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Lipobind is a popular, well known and celebrity endorsed product which claims to work by actively blocking fat from being absorbed into your system. Celebrity endorsements however, are simply a reflection of the marketing budget of the company – not of a sign of the quality of the product.

lipoWe examine how Lipobind is meant to work and consider possible side-effects.

Lipobind Pros
  • Actively blocks fat being absorbed
  • Could maintain your current weight if you’re already at your target weight
Lipobind Cons
  • Not powerful enough to work without the use of a diet and more exercise
  • Slow rate of weight loss
  • May be slightly overpriced

Lipobind Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

How Liopbind Works

Lipobind works by actively blocking the absorption of saturated fats into your system. This helps avoid fat from building up in your body and leaves you to focus on losing the weight that was there before starting the pills. Because of this Lipobind could work to stop you gaining weight but may not be powerful enough to help you lose weight by itself, although combining it with a diet and adding more exercise into your routine, could aid weight loss. By cutting down on adding any new fat into your body, Lipobind claims it allows your metabolism to target the stored fat which was there before taking the pills, however, this doesn’t happen in any major way.

This means Lipobind may be more suited for those wishing to maintain their weight rather than looking to lose any significant amount of weight.

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Key Lipobind Ingredients

The active ingredient in Lipobind is Litramine, a patented fibre complex that’s effectiveness is backed up by a number of clinical studies. These studies have also shown that Litramine is proven to block up to 27.4% of all incoming fats, helping to establish its status as a Type 1 Certified Medical Device.

The official website also says that alongside Litramine, Lipobind features a fibre complex made of organic plant sources, made from 100% natural dehydrated cactus leaves. The pills are also, according to the official website, approved by the official Vegetarian Society.


Weight Loss Power: 63/100

Lipobind is powerful in blocking fats but this does not necessarily convert into strong weight loss. You probably wouldn’t see much weight loss if you took Lipobind and did nothing else, however, alongside diet and exercise weight loss might be possible.
Speed of results: 73/100

Weight loss will be very slow with just Lipobind by itself. You are likely to just maintain your current weight, however, with diet and exercise weight loss could be much quicker.
Appetite Suppression: 55/100

The manufacturers claim that users will feel less hungry whilst taking the Lipobind pills because the fibre complex expands when it is in the stomach in order to slow down the rate at which foods leave the stomach which should leave you feeling much fuller for longer. This will hopefully have the effect of users wanting to consume less calories which will make losing weight easier.
Long Term Results: 72/100

In the long term, losing weight at a slower, more steady rate is much better for you. Lipobind won’t have you losing multiple pounds every week but fast weight loss can often lead to yo-yo dieting in which the weight is put on again when the consumer stops taking the pill. In the long term the effects could include eating smaller meals and finding it easier to maintain weight.
Safety: 65/100

There aren’t many side effects in Lipobind: bloating and gassy/bowel problems have been experienced but these are not serious. The rate of weight loss also makes Lipobind one of the safer supplements available.

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Value for money: 73/100

Lipobind can be bought for around £25-£30 which, depending on your budget, might be quite a lot or fairly reasonable. For the amount of weight loss you’ll see, it might be slightly over priced especially considering that you will still need to diet and exercise regularly and if you’re doing that you may experience some weight loss anyway, without the need of any diet pill.

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Lipobind Side Effects

Lipobind doesn’t have any serious side-effects but some users have reported feeling bloated or gassy while taking the pills. Some users have also said they had some bowel problems and issues when going to the toilet but sadly these are all common side effects in fat blocking or fat absorbing diet pills because of how they work within the body.

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Where to Buy Lipobind

Probably the most trustworthy place to get these tablets is from the official website but they are also available online from Boots and in some selected Boots stores. There are many websites that sell the pills too, including Amazon.

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Overall Verdict

Lipobind is a difficult product to review; a lot depends on how you take it, how much weight you want to lose and how quickly you want to do it. Taking Lipobind by itself won’t be great if you want to lose weight quickly or if you want to lose a lot of weight. However, taking Lipobind alongside a diet and some regular exercise may boost your chances of seeing weight loss at a safe and steady rate. Lipobind is pretty good in terms of side-effects and safety too but it may be better suited to those who want a boost in maintaining their target weight rather than wanting to reach the target weight.

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Overall: 67/100

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