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MP Max Thermo-Extreme

MP Max Thermo-Extreme, produced by MyProtein, claims to act as a metabolism booster and fat burner. Some of the ingredients have been shown to aid weight loss in clinical studies, but the product has the potential to cause side effects.

Below we have reviewed MP Max Thermo-Extreme against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

MP-Max Thermo-Extreme Review

MP Max Thermo-Extreme Pros
  • Some ingredients have been shown to aid weight loss in clinical studies
  • Company behind the product is well-established
  • Information available regarding manufacturing standards
MP Max Thermo-Extreme Cons
  • Lack of description from MyProtein regarding side effects or mechanism of action
  • Caffeine content may cause side effects
  • Some ingredients are not well-studied

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MP Max Thermo-Extreme Review

MP Max Thermo-Extreme comes in the form of capsules that are designed to be taken alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise to boost weight loss. They are high in caffeine and are claimed to target metabolism boosting and fat burning through the process of thermogenesis.

Claimed weight loss benefits

MyProtein claim that MP-Max Thermo-Extreme (MPMTE from now on) helps ‘support a healthy metabolism whilst mobilising and burning body fat’ when used alongside exercise and a healthy diet. Otherwise, no claims are made about how the product works, other than that it contains ‘clinically researched ingredients’ and may ‘increase fat burning during exercise’. This latter claim implies that MPMTE causes the body to use more fat than carbohydrate as a workout fuel.

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How MP Max Thermo-Extreme Works

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MPMTEs purported main effect is to raise the body’s metabolic rate (rate of energy usage) and help more fat to be burned as energy. The main ingredients that are thought to influence this are caffeine, green tea extract and cayenne power. Based on research on one ingredient, white kidney bean extract, MPMTE could also decrease the amount of starch (carbohydrate from plants) that the body absorbs, and potentially increase the rate of fat oxidation (fat burning) in adipose tissue.

MyProtein describes MP Max Thermo-extreme as a ‘metabolism booster’, but don’t offer an explanation for this effect, or any information about the effects of the ingredients, how fast results should be seen, or side effects. A ‘metabolism booster’ is a supplement that increases the rate of all the chemical processes occurring in the body, increasing the amount of energy used from food and carbohydrate/fat stores.

Green Tea Extract

Both caffeine and green tea extract, present in large quantities in a typical serving of this product, have evidence to suggest they increase metabolic rate. This is discussed in more detail in the ‘Clinical Studies’ section below. Green tea extract has been suggested to increase body-fat oxidation (use of fat stores) and increase energy use in the body; opinion is divided on this however.


Caffeine is a stimulant that is said to increase mental alertness and help stave off hunger; it is also believed to increase fat oxidation and some studies suggest it can raise metabolic rate. Whilst both caffeine and green tea have potential weight loss benefits, the evidence is inconclusive as to their effectiveness.


Cayenne powder is another ingredient that has been shown to potentially increase metabolic rate whilst suppressing appetite. It has been shown to increase oxidation of body fat over carbohydrate usage, which has been attributed to the chemical component capsaicin, but opinion is again divided over this.

White Kidney Bean Extract

Another potential property is reduced carbohydrate digestion. MPMTE contains white kidney bean extract, which has been shown to decrease the effectiveness of amylase; this is the enzyme in saliva that helps digest starch, the carbohydrate found in plants. It has been shown to have a similar effect in the intestines. Reducing the breakdown of starch prevents it from passing into the body; this could help users lose weight. White kidney bean extract is also high in fibre, which may aid digestion and help users feel fuller. This together with cayenne powder could give MPMTE an appetite suppressing effect – however, the levels of fibre in the supplement are likely to be too low to have a noticeable effect.

Raspberry Ketones and Chocamine

MPMTE also contains a few ingredients commonly marketed as weight loss supplements but with little evidence to support this. Raspberry ketones and ‘Chocamine’ are both considered by the bodybuilding community to help reduce body fat. Chocamine is thought to be a diuretic, meaning it forces the body to lose water through urination, which is potentially harmful, and there are no clinical studies that suggest it aids weight loss; raspberry ketones have shown some effects in mice when taken in huge quantities, but the safety and effectiveness in humans is debateable.

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Key MP Max Thermo-Extreme Ingredients

Caffeine 538


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that primarily increases mental alertness and reduces feelings of fatigue. Caffeine is said to have a variety of weight-loss aiding effects, including increasing metabolic rate and fat oxidation as well as increasing endurance in the short term, which could improve exercise performance. However, in large doses caffeine can be addictive and cause a selection of negative side effects; these will be discussed in more detail later in the article.

