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Nutriberry Slim

NutriBerry Slim is marketed by its manufacturers as a miracle pill which can help users to lose weight and tone their bodies while putting in little effort. The product has however been linked with a ‘free trial scam’.

Below we have reviewed Nutriberry Slim against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

NutriBerry Slim Review

Nutriberry Slim Pros
  • Only appears to contain a small number of ingredients, none of which are thought to cause severe side effects for most people
  • Only needs to be taken once a day
Nutriberry Slim Cons
  • Sold using a 'free trial scam'
  • None of the ingredients have been sufficiently researched

Nutriberry Slim Free Trial Auto-billing Warning

Warning message about diet pill free trial auto billing systemsA quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Nutriberry Slim product auto-enrols you in to a recurring billing agreement. This means you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter unless you cancel. In some cases you are also charged for the “free” sample if you do not call up and return the sample product.

Read our article on A warning about diet pill free trials to learn more.

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Nutriberry Slim Review

The manufacturers of NutriBerry Slim advertise that the pills are ‘recommended’ by medical professionals. The combination of debated ingredients in the product is, according to the manufacturers, what makes NutriBerry pills able to make users ‘look better and feel better with no harmful results’.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Despite the fact that the manufacturers of these pills make huge claims concerning what the pills allow users to achieve, there is very little information relating to the weight loss properties that they are alleging the pills to have. There is only reference to 3 out of the 5 main weight loss properties which are: an ability to increase the metabolic rate, to burn fat more quickly, and to act as an appetite suppressant by reducing hunger cravings.

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How Nutriberry Slim Works

woman wondering how diet pill works 538

There is a lack of sufficient information concerning the ingredients on its website. As well as this, there is also limited information available as to how exactly the supplement is supposed to work and so our experts have conducted their own research based on each ingredient to offer some explanation as to the effects that they may have on the body to increase weight loss.

The primary website for the pills is full of claims advertising NutriBerry Slim as a sort of miracle pill by which users can reduce their weight and sculpt their bodies whilst putting in very minimal effort. It claims that the capsules can increase both your metabolic rate and stamina levels, help your body to retain muscle and gain lean muscle, and, as well as this, they are claimed to reduce the appetite. The manufacturers also boast that they are able to target stored fat, which can then be burnt off leading to much quicker results in terms of weight loss.

There are a total of three ingredients listed on both the primary and the affiliated website – Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee and Acai.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketone is used in a lot of diet pills or on its own as a diet supplement. It is listed on the website as a fat burning enzyme, which boosts metabolism. Raspberry Ketone is a chemical compound, which, as its name suggests, can be found naturally in raspberries. Its main function in terms of how it affects the body is the fact that it supposedly stimulates a particular hormone called adiponectin. This hormone promotes the oxidation (or burning) of fatty acids in the body and, as a secondary function, it is also said to be able to control the levels of glucose in the body, regulating them so that they can be maintained at constant levels. As well as this, the adiponectin is claimed to reduce the amount of lipids that will build up inside the body.

For more information about Raspberry ketones and weight loss, we recommend you read our What are the benefits of Raspberry Ketone? article.

Green Coffee

The Green Coffee used in the pills refers to a coffee bean before it has been roasted. This is thought to have all of the effects of caffeine. However, Green Coffee in particular contains an increased amount of chlorogenic acid, which is virtually non-existent in coffee beans that have been prepared via roasting. As well as being said to promote weight loss, this specific acid is also believed to be beneficial for treating other health related discrepancies such as heart disease and diabetes. This ingredient is thought to work in much the same way as the Raspberry Ketone.

The chlorogenic acid supposedly makes the body absorb glucose into the bloodstream at a reduced rate, which may ultimately result in a decrease in the absorption of fat, although scientific research is not clear as to how exactly this result is achieved. In addition to this, Green Coffee is also thought to increase the rate of thermogenesis and the metabolism through the stimulation and release of catecholamines. As well as speeding up the thermogenic process, this allegedly has the added effect of making users feel more mentally alert.

Acai Berries

Acai berries are an ingredient seen less often in diet pills although they are claimed to have effects in terms of weight loss. The manufacturers of Nutriberry Slim list this ingredient on the secondary website and state that it is a rich source of antioxidants and that it contains high levels of omega fatty acids and fibre, which can help to protect the heart and the body’s circulatory system.

Although this may be true, there is no indication of how this ingredient works to promote weight loss directly. It appears, for now at least, that the only potential benefits of this ingredient are the overall ability to increase the users’ well-being. Even though this may put them in better stead to take up a healthy weight loss regime, as yet there do not seem to be any direct links between Acai berries and the reduction of body weight.

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Key Nutriberry Slim Ingredients

Bowl Of Raspberries (538)

NutriBerry Slim pills do not claim to contain any unique ingredients that are not also included in many other diet products on the market. Their claims are mostly based on the fact that they have chosen a particular three, which in combination with each other may provide promising results to many dieters.

