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Lipo-13 is manufactured by the Belgian company Ecopharma, who claim that the product is able to help you achieve weight loss quickly with no unwanted side effects. These claims are not backed by clinical evidence.

Below we have reviewed Lipo-13 against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Lipo-13 Review

Lipo-13 Pros
  • Some of the ingredients have been tested
  • Company is established and sells a range of products
Lipo-13 Cons
  • Lack of evidence from clinical testing on the actual product
  • Lack of customer reviews

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Lipo-13 Review

According to the product website, Lipo-13 is the weight loss pill that everyone has been waiting for, with 13 ingredients working together to result in responsible weight loss without the side effects. The company behind Lipo-13 claim that the product is able to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and burn fat, although they do not provide any evidence to support these claims.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Lipo-13 is claimed to work by suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism and helping to burn fat thanks to its key ingredients.

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How Lipo-13 Works

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Lipo-13 gets its name from the 13 ingredients that are used to make it and which supposedly work together to ensure fast weight loss for people of all ages. Lipo-13 purportedly works by stimulating the central nervous system and heating the body in order to boost metabolism, preventing carbohydrates from being stored as fat. Additionally, fat is said to be released into the blood stream so that it can be burned and the body’s fat content can be reduced.

Citrin HCA

Citrin HCA is an extract of the plant Garcinia Cambogia, which is found in India, Asia and Africa. Carbohydrates that are not converted into energy by the body are stored as fat, and citrin HCA is believed to stop enzymes from converting them to fat; instead allowing them to be burned. It is also thought that the substance is able to work as an appetite suppressant meaning that the user might eat less.

Green Tea

Thanks to the high number of polyphenols found in a title=”Green Tea” href=””>green tea, the substance is thought to activate a certain enzyme in the body that is able to dissolve the excess triglyceride and ultimately reduce fat content in the body. Green tea is also believed to be able to stimulate metabolism due to the antioxidants that it contains. One of these antioxidants, EGCG is believed to be able to stimulate the central nervous system and release fat into the blood stream so that it can be burned in order to produce energy.


Guarana is a plant found in Venezuela that has been used in medicine for many centuries. The seeds from the plant contain caffeine, which purportedly works to aid weight loss by stimulating the central nervous system, boosting mental alertness and stamina, and becoming an effective fat burner thanks to its potential thermogenic qualities, which might boost the metabolism so that more calories are burned.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a shrub found in South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil. The substance is a stimulant similar to caffeine, which is said to be able to both boost metabolism and energy levels while burning fat at the same time. Yerba mate is thought to slow down the rate of gastric emptying, which might lead to users feeling fuller for longer and leave them less likely to overeat. It is also believed to be able to delay the onset of lactic acid in your muscles meaning that you might be able to exercise for longer and burn a larger amount of fat.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is thought to help to support weight loss by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. The substance is supposedly able to produce catecholamines, which are hormones that mediate the processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis in the body and are believed to be able to reduce the body’s fat content.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a micronutrient, which is a cofactor to many of the enzymes involved in lipid and amino acid metabolism and the conversion of glycogen into glucose. In doing this, B6 might also increase the body’s energy levels without needing to consume more carbohydrates meaning that while the amount of calories consumed are reduced, the amount burned might be increased.

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Key Lipo-13 Ingredients


Citrin HCA

This substance is believed to prevent enzymes from converting consumed carbohydrates into fat allowing them to be burned instead. It is also thought that the substance is able to work as an appetite suppressant, meaning you eat less and so gain less weight.

Green Tea

When sugars are consumed in excess, the body turns them into and stores them as substances known as triglycerides, otherwise known as fats. Green tea contains polyphenols, which are said to be able to activate an enzyme that dissolves this stored fat and reduces the amount of fat in the body. The substance is also thought to boost metabolism thanks to the potent antioxidants it contains.


This natural substance contains caffeine, which is believed to aid weight loss by stimulating the central nervous system to boost metabolism while helping to burn fat, thanks to its claimed thermogenic qualities.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is supposedly able to boost metabolism and energy levels while also burning fat. It is believed to slow the rate of gastric emptying, meaning that you feel fuller for longer and therefore become less likely to over-eat.


This amino acid is said to help weight loss by boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. It supposedly produces a certain kind of hormone, which is able to control the processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis and reduce the amount of fat in the body.

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Clinical Studies

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Clinical studies are carried out on products in order to ensure their safety and effectiveness. As the supplement market is so unregulated it is difficult to know for sure how safe or efficient a product is without proof of this clinical testing. There does not appear to be any evidence of any clinical testing surrounding Lipo-13 but there have been clinical studies conducted on some of its key ingredients.

