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Now Slim

Now Slim are a UK based diet supplement that claims to be 40% more effective than its competitors, although makes no effort to explain where this claim comes from.

Now SlimWe examine whether Now Slim works and look at possible side-effects.

Now Slim Pros
  • Available from a range of well-known high street retailers
Now Slim Cons
  • Company refuses to disclose the full quantities of ingredients
  • No clinical trials to back up the claims made
  • High price tag

Now Slim Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Now Slim is a range of products with the most popular and longest running products being Now Slim Day and Now Slim Night tablets. They have been joined by Now Slim Sweeteners, Now Slim Hunger Strips and Now Slim 24/7 which includes all four of the aforementioned products in one box. The company has also recently released Now Slim Power plus vibration plates; this is a vibrating machine that claims to give you an hours’ worth of exercise in only 10 minutes.

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How Now Slim Works

This review will focus on the two most popular Now Slim products, Now Slim Day and Now Slim Night. Unsurprisingly, the day and night products target those specific times of the day. The day product comes with 160 Now Slim tablets, with two capsules to be taken twice a day. The night tablets only feature 80 capsules but are to be taken only before going to bed.

Now Slim targets weight loss through boosting your metabolism. This means that food you eat is converted into energy quicker than usual, which allows you to focus on getting rid of the stored fat within your body without the risk of adding to it. The energy boost might encourage you to do more exercise too. This is the theory, however it is not clear whether either product really has any major effect of helping you to lose weight. WebMD suggests 10 ways to help boost your metabolism here.

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Key Now Slim Ingredients

Finding out what is included in either the Now Slim day and night products is very difficult and a number of Now Slim reviews have struggled to find out. Now Slim also doesn’t state the quantities of the ingredients included, which is a suspicious practice usually done by poor products.

Now Slim Day features Green Tea, Cayenne Powder Extract and Chromium Polynicotinate while Now Slim night includes L-Arginine HCI, L-Tyrosine and Apple Cider Vinegar. These are promising ingredients however they become almost irrelevant without knowing how much of each ingredient is included. Many a Now Slim review has struggled to work out how effective it is because no quantities were revealed. Find out more about Green Tea here.

Now Slim Results

Weight Loss Power: 20/100

This is hard to tell without knowing how much of each ingredient is included in the products. Now Slim reviews have struggled to provide accurate guidance because of this and it allows the product to make grand claims with critics struggling to question it. The company should disclose the quantity of ingredients.

Speed of results: 25/100

With very little information revealed about the product it is hard to predict just how quick weight loss might be or if there will be any weight loss at all. Now slim reviews have shown customers have had mixed experiences taking the product, if the company would disclose more information customers would have more of an idea what to expect.

Appetite Suppression: 17/100

Again it is difficult to predict how much your appetite will be affected. However this is not the primary way Now Slim targets weight loss so it would be fair to expect your appetite to be pretty much unchanged.

Long Term Results: 35/100

With the product being very secretive it is unclear what the long term results are. If the company were to disclose more information, more could be said. However, the process of taking the Now Slim tablets can last for months so the dieting process itself is quite long term.

Safety: 64/100

Always beware of a product that doesn’t have full disclosure especially about the ingredients. The UK company should be brave enough to disclose the full ingredient list. There haven’t been any major Now Slim side effect concerns although small problems have included feeling anxious and problems sleeping.

Value for money: 15/100

Now Slim is quite expensive considering the reluctance of the company to share the full product information. One month’s supply could cost around £35-£40. With the effectiveness of the pills still quite unclear this is a lot of money to pay and doesn’t represent good value for money.

Now Slim Side Effects

Now Slim appears to be quite safe to use and only suffers from minimal Now Slim side effects. However, without knowing the full ingredient list it is impossible to say exactly how safe the product is. Complaints of anxiousness and trouble sleeping have been reported, while it is advised you drink plenty of water while taking them.

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Where to Buy Now Slim

Even though you’ll have to be more prepared to hand over your cash than the company is prepared to share information, Now Slim is widely available. There is an official website from which Now Slim can be bought as well as Tesco and Asda and UK health shops.

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Overall Verdict

With the company reluctant to disclose full product information it has made life difficult for Now Slim reviews and customers alike. The fact is it is impossible to recommend Now Slim while the quantity of the ingredients is hidden, without this information it’s hard to tell how effective or safe Now Slim is. Customers who have decided to take Now Slim have given mixed reviews at best suggesting you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Overall: 20/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Now Slim diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Now Slim, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Now Slim work?

Now Slim works by boosting your metabolism. Your metabolism rate is the rate at which your body converts the food you eat into energy. By increasing your metabolism food is converted quicker and more food can be converted, meaning less is left over as excess fat.

2. How long does Now Slim take to work?

Now Slim’s effectiveness and therefore speed of any potential weight loss is difficult to work out because the company behind the product doesn’t reveal the amounts of any ingredients. Therefore it is impossible to know if enough of the important ingredients are included to suggest it could help you lose weight. The advice would be to give it a couple of weeks to see if any weight loss occurs, after that period you would not be judged for giving up on Now Slim.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face using Now Slim?

Side effects appear to be minimal from taking Now Slim. Complaints of anxiousness and trouble sleeping have been reported. Without knowing the full ingredient information it is hard to predict the full side effect potential.

4. When do I take the Now Slim tablets?

The day capsules guidelines ask you to take two capsules twice a day but does not specify when you should take them. The night capsules ask you to take one before going to bed.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the diet pills?

Now Slim does not ask you to diet specifically however it is always a good idea to go on some kind of diet. The best way to lose weight is by eating less so dieting is a wise choice with Now Slim hopefully providing a helping hand.

6. What ingredients go into Now Slim pills?

The amounts of any of the ingredients have not been revealed. The main ingredients in the day capsules are Green Tea, Cayenne Powder Extract and Chromium Polynicotinate. While the main ingredients in the night version of Now Slim are L-Arginine HCI, L-Tyrosine and Apple Cider Vinegar.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Now Slim tablets?

Exercise is encouraged although Now Slim does not ask you specifically to do more exercise. Exercise is a great way to burn calories without needing to increase your metabolism.

8. Where can I buy Now Slim tablets?

Now Slim can be bought from the official website and is also available in high street shops and supermarkets including Tesco and Asda.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

There is no set period for taking the tablets. It is recommended that you take a break from taking them every month to six weeks. Side effects aren’t a major problem with Now Slim so they shouldn’t force you into stopping.

10. How much weight could I lose with Now Slim?

The effectiveness of Now Slim is questionable especially since the exact amounts of ingredients have not been revealed. If any weight loss is seen it is likely to be slow and in small amounts, it certainly won’t be any dramatic weight loss.

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2 responses to “Now Slim”

  1. sonia says:

    hello I have been struggling with my weight since I gave up smoking 6yrs ago I have gained up to know 3 stone, I have tried Adios, Raspberry ketone, Fat metabilisers and not one of them worked for me my doctor prescribed some pills called xenical they just made me have real bad tummy cramps now 3 months on without taking any diet supplements I have gained another 4 lbs.
    I have bought the tablets now slim and I have taken my first 2 this evening so I do hope these will work for me, but I am a little sceptical I will see if I notice any change over the next few wks or so..

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