These ingredients include: Raspberry Ketone, which has been in recent discussion concerning weight loss and has been featured on Dr Oz as a ‘miracle’ ingredient, Green Coffee, which is said to act much like caffeine but with added Chlorogenic acid, and Acai berries, which are known mostly for their potential overall health benefits rather than any specific weight loss properties.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

The manufacturers draw attention to the fact that the main ingredient, Raspberry Ketone, has been clinically tested and found to increase the amount of fat that the body can burn and also has an appetite suppressant effect. Unfortunately, the site makes no references as to the source of this information or to the study actually being referred to. As well as this, it mentions that the Green Coffee and Acai berries are proven antioxidants but again provides no evidence of this.

What the website does provide however is what seems to be a stand-alone graph showing the body weight of people using Raspberry Ketone in comparison with that of those not taking the supplement. The graph is labelled as showing that those ingesting Raspberry Ketone had 22% less body weight than the others. Although it might look appealing, this is of very limited use to consumers as again there is no indication of where these statistics actually came from which seems to be a recurring theme as far as the website is concerned.

The website does not claim that the pills themselves have been tested. This should be borne in mind when considering the following information as there is no scientifically validated information available relating to how the ingredients in these pills actually work together and whether they will prove to be safe and effective in combination with each other.

In order to find out whether NutriBerry’s claims concerning the ingredients are true, we have conducted research into the weight loss and overall health benefits of each of the three main ingredients found in the pills. The data found is summarised below.

Raspberry Ketone

The first ingredient examined was Raspberry Ketone. There is a lot of information available on the internet and in various scientific journals concerning the weight loss properties of this ingredient and whether they can actually be proven. There are no clinical trials of this ingredient on human beings as yet and so the proof on which these diet pill manufacturers rely almost always concerns the effects of the ingredient on rodents. It is very important that you bear in mind that studies such as this do not prove that the same effects can be achieved in human beings.

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine shows the effects that Raspberry Ketone can have on mice. A group of male mice were given 10 µM of Raspberry Ketone over an undisclosed period of time and 2 main effects were noted. Firstly, the treatment significantly increased lipolysis, the breakdown of fats within the rodents’ bodies and secondly, a scientific test for proteins done on the mice called an immunoassay showed that the release of Adiponectin was also increased. This led to increased fat oxidation and the mice were also able to reduce the amount of lipids that their bodies accumulated.

Green Coffee Bean

The second ingredient claimed to possess weight loss properties is Green Coffee. This is an ingredient that has been known to the diet industry for quite some time now and so a few more reliable studies concerning human subjects have been performed to test its weight loss effects.

The following example represents the general results attained in some clinical trials. 16 overweight adults were given a high dose of 1050mg of GCA (a commercial Green Coffee extract product), a low dose of 700 mg of GCA or a placebo for 6 weeks each. At the end of the study all subjects had experienced all of the treatments with a wash out period of 2 weeks in between. The body weight, BMI and percentage body fat of the subjects were then noted and as well as this heart rate and blood pressure were also measured.

At the end of all treatments it was found that even without any changes to the subjects’ diets throughout the study, there had been significant decreases in body weight, BMI and percentage body fat when the subjects were taking the GCA.. A small decrease in heart rate was also noted. Further to this, there were six subjects whose weight had changed from pre-obesity to within the normal weight range.

Acai Berry

The last ingredient our experts investigated was the Acai berries. As far as we can see, the manufacturers of NutriBerry have not claimed any direct weight loss effects resulting from this ingredient but have made various claims in terms of their antioxidant and heart protecting properties, which would put users in a better position to lose weight generally.

Our experts have however found a preliminary trial directed at the effects of these berries on overweight subjects, which provide a basis on which to conduct further research into their possible direct weight effects. An open label pilot study was carried out using 10 overweight adults. They were given 100g of Acai pulp twice a day for a total period of 1 month. Compared to a baseline, the treatment resulted in reductions of fasting glucose and insulin levels, which means that the berries had the potential to prevent the risks of diabetes.

As well as this, a reduction in cholesterol was also observed while there was no effect on blood pressure. This study then suggests 2 things; the first is that these berries could potentially be used to prevent the risks of diabetes, and the second (and most far-fetched) being that because the berries reduce the amount of glucose absorbed into the blood stream, they could have the potential to have similar effects to those attributed to Raspberry Ketone, which is also claimed to reduce glucose levels. It is noted however that there is an urgent need for further studies in this area.

Another important thing to note here is that although the NutriBerry Slim website allows users to view the label on the product, it is photographed in such a way that the quantities of the ingredients cannot be seen before purchase of the pills. This means that we cannot be sure that the pills contain enough of each ingredient in order to achieve the same results as described above.

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Nutriberry Slim Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

The manufacturers of NutriBerry Slim do not appear to have given any thought whatsoever to the side effects that may result from prolonged use of their pills. Although the website is inundated with claims referring to the fact that some ingredients have been clinically tested, there has been no research into the safety of the use of the product on human beings.

Due to this fact, we have had to conduct our own research into the possible symptoms that users of the pills may experience. This is a hard task since there are no credible consumer reviews available; most of the information below will rely on scientific trials and facts that give rise to concerns about each ingredient used in the product.