Green tea extract

Green tea is known for its potential health benefits and it is believed to help boost metabolism and increase fat oxidation. The extract contains some caffeine, which increases the overall caffeine intake per serving of MPMTE. However, some negative side effects, including reduced iron absorption from food, have been recorded.

White kidney bean extract

This is an ingredient that has been shown to have an effect on the absorption of starch from food. Taken in small doses, it is said to inhibit the enzyme amylase, a starch digester present in saliva and the gut, causing more starch to pass through the body. For more information on these effects, see the ‘Clinical Studies’ section below.

Cayenne powder

There is mixed evidence for the weight loss properties of this red-pepper derivative. It contains capsaicin, which is believed to increase fat oxidation and metabolism in the short term; however, there is some debate regarding its effectiveness and not enough studies have been performed on the ingredient to draw a clear conclusion.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

No information is available from MyProtein about tests carried out on MPMTE, and there do not appear to have been any independent studies on its effectiveness. However, results regarding the weight-loss properties of many of its ingredients are available on the internet; it is worth bearing in mind that these results do not provide solid facts about the ingredients, and that many results are not universally accepted or are disputed. The concentrations of the ingredients in MPMTE and their effects when combined with the other ingredients may differ from those used in the studies.

Green Tea Extract

A study published in 2009 by A. Belza et al. suggests green tea extract (GTE) has little effect on metabolic rate, but that the caffeine it contains may be effective. Twelve normal weight men were given green tea, caffeine, tyrosine or a placebo several times a week and their metabolic rate was measured over next four hours. Green tea extract saw no real difference compared to the placebo, but caffeine, present in small quantities in GTE, gave a 6% increase in metabolic rate. The researchers admit the number of men used was probably too small to give conclusive evidence.

However, a 2007 study by Nagao T et al. suggested ingestion of green tea extract high in ‘catechins’ (organic compounds), over a long period of time, leads to a reduction in body-fat and cholesterol. The trial recruited men and women for a twelve week trial in which subjects ingested green tea daily, with varying amounts of catechins, with all members maintaining usual lifestyles. The results found that the GTEs high in catechins caused greater weight loss, but that weight loss was observed in both groups. It is worth noting, though, that the subjects actually took green tea, not green tea extract.

Outside of altering metabolism, green tea has been suggested to aid weight loss through reducing the absorption of fat in foods (lipids). In 2007, Koo SI et al. carried out tests in vitro on the effects of GTE, particularly its catechins, on the digestion of lipids in the intestines. The results suggested that GTE catechins were effective in lowering the lipid-absorption rate of the guts by interfering with enzymes associated with digestion.

Overall, there is mixed evidence regarding the effectiveness of GTE for weight loss, but GTE high in catechins appears to be effective in aiding weight loss. Whilst it may not help boost metabolism, the effect on the absorption of lipids could reduce the calories absorbed by the body and so help reduce body fat.


There has also been some research into the weight-loss properties of caffeine; as mentioned above, it is usually considered to be effective in aiding weight loss. This is supported by the 2002 study by Boozer CN et al., where 167 people took part in a 6-month trial taking either a placebo or an herbal caffeine supplement. The study found that the herbal treatment produced twice as much weight loss on average as the placebo, along with decreased cholesterol levels, with no significant adverse effects.

Additionally, a study by Esther-Lopez Garcia et al. in 2006 monitored the caffeine intake of healthy men and women from 1986-1998 and compared it to their weight change over this time. The results showed a lower mean weight gain amongst those with (slightly) higher caffeine intake than those without. Whilst there may be issues with control of variables in the trials, they provide evidence both that caffeine can help people lose weight and keep it off.

However, caffeine can have negative side effects in large quantities, because it is a central nervous system stimulant. A 2013 study by Sanford Bolton et al. summarised by stating that high caffeine intake could lead to ‘psychological symptoms, which resemble anxiety and depressive neuroses’, could ‘affect sleeping habits generally resulting in insomnia and hyperactivity’, and may cause ‘symptoms of mental illness’.

Similarly, a paper in 2005 by Anthony P. Winston suggested that ‘Excessive caffeine ingestion leads to symptoms that overlap with those of many psychiatric disorders… caffeine is implicated in the exacerbation of anxiety and sleep disorders…’. These effects are usually only viewed when caffeine consumption is very high for a long period of time (more than 6months) but it is worth avoiding taking any supplements with high caffeine levels over an extended period to avoid side effects.

