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Organic Active Cleanse

Organic Active Cleanse is a product aimed at helping you get rid of unwanted toxins and waste in a market known as colon cleansing. This product is by no means intended as a hard-core weight loss solution. It should be thought of as a product which attempts to improve the health and general well-being of an individual, much in the same way as a healthy drink such as Yakult/Activia for example. The jury is out as to whether colon cleansing is actually a viable practise as many scientific studies have disputed the process and termed it as an unnecessary and potentially harmful process.

This review will investigate whether this product is worth your time when it comes to its health orientated approach. If you want a weight loss focused product then this probably isn’t what you are looking for.

Organic Active Cleanse Pros
  • Easily available in UK
  • Uses Royal Mail Tracked delivery service
  • Ingredients are high in vitamins and amino acids
Organic Active Cleanse Cons
  • Employs an auto billing/shipping agreement
  • Must cancel trial within 18 days otherwise you will be charged full price
  • Very little information about ingredients or dosage instructions

Organic Active Cleanse Review

‘The benefits of the Active Cleanse system are two-fold. On one side you are cleansing your body of all the harmful toxins that can build up in your body, and on the other you are losing weight and burning fat. This product does so much for your body and does so without any harmful side effects.’ This is the sales pitch that can be found on the official website.

Claimed weight loss benefits

eating a healthy dietThe first claim is that the product can reduce the appearance of cellulite; it is perfectly possible that this product can indeed do this as it contains a lot of vitamins. However the quantity of ingredients in this product is unknown and as such it is not possible to say how effective the product will be in this regard. The product also claims it can increase your energy levels although there is no immediate evidence to suggest that this could be the case. The third claim that the product makes is that it has no harmful side effects, whether or not this is true depends on your definition of ‘harmful’. The product does have side effects such as flatulence and digestive distress and so you can see why this point is debatable at best. The final claim is that the product can clean up your body for a healthier body. The product can certainly clear out your colon but whether this actually beneficial is again up for debate, with the prevailing view in scientific studies that colon cleansers actually cause more harm than good.

The manufacturer does not specify how the product can help you lose weight or boost your metabolism and looking through the list of ingredients it is difficult to see where these effects could come from. It would be plausible to suggest that as the product contains many laxative based ingredients then they are counting losing weight as the same as getting rid of waste. The downside to laxatives is that it reduces the amount of time that beneficial nutrients have to be absorbed into the body. Therefore weight certainly has the potential to be lost but it isn’t exactly a healthy way of doing so. As for metabolism boosting ingredients; there is no evidence of this.

For more about the manufacturers, read our article on The Company Behind Organic Active Cleanse.

How Organic Active Cleanse Works

Colon CleanserOrganic Active Cleanse is what is known as a colon cleanser. People who support this practice believe that over time, harmful substances such as bacteria build up in the colon and can cause illness. The colon cleanse phenomenon is based on the idea that your colon–which is responsible for storing and eliminating waste, absorbing water and maintaining a healthy water and electrolyte balance–accumulates a build-up of toxins over time. These toxins come from unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, as well as environmental pollutants. When the colon isn’t optimally functioning, the liver also suffers–and when the liver suffers, the kidneys suffer. That’s why proponents of colon cleanses believe a clean colon is the first step toward overall health. Some people claim colon cleanses can cure anything.

In addition to the daily product, people who are cleansing should increase their water intake and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Cooked and processed foods should be kept to a minimum and replaced with raw fruits and vegetables. A daily enema or saltwater flush keeps excreted toxins from re-entering the body through the anus. To perform a saltwater flush, one must drink 2 quarts of saltwater the first thing in the morning. Multi-vitamins can help maintain nutrition during cleansing, and pro-biotics can reintroduce healthy bacteria into the colon after it has been flushed out. A colon cleanse usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

For more information, read our How Organic Active Cleanse Works article and our How To Use Organic Active Cleanse article.

Key Organic Active Cleanse Ingredients

The only ingredient in Organic Active Cleanse that has demonstrated any weight loss potential is psyllium and so we will concentrate on this ingredient.

Psyllium is the name given to several members of the Plantago family. Unlike many ingredients of herbal origin, psyllium is used exclusively as a dietary fibre source and in laxative based products. The US currently imports 60% of all available psyllium for the above uses. The laxative effects of psyllium are well documented and it is generally accepted as very effective. You can find out more in our Organic Active Cleanse Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 10/100

This product should not be thought of as a weight loss supplement but more as a health product. All of the ingredients save one (psyllium) have no proven weight loss properties. Psyllium itself demonstrated a significant effect on hunger suppression up to six hours after eating a major meal, however because we lack the ingredient quantity information there is no way of knowing if Organic Active Cleanse has enough psyllium to cause a similar reaction. As mentioned before, the product should be thought of as more of a health drink rather than a weight loss supplement as it weight loss properties are somewhat lacking in comparison to the vitamins it can provide.
Speed of results: 10/100

