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Obesitrol is an American product and another diet pill which claims to cover many areas of weight loss. It has a well presented website with a decent amount of information included but can it possibly do all that it claims to do with just four natural ingredients? We look in to Obesitrol in more detail to find out.

Obesitrol review

Obesitrol Pros
  • Minimal side-effects
  • Contains promising ingredients
Obesitrol Cons
  • Ingredient quantities are not revealed, which could mean they are too low for any noticeable effect
  • No links to the studies which the products’ website cites as proof of it’s ingredients effectiveness

Obesitrol Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Obesitrol is a diet pill that claims to work across three weight loss areas: fat burning, appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting. We disagree with these claims.

How Obesitrol Works

Obesitrol claims to work across a wide range of dieting areas; apparently Obesitrol can boost metabolism, suppress appetite, increase energy, promote fat breakdown and decrease water retention. Whenever we see diet products covering as many areas of weight loss it arouses suspicion as it gives the impression of trying to simply appeal to as many people as possible and sell as much as they can.

Obesitrol claims to create all these wonderful effects simply using four natural ingredients. It backs up each one with some scientific evidence although sadly does not give any links to the studies it uses. This means we are unable to see if the amounts of each ingredient are the same in both Obesitrol and the studies. In fact the ingredient amounts in Obesitrol are not revealed at all so even if the studies were linked it would be impossible to compare.

The ingredients are not exactly ground breaking: they are diet pill regulars and therefore we struggle to believe that they will promote all of the effects Obesitrol claims to do. We would also like to see some testing on the product itself just to show its true effectiveness and safety because the studies on the individual ingredients may show good results but once they are mixed into a product things can change and the studies can use different ingredient quantities too.

It is recommended to take one pill a day although it is not stated when the best time to take the pill is.

Key Obesitrol Ingredients

african mango or irvingia gabonensis in ObesitrolThere are only four natural ingredient compounds included in Obesitrol. These are Irvingia Gabonensis (African mango), Cissus Quadrangularis, caffeine and a compound of Lady’s Mantle, Olive Leaf, Cumin Seed and Wild Mint Leaf. Sadly no quantities of these have been revealed which means they could be included in small amounts and therefore have very little effect.

Irvingia Gabonensis is a popular diet pill ingredient and does have some good research behind it. If it is included in good amounts in Obesitrol this could have good effects on reducing water retention and the breakdown of fat. The combination of the caffeine in Obesitroldifferent leaves and seeds has also been tested and appears safe to use although has not been closely linked to weight loss. Caffeine can definitely work as an energy and metabolism boost, however, we do not know the quantity of caffeine included. For more information on caffeine and it’s effects on the metabolism read here.


Weight Loss Power:


In theory there are some decent weight loss ingredients included but sadly the research it presents is basically meaningless as we are not told quantities included and there are no links to the studies online. It could potentially be helpful in regards to weight loss but more testing on Obesitrol itself is required to prove this and therefore at the minute, due to the hidden quantities mainly, we are forced to assume it has low weight loss power.

Speed of results:


The speed of any weight loss is made incredibly difficult to predict because Obesitrol has kept ingredient quantities well hidden. It wouldn’t be necessary to hide the information if the results positive and so we are left to assume that weight loss will be slow.

Appetite Suppression:


Irvingia Gabonensis has been proven useful in this area and the caffeine and seeds should also be helpful. The only problem in this area is, once again, the quantities because we simply do not know if there are enough of these ingredients included in Obesitrol for it to have an effect.

Long Term Results:


We wouldn’t expect Obesitrol to have many long term effects either positive or negative. Obesitrol looks to be a fairly safe product so side effects should not be a long term problem but it will not have any positive effect on long term weight loss either.
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Obesitrol is likely to be a safe diet pill with minimal side effects. This is because the four ingredients it lists are safe and have been tested thoroughly. We would ideally like to see testing done on Obesitrol itself to prove its safety but we wouldn’t expect any major side effects to be experienced during the taking of Obesitrol.

Value for money:


Obesitrol is relatively cheap, especially when compared to other diet pills, as a one month supply will only cost $19.95 which is around £13/£14 although UK customers will be forced to pay high shipping costs. A three month supply only costs $55.95 which can be the cost of a single month with certain other diet pills. This pricing is very competitive but doesn’t disguise the fact that there is no product testing and weight loss power will likely be quite low. It is decent value for money at best.

Obesitrol Side Effects

The ingredients included are safe and well tested so we would have confidence that any side effects that are experienced will not be unpleasant.

Where to Buy Obesitrol

Obesitrol can be bought from the official website but it does not appear there are too many other places online where Obesitrol can be bought. The official website sells the product at a competitive price and claims to offer a 90 day money back guarantee as well as free shipping on orders of two bottles or more.

Overall Verdict

Obesitrol has some decent ingredients included and appears to be a relatively safe product, however, the effectiveness of the product is in severe doubt due to the lack of ingredient quantities and decent research. Therefore we don’t think Obesitrol has much weight loss potential and would recommend you avoid.

For more information we recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions article on Obesitrol.



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