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Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is produced by a company called Plexus Worldwide who have not always been a player in the global diet supplement marketplace. In its original state, Plexus Worldwide traded under the name of Plexus Pink due to their speciality in breast treatments such as the Plexus Body Cream and Plexus Breast Check Kit. Since this initial foray the business has grown into what you can see today.

According to a Plexus Worldwide ambassador, the company have seen an increase in ambassadors from the 3,000 listed in 2011 to 9,000 in 2012. While this growth is impressive the numbers for 2013 have yet to be published and will indicate if Plexus Worldwide are creating a trend of success or if their success will start to slow. This article will dedicate itself to the most recent addition to the Plexus Worldwide catalogue – Plexus Slim.

Plexus Slim Pros
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Very few side effects associated with the ingredients
  • Has an option to opt into an auto billing system which is clearly outlined
Plexus Slim Cons
  • Only available in the USA
  • Very limited availability outside of the official website or ambassadors
  • Relatively expensive in comparison to similar products

Plexus Slim Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

The official website for Plexus Slim promises a series of benefits that you will experience if you decide to take the product. These benefits are outlined below:

1. Loss of weight by burning fat and not muscle
2. Healthy blood sugar levels
3. Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
4. Healthy willpower over food choices
5. Reduces oxidative stress

The main problem here is that the mechanisms behind these supposed benefits are not explained in any detail or any greater length than shown above. Whilst the way in which these benefits are provided may satisfy some consumers, the consumer who will be more likely to lose weight will not settle for mere benefits and will instead seek information on the exact mechanisms involved so they can determine if the product is likely to work. In the following section this article will save you time and effort by presenting information on whether a) these benefits are achievable and b) the exact way in which these benefits are bought about.

How Plexus Slim Works

blood glucose levelsPlexus Slim should not be thought of as a weight loss solution but rather a health drink for overweight people. The ingredients contained in the product control and optimise your blood sugar level and reduce oxidative stress.

As for the potential for burning fat and maintaining a healthy lipid level, these two statements are essentially the same. There is no indication that the ingredients within this product are capable of this promise. Nor can any product make you stop choosing that extra biscuit nor can it make you choose to eat something healthy.

Back to the aspects this product can potentially have a meaningful effect on: healthy blood sugar levels and reducing oxidative stress. So how are these accomplished?

An obese individual tends to have a diet that is high in fat; this causes the body to become more resistant to a hormone known as insulin. This particular hormone is especially important in preventing levels of blood sugar becoming excessive. Therefore, an obese individual is likely to eat plenty of sugar as well and in combination with the increased resistance to insulin means that blood sugar levels are going to be very high. So what are the consequences of a high blood sugar level? Hyperglycaemia. This condition is a very serious condition which can cause heart disease, eye, kidney and liver damage. The most common cause of hyperglycaemia is diabetes but this is not the only cause. This means that any ingredient which has the potential to lower blood glucose levels without the need for medication would be very important.

fruitReducing oxidative stress on the other hand is a completely different matter. When you break down food it is inevitable that free radicals are released. These free radicals then enter the bloodstream and attack nearby cells which can eventually destroy them. Normally the immune system of the body can destroy these free radicals before they can do any damage, however if your diet is poor then the time it takes for the free radicals to be destroyed will increase resulting in more damage being caused to cells. If this is left unchecked then serious conditions such as cancer or diabetes can manifest and take control of the body. Foods and supplements such as Plexus Slim that are rich in antioxidants can buff up the immune system and help destroy free radicals quicker resulting in less damage to cells being caused. You can never completely eliminate free radicals from occurring and so it is important to make sure you eat enough antioxidant rich foods such as cranberries or other fruits and vegetables.

For more information, read our How Plexus Slim Works article and our How To Use Plexus Slim article.

Key Plexus Slim Ingredients

Green Coffee BeanThe first ingredient in Plexus Slim is chlorogenic acid which is extracted from a green coffee bean. The difference between a green coffee bean and a traditional coffee bean is that during the roasting process a lot of nutritional value is lost; using the unroasted green coffee bean allows significantly more nutritional value to be retained. Although there is no concrete evidence, chlorogenic acid has been associated with being able to delay the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This causes the store of glucose to last longer whereby giving you the sensation of possessing more energy without needing to eat more food.

You can find out more about the effects of green coffee bean extract from our Green Coffee Beans Weight Loss article.

The second key ingredient is called Garcinia Cambogia, this ingredient is a plant that is grown in Indonesia and is used by the local population as medicinal aid by using the rind. The inclusion of the ingredient in diet supplements has given the ingredient a supposed weight loss reputation. In reality there are no studies which support the use of Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss aid and so this article cannot provide any endorsements.

