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Matrix T5 XT Extreme

The Matrix T5-XT Extreme is described as a thermogenic fat burner and is distributed by a company with a clear focus on sports and weight distribution, as it shares its online shelves with protein shakes.

matrix t5 xt extreme

Matrix T5 XT Extreme Pros
  • Good focus on metabolism boosting
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle
Matrix T5 XT Extreme Cons
  • Not enough evidence to support some ingredients roles
  • Aimed specifically at a sporty lifestyle

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Matrix T5 XT Extreme Review

Matrix is a diverse product which will benefit those with a vigorous exercise routine built into their life. It is a product intended to both reduce body weight yet also help to increase muscle mass and promote a healthy lifestyle. Matrix T5 XT Extreme tackles both key weight loss areas and promotes muscle gain and energy conversion. It uses ingredients that can also help muscle recovery and growth from exercise. As a result it can be considered an incredibly diverse product by using both weight loss techniques and exercise promotion and aid. Unfortunately it does not have enough clinical backing for some of its claimed weight loss areas.

Matrix T5 XT Extreme Claimed weight loss benefits

Matrix T5 XT Extreme Fat Burner claims to be an ‘extremely potent thermogenic fat burner’. This implies that the product uses powerful natural ingredients. It also suggested by the bold nature of its claims, that it uses clinically proven thermogenic metabolism boosters which is true when the ingredient list is analysed. It claims it can also suppress the appetite however showing that the product boosts three key weight loss areas.

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How Matrix T5 XT Extreme Works

The Matrix T5 XT Extreme product uses a variety of methods to achieve its intended goals.
It claims to be able to tackle the key weight loss areas of fat burning, metabolism boosting and appetite suppressing. Through the ingredients it also helps aid the recovery of muscle damage and helps promote its growth. The product is clearly designed not just to aid weight loss but to provide the tools for a workout programme. As the company also distributes protein shakes as its primary sales pitch this makes sense. Through the natural ingredients a diverse range of weight loss areas are tackled though.

Green Tea
Green Tea works by using the key weight loss area of metabolism boosting. It tackles this by invoking a process within the body known as diet induced thermogenesis. This means that the Green Tea itself causes the process of internal heat increase within the body. This in turn means that the body converts fat storage into energy more efficiently within the body aiding weight loss by using up stored fat in the body quicker than it would naturally.

Caffeine aids weight loss by also invoking the process of thermogenesis thus using metabolism boosting to tackle weight loss. Some sources state that it can cause appetite suppressant yet there is not sufficient enough evidence to prove this ability of the ingredient.

Guarana’s functions are the same as that of Caffeine and Green Tea due to it being a plant ingredient containing caffeine as a key part of its composition. As a result its caffeine content can cause thermogenesis and thus metabolism boosting.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter Orange Peels use cannot be pinned down accurately as there is insufficient evidence to support its role in weight loss. It has been cited as lowering cholesterol in clinical trials however a factor strongly linked to weight management. However some studies show that it can cause a mild increase in metabolism when compared to the sue of placebos.

L-Carnitine or Carnitine Tartrate is an amino acid, a building block of protein within the body. As a result its function is not weight loss related but more targeted at aiding muscle recovery and growth with an exercise routine.

CLA works by mildly tackling blood pressure. Besides this insufficient evidence is present for its ability to burn fat as it is widely believed to be able to do.

Sida Cordifolia
Sida Cordifolia weight loss ability comes in the form of appetite suppression and metabolism boosting. It contains the sub ingredient known as ephedrine which is a suspected appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Ephedrine causes these processes by invoking thermogenesis in some tests whilst also reducing the appetite of those subjects who used it for medical use.

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Key Ingredients

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The Matrix T5 XT Extreme Fat Burner uses a wide selection of key active ingredients. The total figure is seven and includes a range of natural ingredients. These ingredients include the Bitter Orange Peel, Guarana Extract, Caffeine, Sida Cordifolia, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine , CLA and finally Green Tea. This range of ingredients that the product uses, includes both commonly used ingredients from the wider dietary supplements market as well as some more unique ingredients which only feature in a minority of products. These ingredients and the more common place ingredients, require assessment to determine their origins and composition.

