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Maximuscle Thermobol

Maximuscle Thermobol targets physically active people, claiming that the all-natural diet pill that helps you to lose weight and build muscle alongside exercise. However, the product contains large quantities of caffeine, making it unsuitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

Below we have reviewed Maximuscle Thermobol against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Maximuscle Thermobol review

Maximuscle Thermobol Pros
  • Large amounts of the ingredients included
  • Readily available to purchase both online and in high-street stores
Maximuscle Thermobol Cons
  • Contains a high quantity of caffeine making it unsuitable for those sensitive to caffeine
  • Contains bitter orange extract which has been associated with unpleasant side effects

Maximuscle Thermobol is marked as ‘Rejected’ as it fails to meet all of the points on our ‘Approved Criteria’. To find out more about how Maximuscle Thermobol performed against our criteria click here.

Maximuscle Thermobol Review

Maximuscle Thermobol claims that it will help you to reach your weight management goals by burning fat and boosting your metabolism. The product contains large quantities of ingredients which although may make the product more effective, it also means that the likelihood of experiencing side effects is greater.

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How Maximuscle Thermobol Works


The pills are claimed to give the dieter a temporary energy boost which is meant to push the dieter into exercise overdrive. However the product is so intense with its ingredients, it would wise to seek medical advice before using this product and to use it alongside an athletic training programme to see results.

The majority of the product’s ingredients are thought to promote metabolism boosting which goes hand in hand with fat burning, as the higher the metabolic rate.


The product has an extremely high amount of caffeine at 444mg per daily serving which is the equivalent to 11 cups of coffee and should therefore be taken with caution. Adenosine is a hormone which binds to receptor cells in the brain to calm the central nervous system thus promoting tiredness, but caffeine also binds to these receptors, blocking the adenosine and therefore improving alertness and attention. Caffeine is also said to stimulate the adrenal gland which in turn induces lipolysis; the breakdown of fatty acids into the bloodstream to be used for energy. These free fatty acids are used first during exercise, allowing the body to exercise longer and with maximum output.

The stimulation of the adrenal gland also produces the hormone epinephrine which can increase heart rate, making the body feel more alert. There has been substantial research on the effects of caffeine and it seems conclusive that it boosts energy in various ways. However, there is no evidence for caffeine having a direct effect on weight loss, except as a secondary result from an increase in energy to exercise more.

Bitter Orange Peel

Bitter orange peel is a herb made from the bitter orange tree and has been used for various medicinal purposes such as nasal congestion, skin infections and is even used in Chinese herbal medicine. It is said to act as an appetite suppressor and a metabolism booster and is used as an alternative to ephedrine due to its similar properties.

Ephedrine was banned by the FDA (Food and drug administration) for its connections to heart related illnesses and was particularly dangerous when combined with caffeine, often causing heart attacks and strokes due to the increase in blood pressure.

The chemicals within bitter orange are stimulants and encourage thermogenesis; a heat production which boosts metabolism by burning more calories. They are also said to be able to suppress hunger due to their aromatic qualities; “research with laboratory animals may show that aromatic chemicals in bitter orange affect parts of the brain involved in appetite control,” yet the clinical knowledge is limited as not much research has been carried out on humans.

Green Tea

Another important ingredient is Green Tea, a well-known super food. It is meant to boost energy levels, increase metabolism, burn fat efficiently, suppress appetite and detox the body. The polyphenols in green tea are said to induce thermogenesis and fat oxidation (which is the breakdown of larger storage fats into smaller ones which can be used for energy.) EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, is one of the most active compounds found in green tea and is believed to suppress appetite by inhibiting the hormones which control the desire for food. It is also said that green tea increases the production of the hormone CCK, which is released from the intestines to the brain to say it has had enough food, therefore suppressing appetite.

Green tea also consists of caffeine which stimulates wakefulness and has a diuretic effect, getting rid of excess salts and fluids from the body. Green tea has many effects upon the body, mostly positive, however “very few studies have looked at the fat-burning or weight loss potential of green tea in humans.” In theory, the properties of green tea may help weight loss however these are not tried and tested results.


