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Liporexall, produced by largely unknown company Liporexall Co., is a supplement that claims to use multiple techniques to help users lose weight, including appetite suppression and metabolism boosting. It contains a large number of multi-component ingredients, each brought to market individually as a weight loss-supplement; whilst combining these ingredients appears logical, the end result may not be as effective as the manufacturers claim.

Claimed to be ‘clinically proven’ and to contain ‘4 cutting edge compounds proven to help you lose weight fast’, Liporexall’s user reviews and ingredients list tells a different story. This article reviews Liporexall’s effectiveness, ingredients list, side-effects, method of action and where to buy Liporexall.

Take a look at our User Reviews of Liporexall to find out more.

liporexall review

Liporexall Pros
  • Contains several ingredients which evidence suggests can induce effects that aid weight loss.
  • Plenty of positive user reviews from different sources.
  • Few negative side-effects.
  • Not overly expensive and comes in several varieties for different requirements.
Liporexall Cons
  • Average at best reviews from customers, and many reports of no effects whatsoever.
  • Most ingredients have little evidence to suggest they can help with weight loss.
  • Effective ingredients are likely present in too low concentrations to have any real effect.
  • No real information about the manufacturers and reports of no response to queries from customers.
  • Little reason to favour this product over similarly priced, more positively reviewed products.

Liporexall Review

appetite suppressant qualities in LiporexallThe method of weight loss is not directly described on the website, nor by any retailers; a list and description of the ingredients and their effects on weight is given instead. Appetite suppression is definitely implied, with at least three ingredients claimed to induce this effect; increased metabolic rate and fat burning are also described, and effects specific to certain ingredients include carbohydrate blocking (reduces absorption of carbohydrates) and increased fat excretion.

Claimed Weight Loss Benefits
Some ingredients have alleged health benefits including creating ‘healthy skin and organ health’ and increased vitamin and nutrient absorption. It’s worth noting that by listing ingredient benefits without claiming Liporexall to have these effects, ‘Liporexall Co.’ avoid committing to the effectiveness of their product. A disclaimer can be found on the companies offical website, which states that no thorough trials have been carried out on the finished product.

We suggest you read our article on Clinical Studies of Liporexall to find out more information on the product.

How it works

How does Liporexall workLiporexall claims to reduce appetite, and a few ingredients suggest this is possible; caffeine, seemingly present in high concentration, is known to diminish appetite and decrease fatigue, and pinoleic acid has been shown to significantly inhibit hunger-related hormones, although the concentration of this ingredient is unknown. Here is a website which explains in more detail an ingredient which helps control your appetite, Liporexall Co. also claim that it can decrease metabolic rate, causing the body to use energy faster and, hypothetically, burn more fat. One ingredient contains synephrine, a chemical often considered to increase metabolic rate with no side-effects, but with no conclusive evidence on this, though it could increase the rate of lipolysis (breaking down of fats); Liporexall Co. also claim that piperine, another ingredient, boosts metabolic rate, but no evidence has ever demonstrated this.

It is possible that Liporexall can decrease carbohydrate absorption, since it contains white kidney bean extract, which has been shown to inhibit the enzyme amylase in the gut, which breaks down starch from plants.

Does Liporexall help fat burningFinally, Liporexall could prevent fats from being stored in the body by inhibiting a lipase (fat-destroying) enzyme that takes fats from food and stores them in adipose tissue; this is due to linoleic acid, which studies suggest can decrease fat stores in obese individuals.

However, despite all these potential effects, each one is caused by two ingredients at the most and Liporexall contains over 11 ingredients. Since there are so many ingredients, it seems unlikely that Liporexall will be concentrated enough in any ingredient to produce any of the above effects significantly, especially since the studies behind the ingredients used much higher dosages than the entire supplement. Whilst this doesn’t mean Liporexall cannot work, it could explain the large number of reviews that claim it has no effect.

For more information read our How does Liporexall work article.

Key ingredients

Liporexall key ingredientsAlthough Liporexall contains a lot of ingredients, only a few have strong evidence that they can aid in weight loss. Their effects are described below:


Hydroxycitric acid
Hydroxycitric acid is present in the ingredient SuperCitriMax, evidence suggests that it can induce small decreases in body-fat levels in overweight individuals. It has been shown to reduce carbohydrate digestion outside the human body, and to affect the metabolism of fats. However, other studies have reached opposite conclusions, and the concentrations used were again much higher than will be present in Liporexall.

