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Probioslim is marketed as a dual digestive health and weight loss supplement that improves the micro flora of the intestines. There have however been complaints that the product is sold using a free trial scam.

Below we have reviewed Probioslim against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Probioslim Review

Probioslim Pros
  • Some active ingredients have been preliminary studied
  • Claimed to aid digestive health as well as weight loss
Probioslim Cons
  • The product has not been proven to aid weight loss
  • Customers placed into an auto-billing scheme when they order 'free trial' and are billed monthly for £80+

Probioslim Free Trial Auto-billing Warning

Warning message about diet pill free trial auto billing systems

A quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Probioslim product auto-enrols you in to a recurring billing agreement. This means you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter unless you cancel.

In some cases you are also charged for the “free” sample if you do not call up and return the sample product.

Read our article on A warning about diet pill free trials to learn more.

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Probioslim Review

Nutraclick do not elaborate extensively on how Probioslim helps customers lose weight. They claim that green tea extract ‘increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation, helping you to burn more calories and fat’. Thermogenesis literally means the production of heat from an energy source. Increasing thermogenesis might mean increasing metabolic rate, resulting in more calories burnt in a shorter space of time. Fat oxidation is the breakdown of fat stored in the body – burning body-fat-rather than using carbohydrate supplies. The description also mentions that caffeine further increases fat oxidation and also helps to control appetite. Effectively therefore, Nutraclick are marketing Probioslim as a combined appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and fat oxidation booster – they also comment that there aren’t any ‘risky side-effects’.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The weight loss component of Probioslim is the secondary aim. Probioslim is primarily a probiotic, which uses the bacteria Lactobacillus Sporogenes in the form ‘Lactospore’. Nutraclick explain that “unlike other probiotics, LactoSpore is not sensitive to the harsh environment of the stomach… it reaches the colon where it can multiply safely”. They claim that many digestive, skin and even organ problems are due to an overpopulation of dangerous bacteria, and that Lactospore can out-compete these bacteria to fill the digestive system with beneficial bateria which solve most of these problems. They also claim that Probioslim contains a prebiotic made of the dietary fibre in kiwi, papaya and fig; a prebiotic is an energy source for the bacteria in Probioslim, ensuring they have sufficient energy and nutrients. Together, these factors supposedly make Probioslim a combined health and weight-loss supplement.

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How Probioslim Works

woman wondering how diet pill works 538

Lactospore is a branded version of Lactobacillus Sporogenes, otherwise known as B. coagulans. This bacteria forms ‘spores’ when placed in an acidic environment, that supposedly protect it from the low PH of the stomach and allow it to pass into the intestines. The spores are then said to germinate and proliferate in the intestines, producing the favoured form of lactic acid and effectively killing off the dangerous bacteria.

The manufacturers of Lactospore, Sabinsa, claim that it can produce metabolites needed for good health, including vitamin B, and produce enzymes which make certain foods easier to digest. This is referring to the usual purpose of intestinal bacteria; to digest fibre from food that cannot be absorbed in the intestines, breaking it down into fatty acids (which can be absorbed and used for energy) and methane gas. This bacteria has been used in animal feeds to help prevent diseases like heart disease and organ failure, both of which can be linked to inefficient and selective digestion of food. However, it is worth noting that few studies suggest B. coagulans can treat digestive disorders.

The prebiotic element of Lactospore does not describe which type of dietary fibre it contains, only that it is composed of fig, papaya and kiwi extract. Dietary fibre comes in two principle forms; soluble and insoluble, where soluble fibre is digestible and insoluble fibre includes fibre that cannot be digested at all, and only serves to improve the movement of food within the intestines. Both forms are broken down in the colon by bacteria like those in Lactospore, releasing fatty acids and methane gas. The type of fibre determines its effect on the bacteria. It has been suggested that one type of fibre present in fruit, called short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS), are able to control the weight gain and improve the digestive processes.

The amount of fibre present in a serving of Probioslim is extremely small compared to the recommended daily intake of fibre; one capsule is not even a gram in weight, whereas the daily recommendation is at least 20 grams. There appears to be little reason why consuming fibre-rich foods, like grains, vegetables and fruit, would not do an equally good, if not better job, at maintaining the bacteria than the prebiotic

The active weight loss ingredients, caffeine and green tea extract, are thought to have the effects claimed by Nutraclick, when provided in the right quantities. Caffeine is a stimulant that acts to increase the activity of neurotransmitters acting in neurones and hormones acting in the blood; in particular, it increases levels of norpinephrine, which may act similarly to adrenaline, increasing the body’s production of glucose from energy sources, improving mental alertness, and increasing blood flow to the muscles. As a result, caffeine can help energise individuals and keep them motivated for work and exercise, as well as possibly increasing their metabolic rate and passively causing more calories to be burned. Green tea extract is primarily said to induce weight loss through its high concentration of catechins, particularly EGCG, which has been suggested to aid fat oxidation and boost metabolic rate. Green tea also contains a small amount of caffeine and so boosts the effects of the caffeine already present