Green Tea
Green Tea is a herbal tea which has its origins in the Green Tea Leaf, derived from the leaf of a plant known as the Camellia sinensis. It is classed as a herbal remedy and has been used for hundreds of years for various ailments and as a relaxing western commodity in recent years. The ingredient is beneficial due to its significantly lower caffeine content when placed in comparison to black tea and to raw coffee. Alongside this it has been proven clinically to invoke the biological process known as thermogenesis, which allows the body to heat up internally and increase its ability to convert foods into energy.

CLA is the short form for the ingredient known as conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is composed of fatty acids within the body. It is derived from the fatty acids that can be found within most dairy products and some meat products such as beef. It helps increase the body’s metabolic rate slightly leading to greater fat burning at the end of the process. The omega 6 acids work to allow for a more efficient conversion of fat stored into energy. CLA allows for a more conventional form of metabolism boosting to take place.

Caffeine is a popular ingredient which is used widely in western culture. It is considered a drug or more accurately a stimulant, alongside substances such as alcohol and nicotine. However its use is more accepted on a wider social scale than the latter. It is an ‘alkaloid’ derived from plants and seeds, discovered initially in Asia from the seeds of the ‘coffee plant’. It is used most commonly for its ability to raise the heart rate of users keeping them awake and alert and giving them a temporary energy boost.

The Guarana Extract is a South American derived ingredient which is highly similar to the Coffee Bean. It has a significantly high level of natural caffeine as this caffeine is made to be potent to protect the plant from consumption by herbivores. The caffeine content is thus high to act as a toxin. The ingredients exact geographic location is in Brazil and is found in what is known as the ‘Amazon basin’. The Guarana Extracts similarity to the Coffee Bean and its significant dosage of caffeine means that it can also be considered a stimulant ingredient like caffeine, coffee and tea.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter Orange Peel is derived from a tree like plant of the same title. The plant is named officially the Citrus Aurantium and has no specific native location pinned down. Varieties of the ingredient are used commonly in Chinese Herbal Medicine however suggesting it is prevalent in Asia. It is used within herbal remedies due to its classification as a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. It includes a sub ingredient which is the driving force behind its abilities as an ingredient. The ingredient is known as Synephrine and features within the plant and its fruits.

Sida Cordifolia
The Sida Cordifolia is a plant ingredient that takes on the appearance of a flower. It is described as a perennial subshrub of an Indian plant known as the Malvaceae. It goes bya collective of names including the Sida Cordifolia, ‘bala’, ‘country mallow’, ‘heart-leaf sida’ or also the ‘flannel weed’. It is covered in a fur like substance and can reach a height of 200 cm.
It is commonly used for the treatment of inflammatory problems but has possible weight loss capabilities as claimed by a variety of sources. It is the sub ingredient ephedrine which causes these changes when the ingredient is ingested.

L-Carnitine or Carnitine Tartrate is a naturally occurring amino acid. Amino Acids are in the body to work as what is described ‘the building blocks of protein’. They form and help the body create and maintain proteins within the body meaning that they are potent in the muscle groups. Their use within dietary supplements is popular amongst products which focus on exercise regimes as the amino acid aids the body recover from workouts and will help muscle growth and recovery. Whilst some sources claim it has weight loss capabilities this is not clinically proven.

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Clinical Studies

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Clinical studies are the processes which take place to scientifically analyse ingredients and sometimes products. These studies take place in the form of trials to see whether an ingredient causes and achieves its effects and goals respectively. Alongside this monitoring of effectiveness it observes the rate of change these ingredients can cause showing the speed as well. With effectiveness and efficiency covered clinical trials then also show the safety of ingredients highlighting what side effects if any occur when the ingredients are ingested by subjects. These studies are used to analyse overall products by monitoring the specific ingredients used in these products.

Green Tea
This study on green teas’s effect on obesity used a database full of Green Tea clinical trials and papers analysing the ingredient to conclude the overall weight loss abilities of the ingredient. The study concluded that the thermogenic properties of the ingredient were legitimate and that weight loss was observed in the majority of trials conducted.