Synephrine aka Bitter Orange in LiporexallSynephrine is an ingredient commonly found in supplements, which many studies have suggested can increase metabolic rate. A study from 2011 in a medical journal saw 20 subjects being given either a synephrine supplement or a placebo, and then having their resting metabolic rates measured after 75 minutes. The people who took the synephrine, along with other subjects who had taken combinations of synephrine and other supplements, saw a greater increase in metabolic rate than the placebo group, with no side-effects. However it is not known how long this effect lasted for or whether the concentrations present in Liporexall are great enough to induce these effects.

For more information, we recommend you read our Bitter Orange article.

Pinolenic acid
Present in Pinnothin, it has been shown to decrease the activity of appetite-related hormones, so could decrease hunger, particularly in overweight individuals; another study measuring ‘appetite sensations’ (presumably hunger) saw a 36% decrease in hunger in 18 overweight women compared to the placebo. However, the concentrations used were again much higher than those present in Liporexall.

White kidney bean extract
White Kidney Bean in LiporexallPresent in ingredient ‘Phase 2’, this chemical inhibits amylase, the enzyme that digests starch in the mouth and gut. In high concentrations, the extract can significantly decrease the amount of carbohydrate the body absorbs (although only starch, not glycogen, the animal carbohydrate), which decreases the number of calories the body ingests. Whether this effect will occur at the low concentrations in Liporexall is debateable.

Linoleic acid
Present in Tonalin, recent evidence has suggested that this sunflower oil derivative can help with fat reduction; a study showed that adults who took no exercise or dieting lost fat in specific areas using a linoleic acid supplement, and another showed similar results. The mechanism for this is unknown; but once again, the concentration of linoleic acid is likely to be too low to have any real effect.

Caffeine in LiporexallBoth in a raw form and in DiCaffeine Malate (DCM), a combination of caffeine and malic acid.Caffeine is known to help with appetite suppression even in small doses, reduce physical and mental fatigue, to allow dieters to function better on less calories, and improve alertness; malic acid has few known effects but DCM is likely to have similar effects. Whilst Liporexall Co. don’t state the concentration of caffeine present in Liporexall, being present in two forms suggests significant presence – but users rarely report the rush of energy associated with caffeine intake. This is also an ingredient which could cause unpleasant side-effects.

Read more information about caffeine on our article.

The many other ingredients present in Liporexall have no or little reported weight-loss effects. The combination of the above ingredients could be potent, attacking weight loss from several angles-or it could do nothing, with the concentration of each ingredient being too low. It is therefore better to use customer reviews and expert opinion to determine the effectiveness of Liporexall.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

Liporexall almost certainly contains ingredients beneficial to weight loss, but the concentrations have to be so small that it’s unlikely they have any real effect. Slightly less than half of independent reviewers appear satisfied, even thrilled, with the results they’ve seen, but since most reviewers profess to also dieting and exercising it’s hard to tell where the results are coming from; plus, most people claim to have experienced little or no weight loss. Furthermore, the confusing information given by the manufacturers about how often, and how long, to take Liporexall for suggest users may see no results simply by using the pill for the recommended period.
Speed of results: 20/100

Reviewers both satisfied and disappointed who claimed to have seen results gave estimates between a few days to several months for anything significant to occur, with results being between 1 and 10 pounds lost. Whilst this is by no means slow, the fluctuations suggest many reviewers were describing weight lost as water, or other non-permanent means, so the longer periods are more likely. Since this is a relatively small amount of weight lost, users hoping for greater results will likely have to commit to a longer term plan- three months plus even- for real results, if any occur.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

Of the customers who were satisfied, most claimed to have felt less hungry whilst taking the pill, though a few were pleased more by the weight lost than the suppression. But almost all of the negative reviewers claimed to have felt no appetite suppression and a few even claimed to be hungrier after taking Liporexall. Whilst appetite suppressants are present in the ingredients, the low concentrations seem to mar their effectiveness.
Long Term Results: 20/100