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Key Probioslim Ingredients



This bacteria has had a few studies conducted on its ability to improve digestive health. The manufacturer, Sabinsa, released a series of studies on Lactospore but failed to reference an official publication, so the legitimacy of these studies cannot be confirmed. A study on chicks, where developing chicks were fed B.coagulans supplements along with their usual food, supposedly found that the body weight of these chicks increased on average by 0.04% compared to a control group; this suggested more efficient digestion of food, and therefore better digestive health. A review paper was also released analysing a group of trials conducted on patients at a hospital in Japan, which studied the effects of B.Coagulans on various illnesses; most of the studies purportedly found that it was shown to be effective to some degree in treating the condition. Again, however, the legitimacy of these articles cannot be commented upon.


A long-term study of caffeine intake and weight maintenance, conducted over 14 years, found that there was a slightly lower mean weight gain in participants with high caffeine intake than those without, and that several subjects avoided putting on weight as they aged whom also consumed a high level of caffeine. The study had flaws, but enough participants took part to make the results significant.

Similarly, a study from 2002 of 167 people saw one group take a caffeinated supplement, and one group a placebo, daily for 6 months. It was found that the caffeine treatment produced twice as much weight loss as the placebo, with no unpleasant side-effects.

To learn more about Caffeine – Weight Loss Benefits and Side Effects, we recommend you read our Caffeine – Weight Loss Benefits and Side Effects article.

Green Tea Extract

One study saw twelve healthy men being given either green tea, a caffeine supplement, tyrosine or a placebo several times a week, and have their metabolic rate measured over the next four hours. The green tea extract was not shown to be effective, though the caffeine showed increased metabolic rate. However, a 2007 study by Nagao et al saw men and women consume green tea daily, with varying levels of catechins present, for twelve weeks; the results suggested higher levels of catechins led to greater weight loss, so it is likely that green tea extract high in catechins can accelerate weight loss without boosting metabolic rate.

For more information, we recommend you read our Green Tea Weight Loss article.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

Manufacturers often make claims of a product without providing evidence to support them; the most concrete way to back up a claim is to reference a clinical study carried out on the product in its intended dosage and environment (i.e. in humans), which supports the claim in its conclusion. Analysing the clinical studies of the ingredients can give a good idea of whether they will have any weight-loss effects, but it is important to remember that products can be effective through ingredients acting together, so this is not a foolproof method.
No studies have been performed on Probioslim as a whole product, so we must look to the product’s ingredients in order to gain some idea of clinical validity.


The main active ingredient in Probioslim, Lactospore, is a probiotic that allegedly improves metabolism of minerals and helps prevent digestive problems and other health issues. Lactospore is a condensed form of the bacteria B. coagulans, which is supposedly able to pass through the acidic stomach and proliferate in the colon. Sanbinsa, the manufacturer, provide multiple studies on their website, though there is no official publication reference for any of the studies. With all the trials that are recorded on the website, no official references are given so it is impossible to tell if these trials actually took place or not.

B.Coagulans is at least considered safe for human consumption; a trial published in 2009 tested a concentrated form of the bacteria in seven environments, including in rats and mice and in vitro studies. The results showed no dangerous effects, and concluded that it was safe for human consumption. Otherwise, there are few studies available which directly test the probiotic capability of B. coagulans, and so it is difficult to assess how effective Probioslim is as a digestive supplement.

Dietary Fibre

Dietary fibre is another listed ingredient of Probioslim, described as a ‘prebiotic’, included to provide an energy source for the B. coagulans bacteria. Fibre is vital for good digestive health, and since most people in Britain are estimated to not eat enough dietary fibre, including it in the supplement could help improve digestive health. However, the effectiveness of fibre as a prebiotic depends on the type of fibre used. Probioslim uses papaya, kiwi and fig extract, but does not specify which type of fibre is used, so it is difficult to tell whether it will be effective.

A study was discussed on the Nutraingredients website, which focused on short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) (a type of fibre) and its effect on the weight of mice. 48 mice isolated from any other organism were fed a control diet, a high fat diet, or a high fat with 10% scFOS diet for seven weeks. It was supposedly discovered that mice within the two high fat diet groups put on much more weight than the control group, but that in the scFOS group, most of the weight was held in a pouch in the intestines, and not as fat. scFOS are extracted from fruits and if this is true of the extracts used in Probioslim, then there is a chance that the prebiotic will be effective. This study has however not been published in a scientific journal and so cannot be deemed reliable.


