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Nuvoryn Review and Scam Report - Nuvoryn Singapore, UK, Australia

nuvoryn-1Nuvoryn is a weight loss pill that combines several natural ingredients, mainly herbs and berries. Nuvoryn’s website claims this special combination of these components supposedly causes miraculous weight loss.

We investigate the legitimacy of their claims

Nuvoryn have a very cleverly designed website with lots of pictures showing dramatic weight loss (although these pictures now appear to have been removed from the UK site). In this review we examine whether Nuvoryn diet pills actually work or whether Nuvoryn is a diet pill scam.

Nuvoryn Pros
  • Minimal side effects
Nuvoryn Cons
  • Contains many ingredients that have no proven effects on weight loss
  • Very little weight loss power for such a price tag
  • Consumer reports of paying money and never receiving the product and refund requests being ignored

Nuvoryn Review

Nuvoryn claims to be a fat burner, appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster, however, based on the Nuvoryn’s ingredients, their quantities and consumer feedback we are very doubtful that Nuvoryn provides any of these benefits.

Nuvoryn appears to sell mostly in Singapore, Australia and the UK.

In this review we will dissect Nuvoryn; examining each of its ingredients and its overall effectiveness and reliability as a diet supplement.

Claimed weight loss benefits:

How Nuvoryn Works

Nuvoryn is marketed as a metabolism booster. Metabolism boosters speed up certain processes in the body so that less energy is stored away as fat. That’s how Nuvoryn apparently works, but does it actually work at all? Let’s take a look and see if there is any scientific evidence backing these claims about Nuvoryn and look at how effective each individual ingredient is.

There have been no clinical trials of Nuvoryn itself, so we don’t have scientific confirmation from a trustworthy source that it’s an effectual diet pill. The website does, however, cite examples of clinical trials of its ingredients.

A double blind trial showed that green tea, one of the key ingredients of Nuvoryn, was conducive to weight loss. Whilst the dieting benefits of green tea extract are proven, we are not told how much of it is contained in Nuvoryn so we cannot be sure how much of an effect the green tea extract will have in terms of weight loss.  Read our full article on how Nuvoryn works.

Key Nuvoryn Ingredients

green tea in a cup for weight lossThe Nuvoryn website lists green tea as one of its weight loss ingredients. Green tea is a proven metabolism booster – it increases the rate at which we metabolise our food, which prevents us from taking in unwanted excess calories. In addition, it contains a certain chemical that induces lipid oxidation (fat burning). For more information about green tea as a weight loss treatment, see our article on green tea for weight loss.

In addition Nuvoryn contains two high caffeine content substances: Guarana and Yerba Maté (both of which are used in soft drinks in South America, which is also where they grow). Guarana fruit contain approximately twice the amount of caffeine as a coffee bean, and Yerba Mate also has a relatively large concentration of caffeine. Caffeine, as well as making you more alert, makes your heart beat faster, which makes it easier for your body to perform its function. As chemical reactions are taking place at a faster rate around your body, your metabolism receives a boost. However, the other weight loss benefits that the Nuvoryn website claims are untried and therefore unproven.

acai berryA further ingredient of Nuvoryn is the Acai berry – a well-known supplement. Through a continual torrent of online advertising, the Acai berry has had built for it a grandiose and illusionary reputation of being a “superfood”. As well as apparently being a miraculous slimming fruit, it is also allegedly the cure for a number of illnesses. The reality is that it’s about as healthy as most other fruits, and hence not worth the ridiculous price that is paid for it.

Nuvoryn contains antioxidants in the form of pomegranate extract and Reversatrol.Finally, Nurvoryn contains Siberian Ginseng, an ancient Eastern remedy. Find out more about how these ingredients work in our article on how Nuvoryn Works.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

Nuvoryn does very little to aid weight loss.
Speed of results: 15/100

Since Nuvoryn doesn’t really bring about any real results, we can’t give it a high score for
speed of results.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

Nuvoryn has little to no appetite suppressing effect.
Long Term Results: 18/100

The long-term outcome is that the only weight Nuvoryn will help you lose is from your purse/wallet.
Safety: 90/100

Thanks to the all-natural ingredients, Nuvoryn should have minimal side effects. However, some are reported by consumer. We investigate further in our article on Nuvoryn side effects.
Value for money: 10/100

You’d essentially be paying a lot of money for green tea and some glorified plant mass.

