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Most diet pill websites are full of impressive and often unrealistic claims. Lipodryl however, is a little mysterious as the website gives little information about the product.

Due to this we decided to investigate whether Lipodryl can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.

lipodryl  review

Lipodryl Pros
  • Minimal side-effects
Lipodryl Cons
  • Doesn’t reveal ingredient amounts but is likely to be too low for any real effect
  • No evidence or proof that the product is effective
  • High price tag

Lipodryl Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Many diet pills make grand claims on their official websites; Lipodryl goes in the opposite direction and offers very little information on its main website. Only a couple of small opening paragraphs detail the ingredients and how it works before it lists a small number of customer reviews, and that is all you have to work on when deciding if Lipodryl is for you. If you want to know a little more then read on.

How Lipodryl Works

Lipodryl appears to rely upon its main ingredient, African mango, to work. The official site says that this ingredient helps boost your metabolism while tackling your waistline and helping to suppress your appetite. From this we can assume the product is supposed to do a little bit of everything, from burning fat to suppressing your appetite, for achieving weight loss, however the site products zero evidence to back this up.

The customer reviews on the official site do not appear to demonstrate very much weight loss has been achieved. One talks about the energy boost they felt, another says that they can’t wait to see how much weight they lose while a third says they’ve only just started taking the product. Hardly glowing reviews to put on the official site to rpmote success, which suggests the product is not hugely effective.

Although very little information is given on the product, there is still a paragraph to emphasise just how amazing the product is, calling Lipodryl ‘the ultimate fat shredding experience’ and ‘able to demolish body fat.’ From the lack of evidence and what appears to be only one key ingredient, this seems unlikely.

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Key Lipodryl Ingredients

standing on scalesThe key ingredient appears to be African mango. On the official site there are no amounts revealed, although another Lipodryl review did some digging and suggests the amount of African mango may be as low as 100mg. In studies using African mango it is suggested that 300mg is the lowest amount needed to see a weight loss effect. WebMD talks about the studies and information on African Mango.

By not providing the ingredient quantities suggests that the manufacturers have something to hide, as the amounts are probably so low and therefore ineffective. It doesn’t even reveal the full ingredient list, instead it merely mentions what appears to be the three main ingredients, picking out caffeine and green tea as the other two.

Once again it looks like the amounts of these ingredients are below what is needed to see an effect as the ingredient quantities are not confirmed on the official site. There is very little evidence of any potential for weight loss in this ingredient list, which does not bode well for the weight loss power of each pill.


Weight Loss Power: 8/100

No clinical trials are produced on the official website to back up that this product can help you to lose weight. There isn’t even any mention about the individual ingredients, which is very unprofessional but goes to show the probability of Lipodryl having any real weight loss power is slim. It is difficult to find many customer Lipodryl reviews online, which suggests the product is not very popular or successful.

Speed of results: 6/100

As there is no certainty around the ingredient amounts there is still doubt over how effective the diet pill is. Lipodryl claims to be a great fat burner but this seems unlikely given the secrecy over the ingredients and the lack of evidence to show its effectiveness. Weight loss is therefore quite unlikely and the speed of any weight loss is almost certain to be slow.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

The official site names appetite suppression as one of the effects from taking Lipodryl. Without knowing the amounts of the ingredients it is difficult to make a judgement. African mango in large enough amounts could have an effect but it seems unlikely it is included in a high quantity in Lipodryl. This means that any effect on your appetite is going to be minimal if not non-existent.
Long Term Results: 5/100

In the long term, taking Lipodryl is unlikely to be helpful. The effect of taking the tablets will be so minimal it won’t really help you reach your weight loss goals. There are very few customer Lipodryl reviews online so accurately predicting what you will experience in the long term is difficult.
Safety: 57/100

Lipodryl is likely to be quite a safe product simply because it uses all natural ingredients and they are also only likely to be featured in small amounts. This all means that any effect you see, including side effects and weight loss, will be minimal. With no testing done on the product it cannot be called safe for certain but serious side effects are highly unlikely.

