Given that we have our suspicions that LA Muscle Slinky will likely be a relatively weak supplement we can only suggest that weight loss will be fairly slow. The amounts of the ingredients included will do a little in your body but it will not be anywhere near as quick and effective as the official website makes out.

Appetite Suppression:


Appetite suppression is not needed with this product as it claims to block all the fat from what you eat.

Long Term Results:


LA Muscle Slinky will not make any long term changes to your body. Also, considering you are encouraged to continue eating effectively what you like your diet will remain the same meaning weight will likely reappear soon after you stop taking the tablets. Click here to see out top rated diet pills.



Side effects with LA Muscle Slinky should be fairly minimal; it is a respectable company which makes the likelihood of the products safety higher. Most of the ingredients are reported to be quite safe although chromium picolate has been linked to cancer but the low amount in this product means it is probably safe to take.

Value for money:


LA Muscle is for sale on the official website for £24.99 with free UK delivery and a 30 day money back guarantee. LA Muscle is a reputable company so you can trust you will receive your product. There is an offer to buy three for £65 which is a saving of £10. However a bottle will only last 20 days meaning you will need a second bottle to finish a month, making it work out as a quite expensive pill.

LA Muscle Slinky Side Effects

There have not been any reported side effects with LA Muscle Slinky and although we would usually like to see some product testing, we trust LA Muscle and the ingredients themselves have been tested individually and are mostly safe to take. There is no caffeine so you should avoid the jittery feelings and trouble sleeping which can come with too much caffeine. If you do experience any side effects they should be fairly minimal.

Where to Buy LA Muscle Slinky

LA Muscle Slinky is for sale on the official website with free delivery and a money back guarantee. LA Muscle also offer the product through Amazon as third party sellers. LA Muscle also have a high street shop in North London although they do the majority of their business online. There are other online stores which stock LA Muscle Slinky but the safest option online may be the official site or Amazon.

Overall Verdict

LA Muscle is a trustworthy and reputable company but it appears Slinky may not be worth investing. We are very happy to see ingredient details fully listed and some studies also supplied but disappointed to see that the ingredients are not heavily linked to weight loss and the studies did not link well with the product itself. We can therefore only see weight loss being slow at best and although the product has good intentions it will probably not fulfil its claims.

We also feel it is a bit overpriced, to make it through a full month with LA Muscle Slinky you will need two bottles which will cost £50. Customer LA Muscle Slinky reviews have also been mixed although there are not many to look at which is another reason not to invest in the product. We recommend researching into some of our top diet pills instead.

For more information we recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on LA Muscle Slinky.



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