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Mangodrin is a supplement which uses the clinically proven African mango seed extract to support weight loss with no apparent side effects. It is developed by a company called TruDerma and has gained a lot of media interest.

However, there are also other ingredients which mainly consist of stimulants and the product has received mixed customer reviews. In this review we will discuss the benefits of the product as well as the potential side effects.

mangodrin review

Mangodrin Pros
  • Clinically proven African mango seed extract
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Mangodrin Cons
  • High in stimulants
  • Unpleasant side effects
  • Mixed customer reviews

Mangodrin Review

Mangodrin consists of African mango seed extract and stimulants to aid weight loss. It is sold by TruDerma, a reputable company and has varied customer reviews online. African mango seed extract is clinically proven to aid weight loss which they use as their selling point. However, by using this, TruDerma can mislead some customers into believing their supplement as a whole is clinically tested and has no side effects when in fact it contains more than just the mango seed. It contains a variety of stimulants used to boost the metabolism but they can have unpleasant side effects.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Mangodrin claims to lose up to 28 pounds in 10 weeks. It is designed to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and burn fat while promoting young and healthy skin. We agree that the product has appetite suppressing properties but disagree with its claims to be a metabolism booster and a fat binder.

How Mangodrin Works

Mangodrin works by interfering with the hormones and enzymes in the body, altering appetite and absorption. The stimulants kick start the metabolism and make the body feel energized. Appetite suppression means a lower calorific intake, increasing the rate of which fat is converted to energy. The higher the metabolism, the faster fat can be burned and used as energy, rather than being stored in the body.
african mango in mangodrin
The pack contains 60 capsules and two should be taken daily with a meal and 8oz of water, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The supplement should not be taken longer than a period of 8 weeks.

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Key Mangodrin Ingredients

Mangodrin contains African mango seed extract. This has been proven to improve leptin levels, the hormone which controls appetite. It also increases the secretion of Apidonectin, enhancing the effects of insulin by controlling glucose absorption.

caffeine in MangodrinThe concerning thing about this though is it is a proprietary extract, which means the actual quantity of mango seed is unknown and could be cut with other things to make it more profitable. It also contains stimulants including caffeine, synephrine, green tea and Glucuronolactone. These boost metabolism while making the body feel pumped and alert.

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Weight Loss Power:


Some ingredients in Mangodrin have potential to aid weight loss; particularly the African mango seed extract which has been proven to reduce fat. It is a proprietary extract however so it cannot be fully trusted.

Speed of results:


Some have noticed the effects of Mangodrin within a week of use. However they have also noticed the side effects within a day of use.

Appetite Suppression:


The African mango seed extract improves the sensitivity of leptin, the hormone which controls appetite. When leptin levels are low, it takes much less to feel full. This effect is complimented by Apidonectin. Green tea is also known to suppress appetite.

Long Term Results:


The stimulants are likely to have a short-term effect and when consumption ends weight gain will be prompt unless there is an increase in exercise. The product is not recommended for use after 8 weeks. Click here to see out top rated diet pills.



There are many side effects associated with the stimulants in Mangodrin and some can be quite dangerous for example an increased heart rate. There is an extensive list of precautions on the packaging.

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Value for money:


The price is reasonable for a month supply ($50/£33) and with proven effects makes it stand out against many other supplements which are more expensive. But some customer reviews have deemed it a waste of money.

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Mangodrin Side Effects

Mangodrin is advertised as having no side effects however this refers purely to African mango seed extract. There are common complaints of unpleasant side effects. These include headaches, trouble sleeping, increased heart rate and vomiting. These are caused by the stimulants in Mangodrin and can affect those with a lower tolerance much worse. Medical advice should be sought before use, particularly if using prescription drugs or if you have a medical condition.

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Where to Buy Mangodrin

Mangodrin is available for purchase online from the official manufacturers, TruDerma, for $50 for a month supply. They also sell a stimulant free version however this hasn’t received much positive feedback. TruDerma offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Mangodrin is also available from GNC for $43.99 or from Amazon for $27.09.

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Overall Verdict

Mangodrin does show promise for aiding in weight loss. The clinically proven ingredient has evident effects but is not the main ingredient, despite marketing. The stimulants show potential however they are potent and can have some nasty side effects. The company appear to be trustworthy but they do mislead customers by often confusing African mango seed extract with Mangodrin. They also offer a money back guarantee which is promising.

The supplement would benefit from having less stimulants and unnecessary ingredients and having more actual African mango seed extract. It would be worth investing money into a supplement which does this, rather than paying the price for stimulants and pointless ingredients like nettle leaf extract.

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  1. leonor says:

    I just started taking Mangodrin today and my mouth is full of Silvia and I think this might be due to the pills… I’m going to stop taking it.

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