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Mega T Green Tea Collection

Mega T Green Tea Collection is the title of a collection of Green Tea-based formulas developed by North South Science including the Green Tea with Probiotics and Calcium, Green Tea with Probiotics and Antioxidants, Green Tea with Green Coffee and Green Tea with Raspberry Ketone.
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Mega T Green Tea Collection Pros
  • The foundation ingredient Green Tea is a proven source of metabolism boosting
  • The company behind the product offer a range of advice and contact information
  • It can be purchased for a relatively low price in comparison to its fairly powerful effects
Mega T Green Tea Collection Cons
  • Some versions of Mega-T are simply increasing the benefits Green Tea naturally offers
  • Less scientific backing for additional ingredients

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Mega T Green Tea Collection Review

Mega-T products are a range of dietary supplements which can aid in weight loss. It uses Green Tea in combinations with various other natural or naturally occurring ingredients to allow for a synergistic and powerful weight loss. Through this it attempts to use a variety of key weight loss areas including appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and fat burning. It would be accurate to describe the product as a metabolism booster with additional benefits based on which Mega-T product is purchased, as its primary ingredient is Green Tea, a proven source of metabolism boosting in the body.

Mega T Green Tea Collection Claimed weight loss benefits

According to the official product website FAQ, the Mega-T products cause appetite suppression and fat burning whilst using probiotics and antioxidants to ‘reset’ the digestive system. This allows for more effective digestion and, thus, weight loss.

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How Mega T Green Tea Collection Works

The various types of Mega-T each use a different technique, coupled with its standard approach of boosting metabolism, to help users lose weight. This is due to each product using a different counterpart ingredient. One, for example, uses the addition of Calcium whilst another uses antioxidants. The final two use both Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketone respectively. There is a mixture of weight loss techniques in the Mega-T products as a result of this ingredient diversity. These effects include metabolism boosting, fat burning and appetite suppression. Alongside this, some additional effects also work on the body due to the presence of ingredients such as calcium and probiotics.

Green Tea in all the Mega T products
green tea extractGreen Tea is an ingredient which uses the key weight loss area of metabolism boosting to help users lose weight. The way in which the ingredient specifically causes a rise in the body’s metabolism is by a process known as Thermogenesis. This process raises the heat levels within the body which in turn, increases the rate at which food is digested and converted from fat storage into usable energy. This energy can then be used to further exercise routines which add a further extension to metabolism boosting ability. It is clear that Green Tea is an effective and potent ingredient.

Raspberry Ketone in Mega-T
Raspberry Ketone is an ingredient related to fat burning which causes a direct reduction in body weight. This is achieved by a systematic fat burning process which works by breaking down the fats that reside within cells more effectively than they would have been naturally thus increasing the amount of fat burned and preventing a greater amount being reserved for fat storage. This process also paves the way for a quicker metabolism meaning that it works well in conjunction with the primary ingredient which features in all the Mega-T products; Green Tea though Raspberry Ketone only features in one of the products.

Calcium in Mega-T
Calcium disuccinate is essentially a form of calciumThe product Mega-T Green Tea with Calcium makes use of the mineral Calcium as an additonal active ingredient, the same mineral that can be found in milk and cheeses. Calcium works in Mega-T by its cell signalling function which allows it to regulate the fat burning process in cells, working in a similar way to ingredients such as the Raspberry Ketone but on a lesser scale. Alongside this it also provides the additional benefits of its primary role which involves strengthening the bone structure of humans and providing general good health for bones and strength in the body.

Green Coffee in Mega-T
Green Coffee is similar to Green Tea in its role as it is an ingredient which allows the process known as thermogenesis to take place. However as Green Coffee Bean Extract also includes caffeine its weight loss capabilities are enhanced slightly. As well as giving the provision of metabolism boosting as a key weight loss area it also allows for appetite suppression to take place. Appetite suppression involves creating satiety in a person making them less inclined to snack or eat additional meals. Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant alongside others such as fibres and natural plant ingredients. More information is available in our articles on Raspberry Ketone vs. Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone vs. Green Tea.

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Key Ingredients

Mega-T makes use of a variety of natural ingredients which each work with Green Tea in different ways. There are four varying products by Mega-T each featuring a counterpart ingredient that works in synergy with Green Tea to create a stronger weight loss effect than Green Tea would on its own. These ingredients are one hundred percent natural and provide the users of any Mega-T products with a host of potential natural health benefits as well as the natural weight loss effects that the ingredients have the potential to offer.