Chromium, another of the ingredients, enhances the effects of insulin and is usually found in cheese, nuts and wholegrain. Chromium helps insulin to carry sugar into muscle cells, therefore regulating blood sugar. If the body is lacking Chromium this would trigger sugar cravings however studies found that taking Chromium has minimal effect unless the person has a deficiency to begin with.


There is a form of Maximuscle Thermobol which is caffeine free for those who are sensitive to stimulants or just prefer not to have as much caffeine. L-Carnitine is the ingredient which replaces caffeine and it is an amino acid produced in the liver which oxidises fat, breaking it down to be used as energy during exercise, increasing stamina and burning fat more efficiently. Although this product has had good reviews for their lack of side effects, there are more negative comments on not feeling the difference as the caffeine free version doesn’t seem to provide as much as a rush in energy. The caffeine free Thermobol still uses green tea but a decaffeinated version, which means the user can consume these pills later in the evening if they prefer.

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Key Maximuscle Thermobol Ingredients

Caffeine 538

Thermobol tablets include a large amount of each ingredient, including the key ingredients; caffeine, bitter orange peel, green tea and chromium. Maximuscle Thermobol also includes a number of vitamins to give you further health benefits.

The high caffeine content in Thermobol has been considered a negative in many reviews and has left people searching for a Maximuscle Thermobol caffeine-free option. Fortunately, there is the caffeine-free version, but this ultimately results in a lower energy boost.

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Clinical Studies


Clinical trials are experiments performed to gain evidence in support of a hypothesis. There is scientific knowledge prior to the trial and researchers will have their own theories as to what the results will determine. They are usually tested on animals such as rats first to examine the effects and ensure the product is safe to test on humans. Clinical trials are used on all medication to ensure its effects and safety yet many dieting supplements have not had sufficient testing on them to prove if they are effective but are sold regardless which is why caution must be exerted with taking these products.

Although Maximuscle boasts “tried, tested and guaranteed” with all their products, there seems to no evidence of clinical trials being performed on Maximuscle Thermobol. With a closer look, Maximuscle state “clinically proven ingredients” rather than the product as a whole and they provide no references or citations to these proven trials.

As there are no available clinical trials on Maximuscle Thermobol, this article will explore the trials performed on the main ingredients instead.


Caffeine is suggested to contribute to boosting metabolism, therefore promoting weight loss. There has been much research with regards to the effects of caffeine however those concerning weight loss are still a grey area. In six studies, it was revealed that the subjects burned 100 more calories if consuming a high dosage of caffeine (600mg) but not for a standard 150mg dosage.

Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Centre conducted a three phase study which investigated the effects of a caffeine (and ephedra) supplement upon weight loss. The phase consisted of 40 subjects, some of which were given a supplement and others were given a placebo. 12 subjects were given the supplement and were found to have an increase of 8% on their resting metabolic rate, you can read about it here.

In phase two, the 12 subjects, with an additional 28 were given either the supplement or the placebo three times a week for 12 weeks. Fat lost with those given the supplement was 7.9% whereas the placebo was 0.8%. The pulse was quicker in the supplement users but their blood pressure remained the same. In phase 3, the groups were swapped so those previously on the caffeine pill were now on a placebo. The weight loss for the new placebo group remained the same. Researchers concluded that the caffeine/ephedra supplement increased metabolism and promoted weight loss, yet the effects of caffeine alone were hard to decipher in this trial.

Another clinical trial performed on caffeine which is relevant to Thermobol is its effect on exercise when taken beforehand. A series of experiments were run on athletes who were given high caffeine doses at different amounts and different times before exercising. The results concluded that “caffeine tolerance of the subjects does not affect performance during exercise to moderate intensity or duration” which questions Thermobol’s claim of increasing output during exercise.

It seems that there a trend between higher doses of caffeine and metabolism, however weight loss results are minimal and more research is needed to determine if and how caffeine really does affect weight.