Green Tea

In a study carried out in Thailand, scientists tested 60 obese patients’ reaction to green tea. All subjects consumed a Thai diet involving 3 meals for 12 weeks while some received green tea extract and others received a placebo. At the end of the 12 weeks body mass was recorded and the study found that those who had been taking green tea had lost significantly more weight than those taking the placebo. The scientists concluded that green tea is able to reduce body weight in obese subjects by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Yerba Mate

One double blind, 24 hour study was conducted using 97 people in order to assess the thermogenic effects of yerba mate. This study found that while it was difficult to tell whether or not yerba mate significantly increased the body’s metabolism, it was able to increase fat oxidation meaning that the plant may be able to aid in weight loss. However, more testing is needed to know for certain.

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Lipo-13 Side Effects

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Although there is no mention of any side effects on the Lipo-13 website, there is also no evidence of any clinical testing and there have been reports of side effects from some of the product’s key ingredients. The potential side effects that accompany Lipo-13 include headaches, insomnia, irritability, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate and blood pressure, stomach upset and dizziness. Some ingredients are also believed to worsen some medical conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome and so those who suffer from any medical conditions are advised to speak with their doctor before taking the supplement. The Lipo-13 website also warns against pregnant or breast feeding women taking the supplement as it may harm infants.

Citrin HCA

When used in the short term of up to 12 weeks, this substance is likely to be safe. However, it is not known how safe the substance is when taken for longer periods of time. There have been reports of nausea, digestive tract discomfort and headaches from use of this substance.

Green Tea

Green tea is considered safe to use in small amounts however, due to its caffeine content, pregnant and breast feeding women are advised not to consume much of the supplement as it is unknown whether it is harmful to infants. Reported side effects include headaches, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, stomach upsets, irritability, irregular heartbeat, heartburn and dizziness. The substance can also worsen disorders such as anaemia, anxiety, heart problems, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, liver disease and high blood pressure.


At typical doses found in weight loss supplements, guarana is known to cause some side effects such as insomnia, increased heart rate and blood pressure, rapid breathing, delirium and tremors and in larger doses it may result in anxiety, agitation, stomach cramps and irregular heartbeat. The substance is also known to worsen bleeding disorders and irritable bowel syndrome and can be dangerous for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Yerba Mate

When taken for short periods of time yerba mate is considered to be safe to use but may carry some side effects, for example insomnia, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting. When taken in large amounts or for long periods of time yerba mate may increase the risk of mouth, kidney, bladder and lung cancer and those who smoke or suffer from alcoholism may find that this risk is further increased when taking yerba mate. It is also possibly unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to its caffeine content.

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How to Use

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The Lipo-13 website does not clearly state when users should take the capsules, however it does state that 2 should be taken per day which might suggest that one should be taken in the morning and one in the afternoon. The website states that users should not take more than 2 capsules every 24 hours, but it does not say how long to leave between each capsule. As the capsules are extended release tablets it is important that you do not chew, cut or crush them as they have been designed to gradually release the ingredients into the body.

The makers of Lipo-13 recommend that users of the supplement also take regular exercise and eat a healthy and balanced diet while taking Lipo-13 as a healthy lifestyle will achieve the best results.

The Lipo-13 website states that pregnant and breast feeding women should not take the supplement and neither should those who suffer from blood pressure problems, heart or vascular disorders, psychological complaints, respiratory problems or any allergies to any of the ingredients within Lipo-13. There have been reports of some side effects to some of Lipo-13’s key ingredients and reports that they may worsen some disorders such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety.

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Who Makes It?

The company behind Lipo-13 is Ecopharma, a Beligian health supplement manufacturer. In 1999, the company was founded by an entrepreneur named Bart Declerck, who then began to develop his first food supplement based on mare’s milk. In selling his first product, Ecopharma came to be. Slowly the company began to grow and today it offers a diverse range of high quality health and beauty products to pharmacies, beauty stores and online customers in 22 countries around the world. The Ecopharma headquarters are located in Belgium and the company opened a new office in the Chrysler Building in New York in 2009.

The company offers a weekday telephone helpline, as well as a contact form, physical address and FAQ page for its customers, which suggests that the company has a high standard of customer service. There have not been any reports or complaints made against the company on online complaint platforms.

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Where to Buy Lipo-13


Lipo-13 can be purchased directly from the product website for around £82 for a three month supply averaging to around £27 per month. The website often runs offers and provides a returns policy and customer service contacts. Usually, the product can be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon, however it is currently unavailable and the retailers are unsure of when it will return. The supplement cannot currently be bought from UK high street shops and so it appears that the best option is to buy directly from the Lipo-13 website.

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Does Lipo-13 Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: The product seems to be available to buy for a on-off payment from the official website.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: A full ingredients list is provided.

Company contact details readily available: Contact details can be found on the official website.

Lipo-13 does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

To conclude, Lipo-13 claims to be able to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and burn fat. However, there is a lack of clinical testing on the product itself, and so no evidence of whether or not it is completely safe and effective. Some of the ingredients have been subject to preliminary tests, but none of them have been proven to boost weight loss. The company claims the product is side effect free, but there are known side effects to some of its key ingredients, which may potentially arise in users of Lipo-13.

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