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Liposinol promises to be a successful fat burner, which will help you shift those stubborn pounds. Unfortunately the company fails to back up claims with evidence.

Below we have reviewed Liposinol against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Liposinol box

Liposinol Pros
  • Some clinical trials have been undertaken on the key ingredient, although these may be biased and unreliable
  • Unlikely to cause severe side effects for most people
Liposinol Cons
  • A number of claims made on the official website that are not backed by evidence
  • No money back guarantee

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Liposinol Review

Liposinol is advertised as a fat burner which claims to trap fat and reduce calories. It has an easy-to-use website that gives you a good first impression. Unlike many diet pills on the market, Liposinol contains only one active ingredient.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Liposinol claims to be an appetite suppressant and fat binder; it is stated on the website that the product can bind up to 27.4% of dietary fats, though evidence is not provided to back this figure up.

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How Liposinol Works

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Liposinol is advertised as a fat binder. Unlike many other diet pills it is clear from the outset what it does, and how it supposedly works is explained on the official website. The mechanism behind Liposinol is a little more complicated than usual fat binders as, as well as binding the fibre in the tablets to the fat in your body, it is said to include a soluble fibre which forms an outer shell around the fat-fibre complex, protecting it from acids in your stomach. This fat-fibre complex is claimed to be too large to be absorbed or digested by the body so instead it is flushed out through your bowel movements.

Liposinol is said to have been tested in clinical trials, though no links to these trials are provided. Whilst this should mean it is able to back up the claims that it makes by studies that have tested its effectiveness and safety, it is likely that these trials were biased and so cannot be deemed reliable. The site is full of information, possibly even too full, with only a section on the product itself while the rest of the site is about: fats, BMI and similar weight related subjects.

Since the product is said to work by binding to fat, you may be required to change your diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight. The product may help to reduce the amount of the weight that you gain, but will not help you to lose weight unless combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. If your diet does not include any fat, the product will not have any effect.

The website claims that it is designed for weight management and the prevention and treatment of obesity, priding itself upon its inclusion of Litramine, a patented fibre complex that supposedly binds up to 27.4% of dietary fats.

Vitamins and Fibres

Liposinol is also available to purchase with vitamins, which are essential and fat-soluble. These are supposedlyreleased following the fat binding phase, which, it is claimed, is made possible with Circadian technology. This supposedly optimises the availability of the essential fat-soluble vitamins for absorption by the body.

Liposinol’s official website continues to explain how the soluble fibres within the weight-loss supplement are hydrophilic, which means they are able to absorb water in order to produce a viscous gel, increasing the viscosity of the stomach content. Along with food contained within the stomach, the fibres are said to produce a bulking effect that gives the impression of feeling fuller for a prolonged period of time. Consequently, fewer calories may be consumed, leading to weight loss.

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Key Liposinol Ingredients

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The key and only ingredient in Liposinol is the one that is said to bind to fat particles in the stomach, which is called Litramine. This is a natural fibre taken from a prickly pear or Opuntia ficus-indica cactus plant, most commonly found in Mexico.

Prickly Pear

This ingredient has been put through various tests and clinical trials which have provided some evidence to back up the claims that it can boost fat binding by up to 27%; however, studies have only been performed by individuals who are employed by the company selling the product; as such, they may not be reliable. It is also said to have the potential to reduce cholesterol levels – although this may be due to the loss in body fat and weight more than the actual product. Prickly pear cactus can cause some side effects including mild diarrhea, nausea, increased amount and frequency of stool, bloating, and headache; these will be discussed in more detail below.

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Clinical Studies

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Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a medical strategy, treatment or device is safe and effective for humans. They are also used to show what medical approaches work best for certain illnesses. A lot of scientific research is done first before any clinical trial takes place, and then the next step is normally animal testing to see how the approach affects a living body, and if it could be potentially lethal. However, what does work well on animals in a laboratory environment wouldn’t necessarily work in the real world so that’s when tests on humans are needed.