Bitter Orange Peel

Bitter orange peel is said to suppress appetite and boost metabolism and this theory has been tested in humans but indistinguishable results were achieved.

15 overweight subjects were tested, with bitter orange extract consisting of 54mg dosage of p-synephrine for 6 hours. The effects were cardiovascular, with an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. The researchers repeated this trial 16 times between 1999 and2011, changing the variables each time. For example they would change the dosage of p-synephrine, may add caffeine and change the amount of subjects. Yet the trend which is apparent regardless to dosages was time.

The subjects which were tested for the duration of 6 hours or less shown increases in blood pressure, heart rate and calorie use. However, the subjects which were tested for longer (up to 56 days) did not show any adverse effects. The trials where the bitter orange extract was combined with caffeine (as in Thermobol) shown increases in metabolic rate and calorie use.

In animal testing, 95% did not show any effects of consuming bitter orange alone but when combined with caffeine they shown increases in cardiovascular activity such as blood pressure and heart rate. Yet these results cannot be assumed for humans without further testing. Weight loss was prevalent in human subjects when tested with a caffeine combination but the researchers couldn’t distinguish “whether the weight loss and increase in basal metabolic rate were due to the caffeine, the bitter orange extract, exercise, caloric restriction or a combination thereof,” deeming the results inconclusive.

However, there were factors present in these experiments which were questionable. Firstly, the subjects were to eat a meal 3 hours before which would contribute to the increase in heart rate. Secondly, human subjects were not controlled like animal subjects; also challenging the reliability of the results as they may not have taken the pills consistently or they may smoke for example. The subjects were mixed genders yet caffeine effects females differently to males, being something else to consider.

After further evaluation, it seems that “p-synephrine alone or in combination with caffeine does not appear to produce significant adverse cardiovascular effects or pose a risk to human health at doses commonly ingested orally.” The results indicate that bitter orange extract also increases metabolism and energy however the effects of weight loss cannot be concluded as that is dependent upon how the subject chooses to expend their energy. There is also no evidence of bitter orange peel altering appetite.

All effects of bitter orange seem apply only for a short term duration, which explains why the Thermobol pills have to be taken regularly to take effect. The FDA does not recommend taking bitter orange peel as supplement, particularly if the user has heart problems.

bitter orange peel in t5 fat burner

Green Tea

It is said that green tea influences metabolism and helps burn fat. There are some clinical trials which prove that it can improve weight loss and maintenance in overweight subjects and it is believed the catechins in green tea have this effect. However, the tests performed with green tea in relation to weight loss produce varied results and therefore, yet again, inconclusive proof.

A clinical trial was performed in a hospital, for 12 weeks, with 60 obese patients. All patients received the same three meals a day but only half of the group were given green tea. The half who received the tea, were found to lose more weight (an average of 24 pounds) in comparison to the 30 who didn’t receive green tea.

Researchers found that this was due to the increase in fat oxidation and energy expenditure in those who drank green tea. However another 12 week trial was performed on again obese subjects and found that they lost barely any weight but were found to have positive effects on the level of cholesterol.

Another clinical trial on the effects of green tea and weight loss consisted of a 12 week trial with 100 healthy adults. Half were given a drink containing 625mg of catechins a day and the others were given a controlled drink which contained added caffeine. Given 180 minutes of physical activity a week and restricted to only two caffeine containing beverages a day, resulting in the catechin group losing more weight from their abdominal region.

The researchers concluded that “the findings of this study suggest that consumption of this beverage containing green tea catechins may enhance exercise-induced abdominal fat” but he then continues to state that additional research is required.

These varying results suggest that the catechins in green tea may have a link to weight loss, but further testing is need to become conclusive proof and discover how exactly weight loss is achieved.

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Maximuscle Thermobol Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

Maximuscle Thermobol has no side effects apart from those experienced from the caffeine. Caffeine can cause a variety of problems, particularly to those sensitive to stimulants.

