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Lipoblast Extreme

It has to be said that the Lipoblast official website is far from being the most impressive diet pill website we’ve seen. This doesn’t mean it should be ruled out straight away but it does not install much trust or confidence in the product from the outset.

Lipoblast Extreme reviewShould we judge this book by its cover or is it worth giving it a go? Let’s find out.

Lipoblast Extreme Pros
  • Heavily reviewed on Amazon with over 100 five star ratings but also over 100 one star reviews
Lipoblast Extreme Cons
  • No proof, trials or studies to prove the effectiveness or safety
  • Has a large amount of ingredients that have little to do with weight loss
  • Could be potentially dangerous
  • Very expensive if bought from the official website

Lipoblast Extreme Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Lipoblast Extreme claims to work across three weight loss areas. We do think this pill is a strong supplement with potentially mood altering effects and strong, albeit potentially dangerous, chemicals included, but we are not convinced it is very effective for weight loss.

How Lipoblast Extreme Works

LipoBlast seems to be another diet pill which claims to work in a number of ways including boosting your metabolism, fat burning and appetite suppression. We must say this broad range of weight loss methods combined with the less than professional website is already ringing some alarm bells. The website says LipoBlast was originally a mood enhancer developed in Brazil and actually calls itself a controversial nutraceutical; calling a diet pill controversial is not going to build trust.

Apparently the thermogenic properties of LipoBlast can help you reach between 10 and 30lbs of weight loss each month. Of course this is another broad estimation and gives the product a lot of wiggle room. We think even 10lbs of weight loss a month sounds ambitious considering we are given absolutely no proof or scientific evidence of LipoBlast’s effectiveness, and although we are given a list of ingredients there are no quantities mentioned.

Concerns over Lipoblast Extreme safetyThe official site continues by saying LipoBlast Extreme diet pills will make you feel more energetic, alert and attentive while apparently at maximum dosages users have experienced “mind-stimulating euphoria.” We’re not sure what this means and what it means in terms of weight loss, but it doesn’t sound great. LipoBlast Extreme has an impressive 290 customer LipoBlast Extreme reviews on Amazon; 113 are one star and 123 are five stars so if that is anything to go by the product sounds hit and miss at best.

Key Lipoblast Extreme Ingredients

LipoBlast Extreme diet pills contain a number of complex sounding ingredients including phenylethylamine, pentahydroxyflavone, DMAE 2-dimethylaminoethanol, n-methylaminoethanol, diMethionine, tyramine, epigallocatechin gallate, octopamine. It also features more natural ingredients such as yerba mate, grape seed extract and ginger root.

Crucially there are no amounts mentioned here which means the effectiveness and the safety of the product cannot be known. Phenylethylamine has been linked to rising heart rate and blood pressure; Tyramine has also had this effect in some studies too. From this list we can definitely see how LipoBlast can be mood altering in high quantities and could be quite a strong supplement, which is a safety concern.


Weight Loss Power:


We are sure this product is quite strong but what we are not convinced about is the weight loss properties. The mix of lots of chemicals and acids is sure to provoke a strong reaction but a majority of the ingredients included have not been linked closely to weight loss. Crucially no quantities are included which makes it harder to evaluate. There has not been any product testing, so we take any LipoBlast claims with a pinch of salt. We would suggest that LipoBlast is strong but maybe not for weight loss.

Speed of results:


LipoBlast is a very difficult diet pill to evaluate; it certainly includes a large number of ingredients and makes some eye catching claims, however there is no product testing or ingredient quantities which makes it difficult to predict. Judging by the very mixed customer LipoBlast Extreme reviews we would guess it is very hit and miss, but is certainly not as potent as the official website claims. Weight loss therefore will probably be inconsistent and/or difficult to come by.

Appetite Suppression:


This is another area where LipoBlast Extreme says it works but we do not see from which ingredients appetite suppression would come from. Yes there are some natural ingredients included which might promote appetite suppression but we are not given ingredient quantities, making it difficult to investigate. There is no proof behind this product at all and certainly nothing to suggest your hunger will be curbed.

Long Term Results:


LipoBlast Extreme diet pills are likely to be quite bad long term. There are a lot of different ingredients which could potentially be quite strong and could change/mess with your moods. We would also worry about the safety in the long term of a product that the makers themselves call ‘controversial’. Click here to see our top rated diet pills.



Safety is probably one of the prime concerns surrounding LipoBlast Extreme. There has been no testing or trials conducted on the product, ingredient quantities are not revealed, the makers call the product controversial and it also includes a large number of potentially strong ingredients. All of which add up to some serious safety concerns. Changing your mood is not something to take lightly and we would recommend thinking very carefully about your safety before possibly purchasing. The poor quality website does not inspire trust or safety either.

Value for money:


Buying LipoBlast Extreme from the official website will leave you heavily out of pocket as a single bottle of 90 tablets will cost an eye-watering $79.95, which equates to just over £60. You can also buy the product on Amazon, which is a much cheaper option at $39.95 although this is through a third party retailer. There is a 90 day money back guarantee offered on the official website which can be claimed by simply posting your empty bottles back to them. The problem is they provide no official address, which not only raises concerns about the product and company but makes claiming a refund likely very difficult. This all adds up to LipoBlast Extreme being poor value for money.

Lipoblast Extreme Side Effects

Without proper testing on the product any potential side effects can’t be named specifically. However, there are a number of red flags including the amount of ingredients and potential side effects they come with. The fact the makers have claimed it is controversial and mood altering, in addition to the lack of testing, all raise concerns about the safety of LipoBlast Extreme.

Where to Buy Lipoblast Extreme

LipoBlast Extreme can be bought from the official website although this route is far more expensive than any other place LipoBlast is available. The one redeeming point would be the money back guarantee although you may have trouble contacting them due to the lack of contact information. Amazon also sells the product at a much cheaper price but it is through a third party retailer, which is less reliable.

Overall Verdict

LipoBlast Extreme has too many question marks and concerns surrounding it to invest in it. There are very real safety concerns and a very poor official website does not inspire trust in the product. With regards to the potential effectiveness, despite the claims from the makers, there is no evidence at all behind LipoBlast Extreme. The lack of ingredient quantities is another suspicious aspect to this very murky diet pill.
We do not recommend buying LipoBlast Extreme as there is no proof that it actually works, the company website is less than inspiring and with no product testing, safety and effectiveness cannot be said for sure. There are many better diet pills available including our top five rated diet pills.

Find out more information by reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on Lipoblast Extreme.



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