We cannot accurately say how likely it is that you will experience these symptoms and nor can we say how you will react to the pill overall as this is highly subjective. We can however give information on the following symptoms on the basis that there is a very real risk that they may be experienced.

Raspberry Ketone

The ingredient Raspberry Ketone, which is used in NutriBerry pills, is chemically related to stimulant called Synephrine. Due to this, it is thought that it may cause jitteriness and increase blood pressure. In more severe cases, it could also lead to heart palpitations and so it is recommended that people with pre-existing heart conditions and those with a family history of such diseases should not take these pills especially since there is no information relating to the amounts of the ingredients given before purchase.

In most cases, these side effects will only last 1-2 hours but should they be particularly persistent it would be wise to discontinue the use of the pills until you have been thoroughly checked over by a GP.

Further to this there have been no other side effects noted as a result of the ingestion of this ingredient. This is not to say that it is safe however, and our experts would highlight the fact that there are very few clinical studies involving the ingredient on human subjects. Therefore, caution should be used when taking the product, and it is recommended that you do not take it for prolonged periods of time until it has been proven that no further effects will result.

Green Coffee

Stomach cramps can be caused by the ingredient Green Coffee; this is because caffeine in general is said to be able to increase the amount of gastric acid in the body, which may result in some types of abdominal pain. It is thought that Green Coffee in particular may cause more severe cramping as the ingredient is rawer and the effects of it have not been lessened or inhibited by any forms of roasting.

The severity of this side effect will depend entirely upon the user and how sensitive they are to caffeine in general; however should they be of a serious nature you should stop using the pills immediately and seek medical advice. The caffeine in Green Coffee may also cause jitteriness, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, nausea, increased heart rate, palpitations, and increased blood pressure.

Acai Berries

Firstly, a high amount of Acai berries over a long period of time has been said to increase the bleeding ability of the body. This means that users may lose more blood than usual through normal injury and experience fainting as a result.

Further to this, the Acai berries is also thought to be able to increase blood pressure which could be potentially life threatening if taken in high amounts. Since we do not have quantitative data concerning the ingredients, at this point we would recommend consulting a GP before using the pills in order to obtain advice as to whether you may be particularly at risk from this side effect.

Those who are particularly sensitive to these types of berries or have any pollen allergies may also experience diarrhoea. The severity of this will be dependent on the user although it seems often to be mild and should subside after a few days.

Acai berries contain Echinacea, which can cause some liver problems, and therefore those who are prone to such conditions should not attempt using the pills.

Most of these side effects materialise because users have taken above the recommended dose of the ingredient, it is therefore extremely important that you follow all guidelines and recommendations both on the packaging of the product and, most importantly, the advice given to you by a medical professional.

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How to Use

Woman With Pills 538

The NutriBerry website is not very helpful in providing information concerning how users should take the pills. There is however an option to view the packaging of the product, which provides the following information relating to the dosage of the pills: take 2 capsules daily with 16 oz of water prior to your first meal of the day.

It would seem then that this is the only time that users should be consuming the pills. Due to the effects that the pills may have on the body, we would not recommend their use for the following groups of people:

- Pregnant or nursing women
- Those who have history of kidney diseases
- Those who have history of heart disease
- Those particularly sensitive to caffeine
- Those who have any other underlying medical issue

If you are unsure about whether you should be taking these types of pills always consult a GP before doing so; this is particularly recommended if you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions.

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Who Makes It?

A company called Healthy Essentials Limited manufactures NutriBerry Slim pills. From the website it seems that this company is very sales orientated with their main goal being to sell as much of their product as possible. This leads our experts to believe that many of their claims are exaggerated in order to advertise the pills and increase the amount of money that consumers are willing to spend on them. This coupled with the automatic renewal of a ‘free trial’ which then charges a substantial fee per month would suggest that this company is not the most consumer friendly on the market.

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Where to Buy Nutriberry Slim


There are two main sites that are dedicated to the Nutriberry Slim product. The first is the primary site, which provides more of a general overview of the pills whilst linking to the secondary site, which gives a little more detail as to the details of the product. Consumers can order free trials of the pills through both of these websites although as far as our experts can tell, there is no way to place a paid, regular order through either of them.

The pills are also not available through any third party retailers such as, which leads our experts to believe that you must request the free trial in order to be able to make a second purchase should you wish to do so.

To request the trial you must click the relevant link and enter your shipping details. From there consumers are prompted to enter bank details even though the site assures that you will not be charged an initial fee. Our experts highly recommend that you read the terms and conditions of this free trial as it is very deceiving and you could end up on the wrong side of a hefty financial risk.

The site lists its terms and conditions on a separate page, which is difficult for consumers to get to as there is no direction to it from the main homepage of the site. Here you can find what you are actually signing up to when attempting to place the so called ‘free trial’.

When applying for this trial, NutriBerry will ship to you a months’ supply of the products, but to receive this you will have to pay a shipping and handling fee of around £5, which is the only exception to an initial fee that will be charged when you enter your payment details.