Cayenne Powder

There is mixed opinion on the effects of cayenne powder on weight loss. One study by Ahuja KD et al. in 2006 saw thirty-six middle-aged subjects taking either a chilli-based or normal diet over a four week period; the metabolic rates of all subjects was measured up to two hours after eating. The study found that insulin levels (the hormone that governs absorption of sugar from the blood) were lower in individuals on the chilli-diet after eating. This suggests that cayenne powder could reduce absorption of sugars, which could help reduce fat formation in the body.

Another study in 2003 saw ninety-one moderately overweight individuals consume placebo or capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne powder, over a 3 month period; the results showed that capsaicin caused greater fat oxidation and weight loss than the placebo over this period. However, a study in 2009 carried out on the effects of adding capsaicin, to the lunches of adults over a long period of time showed no significant increase in metabolic rate or body fat percentage compared to a normal lunch. Overall cayenne powder may have weight-loss effects but it clearly depends on the environment and other factors with which it is taken.

White Kidney Bean Extract

The starch-absorption-inhibition of this ingredient is widely accepted and largely evidence based. A study in 1985 by Layer P et al. saw researchers take WKBE in a purified form and test it on the salivary glands and intestines. The extract significantly decreased the production of amylase, the enzyme responsible for digesting starch, even in the presence of other enzymes, slowing starch digestion and allowing more starch to pass through the gut. Similarly, another study by Udani J (2004) saw fifty obese adults take either a WKBE supplement or a placebo twice daily with meals for either weeks, (although only 27 completed the study). The WKBE group lost twice as much weight on average as the placebo group, with no adverse effects observed. Both trials suggest WKBE is effective in aiding weight loss.

The other ingredients of MPMTE have some clinical evidence to suggest they are effective, but too little positive research is available to come to a strong conclusion regarding its effectiveness. The above results suggest that MPMTE has potential weight loss effects due to the reduction of absorption of lipids and carbohydrates by GTE and WKBE respectively; the stimulant effect of caffeine could also help stave off hunger, and caffeine is also shown to be effective in reducing body-fat levels and helping keep weight off. Whilst there is mixed evidence regarding the effectiveness of all the above ingredients, and some of the trials were not carried out on humans directly, MPMTE seems to have weight loss potential. The high levels of caffeine in this product make it dangerous to take over a long period of time however, particularly for people unused to high caffeine intake, with real risk of psychological disorders; it may be better to wean oneself off MPMTE as soon as weight loss goals are within sight.

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MP Max Thermo-Extreme Side Effects

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The majority of side effects associated with MPMTE are the result of the caffeine content. Caffeine can cause a great number of side effects, including headaches, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, jitteriness, anxiety and insomnia. The recommended dose of MPMTE contains between 130-175.5mg of caffeine, around half the recommended daily dosage, so isn’t likely to be dangerous by itself; however, if taken alongside other stimulants like coffee or energy drinks, the caffeine levels can start to have negative psychological effects like depression and addiction in the long term. Some may find the stimulation more severe than others. It’s worth watching your caffeine intake whilst taking MPMTE, and avoiding taking it for too long.

MyProtein warns against individuals with high blood pressure or heart disease taking this product, which suggests it acts to increase blood pressure and places additional strain on the heart. For this reason the recommended dose should never be exceeded. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that green tea extract can reduce the body’s absorption of iron from food; an article published in 2010 described a study where the elements of green tea extract were studied in the body. The results found that the GTE elements bind to iron in the intestines and form a complex that cannot be digested. This suggests that anaemics or people with low iron levels should be careful when taking MPMTE; if in doubt, consult with your GP first.

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How to Use

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MyProtein recommend taking ‘3 or 4 capsules daily on an empty stomach before training or exercise’, and to ‘split the dose between morning, afternoon and evenings’ on rest days. As each tub contains 120 capsules, this gives 30-40 servings per tub, enough for between 4-6 weeks. It isn’t made clear how fast MPMTE is supposed to act, so it is difficult to judge how many tubs are necessary.