A low score mostly because less than half of reviewers claimed to have seen weight loss. It’s difficult to say whether Liporexall will be effective in the long term as there are few reports and no studies have been carried out on the products, but it’s possible once individuals stop taking the appetite suppressants, the weight will reappear.
Safety: 50/100

There are few complaints of side-effects, and the reported effects are relatively mild, mostly being headaches and stomach-aches. Most of the ingredients appear safe, although caffeine can have unpleasant effects in high concentrations. The main concern is with the company, read our article on the company behind liporexall, which doesn’t give any information about themselves, doesn’t seem to respond to customer requests or complaints and seems generally untrustworthy. Otherwise Liporexall seems relatively safe.
Value for money: 40/100

Liporexall is not expensive relative to other diet-supplements; priced at about £30 for a tub, a common price range, they won’t break the bank and customers can purchase discounted larger bundles, including similar Liporexall products with different purposes, like Liporexall PM or Extreme. However, there are many products, similarly priced, with much better overall reviews, so Liporexall is not a logical choice from a financial perspective.

Side-Effects of taking Liporexall

Side effects of LiporexallThere are few side-effects of taking Liporexall. The most common complaint was headaches, likely due to the caffeine content; consumers that aren’t used to caffeine are particularly susceptible. With extended use, as the body adjusts, this problem should stop, but if it does not consumers are advised to stop taking Liporexall. Bowel problems and diarrhoea are not uncommon, probably because a few of the ingredients contain chemicals not normally found in the body; for example, ChromeMate contains high levels of chromium, not normal in the body, and Phase 2 contains bean extract, which is fibrous and reduces absorption of starch, which could cause changes in bowel movements. Increasing metabolic rate (which Liporexall claims to do) can also cause digestive issues.

Consumers are advised to stop taking the product if these problems persist. There are few other problems reported other than occasional increased hunger or weight gain, but knee-pain was reported on three or more separate occasions; though this seems unlikely to be due to Liporexall, this problem should not be ignored if encountered and consumers should stop taking the product.

Finally, it is possible to experience ‘energy-crashes’ after an initial ‘boost’ with any stimulant-based product (caffeine-based), but this has not been reported and should be very rare. If at all concerned, contact a doctor with regards to the above problems.

Learn more by reading our article about the side effects of Liporexall.

Where to buy Liporexall

Where to buy LiporexallLiporexall is only available through a few retailers, including the manufacturer. Liporexall Co. who offer a huge 90-day money-back guarantee on all Liporexall products, but the company has been known to ignore customer requests and to be difficult to contact. The company offers the highest prices of any retailer but does offer the entire Liporexall range (with PM, Extreme, and 3-day detox varieties) with a variety of package and multi-purchase options; there’s also a £3 shipping cost. Find out more at their website, offer only the original Liporexall, at slightly less cost than the manufacturer;, however, offers almost the entire range, at lower prices than the manufacturer, but without the package options; since the company only recommends taking a month’s worth (one unit) of Liporexall, this is unlikely to be an issue. They also have a much better reputation than the company.

Finally, offer all Liporexall products at similar prices to Amazon, along with a 60-day money-back guarantee and multiple postage options. Whilst their reputation isn’t nearly as great as Amazon’s, they seem to be a legitimate company, with an address, email address and phone number, and offer the best deal of the three retailers. In summary, eSupplements is probably the best place to purchase Liporexall from.

Read our article on Where to buy Liporexall to find out additional information.

Overall Verdict

Liporexall doesn’t appear to offer anything over the large number of similarly priced diet supplements available. It’s user reviews are average at best, with more complaints than success stories; the company producing it gives no information about themselves and many people report no response when attempting to contact them; the ingredients of the product are seemingly mostly useless and those that do work are present in too low concentrations to be scientifically supported.

Despite a thorough advertising campaign and multiple ‘independent’ review sites supporting it, the fact remains that Liporexall is an untested product with plenty of bluff surrounding its effects, the effects of which could easily be attributed to lifestyle changes of the users. It may work for some, but consumers are advised to put their money into more popular supplements; see our Top-5 List for better, more reliable choices.

To find out any more information we suggest you read our article on The Company Behind Liporexall.

Overall: 27/100

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