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The makers of Lipofuze – Synergistic Nutritional Compounds, LLC, make several large claims about their weight loss supplement stating that it can enable users to lose large amounts of weight quickly without causing any side effects. But is this too good to be true?

In this review, we will look at the supplement in detail in order to establish whether this is the product for you.

Lipofuze Review

Lipofuze Pros
  • Appears to aid weight loss
Lipofuze Cons
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Lack of clinical testing on the product

Lipofuze Review

The company behind Lipofuze claim that the product is able to help users lose weight as well as tone your arms, abs and legs, and also slim your waist line by boosting metabolism, stopping hunger and burning fat. But is the supplement as effective as it claims to be?

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturers of Lipofuze claim that the supplement is a metabolism booster, appetite suppressant and fat burner.

How Lipofuze Works

The key ingredients within Lipofuze enables the weight loss supplement to boost the body’s metabolism, release fat into the blood stream in order for it to be burned to create energy, control blood sugar levels and suppress appetite.

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Key Lipofuze Ingredients

Green Tea

green tea extract in LipofuzeThanks to the polyphenols it contains, green tea is able to dissolve excess triglyceride, a substance that would otherwise be stored in the body as fat. Green tea also contains antioxidants that are able to stimulate the nervous system and release fat into the blood stream so that it can be burned as fuel to provide the body with energy meaning you can exercise for longer and burn more calories.

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Irvingia Gabonensis

This natural substance is thought to work by improving heart health, lowering cholesterol and controlling blood glucose levels meaning that it is easier for the body to lose weight.

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Caffeine in LipofuzeThis substance is able to boost metabolism, starting the process of lipolysis where fatty acids are released into the blood stream in order to be converted into energy. As it is a stimulant, it is able to provide the body with energy meaning longer exercise and more calories being burned, as well as increasing concentration levels and mental clarity.

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Co-Enzyme Q-10

Co-Enzyme Q-10 is a substance that is able to aid weight loss due to its capability to produce cellular energy, which boosts metabolism and enables you to sustain a healthy weight. It helps the body to transform food into energy and helps to control the fat and glucose levels in the blood.

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Weight Loss Power: 40/100

The Lipofuze website claims that users can expect to see huge amounts of weight loss while taking the supplement with customer testimonials stating up to 40 pounds of weight loss, however due to the lack of clinical testing, there is no way to know for certain how powerful the supplement is.
Speed of results: 35/100

While the website states that users should experience the effects of the supplement right away, there have been mixed customer reviews as to the speed of results, with some users claiming that they did not see any effects for the first couple of weeks.
Appetite Suppression: 45/100

There are many customer reviews, which state that the supplement has strong appetite suppressing effects with some customers even claiming the effects were so strong they were left feeling lightheaded and did not feel the need to snack at all.
Long Term Results: 40/100

As there have not been any clinical studies carried out on the supplement and its effects, there is no way to know whether the effects are long term or not. The customer testimonials on the product website suggest that results are long term but reviews on online retail websites are mixed. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 65/100

Again, there have been no clinical studies conducted on the product and so there is still some questioning over its safety, however testing on its key ingredients suggests that the product is safe as long as those with medical conditions speak with their doctor first.
Value for money: 35/100

At just over £38 for a month’s supply, Lipofuze averages to just over £1 per day making it one of the cheaper supplements on the market. However due to the lack of clinical testing and the mixed customer reviews it seems that the product may not be worth the money.

Lipofuze Side Effects

Lipofuze Potential side effects - headachesThere is no mention of any side effects that accompany Lipofuze on the product website; however, this does not mean that there definitely are none. In fact, there are known side effects from some of the product’s main ingredients, which mean that it is likely that similar effects will come with Lipofuze. These side effects include headaches, stomach irritation, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, sleep problems, constipation, and nervousness. The ingredients are also known to worsen conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, bleeding disorders, anaemia, irritable bowel syndrome and heart conditions. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to take Lipofuze as not enough is known about the product to determine whether it is safe for them to use. Those taking medication, or who have any pre-existing medical conditions are advised to speak to their doctor before trying the supplement.

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Where to Buy Lipofuze

Unfortunately, Lipofuze cannot be purchased from the UK high street and can only be bought online. It can, however, be found on the product website at just £38 for a month’s supply and the company behind Lipofuze offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

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Overall Verdict

To conclude, clinical testing on Lipofuze’s key ingredients suggests that the supplement is able to aid weight loss, however as there has been no testing on the product itself it is difficult to establish how powerful it really is. There are no detailed instructions that accompany Lipofuze which could also affect its weight loss capability as well as potentially put users in danger. While the pricing of Lipofuze is relatively low and its appetite suppressing qualities have been positively reviewed, the lack of clinical testing and uncertainty over the long term results of the product make it difficult to establish whether it is worth buying.

Overall: 43/100

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