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Lipo30 is a diet pill that is claimed, by its manufacturers, to be the real deal when it comes to diet pills. Is Lipo30 the diet pill of your dreams or is it just another waste of time and money?

To find out we decided to investigate whether Lipo30 can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.


Lipo30 Pros
  • Minimal side-effects
Lipo30 Cons
  • Official website is focused on selling, and provides no actual proof or evidence of Lipo30’s effectiveness
  • Poor customer reviews online

Lipo30 Review

With a website full of buzzwords and promises of success, you would assume that Lipo30 is the diet pill for you. To find out if this is true, in this review we will be looking into how Lipo30 works, side effects, where to buy and the key ingredients.

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Lipo30 claims to be ‘not just another diet pill’ and suggests it has ‘rock solid’ backing from medical agencies, the official website even has a stock image of a doctor, ever trying to convince you that it must be true. The makers suggest that you stop wasting your time on pills that can take weeks to work and give Lipo30 a try. Is it worth your time and can it live up to these high expectations created by the official website? Read on to find out more.

How Lipo30 Works

The interesting thing about the official Lipo30 website is that it never once makes it clear exactly how the product works. Instead it uses buzz words and slogans like ‘burn more fat,’ and ‘proven ingredients,’ even ‘extremely effective.’ It looks like the product claims to do a bit of everything, from increasing your metabolism and fat burning to suppressing your appetite. Not once is it described how the actual product works; it does make a big deal out of how the individual ingredients work but we’re not taking the individual ingredients.

The website makes a shocking amount of unsubstantiated claims, including that it is backed by clinical trials when really it uses impressive spinning and selling techniques around the fact that the individual ingredients have been tested. These tests on the ingredients are likely to be in higher quantities than the product includes and they’ve been tested individually not combined as a product, which is entirely different.

There is in fact no evidence backing Lipo30 and the official website makes absolutely no attempt to actually prove it is effective. It remains hyperbolic, vague and naturally very keen to sell the product. Saying it will burn more fat can mean anything – even burning one extra pound over a year is technically more fat. You are encouraged to take one capsule three times a day and that the best times are half an hour before eating breakfast or lunch or half an hour before you start exercising.

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Key Lipo30 Ingredients

caffeine ingredientThe ingredients are aggressively sold on the official website, the makers claim that because the ingredients have tested so well this means the product will work just as well, which is simply not true. It would appear the main ingredient is Chromax, which is essentially the branded form of chromium. The amount of chromium included is apparently 333mcg per tablet which is, on three tablets a day, very close to 1000mcg each day but the recommended daily intake is only 200mcg.

Although going over your daily limit has not been linked to any serious health warnings it is still strange to see that large an amount of chromium included. Chromium is a common ingredient in diet pills but it does not have strong weight loss potential; the national institute of health says that chromium’s weight loss and fat burning potential is questionable.

Other ingredients included are African Mango and green tea although in both of these cases the amounts of the ingredients are unlikely to be high enough to cause weight loss. It also includes some caffeine which may offer some form of energy boost. Find out more about how caffeine boosts energy levels, by reading our Caffeine – Weight Loss Benefits and Side Effects article.

Lipo30 Results

Weight Loss Power: 4/100

Without tests or clinical trials on the product it is hard to say exactly how powerful this product might be. The theory behind the product sounds good – eating less is a natural way to lose weight and the main ingredient does appear to be able to fill your stomach so the potential is there. However, there are no tests on its effectiveness and very few, almost no, Lipo30 reviews from customers online so its weight loss power can’t be confirmed.
Speed of results: 7/100

The weight loss power of this product is small so any weight loss you do achieve will be hard earned and slow. There is nothing in the ingredient list that suggests the effect of taking these pills will be strong, helping to speed up weight loss.
Appetite Suppression: 12/100

Appetite suppression is one of the many things this product promises. Once again there is not much in the ingredient list and of course no product testing to suggest your appetite will be much effected. The caffeine and small amount of African mango may have a chance of changing your appetite but the results are unlikely to be strong.
Long Term Results: 5/100

There is very little about this product to suggest weight loss is possible in the short term let alone the long term. You may not see much effect from taking the pills so your long term chances of weight loss will neither be improved nor hurt by taking Lipo30.
Safety: 58/100

Although there are a lot of negatives about this product, safety is unlikely to be another one of them. While the product hasn’t been tested it cannot be called safe for certain, but because it is a natural product there shouldn’t be any serious side effects. No one knows for definite exactly how the mix of ingredients will react.