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Value for money: 5/100

At the time of writing, it was a struggle to find anywhere actually selling Lipodryl. All the links on the official site led to either error pages or pages that had no option to buy on them. The official site link told us it was out of stock then redirected the page to another diet pill, which is quite suspicious. One Lipodryl review states that one bottle is $70; if this is true, it is terrible value for money given the very real possibility of not having any effect on weight loss.

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Side Effects

The official site doesn’t mention anything about safety, which is unprofessional considering this is a top priority for most customers. This and the lack of product testing means we can only make assumptions on the safety of the product or any side effects you may face. As Lipodryl only has a small number of ingredients with small quantities of each one, the product is likely to not have any major side effects linked to it. Of course some testing to prove this would be very welcome.

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Where To Buy Lipodryl

Lipodryl appears to be difficult to buy at the time of writing. The official website lists four links to buy the product but two of these lead to error pages, one has the product page but no price or option to buy and the fourth says it is out of stock before redirecting to another diet pill. This is unusual and another off-putting factor for Lipodryl.

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Overall Verdict

Lipodryl is a diet pill which should be avoided. There is very little information given, with nothing about any product testing or evidence of the diet pill being successful for weight loss. The ingredient list seems to have very little weight loss power included and there is also a distinct lack of customer reviews available online, which is another suspicious sign.

There are many better diet pills available which have been through testing and have a much better likelihood of helping you to lose weight.

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Overall: 13/100

Frequently Asked Questions About Lipodryl Diet Pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Lipodryl, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Lipodryl work?

The product does not explain fully how it should work however it does mention how African mango, the main ingredient, works to suppress appetite and boost your metabolism so it should be assumed this is how it works. There is very little evidence to back up Lipodryl’s effectiveness and the main ingredient could potentially be only included in small quantities.

2. How long do Lipodryl diet pills take to work?

The website does not mention how quick the diet pill is supposed to work. By using language like ‘demolish body fat’ and ‘fat-shredding’ the expectations might be built for quick weight loss, however this would seem unlikely given the lack of weight loss potential in the ingredients and lack of testing.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

This is yet another area where the official website does not make any comment. Safety should be a diet pill manufacturers top priority so not to mention anything about safety is poor. Assumptions have to be made looking at the ingredient list and weight loss power, because both of these areas look weak the possibility for side effects is minimalised.

4. When do I take the Lipodryl tablets?

Once again there is no mention of how or when to take the tablets. Even how many should be taken each day is not revealed which is very unprofessional behaviour. We would recommend for metabolism boosting pills that earlier in the day is better, allowing longer for the tablet to have an effect.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

The official website does not say you should diet or eat any different while taking Lipodryl. Dieting would be advantageous because it reduces your calorie intake and is one of the most sustainable and reliable ways to lose weight.

6. What ingredients go into Lipodryl pills?

African mango seems to be the main ingredient, and it is featured alongside caffeine and green tea. In theory these are good ingredients but no amounts are revealed for each one. Another Lipodryl review suggests the amounts are not big enough to have a weight loss effect.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Lipodryl pills?

Exercise is another area not talked about on the Lipodryl website we looked at. However exercise is always recommended no matter what diet pill you’re taking as it helps burn more calories and may boost your weight loss.

8. Where can I buy Lipodryl ?

Lipodryl was a difficult diet pill to buy at the time of writing. All the links provided to buy from did not work or claimed that the product was out of stock. Another Lipodryl review claimed the product was priced at $70 per bottle, which is very expensive but it is suspicious that it doesn’t appear to be available to buy at the moment.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

Nothing is mentioned about a time limit on taking Lipodryl. As the risk of side effects is likely to be low, you could probably take the product for as long as needed. Having said this it is recommended that you take a break from any diet pill every so often, about a week off every couple of months.

10. How much weight could I lose with Lipodryl ?

As the weight loss potential of Lipodryl has been questioned it is unlikely you will experience much weight loss no matter how long you take the product. The amounts of ingredients and lack of testing suggests very small potential for weight loss and therefore you should not expect much weight loss from taking Lipodryl.

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