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Phytodren is another diet pill that claims to be effective for burning stubborn fat, suppressing your appetite and increasing your energy.

To find out how true these claims are we decided to investigate whether Phytodren can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.

Phytodren bottle

Phytodren Pros
  • Ingredient list and amounts are fully revealed
Phytodren Cons
  • No clinical trials or proof of effectiveness and safety
  • Ingredient list does not look very powerful

Phytodren Review

Phytodren is a relatively new diet pill on the market, but it only takes one look at the official website to see that it uses the same old website layout and empty promises used by many other diet pills. Read on to find out more about this new diet pill and if it is worth your time and effort.

How Phytodren Works

Phytodren claims to burn unsightly body fat, help you to feel satisfied despite eating less food and boost your energy levels. Once again it is another diet pill that makes these sorts of claims without ever backing it up with scientific proof or clinical trials on the product itself. The makers do try to back up the claims through the ingredients list but at no point has the actual product ever been tested or proven to do what it claims.

Phytodren makes an odd claim or explanation of the product using an argument it calls C-A-R-T vs. NPY. It never fully explains what each one is or what they do but claims that CART is the ‘good guy’ and NPY is the ‘evil one’ and then goes on to say that Phytodren increases CART and inhibits NPY. This argument is floored by the fact it is never explained in detail what either means, is or does. Even if it was explained, it still doesn’t prove the product does help in this way and instead just tries to confuse the reader with scientific sounding descriptions.

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Key Phytodren Ingredients

Inspecting diet pillsThere are only five ingredients included in Phytodren, which in fairness to the makers have been fully explained and the amounts have been revealed too. However, the ingredients sadly do not suggest much weight loss is possible. The main ingredient and most heavily included ingredient is Andean cocoa extract, which the website explains is a ‘proprietary extract of the Colombian cocoa plant.’

The other ingredients are made to sound more important and scientific than they actually are and they include phenylethylamine, synephrine HCl and hops. None of these are featured in any great amounts and therefore will have very little impact on weight loss. The second largest ingredient in Phytodren, behind Andean cocoa extract, is caffeine. All in all, the ingredient list does not look promising for any great weight loss.

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Weight Loss Power: 18/100

It seems unlikely that Phytodren is a very powerful weight loss stimulant. The makers produce no evidence that the product itself can actually help you to lose weight and the ingredient list does not inspire any belief that much weight loss is possible. It seems that Phytodren is another diet pill that makes big claims but is not able to back them up with evidence.

Speed of results: 18/100

Given the poor ingredient list which has been fully revealed it does not seem like a powerful weight loss diet pill which means any results will take longer to see. It doesn’t seem to have many powerful weight loss ingredients and may even have more of a placebo kind of effect rather than any visible effect, which certainly won’t be quick to appear, if it happens at all.

Appetite Suppression: 15/100

Phytodren claims to work across many different weight loss areas including fat burning, energy boosting and appetite suppression. However, it never really convinces you that it will work in any of these areas. It certainly doesn’t appear to have many ingredients that could have an appetite suppressing effect; caffeine and Andean cocoa extract may have an energy boosting effect but this could actually impact negatively on appetite.

Long Term Results: 13/100

In the long term, because the power and speed of weight loss is doubtful, it is unlikely that Phytodren will have any major impact on weight loss in the long term. The majority of the ingredients are in too small a quantity to have much of an impact, so it seems likely that any effects will be very minimal and may not even be noticeable.

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Safety: 58/100

It would seem unlikely that Phytodren is dangerous or risky to take because the ingredients are not included in any great amounts and they are quite safe ingredients. Of course because the product has not been properly tested, hence the lack of clinical trials or evidence, it is impossible to say that the product is 100% safe.

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Value for money: 19/100

The cheapest option available with Phytodren is a one month’s supply of tablets which will set you back just under $70 which equates to around £50. This is a very high price for a product with a relatively poor ingredient list and zero proof or evidence of its effectiveness. Other options available are a two and three month supply, which cost $125 and $170 respectively, meaning there are savings in buying longer term packages, but these high costs and little evidence still make it poor value for money.