Green Tea
green teaGreen Tea is a herbal tea derived from the leave of a plant known as the Camellia sinensis. It is classed as a herbal remedy and has been used for hundreds of years for various ailments and as a relaxing western commodity in recent years. The ingredient is beneficial due to its significantly lower caffeine content when placed in comparison to black tea and to raw coffee. Alongside this it has been proven clinically to invoke the biological process known as thermogenesis, which allows the body to heat up internally and increase its ability to convert foods into energy.

Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry Ketones are the product that provide the natural scent and aroma to the raspberry fruit. It is also present within cranberries and blackberries, offering scents for those types of fruits as well. Ketones themselves are organic compounds within substances such as fruits and berries. The ingredient is known for its ability to invoke lipid management and thus control and effectively remove fat from cells promoting weight loss. Raspberry Ketone is present in the Mega-T product; Mega-T Green Tea and Raspberry Ketone. This ingredient brings a natural process of fat reduction to the Mega-T products.

Calcium is a mineral derived from the majority of dairy products consumed by most people on a daily basis, including; milk, cheese, butter and more. It promotes strength of bone structure and provides for the health and the growth in strength of our bodies bones as a result. Alongside this it regulates cell management even having a role reminiscent of Raspberry Ketone in managing fats in cells. Calcium is an active ingredient present in the Mega-T product known as Mega-T Green Tea with probiotics and Calcium, providing both weight loss benefits and additional health benefits.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green Coffee BeanGreen Coffee Bean Extract is a raw form of coffee which has not undergone the same process as regular shop bought coffee beans. These are a little more potent and are similar in their capabilities to Green Tea. They feature in the Mega-T product, Green Tea and Green Coffee. This combination of similar ingredients is a powerful mix as the Green Coffee Bean capitalises on the Green Teas thermogenic ability with its own thermogenic ability as well as providing the additional high caffeine benefits of thermogenesis and appetite suppression.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical studies are a process by which we learn the genuine properties, efficiency and safety of a product or ingredient. These studies are conducted by medical professionals such as doctors and nutritionists and provide the basis of our knowledge of substances based on empirical trialling. The majority of dietary supplements do not have the backing of a clinical study tailored for the overall product. It is most common for products to refer to studies that have been conducted on the individual ingredients that make up the product.

No clinical studies are present for the overall products by Mega-T however this article will assess the individual studies for each ingredient to gain an insight into the effectiveness and the safety of the ingredients. This will be done with the aim of discovering if Mega-T does exactly what it claims to do.

Green Tea Study
clinical trialsEfficacy of a green tea extract rich in catechin poly-phenols and caffeine in increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans

This study was conducted by: Philippe Chantre, Abdul G Dulloo, Claudette Duret, Jacques Vandermander, Dorothée Rohrer, Lucien Girardier, Nouri Mensi and Marc Fathi. The aim of the study was to view the weight control properties of the ingredient Green Tea Extract. The study used samples from 10 men and gave them green tea, caffeine and a placebo. They tested the urine of these subjects to see the internal effects of each. The effects showed that the properties of the Green Tea were significantly different to the caffeine and placebo samples. The study came to the conclusion that Green Tea has thermogenic properties that were not reserved only to its inclusion of caffeine meaning that Mega-T’s claims that its product can cause metabolism boosting are true as both the Green Tea’s natural thermogenic ability and the caffeine content cause thermogenesis allowing for a heightened metabolic function.

Green tea for weight loss and weight maintenance in overweight or obese adults

This study wanted to see research already conducted on Green Tea and use it to cross-reference with other research and analyse for an overall study on its weight management results. Those conducting the study extracted evidence from vrious databases and concluded that the ingredient caused a small weight loss that was ‘insignificant’. This study shows that although effective Green Tea has its limitations.

Raspberry Ketone Study
Raspberry KetonesWhat is Raspberry Ketone, and does it help with Weight Loss?