One double-blind, placebo-controlled study tested the effects of caffeine in terms of its thermogenic abilities. The study made use of both caffeine and placebos to monitor how subject’s heart rate, blood sugar and hormone levels changed. The study concluded the thermogenic qualities of caffeine due to the effects monitored in the bodies of subjects.

An aerobic training study was conducted by Rich PA, Villani RG, Gannon J and Self M. It took place in 2000 in Australia and concluded that in opposition to the claims made that the amino acid can aid in weight loss concludes that the ingredient does not promote weight loss. It specifically monitored those ingesting the ingredient in conjunction with aerobic exercise. With this study in mind it is worth noting the limitations of the ingredients. The study does not however overrule the prospect of the ingredient helping in muscle recovery after exercise has taken place.

One study looks at using CLA to reduce fat and cross references various trials that have been conducted upon CLA. The study concludes that in placebo controlled trials the ingredient caused more loss in fat than the placebos though this is cited an inconclusive of its ‘fat burning’ abilities.

Bitter Orange Peel
This study monitored the wider health benefits of the Bitter Orange Peel. It monitored its effects on resting metabolism however and concluded that in comparison to those subjects who ingested a placebo those who ingested the bitter orange peel saw a small increase in metabolism. The study does not conclude however that the Bitter Orange Peel is a confirmed metabolism booster.

A study on Guarana showed that in conjunction with other herbal remedies the Guarana extract saw a fairly significant weight loss in subjects. This is due to the caffeine content in Guarana showing that the thermogenic properties of the caffeine within the plant are potent and still see results like caffeine on its own.

Sida Cordifolia
One survey of clinical trials shows varying degrees of evidence that ephedrine, the active substance within the Sida Cordifolia ingredient, has caused some weight loss in a few individual subjects. Studies vary and do not conclude the process used to achieve this however. An example of the evidence however can be seen from the following extract: ‘Ephedrine vs. placebo: 5 studies. Ephedrine was associated with a statistically significant weight loss of 1.3 pounds/month more than was associated with placebo for up to 4 months of use.’ The study concludes that there is insufficient evidence about the weight loss capabilities of the ephedrine sub-ingredient and thus the Sida Cordifolia.

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Weight Loss Power: 60/100

In terms of weight loss power the Matrix T5 XT Extreme scores fairly highly due to its amount of caffeine related ingredients. This means that the product is a potent metabolism booster leading to powerful weight loss capabilities. The other ingredients however have insufficient evidence to back their abilities meaning that it cannot score very highly.
Speed of results: 40/100

As the product makes use primarily of metabolism boosting it cannot be considered a speedy product in terms of its giving of results. This is due to the method which involves adapting the body’s metabolic rate over the time of use. This means no speedy or immediate results will be felt.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

In terms of the products ability to provide appetite suppression it scores incredibly low. Besides the natural plant fibres in the natural ingredients there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the ingredient Sida Cordifolia which allegedly has appetite suppressing abilities can actually provide this weight loss process.
Long Term Results: 40/100

Over time the Matrix T5 XT Extreme product can provide good long term results due to its key method which after analysis is clearly metabolism boosting. As a result it works slowly and not immediately but changes the bodies metabolic rate over time leading to results in the distance rather than at the beginning.
Safety: 40/100

The product scores fairly well on safety as it contains no alarming ingredients. The presence of ephedrine in the Sida Cordifolia requires some caution as some sources state that it is banned in the US meaning it could be too potent or fairly dangerous.
Value for money: 60/100

As the Matrix T5 XT Extreme product is not very expensive and its metabolism boosting abilities are potent the product can be considered good value for money. Since its other claimed benefits are not sufficiently backed up however it cannot score incredibly highly.

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Matrix T5 XT Extreme Side Effects

It is possible for dietary supplements, including the Matrix T5 XT Extreme to cause a number of adverse side effects. This is due to the mixture and quantity of ingredients used. In the specific case of Matrix T5 XT Extreme this is highly likely due to both the nature of the ingredients included and the high number, a total of seven key active ingredients. The case is usually that the side effects which occur are ingredient specific and not specific to the product as a whole. This is the case with Matrix T5 XT Extreme as well, the side effects that could occur are ingredient specific.

