Where to Buy Now Slim
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Where to Buy Now Slim

where to buy Now SlimNow Slim products are available from a wide range of places. Here we will be detailing where you can buy these product from, how much they are, and whether the price is worth the benefits.

If you would like further information about Now Slim before buying then we recommend reading our main Now Slim review.

The Official Website

All of the products are available from the Now Slim website. A rather flash and expensive looking site – I can’t help but wish that some of the funds had went into producing some clinical trials to prove is power, but that’s just me.

Most of these articles concerning Now Slim focus on the Day and Night capsules as these are the diet pills. You can buy 160 Day capsules for £29.98 from the website which is a 40 day supply. You can buy 80 Night capsules for around £24.98 which is also a 40 day supply. So you are looking at nearly £60 per 40 days.

The website also offers lots of bundle deals such as the “24/7 Now Slim” and also they seem to put hunger strips in with a capsule set. In all honestly they do have a helpful trial pack which seems like it may be a good alternative to committing a lot of money that has a limited amount of information concerning its proposed benefits.

Other Buying Options

where to buy Now SlimStrangely it may be best to go elsewhere to buy the Day and night capsules. For example you can buy the Day and Night capsules separately on Amazon.co.uk. It does highlight one key aspect to buying anything, make sure you search around! The capsules can also be found on a range of supermarket sites, pharmacy sites and Ebay too. They all seem to match the price provided by the official Now Slim website.

I would strongly advice that before buying this product that you check out our main article here, and learn all that you can. The power and benefits of this product have been heavily questioned and with the lack of information we can find, it is worth being a little cautious.

For more information we recommend reading our main Now Slim review.

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