Caffeine inhibits the molecule Adenosine in the brain which induces tiredness, calmness and relaxation. Due to the excessive amount of caffeine it is no wonder to have these side effects. While the body is awake, it constantly produces Adenosine and as the day gets on the hormone will start to force the body to shut down to sleep.

Caffeine has a similar molecular composition and can therefore block Adenosine, forcing alertness and wakefulness into the brain. So rather than caffeine giving energy it in fact prevents the natural bonding in the brain which makes the body grow weary and crave rest.” It reduces slow-wave sleep in the early part of the sleep cycle and can reduce rapid eye movement (REM) sleep later in the cycle”

It usually takes about 6 hours for half of the ingested caffeine to wear off however Thermobol is taken three times a day, so as it begins to wear off another capsule is popped and an extra 148mg of caffeine is pumped back into the body. Many reviews have said they find the dosage too much and either take only two pills, or stop taking them by 12pm instead of 3pm, to give the extra time to wear off. A customer review on Amazon said “Across 2 days I’ve had a total of 2 hours sleep.”

Something which is not noted in any precautions or product descriptions of Maximuscle Thermobol is the effect of caffeine on certain groups of people. Women have a lower tolerance for caffeine and those taking oral birth control require about twice as long to process caffeine. Also women at the peak of their menstruation period can again take double the time for the caffeine to wear off. Smokers, on the other hand, take up to half as less time (so about 3 hours) to process caffeine and may feel withdrawal symptoms much quicker.

A well-known side effect of excessive caffeine use is feeling jittery and experiencing anxiety. This is because the sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive from the lack of adenosine calming the system down. To keep rebooting the system with caffeine, the body gets no chance to calm down and feels constantly on edge. There is clinical evidence of caffeine misuse having a relation to anxiety disorders and anybody experiencing anxiety is advised to cut down their caffeine intake.

Once the body become so accustomed to functioning with caffeine, if the user then decides to stop taking Thermobol it can induce strong withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety as the body craves the caffeine and fears it cannot function without it.

Green Tea 538

Due to the excessive amount of caffeine in Thermobol, the user may become dependent upon it to function in everyday life. The energy boost from caffeine is short term and the user may feel a come down stage after using it whereby their body feels sluggish and heavy.

To rid that feeling, the user would then ingest some more caffeine as a result of the addiction however with Maximuscle Thermobol the pill is popped so regularly and in a short space of time the user may not be aware of their addiction until they stop using the product, to which withdrawal symptoms may occur.

An online user review said “Today is my first day not taking this product as yesterday I thought I was dying, I only had my morning tablet and 3hrs later I was in work when I felt dizzy, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t breathe”

Withdrawal symptoms can range from nausea, headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. They start happening between 12 and 24 hours of consumption and can last during 2 – 9 days. Research shows that stopping a caffeine intake causes changes in the blood flow in the brain, explaining the common withdrawal headache.

This is something to be cautious of because this addiction works in favour for Maximuscle. If the user is experiencing withdrawal effects they may start re-using the pills again to get rid of these nasty symptoms.

As a secondary result of caffeine mimicking adenosine, the adrenal gland is stimulated which produces epinephrine. Epinephrine regulates heart rate and blood vessels and caffeine increases this hormone release. This increases blood pressure and the blood flow in the brain makes the body feel more alert however this can be quite dangerous, particularly for those with heart problems. It can also interfere with the functioning of prescribed medication. Caffeine stimulates cardiac muscle which means blood vessels can also become constricted, increasing blood pressure.

Another ingredient in Thermobol is Bitter orange peel and while research remains limited, it is thought to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes and can be particularly dangerous when combined with caffeine.

Caffeine and Green Tea are both active ingredients in Maximuscle Thermobol known for being diuretics (when consumed excessively) and therefore increasing the need to urinate. It does this because of the increased blood pressure stimulates the kidneys, alternating the osmotic balance and resulting in an increase in urination.