What the website also fails to clearly mention is that by signing up for this free trial you are in fact enrolling yourself into an automated programme by which your bank account will be charged on a monthly basis as more packages of NutriBerry Slim are sent to you. You must actively cancel this subscription before 30 days in order to avoid the first charge. The terms and conditions specify that this charge would be an excessive amount of £84.99 for a 1 month supply of NutriBerry Slim pills every month until you cancel.

You would also think that since the company is unclear about this, you would be able to cancel at any time during the period in which you receive the pills; unfortunately, this is not the case. Consumers are permitted to cancel in one of the following time periods:

- Up to 14 days after requesting the free trial
- 45 days after having received your trial package
- Every 30 days thereafter

This makes it very hard for consumers to find the right time to cancel and seems like a way for the company to extract the most amount of money it can from its consumers. The terms and conditions also contradict themselves and so it is unclear whether you may cancel the subscription outside of the given time periods. Later in the same document, it is stated that consumers may cancel any time by calling customer services on a London based telephone number.

The customer service line is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. There is also an option to cancel the subscription via email although our experts would recommend that calling is likely to be the most effective way to do this.

Unlike other diet pill manufacturers, NutriBerry Slim does not offer any money back guarantee. Taking into account the above information, our experts would not recommend consumers sign up to this ‘free trial’ unless they are fully aware of the terms and conditions and would also recommend contacting customer services in order to clarify this before committing to anything.

The company claims to accept returns and issue refunds excluding the price of postage and boast that this is a ‘no questions asked’ process if the returned products are received within 30 days of the order date. A further limitation on this is that this process does not apply to promotional products of which the free trial is clearly an example. In this case there is no way to claim back the £5 postage fee even if you do not use the pills and indeed send them back to the company at your own expense.

The company emphasises that it will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and tells consumers that it is in their interest to use a third party delivery service which can provide confirmation of delivery in order to return their unwanted items. If however, the product was damaged when you received it; the company does allow for an immediate replacement to be sent out after having received the faulty item with no further charge to you provided you have contacted their customer service team and attained a return authorisation number.

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Does Nutriberry Slim Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money back guarantee.

One-off payment: No, customers are automatically enrolled into a monthly scheme whereby they are charged for another bottle of Nutriberry Slim every 30 days.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no information available on the product website with regards to manufacturing details.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No diet plan appears to be provided.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: The ingredient quantities are not provided.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, contact details can be found on the official website.

Nutriberry Slim does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and the product is sold using a ‘free trial scam’. Some information is also lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and ingredient quantities.

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Overall Verdict

There is very little scientific evidence that the ingredients in these pills will have significant effects on weight loss and even where there is such evidence, the studies that have been done are very limited and more are needed for clarification. Although side effects may not be likely, the side effects of these pills have not been very well researched; this means that we cannot be sure that prolonged use of the pills will not result in any serious or long lasting effects. The product is sold using a ‘free trial scam’ whereby customers are automatically enrolled onto a monthly payment scheme, often unknowingly. Whilst several ingredients are revealed, the quantities of these ingredients are not provided.

What to do if you have been scammed by the Nutriberry Slim Auto Billing Scheme

Thank you to one of our readers who posted the following instructions for stopping the Nutriberry Slim auto billing scheme.

If you have signed up for a trial of Nutriberry Slim and wish to cancel then you can phone them on: +44 (0) 20 3281 1046

You can also email them at:

Finally all returns should be sent to (please ensure you phone for an RMA before sending):

Healthy Essentials ltd
Herkimer House,
Mill Road Industrial Estate
EH49 7SF
United Kingdom

Nutriberry Slim have the following contact details as well:

Phone: (0845) 528 1163


Healthy Essentials ltd
D11 Glyme Court,
Oxford Office Village
Langford Lane Kidlinton,
United Kingdom

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62 Responses to “Nutriberry Slim”

  1. Peter Dixon says:

    I ordered a sample for 35.95 and it was not made clear to me that I was signing up to a monthly supply at £93 a month.
    They have, however, taken £124.99 + charges from my account.
    This product is a scam. and I advise everyone to avoid it…

    • Andrea Darge says:

      Dear Peter can you please give the email address you sent your letter to nuptial I’m as I am not having any joy cancelling mine order I have canceled my card but want to send them an email to cancel and get cancellation number from them
      Thank you

      • Cynthia says:

        I bought this trial and received it today. I then tried to email them to cancel the account and any further deliveries of the products. Emails were returned unsent. So, having paid with my credit card, I rang the bank who assured me not to worry. They are going to keep checking my account and stopping any payments going to these people. If any payments do slip through, my bank will draw them back from their bank and this will result in them incurring charges. My bank will continue to watch my account until 3 months have passed with no application for payment by these people. Hope this helps everyone.

