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Lipovits is an herbal weight loss supplement that contains a mix of Chinese herbs as its ingredients. It claims to bring about several promises, notable amongst them being weight loss, fat burning, appetite suppression and metabolism boosting. They aim to do this through the potent mix of ingredients such as cassia seed, lotus leaf, kiwi and others that they contain.

Let us look at the merits and demerits of this particular weight loss supplement as a focus of this review.

Lipovits Review

Lipovits Pros
  • Official website appears to be quite useful in terms of the information that it offers
  • Appears to be moderately priced
  • It is herbal in nature so appears to be safe
  • Available all over the world through shipping
  • Reviews for the product are available
Lipovits Cons
  • Does appear to possess some side effects
  • Does not have clinical backing to support the product as a whole

Lipovits Review

Lipovits is an herbal weight loss supplement that contains a mix of several different ingredients, some of which are Chinese herbs in nature. Let us delve into more detail about what this product aims to do and how it attempts to fulfil those claims.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturers of Lipovits claim that it is a metabolism booster, an appetite suppressant, a weight burning agent and a fat burner as well.

How Lipovits Works

Lipovits weight loss claimsLipovits is believed to be a fat stripping pill. What this essentially means is that it acts along two lines. On the one side, it prevents non fat material within the body from converting into fat while on the other side, it plays a considerable role in burning fat already stored within the body. Therefore, it has a dual purpose, because it plays both a preventive role and a curative role.

The official website delves into this in more detail by elaborating on how this particular weight loss supplement comes around to working. For one, Lipovits speeds up the metabolism of the body and this results in more fat being burned, thus reducing the total fat content of the body. The metabolism boosting effect works in two ways. On the one hand, it allows for effective burning of fat stored in the body while on the other hand, it allows the body to feel energetic and lively. Moreover, Lipovits smoothens the intestines, which helps to relax the bowels. This subsequently results in detoxifying the intestinal system, preventing materials present from being translated into storage as fats. Lipovits is also useful in the sense that it targets specific body regions, such as thighs, belly, and legs in particular. Since these are usually areas where fat is accumulated to the highest levels, this appears to be quite a useful feature of this particular weight loss supplement. Finally, this particular weight loss supplement contains antioxidants, which is primarily useful for two purposes. Firstly, antioxidants result in a thermogenic effect, which means that they release heat for purposes of metabolism boosting. Secondly, they release toxins stored within the fat and allow for their removal from the body. The toxins otherwise result in affecting the body’s ability to both carry out effective metabolism boosting and effective weight loss.

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Key Lipovits Ingredients

Job’s tears

This is a tropical plant found within the grass family. It is found most commonly in the Southeast Asian region. It is believed that this particular ingredient inhibits the build-up of fat within the body.

Oriental water plantain

Oriental Water Plantain In LipovitsOriental water plantain is a kind of a plant that is used for several medicinal purposes. Prime amongst these is its use as a treatment for diabetic patients. It is used as a diuretic, which implies that it results in an increase in secretion of urine. This implies that excessive salts are excreted from the body. It is also believed that this particular ingredient results in a decrease in the content of hepatic lipids. Finally, it is believed that the root of this particular plant results in a decrease of blood glucose levels in the body, which is believed to be fairly useful.

Lotus leaf

As the name suggests, lotus leaves are derived from the lotus plant, which is believed to be a diuretic. It therefore allows the toxic elements to be eliminated from the body. These toxic elements would otherwise accumulate inside the body, and could possibly be translated into fats and stored as them.


Strawberries In LipovitsStrawberries are a powerful use of antioxidants. This has two prime advantages. Firstly, presence of antioxidants results in a significant amount of heat generation. This not only allows fat to be burned but also allows a sustained rate of metabolism boosting to be maintained. Secondly, antioxidants result in toxins being washed out of the body. This is useful because these toxins would otherwise result in possibly being stored as fats, which could lead to weight gain. Moreover, strawberries also play a role in stimulating the hormone adiponectin, which is concerned with fat burning. Therefore, this particular ingredient stimulates weight loss through stimulating the hormone involved in fat burning. They also regulate the hormone leptin, which subsequently plays a role in boosting metabolism. Finally, strawberries are also associated with maintaining blood glucose levels as per required.