This study was conducted by the medical resources area of the NHS in 2014 and analyses the Raspberry Ketone ingredient fully. It cites studies conducted on mice in 2005 which involved some set on a normal diet in comparison tot hose with additional Raspberry Ketones in their diet. Some weight loss occurred in those mice which ingested Raspberry Ketones. It finds that its lipid management qualities in helping fat in cells be burned is accompanied by mild thermogenics when trialled in animals. The study also concludes that there is no evidence in medical literature which states that Raspberry Ketone promotes weight loss in the human body. In this respect Mega-T with Raspberry Ketone will rely more on its Green Tea foundation to cause substantial weight loss.

Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone

The study made use of mice as the subjects and fed them a high fat diet. These subjects were then monitored over a five week period and given Raspberry Ketones. The study showed that the Raspberry Ketone was effecting the weight of the mice via lipid management. The ingredient induced the process known as lipolysis, which involves the breakdown of lipids in cells which contribute to body fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Study
green coffee beanEffects of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Weight Loss

The study on Green Coffee Bean Extract was conducted by Heather Hausenblas, PhD, and Brianna Huynh. They intended to observe the shifts in body weight that the ingredient could cause in both people of a normal healthy weight and people who were overweight. This trial, as with the majority of these trials was a placebo controlled trial making sure the effects were legitimate. The results of the trial concluded that ‘GCBE supplementation resulted in significant weight loss for overweight/obese individuals’ meaning that the Mega-T product with Green Coffee will cause a significant weight loss when coupled with Green Tea.

Calcium Study
Efficacy of calcium supplementation for management of overweight and obesity: systematic review of randomized clinical trials

This study on the ingredient Calcium was conducted by Perry R, Zhang J, Ernst E. and Onakpoya IJ. They researched the apparent weight loss capabilities of the mineral Calcium through a placebo controlled trial. Several other trials were conducted which the study does not go into detail over but does state that they were ineffective trials. The placebo controlled trial used subjects taking a dose of calcium whilst others took a placebo and this rendered more promising results. This trial revealed that the weight loss capabilities of Calcium were minimal and actually had less of an effect than the placebo in terms of reducing weight. This means that Mega-T with Calcium will be more reliant on its Green Tea foundation for weight loss.

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Weight Loss Power:


The Mega-T product range gains an average score in terms of its weight loss power as some products promote a higher weight loss power, such as the Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extract version of Mega-T whilst others such as Mega-T and Raspberry Ketone have less substantial evidence supporting its fat burning abilities.

Speed of results:


Mega-T is a product which requires long term use and persistence. It requires a healthy lifestyle and diet too to maximise its effects. In this regard the speed of the results will vary as it is dependent upon the persistence and lifestyle of the user. Generally the results will not appear from up to a few weeks to months.

Appetite Suppression:


In terms of appetite suppression Mega-T products score fairly highly. However it is dependent on which particular Mega-T is bought. The Mega-T with Green Coffee Bean Extract will promote the highest level of appetite suppression due to the additional caffeine content provided by both Green Tea and Green Coffee. As a result it does not score too high as only one version of Mega-T effectively allows for appetite suppression.

Long Term Results:


It is clear that Mega-T products are designed for long term use and naturally long term results. With the speed of the results being lower this is countered well by the long term effects Green Tea can have on the metabolism of the user if the product is taken correctly and within a sphere that includes healthy eating and exercise.



Mega-T products can be considered very safe as they are centred on Green Tea, a natural herbal drink which poses more benefits to health than it does negative effects. In this respect the product is safe as its additions only include natural or naturally occurring ingredients.

Value for money:


The price of Mega-T in comparison with its effects mean that it scores highly on Value for Money. The long term effects of the product if taken correctly and the incredibly low price tag mean that this product is a good purchase.

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Mega T Green Tea Collection Side Effects

With most dietary supplements the side effects that can occur as a result of taking a product tend to be due to the individual ingredients as opposed to the product itself. This is no different in the case of Mega-T products. With Mega-T there no overall product based side effects but rather side effects that can emerge due to the ingredients used in it. As Mega-T products use a range of ingredients these side effects will vary depending on which specific Mega-T product is purchased. There will be some consistency in the adverse effects though as every version of Mega-T uses Green Tea as its base ingredient with side effects caused by Green Tea occurring in all of the Mega-T products.