    • marie says:

      Dear Peter, if you have an address of any kind for this company could you please send it to me, thank you.
      Many blessings

    • Trishmccrindle McCrindle says:

      I agree with u I e mailed to try and stop the order and also went to bank and cancelled instalments after reading reviews. They still managed to take over £200 out of my account and said that the terms and conditions were clearly displayed which I argued with. I would never pay that amount ever for any sort of pills especially as they were for someone else. They are a total rip off and should be brought to trading standards. I have now chucked the pills in the bin and just told my friend they never arrived as I don’t want them to be out of pocket. I have two jobs to help pay bills and now have another large amount to pay. They should be named and shamed in case any other poor person gets stitched up. I’m fuming after speaking to some Indian man they are no help at all and just want to take your money. I have never ordered anything off the internet before and am usually quite careful but after seeing it advertised on Facebook thought it must be ok. I will be very wary from now on. Rant over! Just don’t want anyone else ripped off.

      • Trishmccrindle McCrindle says:

        P.s. Phoned up credit card company and they could not refund me as it says in the terms and conditions(which u can’t see at the time) if u are not happy the items have to be sent back within a time period which is too late by time u receive them. And also to contact them which I did via e mail within this time period. So out of pocket!!!!!!!

    • Jane Walshe says:

      Peter. I have picked up my samples today and now I’m panicking and wished I’d seen these reviews before. How soon do they take the money from the bank. I will be going to my bank first thing in the morning. Panicking. Jane

  2. Jerrett says:

    Nutri Berry Slim have deliberately duped me by taking money from my account that I did not authorise. The terms and conditions were not available to be read at time of ordering. I have asked them for my money to be returned or I am taking this further.

    • Andrea Darge says:

      Do you have a contact email or number for them
      Thank you

    • lesley woodburn says:

      do you have any contact email or number so I can contact them thank you .

      • Chris Rigby says:

        Just phoned my bank to cancel all future payments .They were fully aware of this scam and gave me the merchants numbers ,2 months payments have been removed and only realised I was scammed when the next supply of this crap arrived ,totally surprised as I thought I had only signed up for a trial supply .The bank gave me the merchants telephone numbers and I phoned immediately to cancel .I am supposed to get confirmation via email in 24 hours .It is a huge scam and I don’t have a hope in hell of getting my money back as I am supposed to have agreed to it via the trial supply.Ask your bank for merchants details .

        • Jane Walshe says:

          Hi Chris. I’m so shocked to read about this scam and wish I’d seen it before I ordered my samples! I’ll be going to the bank first thing tomorrow. How soon do they take money from your bank account? Jane

      • patricia wagstaff says:

        Hi Lesley, the phone number i used is for both nutriberry and vita cleanse I bought both after weeing the recommended by both Ms Kelly & Ms Willoughby and an article in Womens Health, all three raved so much I thought why not!!. I you want a refund call 020 3281 1048 and you will get through to customer service, based in Clearwater Florida usa. I was informed i would charged at local rates. When you speak to them get the Person’s name in full and double check every piece of information that you are given. You also require a RMA number which is 17 digits long, this has to written on the outside of the package. You need one for each product. Also you will be charged for stock refill at a rate of £10 for each product no matter how many tablets you have used even if its only a couple. Good luck in your quest to gain your monies back.

  3. a jackson says:

    Just seen my bank statement and I have had £93 taken out for Nutriberry and a further £86 for super cleanse.I did not authorise this as I only asked for the trial packs and paid nearly £10 for these. I have sent an e-mail for nutriberry but the super cleanse web site is rubbish, yet both were advertised together on facebook. What an utter scam, shouldn’t be allowed and I want my money back. The fraud team at my bank said they would investigate.

  4. Van Aelst Diane says:


    Is there somebody who know ‘s the adress or the email of this firm. It’s been know the thirth time that they send me those products and I don’t want them. The biggest problem is they Always take the money from your creditcard . I will send it back this time and try to get my money back.

    • Ros says:

      I had the same problem. No trial packs received that I had paid nearly£10.00 delivery for. Two full size bottles received and credit card charged £93 and £89 respectively. Managed to contact on 0845 5281163 and was told that because I had not cancelled within 14 days it was assumed that I would go ahead. Said that I wanted to cancel and was told that I would have to pay for the return recorded delivery and that I would also have £10 per bottle restocking fee deducted from any refund???
      I am going to contact trading standards and seek further advice.

  5. John James says:

    Nutriberry Scam ? more like Nutriberry Scum !!

    This is most certainly a scam.

    If you manage to get a connection…The HO number is
    0203 2811046…..calls are transferred to a call
    centre in Florida, where “Ethan” (ask for him by name) answered my call, totally useless, totally unhelpful, never deviating from his script, but ask for Ethan anyway….just to annoy him ! I plan to call him every day for a month…just because I can !!!
    He repeats himself over and over that the cost of the trial period is to cover the p&p ( in my case £ 3.00 )
    Even if you cancel the trial period, like I did, I was still charged for the full price of the 30 day supply ( £93.00 ) some 10 days after the trial period, without my authorisation, which to me is THEFT !
    If you are pursuing this and get through – ask Ethan or the call centre operator
    “How they sleep at night ???”…..
    they don’t give s s**t and do not have any conscience working for people like this !!

    I’ve cancelled my card and they will not get a penny ( or cent ) more from me !
    Companies like this give on-line shopping services bad reputations.
    I suggest you spread the word to avoid like the plague.