MyProtein also warn against under 18’s, pregnant women and anybody with heart, sleep or blood pressure problems taking MPMTE. The latter part is likely due to the high caffeine levels in MPMTE, since caffeine can affect sleep patterns and raise blood pressure if taken in large quantities. It may be worth avoiding long-term use of MPMTE to avoid any side-effects due to the caffeine levels. It is lactose and gluten free and has no added starch or sugar. One ingredient, chocamine, is believed to be a diuretic (forces the body to pass urine) and little research has been done on some ingredients; for this reason, it is worth taking the product in small doses first to test for any adverse effects.

Mixing supplements is always risky since the company usually doesn’t intend for a product to be used with anything else. If concerned, contact your GP for advice. MyProtein recommends ‘a healthy diet and exercise regime’ whilst using MPMTE.

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Who Makes It?

MP-Max Thermo Extreme is produced by MyProtein, the trading name for Cend limited, a UK company created in 2004 that claims to have been recognised as one of the fastest growing and most successful sports nutrition companies in the UK.

MyProtein produces a large range of products ranging from diet supplements to protein powders to general health aids, most of which use independently tested ingredients and many of which have been tested by HFL, an independent drug surveillance laboratory. The company has received multiple awards, one in 2007 at the Growing Business awards and a similar award by the National Business awards in 2009; it was also placed on TIMES Fast-Track 100 list at 21 in 2009. They claim to be certified by SGS, an independent standards and safety inspector, and ESSNA, ‘the voice of European sports nutrition companies’.

The company provide a comprehensive ‘Help’ section of the website with subsections for most possible issues customers may have; many guides are also offered to provide information about different goals and supplements. There are multiple telephone numbers and an address supplied, and a customer feedback email address, although the customer service team email address requires a website account to access. MyProtein also provides a comprehensive set of ‘Terms and conditions’ along with delivery information, a returns policy and a privacy and security section.

Customer reviews of most products are usually high;, an online community of reviewers, gives an average of 7.8/10 for MyProtein covering all issues. Moreover, the negative reviewers on TrustPilot seem to have been contacted by MyProtein to address any issues. Generally, any complaints are regarding customer service rather than the quality of the product, though there are mixed reviews on all products.

It is worth noting that MyProtein do not appear to run clinical trials on their products, nor claim that any independent body has reviewed effectiveness, though safety has allegedly been checked. The company is also vague on how their products work and possible side effects. However, there is a very comprehensive selection of articles covering muscle-building, dieting, endurance events and also multiple sports and disciplines, with recommended products for each along with diet plans and general information. Whilst the safety of their products available appears to be excellent, more information about method of action and time taken for results would be useful.

Overall, MyProtein appear to be a transparent company with clear policies and legal terms. They have a strong track record with users and appear to have an active customer service team to deal with any issues; their information available to users and excellent website layout make them useful to users new to buying product, and their wide range appears to cover all typical customer goals.

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Where to Buy MP Max Thermo-Extreme


The best place to buy MPMTE appears to be directly from MyProtein, who offer both the best price (£20.99 for a tub) and the best reputation. A returns policy and customer service team is available to deal with any issues when purchasing from MyProtein.

MyProtein also offer next-day delivery if ordered before 8PM (though this is more expensive), and discounts for long-term membership of their site. Buyers have 14 days to cancel their order, and there are terms and conditions for different scenarios (i.e. damaged products, products not arriving, etc.).

Cheaper options may be available on eBay, but buying supplements from unknown individuals is not recommended since it is easy to be scammed or for a product not to match the specification. Most other websites that sell MPMTE offer similar or higher prices. Based on this, MyProtein appear to be the best retailer to buy from due to reliability. Be careful about buying from little known, smaller retailers; it is advisable to check customer reviews before committing to a purchase.

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Does MP Max Thermo-Extreme Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: MyProtein does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee on any of its products.

One-off payment: Yes, it comes in bottles of 120 capsules for £20.99.

Manufacturing Standard: The official websites states that the products have ISO 9001, GMP compliance, and HACCP standard certificates.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan specific to this product, though recipe ideas can be found on the official website.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, a full ingredients list is provided.

Company contact details readily available: Yes – a postal address and phone number are provided.

MP Max Thermo-Extreme does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or specific diet plan to accompany the product.

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Overall Verdict

MP Max Thermo-Extreme has scientific research to back the effectiveness of some, but not all of its ingredients. MyProtein appears to be a well-regarded company with a solid customer service record and positive customer reviews on average. More information about the product would however be useful, particularly regarding side effects and mechanism of action. The product contains a number of ingredients that contain caffeine; in turn, there are certain groups of people who should avoid the product, and it may cause side effects.

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