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Phentirimine is another diet pill product which trades off the Phen brand and the reputation built by the prescription diet drug Phentermine.

Phentirimine reviewThe fact of the matter is that the two products are not linked in any way and Phentirimine does very little to suggest it is a valid diet pill option by itself. Other than the name Phentirimine and Phentermine have nothing in common.

Phentirimine Pros
  • No pros
Phentirimine Cons
  • No ingredient list revealed and how the product works is not explained
  • No clinical trials or evidence produced to show effectiveness
  • Expensive and no refunds or money back guarantee. There is also a charge to cancel your order

Phentirimine Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Phentirimine claims to be an appetite suppressant, but with no ingredient list and no clinical trial information provided we wonder if anyone will believe what Phentirimine’s makers say. There is frankly no reason to believe the claims and we are left with no idea about what is in this product, how safe it is and even the finer details of how it works.

How Phentirimine Works

Phentirimine actually reveals incredibly little about itself, presumably hoping potential customers assume it is similar to or works in the same way that Phentermine does, which is not the case. The official website does not even touch on how the product is supposed to help you lose weight; saying only that it is an appetite suppressant. It does not provide any evidence of its success or effectiveness and doesn’t say which ingredient it contains that could help suppress your appetite.

Doctor weighing up diet pills or healthy foodThe official website leads with three main selling points, none of which are about how it works or about the ingredients that are included. Instead it sells the product by saying you can avoid “embarrassing doctor visits” and “no prior prescription needed.” These are not selling points to anyone as it does not say it will work or how or why it will work.

You are advised to take no more than four capsules each day and the makers suggest you take one before breakfast or morning exercise session and another during the afternoon. It is also interesting to note that on a website with very little information on it, even the information you receive, it is revealed that it has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To find out more about how appetite suppressants work, visit this website.

Key Phentirimine Ingredients

Phentirimine diet pills could contain any ingredientsIt is impossible to speak about ingredients purely because no information at all is revealed about them. Not even one ingredient is mentioned on the official website and there are certainly no ingredient amounts shown either. This should be an immediate sign to avoid this diet pill as you simply cannot put a pill in to your body without knowing what is in it and consequently how it might react in your body.

All that can be said on the ingredient front is that the makers say it is an all natural supplement that features no banned ephedra, amphetamines or speed. The reasons behind not revealing the ingredients cannot be positive and it would be foolish to take the product before finding out what is in it.


Weight Loss Power:


It can only be assumed that the power of this product is very low. With no ingredients revealed at all, no clinical trials or evidence and no idea how the product actually works it is hard to evaluate the product but a company would only keep so much hidden for negative reasons. Without providing proof of its effectiveness it can only be assumed that this product is a poor weight loss supplement.

Speed of results:


Once again with so little information revealed, it is difficult to evaluate just how quick weight loss might occur or whether it will even occur at all. With no proof and ingredients given it can only mean that the likelihood of Phentirimine working for weight loss is low. There are certainly much better diet pill options which reveal much more about themselves.

Appetite Suppression:


This is the area where Phentirimine claims to work but it does not explain just how it works or why it will work. No proof or mention of an ingredient with a proven history of appetite suppression is revealed, so it can only be assumed that Phentirimine does very little to help suppress your appetite.

Long Term Results:


In the long term it is unlikely that Phentirimine will have any effect at all, positive or negative. With no ingredients presented it is difficult to predict, but it would be unlikely the product is very effective and therefore any long term effects seem unlikely. Of course the effect of taking a pill that you have no idea what is in it could potentially have harmful, long term effects and is certainly not advised. Click here to see out top rated diet pills.



The safety of Phentirimine is a concern because taking a pill with no idea what is included could be potentially dangerous, as you may be allergic to an ingredient or something might react badly in your body. It should be a minimum requirement of any pill, not just diet pills, that the full ingredient list is revealed so you know exactly what you’re taking and how safe or not it is. It would be advisable to avoid Phentirimine until you know exactly what it includes and how you might react to it.

Value for money:


It should be said before the price is even mentioned that Phentirimine will always be poor value for money at any price because it just simply does not give enough information and thus is unlikely to be effective at all. The price actually makes the product seem even worse as you would have to spend $70 for a month’s supply which works out at around £50. You can also buy two and three month packs, with free shipping only offered on the biggest pack that costs $125, which equates to over £80, making Phentirimine terrible value for money.

Phentirimine Side Effects

Not much is said about side effects on the official website, which is not surprising considering how little is actually revealed about this product. The potential side effects can’t even be predicted because the ingredients aren’t known, which makes it difficult to evaluate, but also worrying as you should not be putting this in to your body without knowing about the product. All the official website says about side effects is that if you experience any you should visit your doctor, which in itself is a worrying statement.

Where to Buy Phentirimine

It appears Phentirimine can only be bought from the official website. There are no refunds or returns on the product when bought from this website, which is yet another reason not to invest in or even trust this product. There is also a charge if you decide to cancel your order before it is shipped.

Overall Verdict

This is an easy conclusion; you should 100% not buy or even consider buying Phentirimine. It does absolutely nothing to inspire trust or make you think that it could work. It tells the customer nothing about how the product works, what is in it and with no customer reviews and no proof that the product can help you lose weight. There is not even a small reason to be found to explain why you should invest in Phentirimine.

The likelihood of any weight loss is very small and the safety of taking a diet pill with no idea of the ingredient is worrying. Just to add insult to injury, the makers charge you a very high price for deciding to take a huge risk by investing in the product. Phentirimine is one of the worst diet pills available; there are a lot of much better and more viable diet pill options available. With pills like Phentirimine, it makes you wonder if diet pills are worth it. Read more on whether you should try diet pills here.

You can get further information by reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on Phentirimine.



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