    It’s funny how Nutriberry were prepared to offer me a 50% discount if I continued with the subscription…..but NOT a single penny discount for the trial period ! I asked for 50% back from my trial period…..they couldn’t do that !!
    Just shows how much value is in their product !

    A total SCAM……operated by total SCUM …which should be their new strap-line.

    Good luck in trying to resolve your issues with these crooks !!

    • Pamela says:

      Hi I have just received my pills today and I so glad that I came on the internet tonight to read more about them and seen all these emails, I was not aware of the £93 that they were planning to take out my account. I have just phoned the number above and have spoken to some guys that has advices me that I can send them back the ref number that they have just sent me and they will cancel my account, but I wont get any money that I have already spent back. sorry you have all had money taken just hope they keep to there word and don’t take any money out my account.

    • Jane Walshe says:

      Hi John. I was so lucky that I happened to Google the product shortly after ordering the sample and found the scam information. I rang the number on the back of my bank card right away and they said they’d block the company. But I went into the bank the next day and totally cancelled my card and ordered a new one. I’m so glad I Googled Nutriberry and saw the information on the scam. I have reported them to Trading Standards. I’m actually wondering whether to try the Nutriberry now that I’ve paid £10 postage. I’ve read bad reviews about the Vita Cleanse so probably won’t bother with that. Best wishes. Jane

  6. Dawn says:

    I went on this site and I paid for three items online of garcinia pro extract, vita cleanse, Nutriberry slim on the 17/04/14 and still have not gotten any of the items (now 12 days later) and can not find any number on the site to contact them or email.

  7. Marcus says:

    Just to confirm all of the above, we too have had similar experience, with Austin on the phone justifying his claim that we should have told them after 5-7 days if we had not received the goods from the US, otherwise they are justified in taking the £93.

    Clearly designed to scam people.

  8. Tee says:

    I also was about to fall victim but rescued me. I surprisingly saw that 93 pounds was about to leave my account, as a transaction still being processed, titled “Keytone”, I called my bank and was told that if it was a scam, they money would have to totally be out before they could retrieve it.
    I saw the comments online of how this was a scam, so I acted fast. I went back to read the terms and conditions, and it said I should call the number on the bank transaction If I wanted to cancel, I did. I was cancelling before the 14days as per their terms and luckily, the drugs had not been delivered yet.
    I was with them for over 20minutes on the phone, they kept offering to give me back part of my money, from 30% to 50% and 70%, but I pressed for the full, and was fully refunded within three or four working days.

  9. kenneth robertson says:

    dont fall for this scam as i did your unknowingly signing up to monthly charge of 95-99p .THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS STAY CLEAR

  10. Sheila says:

    Just suffered the same con. Phoned the Florida office 0845 528 1163 and spoke to a Stacey Williams who was uncooperative and would not listen. Just kept repeating the 14 days trial had run out and I should have read T&C. Like Jerrett these were not clear on the website I ordered from. Ordered 1/5, despatched 6/5 and delivered 9/5. By that time I was on hols for a few days as thought I would have received them much quicker. I phoned within the 14 days of delivery but the 14 days is from ordering. How can you trial a product when it is in the post (a deliberate ploy). Their T&C are not reasonable and Trading Standards should be brought in. The company is a scam, steer clear. I have lost a lot of money also. Also I have received no invoice which I asked for and which was refused. When I quoted the order no. on their despatch note Williams did not have a record of it. The only detail she went by was my card no.!! WHAT!! They do not give a damn about your health, only interested in your bank details. I could kick myself, please do not make the same mistake.

  11. Jax says:

    What a huge con! Thought I was savvy – obviously not, as I too have been scammed out of nearly £200. Someone should tell the world, via Twitter, what they are up to. That’ll stop ‘em!

  12. jesica says:

    Don’t buy nutriberry slim the company ia a fruad

  13. Mary says:

    Address of Nutriberry Slim:
    Healthy Essentials, Herkimer House,
    Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, Scotland
    EH49 7SF

    I sent recorded delivery letters to cancel when I discovered this ploy. The letter has been delivered and the signature is
    ‘LACKI’ . They are wrongfully advertising. A trial is what it says it is ‘A Trial’. I cannot understand why they are getting away with this fraud.

  14. Eilish Garland says:

    Yes this is a TOTAL RIP OFF. TOTALSCAM.
    I will contact Trading Standards today and complain. I have alerted Barclaycard not to authorise any further payments. A free trial is a free trial and no opportunity was given to see the small print on the website, when all I was interested in was the free rial

  15. jinky44 says:

    Emdae contacted Watchdog yet??

  16. Cynthia says:


  17. colin sherlock says:

    hi folks
    i just got caught out by this
    both trial items arrived this morning
    all email adresses are faulty and get returned.
    seems you get charged for a months supply of both items £150.00,then to cancel you phone usa/florida who give you a return adress and rma then charge you restocking fee.
    i couldnt be arsed with all that so
    phoned up my natwest bank and got them to cancell any future payments to these sharks.
    and the guy said if they do get money my bank will refund me and any charges made to me.
    so il wait for my free items to arrive.