Nuvoryn Side Effects

woman experiencing side effectsIt is one of the stronger points of Nuvoryn that it has no known or reported side effects. One thing that could possibly cause problems is the high caffeine ingredients, but the caffeine involved is unlikely to make much impact – at worst a headache. You do risk, however, paying a large amount of money for weight loss benefits you could gain from green tea. We investigate possible side effects in detail in our article on Nuvoryn side effects.

The Company Behind Nuvoryn

Unlike other diet pills finding out exactly who is behind the Nuvoryn tablets has been a difficult task.
By going to the terms and conditions of the Nuvoryn website, you see that the company is called Nathans Naturals LLC and are based in the UK. However, unlike other diet pill companies there is only a PO Box address. Find out more in our article on the company behind Nuvoryn.

Where to Buy Nuvoryn

Although we advise you not to choose Nuvoryn, you can learn the best places in our article on where to buy Nuvoryn.

Overall Verdict

In summary, Nuvoryn is not a trustworthy diet pill. Untested and lacking information about the quantities of the ingredients, there is every chance you will be paying a lot of money for very little with Nuvoryn. Its only proven weight loss benefits could be just as easily received by drinking green tea and eating fruits high in antioxidants, such as pomegranates and cranberries. Furthermore, almost all Nuvoryn reviews are damning and give the impression that it is a scam, with the exception of a few positive reviews which are suspicious and likely aren’t genuine. Nuvoryn is definitely a diet pill to stay away from.

Overall: 21/100

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52 Responses to “Nuvoryn”

  1. karin says:

    how much does the nuvoryn diet pills cost?
    stay in cape town – south africa

    • Jessica Fortina says:

      Hi Karin, Nurovyn can be bought from there website for around £30. I am unsure whether they ship to South Africa so make sure you check with them if you decide to order this product.

  2. Jane Sneddon says:

    I can’t say I’ve been impressed with Nuvoryn. I’ve been taking it for at least three weeks now and I’ve not lost any weight at all, I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong?
    I’ve not had any side effects but no weight loss, so it’s been very disappointing.
    Has anyone lost weight on these pills??

    • Katy says:

      I haven’t lost weight with nurovyn either jane! They were really rubbish for me, I didn’t lose any weight even though I was taking them for a good two weeks! such a poor product

  3. Janey Canning says:

    I spent almost £60 on two bottles of these pills. I’m so annoyed at myself because they’ve not worked at all. I didn’t lose much weight and I suffered from really bad headaches and fatigue.
    It is also worth mentioning, when I tried to get in touch for some money back, there was no way of getting hold of them. Emails not replied to and phone calls not answered.
    I urge everyone to avoid these pills! Like the plague!

    • marsha says:

      I’m so stupid. I wasn’t read the reviews of this product and I just bought it. and it scared me because some people say they took money from our card. so I sent them email to cancel my order. I just wish I could get back my money.

  4. Tommy says:

    I researched these pills online and found a lot of very positive reviews so I tried them. They’ve not lived up to the hype at all, I’ve taken them for a while now and I’ve not felt more energetic and I haven’t lost any weight on them. They are not worth the price I paid and I doubt they’d be worth any amount of money to be honest.

  5. dave says:

    These pills took a while to work but they are finally working! I’ve tried a few supplements but none have worked until these ones. They did take a while to start working but they finally are now, I’d recommend these to people with patience and money!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Dave, I’ve been using these pills for a couple of weeks now and haven’t lost any weight. Really close to giving up on them right now, so I was wondering how long they took to start working for you? Were you doing anything in particular alongside the pills?

  6. Alyssa Ravinder says:

    These pills are just a con. You either don’t receive them at all or they take ages to come even when you get them, they don’t do anything. I was really disappointed with mine, they’re a total waste of time and effort so save your money!

