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One of the diet pill supplements that you may have heard of on the market is PhenTabz, which have the unique claim of being a former prescription-only weight loss pill, now available without a prescription.

They are created by Gentech Pharmaceutical and claim to cause miracle results for weight loss, but are these claims really true?

phentabz review

PhenTabz Pros
  • Contains caffeine, which is prevalent in many weight loss supplements
PhenTabz Cons
  • Contains DMAA, a substance which has major side effects and is banned in several countries
  • Chemical based rather than natural
  • Cannot be taken by athletes as DMAA is also banned by sporting organisations
  • Very expensive to buy compared to other weight loss supplements
  • Difficult to find and purchase

PhenTabz Review

When looking into PhenTabz, it soon became clear that the company which created the product are keeping most of their cards close to their chest. Subsequently, some of the information given about the pills does not make sense or means nothing, some of the important details are difficult to find, and some of it is very confusing. However, after digging a little deeper we were able to discover the details of these tablets – and unfortunately, the results do not look very promising for those who are looking to lose weight without serious side effects.

Claimed weight loss benefits

boosting metabolismThe manufacturers claim that this product works in two ways: first, that it suppresses the appetite in order to help dieters stick to a regime more easily, and secondly that it mobilises fat while increasing the metabolic rate. Though it does seem that these two factors may indeed be caused by the ingredients of the supplement, it is also worth noting that mobilisation of fat cells does not always mean reduction of fat. In fact, it may not help at all, as the fat may simply move to other cells. On top of this, the appetite suppression normally caused by caffeine is not something that is experienced by everyone who takes a caffeine based supplement, so it is not clear whether this effect would be true to their claims either.

To find out more about the manufacturers, we recommend you read our Company Behind PhenTabz article.

How PhenTabz Works

According to the manufacturers, the supplement allows you to lose weight safely and accelerates fat mobilisation whilst increasing the metabolism and energy levels to keep you going. It also reduces the appetite so that you will have more control and motivation. As to how they actually suggest this is achieved through the ingredients of their supplement is not clear; they do not list any of the ingredients on their main site, so they are not providing any evidence for these claims.

Weight lossAs for how the pills may work, if they do, we can see that caffeine has been linked to weight loss in the past by suppressing appetite and increasing the metabolic rate, so this could well be one of the effects which they are referring to. When they talk about the fat mobilisation they are no doubt thinking of the inclusion of octopamine, which does have the effect of moving fat cells – though it has not been shown to reduce them at all, simply to move them around within the body. It is not clear therefore what kind of weight loss effect they are trying to describe with this process.

For more information, we recommend you read our How PhenTabz Works article.

Key PhenTabz Ingredients

Even though there are no ingredients listed on the official website or anywhere in the documentation provided online by the manufacturers, most sources seem to agree that there are three main ingredients in PhenTabz.


Caffeine in PhenTabzThe first of these is 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine, which is also known as caffeine. This is often included in weight loss supplements because of the fact that it can boost energy levels as well as the metabolism, and has the effect of suppressing the appetite as well. It is also known to cause greater reactions of certain other ingredients, and so can often be seen as a supporting ingredient – though here it seems as though it may be the main ingredient in terms of actual weight loss results.

You can find out more about the effects caffeine has on weight loss from our Caffeine article.


Next up is Methylhexanamine, which is also often known as DMAA, and which began to have links to weight loss only a few years ago when it was first marketed as part of a diet pill. However, there is no evidence that there is any use at all in terms of health benefits for this ingredient, and indeed it has been banned in several countries after being linked to at least five deaths. The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia warns that it may lead to high blood pressure, strokes, bleeding in the brain, and psychotic disorders.


Finally there is octopamine, which has the effect in mammals of mobilising the release of fat from fat cells – though they are normally taken up by other cells immediately afterwards. There is no evidence that it can help with weight loss, and indeed when combined with stimulants such as caffeine it can have a significant effect on the increase of blood pressure.

