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Proactol XS

Proactol XS is designed for purposes of weight loss and weight management. It aims to do so through fat burning, which is the prime claim of this particular supplement. Interestingly enough, this product is an upgrade from a previous product no longer available called Proactol Plus. Let us look in more detail at this product and see what the pros and cons are.

Proactol XS Pros
  • It contains a potent mix of ingredients
  • It is affordable
  • It claims to have clinical testing
  • Suitable for vegans as it contains chitin from a non-animal source
Proactol XS Cons
  • It is capable of manifesting side effects
  • There are no links for clinical testing

Proactol XS Review

Proactol XS aims to exhibit weight loss through the mechanism of fat burning owing to a potent mix of ingredients, the most capable one of which is chitosan; the chief ingredient of this particular product.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The prime claim of this particular weight loss supplement is that it is capable of causing a reduction in fat. Let us look in more detail at how this product works.

How Proactol XS Works

The ingredients present within Proactol XS are focused primarily on achieving fat burning. For instance, chitosan is capable of extensive fat loss owing to its lipid binding properties. Chitosan can bind fats to itself to make sure that they are not absorbed within the stomach. Instead, these fats end up getting excreted.

The official website also informs us about what it calls the Proactol Challenge. There are different plans that you can follow based on the time period you wish to commit to and the amount of weight that you wish to lose. These include a free standard diet plan and there is an online progress tracker which tells you how close or far you are from achieving your goal of weight loss. The plans comprise of a 30 day challenge, 60 day challenge and 90 day challenge. There is also the option of a personalized diet plan, based on the belief that since everyone is different, a different personalized plan for everyone seems more appropriate. You can also have the option to a personal mentor.

You can find more about how the product works by having a look at the reviews that have been mentioned by the manufacturers.

Further information can be found in our How Proactol XS Works article and How to Use Proactol XS article.

Key Proactol XS Ingredients

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium is quite essential for the different activities going on within the body. For instance, it is a vital cofactor for over 300 enzymes that regulate the use of oxygen within the body. Its most important feature with reference to Proactol XS is its laxative effect. Essentially, magnesium aims to carry out two particular roles. The first of these is relaxing the muscles within the intestines. This allows for a more rhythmic and stable movement. Secondly, magnesium encourages the intake of water, which subsequently allows for stool to pass out of the body more easily. Both these actions are believed to assist in the attainment of a flat belly.


Chitosan found in the shell of crustaceansChitosan is usually found in the outer shell of shellfish. In this particular supplement, it is derived from a non-animal source; notably mushrooms. It is hence suitable for vegans. It is made up of chitin, which is known as a fat magnet. Several molecules of chitin arranged together in a string give way to chitosan. Chitosan cannot be digested by the body. In this regard, it is similar to cellulose or plant fibre for instance. It is able to bind fat molecules to itself which means that these fat molecules are not absorbed by the body but are instead passed out in stool. It is believed that chitosan is capable of binding fat up to six times its weight.


A deficiency of silica makes one hungry. This ingredient is hence important for keeping the body satiated and making sure that the user does not experience a lot of hunger pangs. It is also fairly essential for regulating the circulatory system as well as the nervous system of the body.

For more information about the effects of these ingredients read our Proactol XS Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 40/100

It appears that this particular food supplement has modest weight loss power. It possesses two ingredients which are fairly capable of bringing about weight loss through fat burning. While the manufacturers tell us that this particular weight loss supplement is associated with several trials, they have not provided us with much detail in this regard and therefore we cannot rely on this.
Speed of results: 60/100

The official website provides different kinds of challenges that can be targeted in accordance with one’s preferences for desired weight loss and duration. For instance, you can lose 3-4 lbs over a period of 10 days, 9-12 lbs over a period of 30 days, 18-24 lbs over a period of 60 days and lastly more than 27 lbs over a period of 90 days. The manufacturers provide a sufficient amount of information with reference to speed and hence deserve a fair value in this regard.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

This particular weight loss supplement does not claim to have any appetite suppression properties. None of the ingredients present in it appear to be capable of manifesting appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 10/100

There is nothing in the information provided by the manufacturers to suggest what can be expected from this particular food supplement with regards to long term effects. It is only fair to provide it with a low category in this reference.
Safety: 50/100

The manufacturers do not have much to say with reference to side effects. While this may tempt quite a lot of prospective customers into believing that there are actually no side effects associated with this supplement, this is not the case. Indeed, this supplement is capable of manifesting some side effects and while they are not disastrous, they do manifest themselves as a valid cause of concern. Hence, Proactol XS receives an average rating when it comes to the category of safety.
Value for money: 60/100

This particular weight loss supplement is quite affordable. In fact, you can purchase a single box containing 60 tablets for £24.95. In this regard, it appears to be quite a decent value for money. Hence, we feel that it is appropriate to assign it with an affirmative value when it comes to the category of value for money.

Proactol XS Side Effects

stomach irritationThis particular weight loss supplement is indeed not entirely free from side effects owing to the ingredients that it contains. Let us look at each of these one by one. First up we have magnesium. Magnesium is generally believed to be a safe ingredient, though at times it can cause problems such as stomach upset and nausea. It is also associated with vomiting and diarrhoea. Exceptionally large doses of magnesium can result in causing an irregular heartbeat and drop in blood pressure. Finally, magnesium can at times cause slow breathing as well as coma. Next up is chitosan. This is generally quite a safe ingredient though it may occasionally cause side effects. For instance, it can cause flatulence and constipation. It may also occasionally result in allergies. For more information, read our Proactol XS Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Proactol XS

It is possible to purchase this particular weight loss supplement from the official website. Here, you can purchase a single bottle worth 60 tablets for a price of £24.95. This is one of the several other purchasing options available. For more information, read our Where to Buy Proactol XS article. For more about the manufacturers, read our Company Behind Proactol XS article.

Overall Verdict

We feel that this particular food supplement is useful, but not for purposes of attaining extensive fat burning as the manufacturers wish to suggest. While it does contain a fairly potent mix of ingredients, these ingredients are for laxative purposes, which may help in health purposes, but are only weakly related with attainment of a flat belly. You would in fact be much better off purchasing a weight loss supplement that allows you to achieve weight loss and weight management in its entirety. Hence, while this particular product Proactol XS is certainly worth a try, it is not a miracle supplement and so it would be unnatural to expect any phenomenal changes to result from its intake.

Overall: 37/100

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