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OxySelect Pink

OxySelect Pink is a weight loss supplement that is aimed at women. Its official website says that the mantra of the manufacturers is “Weight loss without the risk. Weight loss without the hassle.” It is marketed as being a fat burner, an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster, and one that women can use to essentially lose weight both easily and without being worried about any potential risks.

In this review, we will see how true these claims are.

OxySelect Pink Review

OxySelect Pink Pros
  • It appears to have a potent formula
  • The ingredients have clinical backing
  • The product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee
OxySelect Pink Cons
  • The product itself does not have clinical backing
  • It could manifests several side effects

OxySelect Pink Review

OxySelect Pink contains a mix of ingredients that have extensive clinical trials to support them. Moreover, it is targeted exclusively at women, and this is an interesting selection on the part of the manufacturers, since women demand weight loss supplements in much greater numbers than men do.

Claimed weight loss benefits

OxySelect Pink claims to make three particular promises. The first of these is that it is a fat burner; the second is that it is a metabolism booster and the third is that it is an appetite suppressant. It aims to perform these functions through the actions of the potent mix that it contains. Let us look into more detail surrounding how this particular weight loss supplement works to perform these roles.

How OxySelect Pink Works

OxySelect Pink weight loss claimsThe official website does not delve into extensive detail surrounding how this particular weight loss supplement works. It has some keywords that it refers to with reference to the product, and let us explain what they are. First, the manufacturers claim that OxySelect Pink has safe ingredients. It is believed to be entirely natural and hence entirely safe. Secondly, it is believed to be potent. The manufacturers state that the pills have a strong fat diminishing action, which is precisely why they recommend only one pill a day. Thirdly, the manufacturers’ claim that OxySelect Pink help in maintaining what they call a happy gut. Essentially, the blend is probiotic in nature, which means that it keeps you entirely healthy. Finally and most importantly, the weight loss supplement results in immediate action. This is particularly due to the action of the chromax, which is present as an ingredient in the potent mix.

Therefore, we gather that OxySelect Protein is believed to act the way it does owing to the action of Chromax. Chromax is believed to originate from chromium, and it is believed that chromax alters fat causing conditions. What this essentially means is that chromax inhibits the build-up of lipids, reduces hunger pangs, alters the blood glucose levels and essentially aims to lower the levels of fat in the body. While chromax is not the only ingredient in the potent mix of this particular weight loss supplement, it is certainly the most prominent one. It is therefore chiefly responsible for the activities associated with OxySelect Pink.

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Key OxySelect Pink Ingredients


As aforementioned, the chief ingredient is chromax. Derived from chromium, this particular weight loss supplement is used for purposes of weight loss and weight management. Essentially, chromium works effectively to inhibit any activities directed towards the build-up of fat. This could imply prolonging hunger pangs, altering blood glucose levels or altering the build-up of lipids in the body.

In a double blind, placebo controlled study conducted over a period of 8 weeks, 42 overweight women were administered either capsules of chromax or a placebo. When the study ended, it was discovered that the hunger levels decreased by 24% and the food intake levels decreased by 25%. Therefore, we can see that chromax can be said to be effective in terms of inhibiting processes that lead to accumulation of fats as aforementioned.

Razberi K

Raspberry Ketones in OxySelect PinkRazberi K is a product that contains raspberry ketone, a compound that has recently gained a tremendous level of popularity owing to the belief that it is associated with extensive weight loss. Raspberry ketones are believed to be antioxidants, and thus contribute to the burning of fat. However, the essential problem concerning them is that while we do find clinical studies associated with them, these have been conducted on animal subjects namely mice and not humans. Hence, we cannot be sure how much useful they are in terms of applying the results to ourselves.

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Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is believed to be responsible for breaking down of fat and subsequently converting it into energy. In a study conducted for a period of 8 to 9 weeks, 9 out of 27 participants amongst which 5 had fairly low levels of the coenzyme received 100 mg per day of coenzyme Q10. When the study ended, it was discovered that the mean weight loss in the coenzyme Q10 deficient group was 13.5 kg, as compared to 5.8 kg for those with normal levels of the coenzyme.

Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango)

african mango in OxySelect PinkIrvingia is a type of tree that is fairly popular in Southeast Asia and Africa, and is hence known as African mango. It is believed to have two purposes according to the manufacturers of OxySelect Pink. Firstly, it causes appetite suppression by decreasing the calorie intake of the body. Secondly, it results in fat burning which both reduces the content of fat in the body as well as helps to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

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Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee beans are beans that have not been roasted. It is believed that the process of roasting results in lowering the level of chlorogenic acid in the beans. Roasted beans are believed to have a higher level of chlorogenic acid therefore, and it is the presence of this acid that contributes to weight loss. It is believed that chlorogenic acid modifies the level of glucose in the body as well as the metabolic processes within the body.

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Weight Loss Power: 65/100

We feel that we can assign a modest score to OxySelect Pink when it comes to weight loss power, since it does appear to have a potent mix of ingredients. Most of the ingredients have clinical backing to support their effectiveness, and appear to cause effective weight loss.
Speed of results: 40/100

We do not find much on the official website for speed of results. The manufacturers do not provide us with a set target in terms of the number of days or weeks over which we can expect results. Therefore, we feel that this particular weight loss supplement receives a low score in this category.
Appetite Suppression: 60/100

We feel that we can give a modest score to OxySelect Pink when it comes to appetite suppression. This is because it contains chromax, which has been clinically proven to decrease both food intake levels and hunger levels.
Long Term Results: 30/100

The manufacturers do not offer us much information in this regard and hence we are tempted to give this particular weight loss supplement a low score in this category. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 50/100

While OxySelect Pink does not appear to be a highly unsafe product, it does manifest quite some side effects owing to particular ingredients. Therefore, it receives a medium scoring in this regard, on account of neither being too unsafe nor highly safe.
Value for money: 45/100

While OxySelect Pink is not too expensive, it is not fairly affordable either. It lies in the middle category, and it is quite possible to find several weight loss supplements that are cheaper. Hence, this particular weight loss supplement receives a low score in this category.

OxySelect Pink Side Effects

There are quite some side effects that you may experience following intake of OxySelect Pink. Let us look at them according to the ingredients.

chromium OxySelect Pink itching-side-effectFirstly, we have chromium. Moderate doses of chromium can sometimes cause nausea, headaches, skin itching and dizziness, which can subsequently lead to impaired thinking on a temporary basis. Higher doses can cause blood disorders and damage to the kidney and liver. Hence, one ought to be careful in terms of dosage when it comes to this particular ingredient.

Secondly, we have Razberi K. The chief ingredient in this is raspberry ketone, which is generally believed to be safe. However, raspberry ketone has been found to be quite similar in chemical composition to another chemical called synephrine. Synephrine can cause jitteriness, increased rates of heartbeat as well as heightened blood pressure. If raspberry ketone acts in a similar way to synephrine, this can be fairly problematic.

Thirdly, we have irvingia gabonensis. This is generally believed to be safe but can occasionally cause headaches as well as flatulence.

Fourthly, we have coenzyme Q10. It is believed that this particular ingredient can cause insomnia as well as lead to an increase in the concentration of liver enzymes.

Finally, we have green coffee bean extract. The essential problem with this particular ingredient is that it contains caffeine. Caffeine is associated with a wide variety of side effects. It can cause sleep disorders such as insomnia, nervousness, jitteriness, tremors and anxiety. Higher levels of caffeine can result in heightened levels of heartbeat as well as blood pressure, and hence one ought to be particularly careful in this regard.

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Where to Buy OxySelect Pink

It is possible to purchase OxySelect Pink from the official website, and there are several options that you can avail. You can purchase a single bottle for $49.95 or £31.11 with an additional flat rate of shipping of $4.95 or £3.08.

It is also possible to purchase this particular weight loss supplement from a third party supplier such as EBay. Through EBay, you can purchase a single bottle of OxySelect Pink for a price of $40.45 or £25.19, so you actually end up saving as opposed to when you buy from the official website.

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Overall Verdict

While we cannot say that this product will not work, we would advise you to consider both the benefits and risks before trying for yourself. This is because while it appears to have a potent formula there are several problems associated with it. Firstly, the product as a whole has no clinical backing and this is a cause of significant concern. Secondly, the company behind the product is quite hesitant in terms of offering information concerning it, and that raises several eyebrows. Thirdly and finally, the product is not highly affordable, and you may well be able to come across other weight loss supplements that are cheaper and associated with fewer problems. Therefore, we would encourage you to look for other options.

Overall: 48/100

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