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Nuratrim is a product marketed as a natural weight loss supplement. Bauer Nutrition produces it in the UK and they are also distributors of a number of different nutritional aids, including one of our top rated diet pills, Proactol Plus.

This review is recommended for anyone considering taking Nuratrim for the first time, and provides an unbiased, analytical approach on how it works, key ingredients, and most importantly reported results and side effects, in order to allow you to make an informed decision on whether Nuratrim is right for you.

nuratrim review

Nuratrim Pros
  • Competitive pricing
  • Celebrity endorsements seem promising
  • Claims on the website are backed up with promising data
Nuratrim Cons
  • Celebrities are often paid to endorse products, in all industries, most of all this one – there is no evidence that this product is any different from the norm
  • More upmarket products offer better value for money
  • Lack of clinical data that has a good scientific journal’s backing

Nuratrim Review

Nuratrim is a weight management product, produced and distributed by Nuropharm/Bauer Nutrition in the UK. The product description on the Bauer Nutrition website describes it as a ‘natural weight loss supplement’.

The Bauer Nutrition website claims that Nuratrim suppresses appetite, increases the speed of your metabolism, and helps lower calorie absorption. The website also states that included is ‘Dr. Alfred’s Fast Track Diet Plan’, a recommended diet plan for whilst you are supplementing with Nuratrim.

How Nuratrim Works

nuratrim boosts metabolismNuratrim is claimed to ‘increase metabolism’, lower calorie absorption and suppress your appetite. Increasing metabolism is a very vague term, as metabolism simply refers to all of the chemical reactions occurring in the body, including those that MAKE fat. It can be presumed that they are referring to fat metabolism, and more specifically, the breakdown of fat as a source of energy for movement, cognitive abilities, and so on. However the consumer needs to be given more credit in terms of scientific knowledge. If the scientific information surrounding a product is unavailable on a level as basic as this then many people will have doubt surrounding the reliability of the product, and the company behind it (coupled with the information you can find in our The Company Behind Nuratrim sub-article, this is unsurprising).

The over-the-counter weight loss industry is filled with products that have very little information released on their mechanism of activity however, so it is possible that the companies are simply all comparing the information they release to their competitors, and therefore misinterpreting/underestimating the consumers’ levels of understanding.

The major ingredients in Nuratrim are claimed to be ‘scientifically proven’ to contribute to benefitting weight loss, however, many of the trials carried out were conducted on very small population sizes, and most were not carried out by the companies surrounding production and distribution of Nuratrim.

More specific information can be found in our How Nuratrim Works sub-article.

Key Nuratrim Ingredients

green coffee bean in nutratrimOf the ingredients listed on the Bauer Nutrition website for Nuratrim, there are four that repeatedly stand out as ‘key’. These are Glucomannan, Licorice Extract, Green Coffee, and Capsicum Extract. Glucomannan has been proven to suppress the appetite, and you can find out more about this by reading our Glucomannan For Weight Loss article. The weight loss effects of green coffee are also described in our Green Coffee Beans article and similarly the effects of capsicum in our How Can Capsicum Affect Your Weight? article.

The website lists some very convincing sounding statistics surrounding these ingredients, such as a ‘75% participant weight loss of 3.5lbs average over 2 weeks’ for consumers of green coffee extract, and one study on Nuratrim caused burning of an ‘extra 28 calories, before, during and after exercising on a treadmill for one hour’. These results may sound fantastic, but there are numerous factors to consider, most importantly the small sample of people this was conducted on, the conflicts of interest surrounding the study, and the ‘cherry-picking’ of ‘good’ information that has likely come out of these studies. Also the fact that finding the studies on most of the major search engines for scientific literature proves impossible, may leave many people dubious as to whether the research was carried through to publishing in a peer-reviewed scientific journal of a high enough caliber to be accepted by the scientific community.

For more information please visit our Nuratrim Clinical Trials sub-article.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

There are some examples of trials that have shown the key ingredients of Nuratrim to work. Most however have been carried out exclusively away from Nuratrim as a product in its own right, so does not take into account the fact that there may be some conflicting effects amongst the ingredients. Additionally, there may have been conflicts of interest surrounding many of these trials This being said, the reviews seem to be fairly positive surrounding the product, with a number of celebrity endorsements. Whilst this can be promising, there are a high number of celebrities who are paid to endorse products without actually having used the products themselves. Going on consumers’ reported results from reviews, very few people have achieved a genuine weight loss from this product.
Speed of results: 40/100

The website states that results of trials involving green coffee extract caused an average of 3.5lbs lost over 2 weeks, and 4.5lbs over 4 weeks. However, it has proven difficult to identify the trial having been published in a peer reviewed paper due to the little information provided surrounding the trial, and the trial also does not take into account how the product would work in combination with the other active ingredients.
Appetite Suppression: 60/100

There is significant evidence to support the fact that glucomannan is successful in suppressing appetite, however, these do not take into account the effects that the other ingredients would have on the body in combination with glucomannan. However, if we assume these effects to be negligible, then this diet supplement almost definitely aids in appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 10/100

There is no great supply of data for the long-term effects of the key ingredients of Nuratrim on their own, let alone in combination as the total product. It is highly likely however, that given the study on Green Coffee Extract, cited by the Nuratrim website that long-term results will drastically slow down. This is evident from the fact that in the first 2 weeks of the study there was an average of a 3.5lbs weight loss, but over the next two weeks the weight loss only increased by an average of 1.5lbs. Without any long term data however, we cannot confirm this but it is still very likely that the weight loss yield would remain at ~1.5lbs per 2 weeks rate.
Safety: 70/100

There are no major reported dangers as a result of ingesting any of the key ingredients of Nuratrim. It is however recommended that women who are pregnant do not ingest glucomannan, but there are dangers with trying to lose weight when pregnant in the first place, so it is advisable that you avoid all diet pills when pregnant, not just those containing glucomannan.
Value for money: 50/100

Nuratrim retails directly from the UK distributors, ‘Bauer Nutrition’ at £34.95. This price is competitive in the current diet pill market, however, there may be some value in paying for one of the slightly more expensive brands and yielding a higher weight loss for your money. Ultimately the price is good for what you get, but there are better products on the market for those who are willing to spend a bit more.

Nuratrim Side Effects

Safety and side effectsThere are very few reported side effects reported regarding the consumption of Nuratrim, however, there have been reports dotted around the website that there may be some diarrhoea and stomach cramp symptoms associated with the taking of Nuratrim (an example of how individual ingredients being investigated isn’t enough, and evidence that it is important that these companies provide data of trials using their product specifically), but these reports are scientifically unconfirmed.

For ingredient specific side effects, please visit our Nuratrim Side Effects sub-article.

Where to Buy Nuratrim

Nuratrim is available predominantly from the official UK distributor Bauer Nutrition, and they retail at £34.95. For information regarding unofficial distributors please visit our Where to Buy Nuratrim sub-article.

Overall Verdict

Nuratrim appears at first to be a genuine and effective product, based on the information provided by the company website. As is often true in the over-the-counter diet pill industry, upon further investigation the ‘too good to be true product’ reveals itself to be mediocre at best, with there being a few major gaps in scientific evidence and claims in customer reviews claiming often that it has been completely ineffective for them. This being said, short term effects appear to be promising, so if you are interested in supplementing with diet pills for only a short period of time to burn those ‘last few pounds’ then Nuratrim may well be useful to you as a slimming aid, to save having to buy expensive batches of upper end products. With things as they stand on the research front however, there may well be more value in the more upmarket products for those serious about long term weight loss.

Overall: 43/100

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