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Lichi Super Fruit

Lichi Super Fruit is a diet supplement created by Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories. The name of the product is derived from the plant genus ‘Lichi’, of which the lychee fruit belongs. Along with lychee extracts, various tea leaf extracts and other natural ingredients are included.

The following article will critically examine whether Lichi Super Fruit will help you lose weight and consider possible side-effects.

Lichi Super Fruit Free Trial Scam

The manufacturers of Lichi Super Fruit have been accused of scamming customers out of their money by offering ‘free trials’ and then charging $99.99 (£62.74) a few days into the trial without the users permission or even knowledge. We investigate these claims further in are article on the company behind Lichi Super Fruit


Lichi Super Fruit Pros
  • Lychee Fruit Extract is a good source of fibre and rich in antioxidants
  • Contains some ingredients that have clinical studies performed on them
Lichi Super Fruit Cons
  • Exaggerated Health Claims
  • No information of Ingredient amounts
  • Company that manufactures product is disreputable
  • Reports of free trial scam

Lichi Super Fruit Review

The main ingredient within Lichi Super Fruit is the lychee fruit extract. Below is an assessment and evaluation of this diet pill and the manufacturer – Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories’ claim that taking the supplement aids in: boosting the metabolism, burning fat, curbing the appetite and improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Lichi Super Fruit claims to have four weight-loss properties:

Fat Burning, Appetite Suppressing, Metabolism Boosting and Diet Plan. We agree it has appetite surprising properties and that it comes with a diet plan. However, we don’t agree that it will deliver fat burning or metabolism boosting benefits.

How Lichi Super Fruit Works

Lichi Super Fruit  appetite suppressant claimLichi Super Fruit claims the body’s metabolism is boosted due to the high levels of antioxidants found within the Lychee fruit extract. The extract also has the quality of being an appetite suppressant because it is rich in soluble fibre. Soluble fibre sits in the stomach for a long period of time, meaning that you don’t feel hungry or have any sort of cravings.

The diet plan that is available on the Lichi Super Fruit Website, provides a diet plan for a 1600 daily calorie intake with food recommendations and warnings, along with an exercise regimen and a final note to make sure you drink enough water per day for the diet pill to be completely effective.

More information can be found in our article on How Lichi Super Fruit Works.

Key Lichi Super Fruit Ingredients

Lychee-Fruit-in-Lichi-Super-FruitThe key ingredient in Lichi Super Fruit is the lychee fruit extract which does have a range of benefits; for example, it is a rich in vitamins, minerals and a range of other beneficial nutrients. The lychee fruit extract also has positive results in regards to increasing endurance during workouts, increasing anaerobic fitness and exercise.

With regards to its weight loss qualities though, only one study has been conducted and was specifically targeted at adult volunteers suffering from metabolic syndrome and having a waist circumference of 85cm or over. So while the effect of the lychee fruit extract achieved positive results in the trial, it may not be applicable to everyone.

The other main ingredients within Lichi Super Fruit also have no substantial clinical backing, with only cayenne pepper having some support. As a result, the ingredients within the supplement don’t have any real scientific support, and so there is no substantive reason to believe that taking the diet pill alongside living a healthy lifestyle will supplement weight loss.

For more information, read our article on the Clinical Studies of Lichi Super Fruit.


Weight Loss Power: 55/100

While it does contain a couple of ingredients that have studies looking into their weight loss properties, these are particularly small and very specific studies that don’t have much external validity (i.e. being applicable to everyone outside the study).
Speed of results: 30/100

Advertised as a 30-Day Challenge, Lichi Super Fruit claim that if you follow their diet and exercise plans while supplementing with the pills, you will get into the best shape of your life, however, there are a number of mixed reviews on this, with the majority saying that they saw no difference.
Appetite Suppression: 55/100

The lychee fruit extract within the supplement does have credible support for having appetite suppressing qualities, but none of the other ingredients do, and since the relative amounts of ingredients within the project are not provided, it is unknown just how effective it might be.
Long Term Results: 30/100

With a very small range of supporting material for the ingredients of Lichi Super Fruit, and no trials on the supplement itself, the long-term outcomes of taking a course of it must be doubted. However, the diet plan and exercise advice could be useful in the long run. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 60/100

In a medicinal or capsule form, the ingredients within Lichi Super Fruit are very unlikely to have negative side effects, although there are some precautions that need to be kept in mind.
Value for money: 30/100

The manufacturers of Lichi Super Fruit have been accused of scamming customers out of their money by offering ‘free trials’ and then charging $99.99 (£62.74) a few days into the trial without the users permission or even knowledge. There are over a 100 complaints regarding Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories on various complaint websites. More information on this can be found on our article on Where to Buy Lichi Super Fruit.

Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects

Lichi Super Fruit potential side effects-dizzinessSome of the ingredients within Lichi Super Fruit have side effects including: vomiting, nausea, dizziness and skin rash. However, the majority of these side effects are applicable only when large amounts of that specific ingredient are ingested, which is not possible in capsule form unless the user has a specific allergic reaction.

Also, if you are diabetic or pregnant, it is advised that you avoid this product, and it is also recommended that a doctor is seen before undergoing a course of Lichi Super Fruit as a precaution.

For more information, we recommend you read our Lichi Super Fruit Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Lichi Super Fruit

The main places where Lichi Super Fruit can be bought are its official website and It must be taken into account though that the company behind Lichi Super Fruit – Bainbridge & Knight Laboratories – have been accused of scamming customers by advertising a free trial and then charging customers up to $99.99 (£62.74) and making it difficult to get a refund on this charge.

More information on this can be found in our article on Where to Buy Lichi Super Fruit.

If you’ve bought Lichi Super Fruit, we recommend you read our How to use Lichi Super Fruit article.

Overall Verdict

Overall, Lichi Super Fruit does have a reasonable diet plan, and does indeed have some appetite suppressing properties; the effectiveness of the product is still contentious because of the lack of clinical studies regarding the relevant ingredients in the supplement, and the fact that there have been no trials of the product itself to gage its qualities.

In addition to this, the company behind Lichi Super Fruit is suspicious, with many customers complaining of not only poor results, but also unknown charges on a supposedly free trial and poor customer service.

All these factors bring the product into disrepute, and so it would be best to avoid Lichi Super Fruit as a supplement to improve the rate of weight loss.

Interested in finding out who makes Lichi Super Fruit, then read our The company behind Lichi Super Fruit article.

Overall: 31/100

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