NutriBerry Slim Side Effects

NutriBerry Slim side effectsVery worryingly, the manufacturers of NutriBerry Slim do not appear to have given any thought whatsoever to the side effects that may result from prolonged use of their pills. Although the website is inundated with claims referring to the fact that some ingredients have been clinically tested, there has been no research into the safety of the use of the product on human beings.
Due to this fact, we have had to conduct our own research into the possible symptoms that users of the pills may experience. This is a hard task since there are no credible consumer reviews available for our experts to consider and so most of the information below will rely on scientific trials and facts that give rise to concerns about each ingredient used in the product. For more information on specific trials, you can read our NutriBerry Slim Clinical Studies article.

We cannot accurately say how likely it is that you will experience these symptoms and nor can we say how you will react to the pill overall as this is highly subjective. We can however give information on the following symptoms on the basis that there is a very real risk that they may be experienced.

Side Effect One: Jitteriness And Palpitations

raspberry ketone heart palpitationsIt is a scientific fact that the ingredient Raspberry Ketone, which is used in NutriBerry pills, is chemically related to a stimulant called Synephrine. Due to this, it may cause jitteriness and increase blood pressure. In more severe cases, it can also lead to heart palpitations and so it is recommended that people with pre-existing heart conditions and those with a family history of such diseases should not take these pills especially since there is no information relating to the amounts of the ingredients given before purchase.

In most cases, these side effects will only last 1-2 hours but should they be particularly persistent it would be wise to discontinue the use of the pills until you have been thoroughly checked over by a GP.

Further to this there have been no other side effects noted as a result of the ingestion of this ingredient. This is not to say that it is safe however, and our experts would highlight the fact that there are very little clinical studies involving the ingredient on human subjects. Therefore, caution should be used when taking the product, and it is recommended that you do not take it for prolonged periods of time until it has been proven that no further effects will result.

Side Effect Two: Stomach Cramps

NutriBerry Slim stomach crampsStomach cramps can be caused by the ingredient Green Coffee; this is because caffeine in general can increase the amount of gastric acid in the body, which often results in some types of abdominal pain. It is thought that Green Coffee in particular may cause more severe cramping as the ingredient is rawer and the effects of it have not been lessened or inhibited by any forms of roasting.

The severity of this side effect will depend entirely upon the user and how sensitive they are to caffeine in general; however should they be of a serious nature you should stop using the pills immediately and seek medical advice.

Having said this, there are many other causes of stomach cramps, which are not related to the use of the pills or this ingredient, and a visit to your GP is imperative in order to rule out any other potential illness. These might include:

- Food poisoning.
- Irritable bowel syndrome.
- Appendicitis.
- Gallstones.
- Kidney stones.
- Acid reflux.
- A urinary tract infection.

Side Effect Three: Symptoms Relating To The Ingestion Of Acai Berries

We have grouped together the following side effects, as they are all the result of the prolonged consumption of Acai berries, which are included as one of the main ingredients in NutriBerry Slim pills.

Firstly, a high amount of Acai berries over a long period of time can increase the bleeding ability of the body. This means that users may lose more blood than usual through normal injury and experience fainting as a result; this is why many women choose not to take these sorts of supplements whilst menstruating as this symptom is common.

Further to this, the Acai berries can also increase blood pressure which could be potentially life threatening if taken in high amounts. Since we do not have quantitative data concerning the ingredients, at this point we would recommend consulting a GP before using the pills in order to obtain advice as to whether you may be particularly at risk from this side effect.

Those who are particularly sensitive to these types of berries or have any pollen allergies may also experience diarrhoea. The severity of this will be dependent on the user although it seems often to be mild and should subside after a few days.

As well as this Acai berries contain Echinacea, which can cause some liver problems, and therefore those who are prone to such conditions should not attempt using the pills.

Most of these side effects materialise because users have taken above the recommended dose of the ingredient, it is therefore extremely important that you follow all guidelines and recommendations both on the packaging of the product and, most importantly, the advice given to you by a medical professional.

If you have not already done so, we also recommend that you read our main NutriBerry Slim Review for a well-rounded analysis of the product.

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Disclaimer: Our product reviews are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us at the time of first publishing the review. In some cases we will actually purchase and test the products and in others we rely on information about the ingredients of the product and user reviews. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and we may not always be notified of these changes. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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    Thank you. I am overweight and was considering this product, So very glad I read this article as I have a heart problem,. So Thank you again. Regards.

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