    • marcus says:

      I agree Alyssa! I ordered one bottle which never arrived and yet they still took my money!! I emailed and tried ringing but I got no answer with either of them. That is money totally wasted.

      • David says:

        To all who intend to use this product my advice don’t waste your money.
        I tried them for one month and didn’t lose any weight or fat around my tummy area. The positive reviews on it must be fake. I have been taken in.

  7. tracy says:

    I’ve just finished the first month of taking these slimming pills, I had really high hopes but they’ve been dashed as I’m really disappointed not to have lost any weight.
    I’ve been eating healthy, been walking when I can but nothing has helped.
    I had read many good reviews about this product but I really don’t know where they came from as none of it came true for me. I’m very disappointed with this product.

  8. Gary says:

    I’m in my third month of taking these diet pills and have still not lost any weight. It hasn’t reduced my appetite, given me more energy or helped me lose any weight, they’ve been absolutely rubbish! In fact I think nuvoryn might have even increased my appetite and put more weight on rather than take it off. Won’t be getting any more of these.

  9. Stace Fischer says:

    I must admit I didn’t expect these pills to work, I had read a lot of negative reviews similar to the ones on this page. I had tried a lot of other supplements and nothing had worked so I thought why not give these ones a go.
    To my surprise they actually did work. Sure I did daily exercise and ate as healthy as I could but I’m sure these pills helped. I’m still taking them now as I get closer and closer to my target weight.

    • Teri says:

      Stace, great news that you lost some weight. I just wonder whether it might have been the diet and exercise you did that helped you lose the weight. Not these pills. From what I’ve read they don’t sound like they’d work for anyone.

  10. Marilyn says:

    As far as I’m concerned these pills are rubbish. I bought them to help me lose weight alongside my diet and exercise routine. I tried them but got absolutely no benefit from them, I didn’t lose weight and I didn’t lose any of my appetite. I certainly won’t be buying these again, they’re utter rubbish.

  11. tara says:

    I had a very bad experience with these pills. I ordered them and only part of the order arrived but of course the full financial amount was taken. I’ve emailed twice and have got no reply. The contact number has been disconnected too so there is pretty much no way of getting in touch.
    Beware if you do buy these, the company is a bit dodgy if you ask me. It is worth googling for complaints about this product before you buy it.

    • bridget says:

      Thanks for posting this tara! I was close to going ahead to buy these pills when I came across this page and saw your comment. I can’t believe some of the things people have gone through with this company! It put me off buying them so I’m looking around for a better option!

  12. mandy says:

    Not only did I fail to lose any weight taking these tablets. I suffered from really bad headaches all the way through it made me really struggle to concentrate at work and made it hard to go about my daily life as usual.
    disappointed in these, waste of my money

  13. bridget says:

    nuvoryn is such a poor product! do not use! I basically paid for nothing because they did absolutely nothing. I saw no weight loss, experienced no change in my appetite. I took them but as far as I’m aware they had literally no effect. So angry that I wasted my money on these!!

  14. brooke says:

    I’m unhappy with these pills. I took them after reading some positive reviews but they done nothing. I haven’t felt any more energy and I certainly haven’t lost weight. disappointed isn’t the word!!

  15. phil says:

    the best thing I can say about nurovyn is that I didn’t experience any bad side effects. I struggled to lose weight and at best I lost 2lbs over three weeks which I think is pretty poor. I could have done that without taking the pills.

  16. May says:


    • liz says:

      You are so right about this scam company, but unfortunately I found out too late. Done in for over $370, even returned the goods to UK at great cost when everything else failed via phone calls & emails! What a damn fool. They are now cleverly selling some acai berry rubbish! How can we stop them?

  17. zura says:

    Thank you soooo much all of u!! I was abt to buy this product with the pure cleanse to help me with my diets. But lucky me to found this page. By the way any of u have any recommendations in others dieting pills tat really works?