The third and final key ingredient is alpha lipoic acid, this ingredient is what is known as an antioxidant. Traditional use of this ingredient include the medicinal application to burns, nerve related muscle pain and numbness in the extremities. This ingredient has no specific weight loss properties. So what exactly is an antioxidant? An antioxidant is an ingredient which can help prevent damage to cells; this kind of treatment is often used to help manage conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

Further information about the effects of these ingredients can be found in our Plexus Slim Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

The main ingredients in Plexus Slim do not have much history in the weight loss supplement sector and as such there is very little information available regarding their weight loss potential. It would be unfair to instantly dismiss them as ineffective without having the scientific studies to back up this claim however if they are to be effective weight loss aids then there should be a wealth of studies. Customer reviews on Amazon are very mixed to say the least which may mean that other factors are contributing to weight loss rather than the product itself. If the product truly had weight loss power then it would receive much better reviews than it currently has.
Speed of results: 10/100

Many consumers have voiced their concerns about how the product has not worked for them or that they lost very little weight while taking the product. Generally, the average consumer will run out of patience in the first 7-10 days which indicates that Plexus Slim appears to take its time before results begin to show. As there are no ingredient quantities listed on the official website then we can guess that the ingredients appear in insufficient amounts to cause immediate weight loss. This is the most likely reason behind the apparent delay in visible results although we cannot say for sure without a detailed ingredients label.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

This product is not intended as an appetite suppressant. Although the website for the product does promote ‘healthy willpower over food choices’ there is no evidence from any of the ingredients included therein which could potentially have this effect. The inclusion of chlorogenic acid may make you feel less tired and so you may engage in activity you would otherwise avoid which may in turn increase your food consumption. This is of course dependant on the kind of lifestyle you lead during both the working week and the weekend.
Long Term Results: 15/100

The long term results you may experience while taking this product may not be in terms of actual weight loss but more in the realms of health. The product advertises that can optimise blood sugar levels which would make a helpful addition to anybody suffering from diabetes or who are very close to suffering from diabetes. This group of people should not look at this product as a weight loss aid but more of a health drink. Of course the effects of this product are fairly limited as research indicates that one of the ingredients (Garcinia Cambogia) significantly increases the likelihood of side effects occurring after twelve weeks of continuous use. Therefore this product does have some potential in the long term as more of a health drink rather than any kind of weight loss aid.
Safety: 70/100

This product should be very safe for the majority of consumers as the ingredients have very few side effects associated with them. There is evidence to suggest that the likelihood of side effects occurring increase after twelve weeks of consistent use although the same can be said for many ingredients in a lot of products other than Plexus Slim. The best possible way to minimise side effects would be to take the product in cycles. Plexus Worldwide are keen to point out that the product contains no caffeine which is strictly true, however the inclusion of chlorogenic acid means that the company do not escape the traditional side effects that traditional caffeine supplements cause.
Value for money: 10/100

This product will be very expensive for anyone living outside of the USA and we cannot find an ambassador who lives outside of the USA. The product costs £51 to buy if you don’t want to billed automatically for a new shipment every month, if you do wish to be billed monthly then you receive a saving of £3 per shipment which to some people may be worth it. For a product which in all likelihood has more prospective uses as a health drink than a diet supplement then you can get more effective weight loss aids for a lot cheaper which are also available in the UK and are easy to get hold of.

Plexus Slim Side Effects

Caffeine Insomnia - side effectsPlexus Slim are keen to communicate that the product contains no caffeine which is often a source of discomfort to users of diet supplements, especially thermogenic products. However this does not mean that the product has been successful in eliminating the side effects often associated with caffeine. This is because the product contains chlorogenic acid which comes from the coffee bean albeit the unroasted form. A study conducted by Thom et al (2007) investigated the effects of chlorogenic coffee versus a traditional roasted coffee. The study reported that side effects such as insomnia, increased anxiety and vomiting as common occurrences. These side effects are almost identical to side effects associated with regular caffeine and so the normal rules apply.

For more information, read our Plexus Slim Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Plexus Slim

Plexus Worldwide are keen to promote their ambassador scheme to the extent where you require an ambassador identification number in order to order online. If you do not possess an ambassador identification number then you need to order by phone using the following number.

buying diet pillsThe ‘retail customer’ requires the identification number of an ambassador if you wish to buy the product online. While this process seems extremely unnecessary it does ensure that ambassadors can receive their commissions. If you do not have an ambassador identification number and you merely stumbled onto the product or read this review then you have to phone the number displayed on the screen. Unfortunately this phone number is American and depending on your calls package may cost you more money than you would like. Anyhow, regardless of whether you have an ambassador identification number or not the product itself will cost $84.95 (£51.24). You also need to go through exactly the same process if you want to become a ‘preferred customer’ including entering an ambassador identification number or using the phone number. The price you will need to pay for the product is $79.95 (£48.22) which is only a very small saving.

If you would like to buy from an ambassador then a typical website will display a Plexus Worldwide ‘independent ambassador’ badge located in the top corner.

For more information, read our Where To Buy Plexus Slim article and our The Company Behind Plexus Slim article.

Overall Verdict

If you are looking to lose weight then this product may not meet the goals you have. The product is targeted toward diabetic individuals and is more of a health drink than a serious weight loss product. A positive aspect of the product is that it contains very few side effects which make it ideal for an individual who is just beginning to embark on their first diet. Unfortunately the results that the product is capable of do not relate to the price of the product. At £51 per month this product is very expensive and is very difficult to get hold of if you live outside of the USA. At the end of the day this product may give you the boost you need but there are plenty of products which are more likely to work and are a lot easier to get hold of.

Overall: 23/100

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