For more information about the effects of these ingredients, we recommend you read our PhenTabz Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

According to all of the clinical evidence which can be found, the only ingredient here which might facilitate weight loss is caffeine – and that can only do so in a small degree before the dosage size becomes dangerous.
Speed of results: 10/100

Results may not be felt at all, and if they are, then there is no way of knowing how quickly as it is not possible to find any reliable customer reviews that can be trusted absolutely.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

If there is any evidence for the pills having some effect, appetite suppression might be it. However, caffeine does not have this effect for all people who take it, particularly when taken at safe dosage levels.
Long Term Results: 0/100

The long term prognosis for those who take this supplement is not good at all. DMAA has been marketed as a “legal high” and is considered to be toxic as well as potentially addictive. The health risks here will increase over time and could lead to death in the worst case scenario.
Safety: 0/100

There are a huge amount of potential side effects associated with the supplement, to the extent that it cannot be recommended at all. These include death, stroke, high blood pressure, psychiatric issues, bleeding in the brain, insomnia, anxiety, and more.
Value for money: 40/100

Though it is possible to find a few deals which reduce the price of PhenTabz, normally you would have to buy in bulk. Otherwise, it is significantly more expensive than similar products on the market.

PhenTabz Side Effects

The potential side effects that could come from the ingredients in this supplement could be very drastic indeed. The manufacturers warn that you may experience a dry mouth and some sleeplessness if taken late at night, but the research which has been done into the ingredients suggests something much more serious.

Even caffeine can be quite dangerous for those who have a low tolerance level for it, and this could include many people, particularly those who are taking other sources of caffeine throughout the day in their diet. The side effects associated here could include anxiety, jitters, nervousness, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, restlessness, stomach irritation, increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, chest pains, ringing in the ears, and irritability. Those with pre-existing conditions may even be warned to stay away from caffeine, as it can make some conditions much worse when added into the mix, particularly in large doses.

It is not clear what kind of effects octopamine may have on Humans, as not much research has been done in this field. However, one thing that we do already know is that when combined with stimulants such as caffeine, it may have the effect of increasing blood pressure by a significant amount.

Methylhexanamine is the most serious cause for worry, having been banned in several countries due to the fact that it can have serious results. It is implicated in at least five deaths and a number of other adverse events, and has been banned by governmental and sports agencies as a result. The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia were able to demonstrate that this ingredient, also known as DMAA, may cause side effects such as high blood pressure, psychiatric disorders, bleeding in the brain, and strokes, all of which could have very dangerous and life harming results.

For more information, we recommend you read our PhenTabz Side Effects article.

Where to Buy PhenTabz

Where to buy PhentabzThere are several places where you can buy PhenTabz, though not as many as you would expect for a diet pill of this kind. Particularly since it claims to be so popular and effective, it is perhaps surprising that it cannot be found in any major retailers who are known for stocking weight loss supplements. You can of course find it in a few places over the internet, though the price is high and it is not easy to get hold of.

The main website for the Gentech Pharmaceutical sales does stock PhenTabz, at a base price of $69.99 (or around £42) going down to about £39 when bought in bulk. Four months’ worth of pills, or in other words four bottles each containing sixty tablets, will cost you £156.40 from the official manufacturers . Do make sure to check the legal status of DMAA in your country before you purchase it, as your order could end up being destroyed at customs if it is not legal!

You can also find it on the Amazon Marketplace and on eBay for around the same price of $69.99, though it is not clear whether the sellers in each case can be trusted. Make sure that you do your research before ordering through either of these methods, as you want to be sure that you are getting the real thing and not a fake product.

You may also have to pay postage and packaging costs in each of these methods, so it is always worthwhile going through the ordering process in order to see what the final price would be before you actually pay.

For more information, we recommend you read our Where To Buy PhenTabz article and our How To Use PhenTabz article.

Overall Verdict

Normally it is a bit more difficult to come to a conclusion with diet pill supplements, as most will work for some people and not for others. In the case of PhenTabz, however, the question that we have to ask is not really whether or not the pills will help you to lose weight – but rather whether or not they will cause you to experience severe medical issues or even lead to a premature death, thanks to the inclusion of DMAA.

While some of the claims over DMAA may be a bit extreme – it has been used as a “legal high” substance, and therefore will have been combined with other harmful elements at those times as well – it is clear that it does not have any health benefits to speak of, and that is certainly a cause for concern. It is also concerning that there are no real natural ingredients save for caffeine, as many dieters like to stick to natural sources in order to stay healthier. All in all, and with plenty of countries and organisations banning DMAA, it looks as though the verdict may well be to stay away from PhenTabz and the risks which they carry with them.

Do they work as weight loss pills? It is not clear. Whatever the case may be, the weight loss results that they could potentially cause would in no way balance out the health issues, and so it appears that those looking to lose weight would be better off opting for a different supplement.


Haller, C; Benowitz, N; Jacobiii, P (2005). “Hemodynamic effects of ephedra-free weight-loss supplements in humans”. The American Journal of Medicine 118 (9): 998–1003

Overall: 15/100

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