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Value for money: 21/100

Lipo30 can be bought from Amazon US for $44.95 while the official site sells three bottles for $89.95 or one for $29.95, with a money back guarantee on offer too. There is an added shipping cost for the bottles on Amazon while it is not made clear whether there is shipping costs on the official site. With so little chance of losing weight with Lipo30 you would be wasting your money even if you were given a bottle free.

Lipo30 Side Effects

Side effects are likely to be minimal with Lipo30 because the ingredients are natural and in the majority are not featured in any great amounts. The high amount of chromium could potentially be harmful but again not in any serious way. Most of the Lipo30 reviews from actual users say they didn’t experience any weight loss but also didn’t mention any side effects. One review does say they felt sick but this is not a common complaint.

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Where to Buy Lipo30

Lipo30 can be bought from the official website and also from the US Amazon site. The product can also be found on eBay. It is likely to be cheapest and safest to buy from Amazon. The official website offers a money back guarantee. Lipo30 UK buyers are likely to have to pay high shipping costs.

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Overall Verdict

Lipo30 should be avoided at all costs. The website is one of the most focused selling sites we’ve seen and gives very little factual information about the product. It uses hyperbolic phrases and buzzwords without giving any facts or evidence that Lipo30 actually works. On top of this customers have given very negative Lipo30 reviews and many claim they’ve lost no weight. The ingredient list also looks questionable, the main ingredient’s weight loss potential has been questioned while other ingredients are not featured in large enough quantities.

There are so many negatives about this product and yet the official website still sells it as an effective, fast working diet pill that ‘destroys the competition.’ Do not be taken in by this as there are many better options available that will have a better chance at boosting your weight loss and at a cheaper price.

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Overall: 45/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Lipo30 diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Lipo30, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Lipo30 work?

Lipo30 never goes in to detail exactly how the product works which is a suspicious sign. It mentions a number of buzzwords such as burning fat and appetite suppression and the ingredients included may also suggest this is how the product wants to work. Whether it does actually work like this is unclear as there have been poor reviews and question marks placed over the ingredient list.

2. How long do Lipo30 diet pills take to work?

Given the doubt over how effective Lipo30 is, it would seem unlikely that weight loss will be anything other than slow. The official website says why waste time on products that take weeks to work suggesting it might work in a matter of days but this seems very unlikely.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

The official website states that Lipo30 is safe to use but says that new users may experience headaches or nausea because their bodies are getting used to the formula. It is a natural supplement which means side effects are minimised, anything you do experience will not be serious but may be annoying and a distraction.

4. When do I take the Lipo30 tablets?

You are asked to take three tablets a day but it appears when you take them is up to you. The makers recommend half an hour before breakfast or lunch or before exercising, it doesn’t explain why these times are the best though. You should also take the tablets with a glass of water.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

Nothing is mentioned about what kind of food you should be eating or the amount of food on the official Lipo30 website. Dieting is always a good idea no matter what diet pill you’re taking because it should help boost your weight loss and reduce your calorie count.

6. What ingredients go into Lipo30 pills?

The main ingredient is called Chromax, which is essentially chromium. This ingredient can often be found in diet pills but its effectiveness has been questioned by the National Insitute of Health. Other ingredients include African mango and green tea, however these ingredients are only featured in small amounts and sadly will not see them work to their full potential.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Lipo30 pills?

This is another area that is not mentioned on the official website. It does suggest that you take the tablets half an hour before exercise so it should be assumed it encourages you to exercise alongside taking the tablets. Exercise is always advisable as it helps to burn further calories, helping you to lose more weight.

8. Where can I buy Lipo30 ?

Lipo30 can be bought from the official website which appears to be the cheapest place to buy the product with one bottle costing $29.95 and three available for $89.95. Amazon US also sells Lipo30 through a third party seller but this appears to be more expensive with one bottle for $44.95 not including shipping. Lipo30 UK users might be disappointed as it looks difficult to get in the UK unless you are willing to spend more on shipping.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

The official website says there is no limit on how long you should or shouldn’t take Lipo30. It even suggests you buy more bottles to save yourself money. How long you take it may depend on the amount of weight loss you see, which is in doubt.

10. How much weight could I lose with Lipo30 ?

The makers of Lipo30 don’t say exactly how much weight you might be able to lose but it does suggest that weight loss is both highly likely and could be quite quick. This seems unlikely given the ingredient list, customer reviews and lack of clinical trials or proof. Your weight loss may depend on your exercise and dieting routine more than the actual Lipo30 diet pills.

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