It can be frustrating having to constantly visit the toilet and it may also lead to dehydration if not monitored. This can lead to dizziness, upset stomach and also potassium deficiency. This may shed a few pounds in water weight, however this is a temporary adjustment and not a definite weight loss as it will fluctuate depending on the body’s salt levels.

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How To Use Maximuscle Thermobol


Maximuscle Thermobol capsules are to be taken three times a day throughout the day for a three month period (so the supplies come with 90 pills). They should be taken on an empty stomach, which the NHS define as 20 minutes or more before eating, and should be consumed with a large glass of water. It is also advised not to take Maximuscle Thermobol after 3pm, due to its high caffeine amount. The user should never exceed the stated dosage as the results could be dangerous.

Maximuscle Thermobol seems relatively easy to take and have clear instructions for usage. However, one grey area seems to be the amount of exercise to accompany these supplements. Is there too much or too little? The product doesn’t seem to offer any guidelines which could cause confusion amongst dieters as to whether or not they are doing enough for the pills to take effect.

Following on from this, there is lack of guidance on what to eat as well. Maximuscle states that it should be taken with “sensible nutrition” however this idea could differ between people, depending on their lifestyle. Are there certain meals which should be avoided? With the many effects of the dietary supplement, surely there are certain foods which may hinder the results.

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Who Makes Maximuscle Thermobol

Maximuscle is a company founded in 1995, by Zef Eisenberg, which is “committed to helping you achieve your performance and physique results from your training”.

It is based in Hemel Hempstead and in 2010 was sold for £162 million to GlaxoSmithKline, a global healthcare company. The company specialises in providing scientifically tested products across Europe to aid in sports training and claims to be the UK’s number one sports nutrition supplier. It is even the leading nutrition partner to England’s Rugby team and is used by many accredited athletes.

All of their products have been branded from Informed-Sport, which is a product quality assurance programme. This authenticates that the supplements (and all the ingredients within them) have been screened and tested to ensure there are no banned substances in the products whatsoever and therefore safe and legal to use. Maximuscle also boasts a high standard manufacturing process, verified by various auditors to reassure the public of the sincerity of their range.

The products are split into three categories; improve performance (blue labels), build muscle (red labels) and lose weight (green labels.) They all consist of powdered shake, power bars and pill supplements but contain different ingredients to achieve the desired effect. The product descriptions list the tested ingredients and explain why they will help the user and if it suited for them. Maximuscle do offer a 40-day money back guarantee on all their products (with some terms and conditions) and do not endorse in free-trials, a common feature of fake dietary supplements.

Something which makes Maximuscle stand out against unreliable supplement companies is that they seem to constantly emphasise that their products work in conjunction with “a sensible nutrition and weight-training plan.” At no point does the company infer that their product is a miracle worker where little effort is required from the dieter. Their official website also provides a variety of training programmes, individually tailored to suit the needs of the dieter, offering them a specialised workout which constantly increases as the body creates a new standard for itself, a key aspect when losing weight.

Something Maximuscle can be criticised for is their lack of health warnings. They provide no warnings about caffeine tolerance and the high risk groups and these are only found once conducting customer review research. They also give no citations or references to the ingredients which they claim to be clinically proven, again forcing the user to do their own research. They waste too many words advertising their product and not enough warning the consumer what they are buying. After reading many reviews, it seems Maximuscle Thermobol would have better comments if they had at least pre-warned their customers of the side effects the ingredients can have. Many have bought Thermobol and have felt the effects take them by complete surprise.

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Where to Buy


Maximuscle is a well reputed company and therefore the products are available from a variety of places, including across the internet, stores and even gyms like LA Fitness or Fitness First.

The prices can range from £19.50 – £38 so it is definitely worth shopping around a bit. Something to consider before buying any Maximuscle Thermobol product is to consult a doctor beforehand as the intensity of the ingredients could cause problems for those vulnerable to caffeine for example. There are three Thermobol products available; the 90 day course, a 30 day course and a 90 day caffeine free version.