So you would assume that these tests would give you accurate results (as accurate as you could get), however that is not necessarily the case. In many cases it has been found that clinical trials can often be biased, and not necessarily reflect the actual results. One example of this is the company Merck are known to have falsified the results of their drug Vioxx and they are not alone in this.

It is stated on the official website that Liposinol has been tested in a number of clinical trials, and can consequently provide evidence for its effectiveness and safety. The website claims that research surrounding the diet pill is ongoing. In a similar fashion, there is plenty of information on the website to describe and explain how the product works. However, the manufacturers do not provide any links to this evidence, and so it seems unlikely that it is reliable. A review of the scientific literature reveals no trace of the studies in scientific journals. This means that the studies were likely to have been biased and used poor methods. The results therefore cannot be deemed reliable.

Clinical Studies on Liposinol

The website states that pre-clinical and clinical studies were conducted at the TNO Nutrition and Food Research (The Netherlands), CERN (Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Nutrition, France) and Obesity Clinic (Germany). Results from these various studies supposedly showed that Liposinol was quite an effective fat binder, which leads the makers claim that the product is therefore clinically proven to bind up to 27.45% of dietary fats. Of course, sadly, we are not given links to any of these studies so we cannot look in depth at what was found or how these studies were carried out. The positive results are likely to have been biased and unreliable.

A study in Germany which was purportedly 2-armed, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled fat elimination study of Liposinol. The makers claim that this study proves Liposinol™ is a strong fat binder, because the results showed weight loss and increased satiation. Again, no evidence for the existence of this study is provided.

Clinical Tests on Litramine

Litramine is a natural fibre taken from a prickly pear or Opuntia ficus-indica cactus plant which is most commonly found in Mexico. This ingredient is claimed to have been put through various tests and clinical trials which provide evidence for the claims that it an boost fat binding by up to 27%.

In a clinical study to test the efficacy of Litramine, to see if it significantly reduces the body weight of overweight and obese subjects, a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, bicentric clinical investigation, evaluated the safety and efficacy of Litramine™ in reducing the body weight of 123 overweight and obese subjects. The results of the study showed considerable BMI reduction after 12 weeks, and reductions also in average waist circumference and body fat mass.

Unfortunately, it is important to note that this study was performed by individuals who worked for the manufacturers of Litramine, casting doubt over the reliability of the trial. Before it can be deemed effective, independent clinical studies need to be performed on the ingredient.

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Liposinol Side Effects

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The official Liposinol website says that the product is entirely safe and that you will not experience any side effects. However, it is common with fat binders to experience some kind of gastro-intestinal discomfort and side effects as the product should have an impact on the digestive tract. The makers also suggest you take some multivitamin tablets because the product can often bind to vitamins from foods preventing them from being absorbed in to the body.

In some customer reviews of the product, however, constipation and diarrhoea have been reported as side effects, and this is a common result of taking fat binders, as the body supposedly flushes out the fat-fibre complexes that are too large to digest. This can vary from consumer to consumer, however, and some people may not suffer from any side effects. If you have any allergies or sensitivity to the product, you should avoid this product and make sure to seek medical advice before touching weight loss supplements like Liposinol.

There are, also, some associated fears about pregnant women taking Liposinol. Although nothing has been proven, we recommend that you take precaution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It should also be used with caution by heart patients, who should seek medical advice from their doctors before taking the capsules. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before taking the product if you have a pre-existing health condition as the product has not been well-tested and so some side effects may remain unknown.

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How to Use

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If the consumer is obese or overweight, and hoping to achieve weight loss, it is said that they should take 2 Liposinol tablets after each main meal, and even increase to 3 tablets if consuming a meal which is very high in fat quantity. Further recommendations include taking Liposinol with BerryLite, a variation of the weight-loss supplement, with 1 stick sachet after each main meal, increasing once again to 2 stick sachets if taking a very high fat meal. A further recommendation for those taking the Liposinol with Vitamins variation is to take 2 Liposinol tablets after each main meal, increasing this to 3 once again after taking a meal that is very high in fat.