  18. Fi Cargill says:

    Was scammed too have had to close my bank account to prevent further deductions as bank cannot stop them taking payments THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN NAMED AND SHAMED LEAVING FOLK IN DEBT LIKE THAT and causing so much hardship.

  19. M Johnson says:

    They did same to me .jt was suppose be £2.99 for postage they end up taking an extra £90.01 their staffs are so rude not giving you any information require the email address I have is not working nor will they give me there company not gonna rest till I get my money back.

  20. jim says:

    i have called nutriberry on the number at the top of this page and was given an rma number and a po box address to send the empty carton to.i too cancelled my bank card so have only lost 2.99.i had no problem with the help desk and hope this is the last of it.i feel for all you people who lost money and hope you resolve your problems

  21. Barabara says:

    I got scammed too and feel very ashamed of myself for not reading the small print.

    This is a total scam, the pills don’t work but their bank withdrawals do.

    The call centre seems to be in India, which I suppose is cheaper than giving employment to staff in the UK, however, if it would also help if the person on the other end could speak coherent English and understand what I had to say. I was, and am, always polite.

  22. Jade says:

    I haven’t received my items yet but Have all ready phone up some guy at customers Services to cancel, he offered me 50% discount but I sed I just want it all canceled. He said it will all be canceled once I return the product. (Recorded delivery) however I asked what address I should send it to. The man has given me a different address to everyone I’ve read so now I’m co fussed where to send it to… Any idea anyone?
    The address I’ve got is

    PO box 13511
    EHE9 7YH

    • Angela says:

      Jade I’ve just sent my back to the same address as yours also I’ve recorded delivery hope that helps


  23. Louisa says:

    I just managed to call 0203 2811046 and spoke to a lady who was quite rude and said that the initial payment was just for postage and that the later one (two weeks later of £93) was the actual payment for the product. Any way I managed to cancel my subscription over the phone and she sent a confirmation email too. I never received the product for the second time so apparently I can call them and let them know and try for a refund if I don’t receive them.
    She didnt say anything about sending the bottles back so dont accept that! And just persist with the refund.
    I think we should all send complaints to the office of fair trading because this isnt right- you cant hide charges of £90 in the small print – that just cant be right!

  24. Angela says:

    Also go to your bank and ask them to stop any withdraws from the company that way you are covered if they do take money of you,the bank with refund you

  25. ryan says:

    I saw this on Facebook and thought looked good, link was for a review from what I thought to do with channel four. I ordered the free trial and paid postage, I went to work the next dayabd showed someone the product when I noticed the word scam as I read and read again I went to the site I ordered from and read terms and condition, to my surprise I have unknowingly signed up for a monthly subscription for both items. I phoned them on the number provided and got through to someone and cancelled the order, following day I got an email saying my items have been shipped. I phoned again and spoke to Phil he confirmed my account had been cancelled and no further payment will be taken but keep the trial. I’m still not convinced they won’t Try to take money so will be going to bank to cancel card and inform them to block any attempted withdrawal from my account.I emailed the company for written evidence that no further funds will be taken. I’m still waiting for a reply.

  26. Richard says:

    Thank god I read this.just been too the bank and cancelled any future payments. The bank are well aware of this scam.

  27. fejiro says:

    i ordered for thr product cos i saw it was a free trial unknowing that they would withdraw 93 pounds from my account before the free trial was even up and the drug didnt get to me on time for me to even cancel. they wont even send an email that ur free trial is up. i called my bank but they said to talk to the merchant. i called them and i was told i cannot get a refund. if u need to call them to cancel. this is their no- +44(0)203 281 1046. this type of scam need to be checked. i cancelled but didnt get my money back.

  28. Lin says:

    I saw this advert on face book, and alot of my friends were talking about Nutriberry slim, what I didnt know was they take a payment out your bank for £93.00 without your concent, you think its a £2.99 trial price, they will then keep tking money out of your bank monthly if you dont go to your bank and put a stop to it, ive contacted trading standards and my bank is investigating it to, im very angry as ive never done anything like this before and wont be in the future.

  29. Julia says:

    I too have been scammed by the Nutriberry Slim ‘trial’ offer & further payment has been taken from my account. After calling the office today to get an RMA number, I was given a return address in Milton Keynes and not the one in Linlithgow. Has anyone else been given this address?

    PO Box 7574
    Milton Keynes
    MK11 9GQ

    Found a website with a great letter template, written by a specialist claims solicitor. I am returning my unopened trial pack along with this letter. We shall see…

    • Gail says:


      I made the same mistake but only ordered the sample 6 days ago. I have only paid the sample fee postage and have cancelled my credit card as a precaution. I phoned the Nutriberry contact centre and they authorised the cancellation to prevent any money being taken from my account. The gave me an RMI reference and the address in Milton Keynes which must be returned recorded delivery.

      This outfit are out to rob people so I would advise that you cancel your credit card and obtain a replacement. I was told by the agent that they would extend the cancellation period by 30 days in my case. I believe this is another ploy to get you to run over the trial period in order to extract the £93.