  18. Nafisah says:

    I ordered 3 bottles of nuvoryn on 18th june and todate i did not receive the items! Tried emailing them few times but no reply from anyone. Dissapointed. Will make a complaint n raise a dispute form. Such a scam! Idiots…!

  19. Joanne says:

    I ordered 1 bottle of these pills last year found them really good I did not feel hungry had plenty of energy and lost a few pounds and delivery was quick …..then a few months later I ordered three bottles NOT SO GOOD! I waited weeks and weeks still no sign of my pills?i sent countless numbers of emails and constantly tried calling the number given on site either no answer or some lady that hardly spoke any English answered and told me never to call the number again? I was disgusted I sent emails.emails and more emails saying I would get the police onto them and take the matter further all of a sudden got an email back to say they will get my pills to me as soon as possible ..still around two months no sign I kept fighting with the “customer service” to send my order or I would report them finally seven months later my pills turn up!! Scam scam scam but keep keep keep annoying them until you receive your order or your money back!!

  20. Joanne says:

    Also my second batch of diiet pills were different to the first ones the made me gain WEIGHT : (

  21. Noor says:

    I read so much good reviews earlier and thank god I came across this site instead. I have a feeling those positive reviews I read earlier must be fake accounts. I can’t believe people would go to such an extent to sell a worthless product.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Like all the others, my order of 3 bottles of Nurovyn & Pure Cleanse, costing a total of over $350, have done nothing for me. Emailing and writing to their web-site for a money back which was supposed to be guaranteed have simply been met with absolute silence.

    It is well & truly a scam

    • liz says:

      Jennifer, I fall victim the same way as you with both 3xnuvoryn & colon Cleanse. Am in Australia & no a day goes by since Mar that I had not felt stressed about it & almost on a weekly basis I would call their Australian Number, email, etc. but to no avail.
      How can we recoup our money, surely we can complain to some legal bodies like consumer affairs? What country are you in?

  23. Stephanie says:

    It is a scam. Paid for it but none of the items will be delivered.

    Sent several emails but there was no reply.

  24. stela says:

    OMG.. What was I thinking??? I saw hundreds of positive threads from facebook and didn’t think twice to check more…. I ordered together with pure cleanse. Nothing arrived. Few emails no reply. and no phone number is listed on Singapore site…

  25. Cathy Duggan says:

    18th July, 2013 placed order 07h53am and got reply thank you for order at 01h53pm same day, which thought was great, and money went off bank account straight away too.
    To date I have NOT received the order and have followed up on a few phone calls and e-mails and NOTHING mentioning your order is on the way , responce Dear Customer,

    We ensure the delivery of the order after successfully booking of Nuvoryn order.

    100% Guaranteed Delivery Of Order:
    Order delivery is 100% guaranteed. We guarantee your money back in the case of failed delivery.

    Refund Of The Order
    You can ask us to give refund of the order after the delay in delivery of
    30 days.

    Please inform us “Order Placement Date” when you send your complaint of delay in delivery of the order.

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

    Warm regards.


    Nuvoryn Customer Service Team

    But then on returning home last night got a letter stating Detention Notice – inspection date 02/08/2013 and say’s product under investigation , and stating return to sender, can you please advise why????? and when will Nuvoryn give me my refund??? as i ‘m very disappointed in the same to day and was looking forward in trying out Nuvoryn’s product.
    If i do not either receive product by end of week or refund i’m going to lay a charge of fraud against Nuvoryn, which will be my last resort, as was very knee on trying this product out.
    Cathy Duggan 0726154347

  26. Catherine says:

    I read so much good reviews earlier and ordered 3 bottles of nuvoryn on 31st July and received on today but unfortunately I found out too late to this page and saw many negative comment….

  27. William Heng says:

    Don’t understand all the bad reviews and opinion here. I ordered 6 bottles almost 3 weeks ago. the delivery time should be okay given that it comes from UK all the way to South east Asia.

    Trying it now..been only 3 days but would see if it really works…no venture no gain. I have always believe that no two body are the same..have to give time to prove itself. My daughter and me is trying it and see how it goes. So far, no side effects but I do feel lighter and energetic..treks every day 2-8 km doing birding photography.