Green Tea
woman drinking green weight loss teaAs Green Tea is a natural source of caffeine it can cause the side effects associated with caffeine. The amount of caffeine within Green Tea is minimal, however, so the extent of the adverse effects that could occur is low. The adverse effects that Green Tea can cause include headaches due to the dehydration that caffeine can naturally bring about. Another effect is restlessness or ‘jittery’, a feeling of nervous energy and tension brought on by caffeine. Finally effects on the users ability to sleep and their sleep pattern can be moderately disturbed by Green Tea.

Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry Ketone causes some mild adverse effects as it works to increase the effectiveness of fat breakdown in cells. As it undertakes this task it is possible that the user may experience feelings of jitteriness and shaking on an incredibly mild scale; depending on the dosage of the ingredient. If this dose is correct and fairly low as it is when placed into products then it is unlikely that an extreme level of this adverse effect will take hold. Overall it can be stated that Raspberry Ketone offers a minimal chance for adverse side effects owing to studies conducted on the ingredient which tend to see no change in adverse effects when it is used over a period of time.

stomach irritationAs Calcium is often taken into the body by dairy products such as milk and cheese it is very likely that additional calcium taken in a Mega-T product can cause some adverse side effects due to the large dosage of calcium in their bodily intake. As the body is unused to this amount of calcium it is possible then for its associated side effects to occur. These effects include stomach pains, diarrhoea, gas and belching. The effects are very minor and a generally well tolerated. As long as the correct dosage is taken then these effects are unlikely to occur or will so mildly.

Green Coffee
Green Coffee can cause the same adverse effects on the body that Green Tea does yet with more potency. This is due to a higher natural caffeine content. The ingredient can allow sleep deprivation and mild insomnia symptoms to occur as the caffeine content used in the wrong dosage will act in the same way that drinking too much coffee or tea will. Alongside this the ailment of jittery or a feeling of immense restlessness can occur as the energy boost the caffeine provides could be an unhelpful amount of energy causing an irritating adverse effect.

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How To Use

Mega-T products come in two distinct formats and as a result can be taken in two ways. The first method is a tablet format called Mega-T Caplets. To take these, simply take a tablet before each main meal, twenty minutes prior to the each meal. This means that three tablets are to be taken a day with a full glass of water. The other way in which Mega-T products can be taken is with a Mega-T chew. This should be taken 30 minutes before a meal. Both can be taken as well to heighten the effects and use more ingredients. Amongst this the Mega-T products official website provides a diet plan of meals that will work well alongside taking the supplement. It is recommended that this diet is followed alongside the consumption of the supplement to maximise any potential effects. It is set out in a week by week format and further on incorporates an exercise routine that is simple to follow, offering instructions that include warm ups and a focus on jogging exercises.

rhodiola herbal pillsThe website also offers instructions for tablets, instructions for both tablets and chews and instructions for food and exercise.

Alongside this it is recommended to seek the advice of a physician or medial expert as to whether it is safe and necessary for you to undertake a diet and whether Mega-T products will conflict with any medication or vitamins you are already taking.

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Who Makes Mega T Green Tea Collection

The company behind the Mega-T products are known as North South Science. They are an American company based in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. They provide a detailed and well laid out website which is an indication of a good company. Alongside this they provide a full address which can be seen below alongside a telephone number for communication between customers and the company showing that they are open to communication.

– North South Science, LLC., 41 North Main St FL 2R, New Hope, PA 18938
– 1-800-451-5773

They also provide a meal plan to accompany their products as can be seen at the link provided below as well as adding a separate page for further communication between customer and company.

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Where To Buy

coin jarNorth South Science are rare in that they provide a comprehensive list of all places that he product can be purchased from as opposed to just plugging their own website which is what is most common amongst dietary supplement product websites. The full list is provided at the link below yet a few of the key online shops are analysed here. Amazon provides the products at a price range from £8.92 to £18.17 alongside standard Amazon delivery procedures. They can also be bought from who provide the products from a price range of £3.72 to £7.64. Orders over £22 qualify customers for free delivery.

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Overall Verdict

Overall it is clear that Mega-T is a diverse product range. The company behind the Mega-T range of products; North South Science, are professional in their approach leading to no scepticism about their legitimacy as a pharmaceutical business. The range of products each use a powerful and clinically proven foundation ingredient in the form of Green Tea and capitalise on this by adding other well-known ingredients from the dietary supplement market. Whilst other ingredients added have significantly less clinical backing behind their abilities they work well in conjunction with Mega-T’s primary ingredient. As a result Mega-T offers a diverse array of effective products.



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