The official Maximuscle website, Maxishop, offers their full product range. A standard 90 day pack of Thermobol costs £36.99 and they provide free delivery. Their caffeine free version is cheaper at £24.99 and they even offer a Maximuscle Thermobol Mini, which acts as a top up pack of 30 pills for £12.

Maximuscle offer a customer support service where the user can chat to a professional about combining a suitable training programme with the product. They also design a specific website for the user which is personalised with targets, meal plans, exercise regimes, articles and product offers so they keep the consumer extremely well informed. Maximuscle also offer a points system on purchases, giving future discounts on products.

Buying from Maximuscle entitles the user to a 40 day money-back guarantee, although there are some terms and conditions. The product must be used for 30 days first and if unsatisfied can be sent back with the original packaging along with the users meal plan and training information for Maximuscle to review the refund. However, they offer a refund based on the amount of unused pills and as it is a requirement to take 30, it is unlikely to receive a full refund.

Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett is always a great place to buy supplements due to their reputation, however in this case it seems Maximuscle Thermobol is more expensive here than anywhere else. The product is £37.99 for a 90 day course. However, it may be worth checking back when seasonal sales are on to find a bargain. Holland and Barrett also offer free delivery if purchasing online and provide some detailed customer reviews with star ratings.


The catalogue Very retail Thermobol at a standard £37 for a standard 90 day course, yet this a product which tends to enter the sales often. They provide extensive customer reviews and delivery is free of charge for this product and within 7 working days.


Argos sell Maximuscle Thermobol for £34.99 for a 90 day course, but have frequent sales where the product is reduced by about £8. They also sell the 30 day course for £16.99 and stock Maximuscle protein shakes as well. Delivery is charged at £3.95 yet for a pack of pills it would be worth picking up for free from the store on the high street. The website gives a full product description including how to take and display a range of customer reviews and even Facebook “likes”.


Boots sell the full 90 day course for £36.99 or the 30 day course for £13.99, alongside other Maximuscle products. They provide a detailed description, instructions and medical precautions. The benefit about buying Thermobol from Boots is that there is a pharmacist available in store to give medical advice about the product. Superdrug is another chemist which sells just the 30 day course for £13.99 but doesn’t offer any reviews or ingredient details for the user to peruse.


Sainsbury’s even stock the 90 day course for £32.50 and their website gives a substantial list of ingredients and warnings yet offers no reviews.


The cheapest market for Maximuscle Thermobol is The standard course retails at an impressive £19.50. Amazon provides free delivery, detailed product information and 110 customer reviews (to date). The website also groups this product with other Maximuscle products, advertising their caffeine free version, which is strangely more expensive at £23.99 and their 30 day course for £6.99. Their extensive reviews are very helpful to see how effective the product is, even if used just for research.

For a new user, dedicated to changing their lifestyle to lose weight, perhaps purchasing from Maximuscle would be most beneficial at first to take advantage of their money-back guarantee and their personalised training programmes. Yet if the user knows exactly what they are doing, have used the product before or are simply topping up their supplies, Amazon offers the three Thermobol products at the lowest prices.

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Does Maximuscle Thermobol Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: Yes, if you purchase the product from the official website there is a 40-day money-back-guarantee. This guarantee is however not offered by other retailers.

One-off payment: Yes, with prices ranging from £22.81 – £37.99 depending on where you purchase the product.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find any manufacturing standards for Maximuscle Thermobol.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, however, the website recommends you use the product alongside a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes.

Maximuscle Thermobol doesn’t meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it doesn’t come with a diet plan and we are unable to find any manufacturing standards.


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Overall Verdict

Maximuscle Thermobol contains ingredients which are supported by clinical studies. Furthermore, the ingredients are contained in large dosages, making the likelihood of effectiveness greater. However, the product contains high levels of caffeine, suggesting that there is a risk of consumers developing caffeine-related side-effects. Due to the caffeine content, the product is also not recommended to be taken by those who are sensitive to caffeine. Furthermore, the product contains bitter orange extract, an ingredient which has been known to cause unpleasant side effects. This high dosage of this ingredient adds to the concern.

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