Side Effects

Without proper testing of the product it is impossible to tell just how effective or crucially how safe Phytodren is. Looking at the ingredient list and amounts it can be guessed that any side effects won’t be that strong but it does not rule out the possibility of seeing some. From the customer Phytodren reviews, one complained of feeling jittery and even nauseous and this could stem from the caffeine in the tablet.

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Where to Buy Phytodren

Phytodren is available to buy from the official website and can also be bought from the US Amazon site too. The official site offers a money back guarantee and free shipping on US orders of two bottles or more. Amazon offer the one month bottle at a marginally cheaper price but it does not seem to offer the money back guarantee.

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Overall Verdict

Sadly Phytodren seems to be a new diet pill that follows all the same old tricks in trying to sell itself. It makes some big claims that it never once backs up, it does not give any proof, clinical trials or evidence and there are even question marks over the customer testimonials it offers, as it admits the images are just stock images of people.

Instead of being honest and offering plain, simple reasons why Phytodren can help you lose weight the makers try to confuse and bamboozle customers with overly scientific phrases, which are unnecessary. The ingredient list is also disappointing and doesn’t seem to hold much weight loss power, although it is positive that the ingredients and the amounts have been fully revealed. Overall, Phytodren is another diet pill which does not offer much hope of weight loss and there are many better, cheaper options available which offer a higher likelihood of losing weight.

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Overall: 30/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Phytodren diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Phytodren, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Phytodren work?

Phytodren claims to work in a number different ways but does not provide evidence that it does work across any of them. It claims to be a fat burner, appetite suppressant and to be an energy boosting pill too. The only area where it could work, guessing from the ingredient list, is with an energy boost because of the caffeine and Andean cocoa extract.

2. How long do Phytodren diet pills take to work?

You could feel an energy boost quite soon after taking the tablets but in terms of weight loss, it could be a very slow process and what you do in terms of diet and exercise could have a bigger impact.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

This is a mysterious area around Phytodren because it has been through so little testing, which means predicting exactly how effective or safe it is becomes very difficult. The ingredients and amounts included do not suggest side effects would be strong but individuals can react differently and without proper testing it cannot be called completely safe.

4. When do I take the Phytodren tablets?

This is another unknown about Phytodren as nowhere on the official site do the makers explain how, when and how many tablets to take. Considering the tablets will most likely just provide an energy boost, you might be advised to take the tablets before exercising to allow you to do longer or more intense activity.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

The official website does not explicitly say whether you should or should not diet but considering the potentially low weight loss power of Phytodren, it is probably advisable that you do maintain or even increase your diet to boost your chances of seeing weight loss.

6. What ingredients go into Phytodren pills?

It is good to see that the ingredient list has been fully revealed with ingredients and their amounts too. Sadly, it is not a very impressive ingredient list; its main and most heavily included ingredient is Andean cocoa extract and the second highest amount is caffeine. Phytodren also includes Phenylethylamine, Synephrine HCI and hops.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Phytodren pills?

This is another area which is not mentioned on the official website but given the doubts over the power of the pill itself it would be sensible to continue to exercise and to diet in order to give yourself the best chance of weight loss.

8. Where can I buy Phytodren ?

Phytodren can be bought from the official website which offers free shipping on orders of two bottles or more as well as a money back guarantee. The product is also available on the US Amazon website at a slightly cheaper price but it does not seem to offer the money back guarantee.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

There is no guideline to how long you should or shouldn’t take Phytodren. The only guideline may lie in the fact that you can buy three months’ worth of tablets suggesting you could take them safely for that long. Generally it is advised you take a small break every couple of months.

10. How much weight could I lose with Phytodren ?

No figure is given by the makers on the official website but they do say you can lose serious weight, which is clever because it suggests a lot of weight loss without being accountable to an exact figure. Looking at the ingredients and the glaring lack of product testing it would be surprising if much weight is lost and if any is lost it certainly won’t be quick.

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