Green Tea
Green Tea can cause a number of caffeine related side effects. These effects begin with the potential to cause jittery and restlessness. This in turn can affect the quality of sleep that the user gains meaning that their general health becomes a slight issue. From here the repeated disturbance of sleep and lack of it can develop into mild to severe insomnia. This is due to the natural presence of caffeine within Green Tea. If the amounts of Green Tea used are moderate, small and safe then these effects are unlikely to occur. Caffeine related side effects are generally well tolerated.

Caffeine can cause the same effects that Green Tea can cause as it is present within Green Tea. These effects include jittery and restlessness and the potential to effect sleep quality and cause potential insomnia.

Guarana is a natural plant ingredient containing fibres and high quantity of natural caffeine content. Guarana as a result also like Green Tea, can cause caffeine related side effects. These include sleep related side effects such as insomnia and irritability along with potential jittery in the day.

Bitter Orange Peel
The Bitter Orange Peel has no specific potential side effects as it has caused numerous unexpected results in clinical trials. It has the higher potential of causing complications for pregnant women though and as such should be avoided if pregnant. Blood pressure is the key problem as it can cause further issues.

CLA can be responsible for stomach upset including nausea and constipation as well as fatigue. This comes as a result of it being drawn from fatty acids which are commonly found in meats and dairy products, both of which can cause stomach upset as foods.

L-Carnitine or as its also known; ‘Carnitine Tartrate’ can be responsible for stomach upset including nausea and constipation as well as potential vomiting and seizures however these are more likely to occur in an injection format and if too much of the ingredient is applied as opposed to a moderate amount.

Sida Cordifolia
The Sida Cordifolia is listed as able to cause the side effects of nausea, vomiting, restlessness and insomnia. There is insufficient investigation into the ingredient to be solid about whether these effects will happen however in moderate amounts these effects are unlikely.

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How To Use

Before using the Matrix T5 XT Extreme product it is advised that a doctor is consulted to see whether the body weight of the user is healthy or not. It is possible a diet may not be necessary for the user and also may not be healthy. Similarly this meeting is required to determine whether any medication the user may already be taking is safe and will not conflict with the product itself. Pregnant women should avoid the use of this product due to its use of Bitter Orange Peel which is more potent in its ability to cause adverse effects in pregnancy. From the here the instructions provided by the products official website can be taken into consideration. There are two methods to taking the tablets. The first mode is described as the normal method, which involves taking one tablet a day upon waking up. The second is described as ‘hard core’ and involves taking one upon waking up and another just before exercise. It is clear that alongside this plenty of water must be drank and an exercise routine must be incorporated into the user’s lifestyle.

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Who Makes Matrix T5 XT Extreme

The company behind the product known as Matrix T5 XT Extreme are known by the name Matrix Nutrition. They are a company who have achieved longevity as they have been distributing health related products since 2007. The company is a UK business, based within the UK itself providing a range of products. The company’s focus appears to be on distributing health products based on exercise and protein supplements. They offer a free shaker along with their products within certain purchase conditions showing that they are fundamentally attempting to promote and aid body builders and athletes. With the Matrix T5 XT Extreme product however it is clear that their goal involves tackling obesity and converting body fat into muscle mass for some individuals.

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Where To Buy

The first port of call for customers is the official product website when it comes to buying the product. The Matrix T5 XT Extreme product can be bought online in two different sizes. One version of the product includes 120 tablets can be purchased for £24.99. The second version is smaller and contains just 60 tablets and can be bought for £19.95. If multiple versions are purchased a free shaker is given to the customer for other products including protein shakes. When buying the product it comes with a £3.99 delivery charge for Mainland UK customers. This then acquires the user loyalty points which can be used on the site for later purchases and to redeem further free gifts.

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Overall Verdict

Overall the Matrix T5 XT Extreme is a product which is clearly aimed for those wishing to later adopt a workout routine to their lifestyle. Its use of Carnitine shows a desire to help muscle repair and growth and the key focus of the company’s other products show they are focused on exercise and protein building. With that in mind the company themselves are legitimate and easily accessible through their product website. Despite this however its ability to tackle weight loss areas appears diverse whilst actually being fairly narrow. The alternative key ingredients used lack sufficient clinical backing meaning that it’s only trusted ability is its ability to increase metabolism.

Overall: 42/100

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