As this product contains only one ingredient which has any demonstrated weight loss potential out of the eight it contains then progress is likely to be slow. The website advertises weight loss of between 1-3 pounds per week which is within the healthy range but you could quite easily experience this level of weight loss by making a few minor changes to either your diet or exercise regime. There are virtually no reviews for the product that we have been able to find and so it is difficult to gauge the response of customers within the first week/two weeks of use.
Appetite Suppression: 40/100

This is the main method of weight loss focused on with this product. The ingredient psyllium demonstrated significant appetite supressing properties up to six hours after eating a major meal. However these results were produced by participants taking 8g of psyllium. In order to find out if Organic Active Cleanse is capable of similar results we would need to know the amount of psyllium in the product which unfortunately is not given to us. Regardless of the amount of psyllium, you should still be able to experience some level of appetite suppression, even if it doesn’t meet the six hours demonstrated by the research study.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The long term results of this product are not promising in terms of weight loss. No long term studies have been conducted on psyllium which is the only ingredient demonstrating weight loss potential. As the body typically builds up a tolerance to ingredients which have appetite supressing properties over time then the effectiveness of this product is likely to reduce. That being said, incorporating this product as a health product is perfectly acceptable and could form part of a daily routine.
Safety: 40/100

The product is generally safe for consumption with minor side effects such as flatulence and digestive distress which need to be monitored closely. It is extremely rare that a product will have no side effects and so the fact that side effects exist in this product is not really a surprise. There is a distinct lack of information relating to the safety of a number of ingredients, both in the short and long term, which is never a good sign. The main concern with the product lies with senna leaf; this is because it has been advised not to expose yourself to this ingredient for any longer than 2 weeks at a time. Without the quantities of each ingredient it is difficult to say how likely it is that side effects will occur.
Value for money: 20/100

The initial £5 price tag for an eighteen day trial is in itself good value for money. However, if you do not cancel within eighteen days then you are trapped into paying over £70 for a product that only lasts for a month. If you add to the fact that this product is more of a health drink than a weight loss supplement, due to it only containing one ingredient with any proven weight loss potential, makes the product very expensive.

Organic Active Cleanse Side Effects

Unfortunately this product contains a number of ingredients whose safety over the period of a month is very much unknown. When combined with the fact that trying to find ingredient quantities has proven to be extremely difficult it means you should tread very carefully when taking the product.

Potential Side Effects - stomach crampsThe ingredients which have been more thoroughly tested do contain side effects which are by no means surprising. Having said this, the side effects that have been reported are fairly minor compared more weight loss focused products. The most common side effect by far is stomach cramping and digestive distress. Less serious side effects include flatulence which while inconvenient is a lot less damaging than say migraines or vomiting.

The biggest concern is with senna leaf, WebMD warns users not to take senna leaf for any longer than two weeks as it can prevent correct bowel function and may lead to a condition known as laxative dependence and prolonged use can lead to liver damage. Of course we don’t actually know if this is likely because we don’t know how much senna leaf is actually in the product.

More information can be found in our Organic Active Cleanse Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Organic Active Cleanse

Auto Shipment And Recurrent Billing SystemUnfortunately you can only buy the product from the official website although you will have to enter a variety of personal information before they will even show you the price of the product which is a questionable business practice at best. Once you have done this you are forwarded to a page where you can actually buy the product. You are then presented with a screen which says the product is £5.97, do not be fooled. This offer is only for an eighteen day trial pack; please bear in mind that this trial pack automatically signs you up to the manufacturer’s automatic billing/scheme after which you will be charged £71.98 for every consecutive 30 day period. You should be especially cautious when dealing with automated billing/shipping arrangements as you can very easily be charged for a product you never receive. It is reassuring to see that the website does provide a physical address which means that should you encounter any problems the company should be easy enough to get hold of and remedy the situation.

For more information, read our Where To Buy Organic Active Cleanse article.

Overall Verdict

If you approach this product with the view that it will help you lose weight very quickly then you will probably be very disappointed. However, the product can legitimately be used to improve your general health. The problem is that the product is very expensive and if you don’t remain vigilant you could be charged £70 for a product you didn’t even want. The product only contains one ingredient which has any demonstrated weight loss potential and this is psyllium. You can quite easily pick up psyllium in other weight loss supplements or as psyllium husk for a lot cheaper than £70. If you want to trial the product for eighteen days then this will only set you back £5 which is very reasonable. It may well be worth trying this out, but remember that if you fail to cancel within the eighteen day period then you will be charged £70 for the next month. Bear in mind that the eighteen days starts from the date of ordering rather than the day you receive the package. There are certainly other weight loss products which are cheaper and have a proven track record but Organic Active Cleanse is always available if you want to try something new.

Overall: 23/100

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