    • bkaur says:


  30. becky says:

    After reading this I rang customer support and surprisingly they were very helpful in how to sent them back. So glad I saw this I don’t earn that much a month

  31. sammy says:

    Hello Every1 I also been scamed they took 93 pounds out dose any1 no if the products come with a signed delivery???? any one please???? will be very great full

  32. jayne says:

    I have just had the same thing happen to me, I’m gutted as its left my account overdrawn and left me not just £93.00 but bank charges too.

  33. Alison says:

    Do not try these, £2.99 shipping and cosr me over £200,
    Did not get money back and customer service can’t even speak English, NO help what so ever, out of pocket BIG TIME

  34. Ellie says:

    Total scam. Has anyone contacted trading standards ?

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Ellie I’m going to the Citizens Advice Bureau tomorrow with my findings and with the hope that they will investigate this scam which I’ve had the £93 taken out of my account today!. If no joy there I will not hesitate to get in touch with Trading Standards.


  35. Juliette says:

    After reading an article on Face Book I was suckered into this and completed the forms for a free trial, thankfully I read up on this product and came across this site & after reading the comments realised I was about to be scammed so I called the number previously given on here and spoke to a guy called Ryan…I told him I didn’t want the free trial as realised I would be paying £90 odd per month which is not something I would ever sign up for, he offered me 50% discount to which I declined, after giving him my order numbers I received an e mail to say my order has been cancelled. I did ring my credit card company who advised that I shouldn’t have any money going out to them, if this was to happen because I have the cancellation e mails this would be disputed…Hopefully I did this in time and recommend to anyone else to call the number and cancel the free trial. The number I called is 02032811048. Hope this helps

    • Deirdre says:

      Thank you so much everyone. I fell for this too. I rang my creditcard company who were already aware of this scam. They said they would prevent any payment to them. I will see the money coming out but they will refund it. Thank you Juliette I rang the number and cancelled. They told me to send the FREE SAMPLE! back and the order would be cancelled. I would rather lose £2.99 and the return postage than give these scamsters anything. I feel for all those who have lost money. ATTENTION WATCHDOG AND TRADING STANDARDS. Surely something can be done about this. I have been reassured by the credit card co that I will not lose money. Living in hope! and sending the rubbish back

  36. Sandra says:

    Hi everyone. My story is very much like everyone else’s. After filling out a survey linked onto the Tesco Direct website, there were three offers for doing so, I applied for the trial bottle! Which I received 11-12 days ago and then found that Nutriberry have withdrawn £93 out of my account today! I phoned them to inquire why because at no stage of accepting the offer would I had agree to buying anything for £93′s.
    I don’t know where I phoned but I spoke to an Asian lady who has been well trained in being assertive and bluntly rude by saying basically it was my own fault because I should had read the terms and conditions at the time. I had no shame in crying and repeatedly saying that I now have very little left in my account, which is true. Eventually she offered me a refund of £20′s I said no and after a few minuets of me by now getting slightly hysterical agreed to a new offer of £50′s! which is better than nothing. By offering me a partial refund tells me that they know that they are guilty of misleading the public.
    I will post the outcome after I visit Citizens Advice Centre. Hopefully I will have good news for us all.
    I have found a few contradictions on their various web pages, and I have written them down to take along to Citizens Advise Service tomorrow 08/08/2014.

  37. Nicole says:

    I too signed up to both Vita Cleanse and Nutriberry Slim. :-(
    I actually got onto this site by accident whilst looking for a description of possible side-effects as I have found that the pills are making me nauseous. Am pleased about this now or I would not have realised the extent of the scam. Luckily I am still within the 14-day cancellation period. I have just written e-mails to cancel any further products/payments on account following their cancellation information on their two websites ( and They have written back that “having reviewed my account status, they cannot accept my order cancellation by e-mail”?! And now I have to phone London. I don’t think so. I take their reply as a confirmation of my cancellation, have printed off their cancellation procedure and e-mail confirmation, will phone my credit card company not to accept claims from them and if they try anything, I will sue them. These practices need to stop!

  38. Ali says:

    WARNING…………DO NOT touch this company with a barge pole, they are a load of lylng total shits and B——S. Like many others they’ve conned me out of £89 and £93 respectively. I’ve tried to call the number on the despatch note and guess what……. you don’t even get a dial tone and have also tried to e-mail at the address they quote and that also is a SCAM……….The police and trading standards should be brought in straightaway to close this operation down immediately before people get into serious debt as a result of this CON.

  39. dusty says:

    Hi to everyone who has been scammed by this company. I have just been on to the contact number ,kindly given by this site ,what an rude ,unhelpful bunch that I have ever had the mis fortune to meet. They would only try to shout you down and it was only when I threatened them with legal action that they would listen ,they have assured me that my account has been cancelled ,we shall see. Could anyone tell me of a legit company who sells similar product to this, and will not rip you off

  40. Kathy McCarthy says:

    im on a fixed income and this co could have really hurt me. I was alerted by my debit card ssdi acct. fraud division, they tried to bill me 5.15 so I cancelled my card too, as I was advised it was a scam who was the extra .15 cents going to? Maybe a third party billing system

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