Daidaihua is a Chinese herbal product that is believed to be associated with appetite suppression qualities. It is believed that intake of this particular weight loss supplement results in reduced cravings for meals and thus has a suppressing effect on the appetite. However, for now, we have no studies or trials to quote in the favour of this assertion, and so we cannot be sure if this ingredient actually results in appetite suppression or not.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi is a highly popular source of vitamins, notable amongst them being Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Most notable amongst these is Vitamin C, which is a water-soluble antioxidant. It hence protects the body against radical elements, making sure they are flushed out of the body and are not accumulated as fats. Vitamin E is also similar to Vitamin C in these purposes, except that it is a fat-soluble vitamin. It nonetheless compliments Vitamin C in its roles, and hence kiwi fruit is a useful ingredient because it provides these two vitamins for purposes of weight loss and weight management.

For more information, we recommend you read our Lipovits Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

While this particular weight loss supplement appears to be useful in terms of the potent mix of ingredients that it offers, we do not find anything particularly tempting to convince us that this pill has phenomenal weight loss powers. Therefore, this particular weight loss supplement does not receive a high rating in this regard.
Speed of results: 20/100

While the manufacturers mention on the official website that this particular weight loss supplement has a fast fat stripping action, we do not find anything particular in terms of dates. That is, we are not provided with a timeline of over how many weeks or months one should expect conclusive results. Therefore, this Lipovits receives a low rating in this category.
Appetite Suppression: 40/100

This particular weight loss supplement does contain an ingredient, namely daidaihua, which is associated with appetite suppression. However, there are currently no studies or trials to support this particular ingredient, and so this pill receives an average score when it comes to appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The official website does not provide us with any conclusive information when it comes to the long term effects of this particular weight loss supplement, and hence we are tempted to give it a low score in this regard. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 70/100

This product is herbal in nature, and while it does contain some side effects, they are not potentially disastrous. Therefore, while this product is not entirely free from side effects, it is overall not harmful and so we can give it a modest rating when it comes to safety.
Value for money: 75/100

This particular product appears to be moderately priced, and the price for a single bottle is fairly affordable when compared to average prices of other weight loss supplements. Hence, this particular weight loss supplement receives a decent score in this regard.

Lipovits Side Effects

Lipovits users might experience hot flushesThe FAQs section of the official website does mention a few side effects. Let us look at them in detail. First off, the manufacturers state that since the product leads to an increase in metabolism, it may cause hot flushes occasionally owing to the rise of body temperature. However, this is the only side effect that the manufacturers claim that this weight loss supplement has, and this is a bit troubling because we do find other notable albeit usual side effects associated with it.

Let us look at them ingredient by ingredient. First, we have Job’s tears. While this is generally believed to be a safe product, it can at times cause exceptional decreases in blood glucose levels, which can be problematic for some individuals. Next, we have oriental water plantain. This is a bit of a problematic ingredient, because it is believed that it can at times be unsafe, even in small quantities. Therefore, one has to be fairly careful in moderating its intake. Finally, we have kiwi, which is generally believed to be a safe product though people may at times develop allergic reactions to it. This can lead to issues when trying to swallow as well as vomiting at times. Moreover, one should refrain from intake of kiwi if one has a latex allergy, because the latter can often imply that one is allergic to kiwi as well.

For more information, we recommend you read our Lipovits Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Lipovits

It is possible to purchase Lipovits from the official website and there are several offers that you can avail. The prices vary as to whether you are a customer residing in UK and Europe or elsewhere. Let us look at the former case only. When it comes to purchases within the UK and Europe, it is possible to purchase a single bottle worth one month’s supply for an attractive price of £29.99. Moreover, you can also buy a two-month supply together for a total price of £53.98. So, you end up saving if you purchase two bottles together as opposed to buying one alone.

To see more multiple options, we recommend you read our Where to buy Lipovits article. If you have bought Lipovits, we would also recommend you read our How to use Lipovits article.

Overall Verdict

We feel that this product has both merits and demerits. The merits are as follows – the product is affordable, it has an interesting mix of ingredients and is herbal in nature. However, it also has its demerits – it does not have clinical backing and it is capable of manifesting some side effects. Based on the evaluation of merits versus demerits, we feel that this product does not offer an exceptionally strong means of weight loss. While it has several claims associated with it, these claims fall short of clinical validation and testimony and hence we feel that Lipovits does not deserve a high recommendation.

If you are interested in who makes Lipovits, we recommend you read our The Company behind Lipovits article.

Overall: 43/100

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