    **Last part of comment removed by Admin as it is not relevant to this product. Comments on other product should be posted on their review pages**

  28. Manang says:

    Nuvoryn is a bogus product that used my photos taken from my foodblog to use in a false advertisement in the webpage: []. If you go to that webpage and try to click on the other pages, it leads you nowhere. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS COMPANY.

    The website link above uses my photo, which they took from my foodblog In my foodblog,, I made a post about my weight loss just by changing my food choices (basically, low-carb, high-fat). The website link above used my photos to promote Nuvoryn. Obviously, that is false advertisement. And if you go to that link I provided here, and click on other pages/tabs in that webpage, it leads you nowhere. The article is bogus, the product is bogus. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

  29. Abbas says:

    Hi guys… i was researching about some healthy foods or fruits and tried to find a way to loose some weight and i saw the adds for Nuvoryn Pills and i just about to order one for myslef but after reading all this comments here i just dont want to waste my money if they dont work and gives you headech or any other sickness so better not try and the best way to loose weight is eat healthy foods and do exercise :D

    • Meg says:

      I am from Singapore and just met someone in person who have taken these pills. I could see the difference in him of losing at least afew kilos in 3 months. How am I not to be convinced that it works?

  30. Jenny says:

    Hi all

    I’m from Singapore and have just bought 3 bottles of nuvoryn. I’ve just took for the 2nd day and happen to read the negatives comments. Since I’ve already bought, I shall try out and review in two weeks time. However, if it proves to be fake, not only our money is gone but our hope, dreams and the time lost.

  31. lisa taylor says:

    so sorry to hear yo all was conned and disappointed,
    im so glad ive looked it up first,since i stopped smoking 3 years ago ive pt on 4 stone and finding it very very hard loosing it,so im searching for a good fat binder,and this isnt the one,x this person or person should be found n made to pay everyone back,x

  32. Belinda says:

    Ive just had these arrive today so far I havnt felt much but Im not hungry but we shall see.

  33. vinman says:

    Thanks to everyone for your inputs , I thought it sounded like a scam and you confirmed it.

  34. Yarmanya says:

    I must agree. Nuvoryn is a scam. From the moment I recieved my postage, I knew it was going to be no good. i paid for a full 3 bottles and I got only two. after taking the first bottle I realised that I have not yet lost anythin not even half a kilo. I wrote to send back but I got no reply. Making calls has not produced anything also. The company is a scam. they are cheaters. So my friends never buy Nuvoryn…its a bunch of lies.

  35. Trudi Redler says:

    Both 6 bottle, using 2 mounth, not working. I can’t sleep at night time. Notes inreguality heart beat. Not happy! Waisted my money!

  36. Lhen says:

    Hi , nuvoryn iis really scam, i order for 2 bottle but until now not coming .never sent also reply in email

  37. Rebecca says:

    MINE CAME…What did you do wrong???

    I see there has been alot of negative comments on here about shipments not coming through and being delivered. emails not being answered etc.

    I sent an email to them and they replied within 12 hours. a follow up email was sent a week later from me and once again, they replied.

    My order has taken a little bit longer and according to the dependantcy of customs in your country (here in new Zealand they are very strict) this can prove to take longer to get to you.

    My order has arrived just as they promised.

    Stay tuned for results!!!

  38. elaine says:

    Have just read all these comments after buying my 3 months supply!! like others was very impressed with the testimonials on the website. Have been taking
    them for four days now and have noticed no change. Wished I had researched them before.

  39. Joel Wrench says:

    This company is a scam! I was robbed of my money and did not receive the product.

  40. Liz o says:

    Oh dear I too seem to have fallen victim and yet I consider myself to be moderately intelligent, it just goes to show that weight loss and vulnerability go hand in hand sometimes. A hole in my purse and a pounding headache is all I got for my hard earned dollars buying this dodgy Nuvoryn product

  41. D. Blackwell says:

    This product did not work for me. I received the the product, but no invoice. I will never buy diet pill products from the internet with unreasonable weight loss pictures such as this one.

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