For those who are merely hoping to achieve maintenance after weight loss or healthy weight maintenance, the website recommends consumers take 1-2 Liposinol tablets after each main meal, increasing to 3 tablets if taking a very high fat meal. Again, with the recommendation of Liposinol with BerryLite, the consumer should take 1 stick sachet after each main meal, increasing to 2 if eating a meal which is high in fat. As for the recommendation of taking Liposinol with Vitamins, the consumer should take 1-2 Liposinol tablets after each main meal, increasing to 2 tablets if eating a particularly fatty meal. Ultimately, it is not recommended that the consumer take more than 6 tablets a day, or 4 stick sachets if following the added recommendations.

A further recommendation by the company behind Liposinol is to obtain better results by increasing your consumption of water every day by drinking at least two litres daily. This is supposedly in order to achieve an internal cleansing and a better digestive process. They also state that the consumer should be following a balanced, low-fat diet in order to achieve faster results, and this should be combined with regular exercise.

The capsules are recommended to be taken after food and in cycles of three months on and one month off until your target weight has been achieved. If any problems occur, it is important that the consumer consult their doctor immediately and refrain from continuing to take the weight-loss supplement. They also recommend the consumer reads the product information leaflet that is enclosed with the product before starting on Liposinol as it will help attain the maximum benefit from Liposinol.

A rest period of 3-5 days is recommended after every 30 days of consumption of this weight-loss supplement. It is not intended for nursing or pregnant women, adolescents or individuals on restricted diets. If you have questions about the advisability of taking this product, please consult a physician, pharmacist or herbalist before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Those who shouldn’t take the product include pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with a BMI below 18.5, those who eat liver or liver products once a week r more, those who are at risk of osteoporosis. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before taking the tablets if you have any medical condition (particularly diabetes or kidney problems) or are taking any medication (particularly cholesterol-reducing medicines).

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Who Makes It?

InQpharm is the company behind Liposinol. Their website is fairly professional, and they set out their aims and ambitions. Based in Berlin, Germany yet with global headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, they pride themselves on creating therapeutic compounds and products using ingredients from natural sources, and this appears to be one of their primary selling points.

They claim to use cutting-edge technologies, and are a global company with offices in Asia and Europe. There is a lot of emphasis on their website about their passions for research and development, as well as the importance of compliancy with regulations. Although generally informative, the official website does make a number of claims that are not backed by any evidence. It is possible that the claims are exaggerated or untrue. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

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Where to Buy Liposinol


The link to buy the product is not hugely visible at first on the official website however there is a link constantly visible in the top right corner. The official website sells the product for €33.00 which equates to about £28, this is for 60 tablets which if taken at the rate the makers suggest means one box may only last a week. It doesn’t appear to be available to buy at any other reputable retailers. At the time of writing, it is claimed that the product can no longer be sold outside of the US.

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Does Liposinol Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No money-back guarantee is mentioned by the company.

One-off payment: Yes, there does not appear to be an auto-enrollment scheme.

Manufacturing Standard: It is stated that procedures adhere to GMP standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Ingredient quantities do not appear to be provided.

Company contact details readily available: No, only an online form.

Liposinol does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and information about ingredient quantities and contacting the company is not provided.

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Overall Verdict

While on the face of it Liposinol may sound like a good diet pill product, it has a number of downsides. The official website is informative, describing in detail how the product is supposed to work. However, links to evidence of these claims are not provided. Similarly, there are clinical studies on the primary ingredient in the product, but these studies were performed by employers of Litramine and so may well be biased. The official website states that the product will not cause any side effects, but it is certainly possible for consumers to suffer from gastro-intestinal effects as a result of the product.

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