Caffeine has been extensively studied for its weight-loss potential. One of the most notable studies, released in 2006, monitored the caffeine intake of healthy men and women from 1986-1998 and compared it to their weight change over this time. The results showed a lower mean weight gain amongst those with (slightly) higher caffeine intake than those without, although the caffeine intake of all participants will have varied over the course of the study, and the individuals did not experience the same factors like diet and lifestyle.

Other studies have given similar result, with reportedly ‘no adverse affects’. One study by Warren GL et al. also showed that caffeine was found to have a small benefit to muscular endurance and strength, showing an average of 75 increase in knee extensor strength and a very small increase in endurance over 27 cases. An increase in endurance and strength can help increase the number of calories burnt during exercise and aid in weight loss, as well as helping complete a daily routine whilst fatigued from dieting. Another study from 2002 by Boozer CN et al, where 167 people took part in a 6 month trial taking either a placebo or a herbal caffeine supplement, found that the herbal treatment produced twice as much weight loss on average as the placebo, along with decreased cholesterol levels, with no significant adverse effects.

Green Tea

Green tea extract has had mixed results, with some researchers claiming that the caffeine content in green tea is responsible for its weight loss effects, and that the extract itself is ineffective. A study published in 2009 by A.Belza et al saw twelve normal weight men be given green tea, caffeine, tyrosine or a placebo several times a week and have their metabolic rate measured over next four hours. Green tea extract saw no real difference compared to the placebo, but caffeine, present in small quantities in GTE, gave a 6% increase in metabolic rate. The researchers admit the number of men used was probably too small to give conclusive evidence.

However, a 2007 study by Nagao T et al suggested ingestion of green tea extract high in ‘catechins’ (organic compounds), over a long period of time, leads to a reduction in body-fat and cholesterol. The trial recruited men and women for a twelve week trial in which subjects ingested green tea daily, with varying amounts of catechins, with all members maintaining usual lifestyles. The results found that the green tea extract high in catechins caused greater weight loss, but that weight loss was observed in both groups. It is worth observing, though, that the subjects actually took green tea, not green tea extract; it may have been the caffeine in the tea that was causing the weight loss. Outside of altering metabolism, green tea has been suggested to aid weight loss through reducing the absorption of fat in foods (lipids).

In 2007, Koo SI et al carried out tests in vitro on the effects of green tea extract, particularly its catechins, on the digestion of lipids in the intestines. The results suggested that green tea extract catechins were very effective in lowering the lipid-absorption rate of the guts by interfering with enzymes associated with digestion.

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Probioslim Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

The side effects most likely to occur with Probioslim are those due to the caffeine content. The other active ingredients are thought to be unlikely to cause severe side effects unless taken in very high concentrations. Other side effects associated with the product include gastro-intestinal problems, particularly flatulence.


The biggest concern regarding taking a probiotic is whether the bacteria ingested could cause harm under certain circumstances. Bacteria are able to take up genetic information from other bacteria and adopt their characteristics; this process is called ‘transformation’. If B. coagulans, the active bacteria in Probioslim, were to be transformed by a dangerous strain of bacteria in the intestines, it could display the dangerous properties of the other bacteria and possibly make intestinal problems worse. However, studies have shown that B. coagulans is safe for human consumption, with no record of mortality or illness in any of the trials recorded.

A study published in 2009 assessed the safety of B. coagulans as a food ingredient, basing the conclusions drawn on seven separate studies; one study on the likelihood of bacterial mutation, one on propagation in mice, one on oral toxicity in rats, and one on the likelihood of infection of the eyes or skin of rabbits, amongst others. The study found no toxic or detrimental effects whatsoever, no mutations worth noting; decreased water consumption was noted in the female rats in the oral study, but no other symptoms were considered significant enough to be called dangerous.

Dietary Fibre

The prebiotic in Probioslim is a combination of fig, papaya and kiwi extracts, and is a mix of dietary fibres used as food for the probiotic component. Dietary fibre is a necessary part of any balanced diet and many individuals are estimated to consume too little fibre, so this addition is unlikely to have serious negative effects. However, one of the biggest side effects of an excessive amount of fibre in the diet is flatulence. Increasing the amount of fibre that cannot be digested in the intestines but can be digested by the bacteria in the colon means a greater amount of methane gas produced, which in turn has to pass out of the body as wind.

Certain types of fibre are more or less likely to produce flatulence, but since the fibre included in Probioslim is designed to be digested by B. coagulans, it seems a possible side-effect. It’s worth noting that the amount of fibre contained in a capsule is extremely small compared to that obtained by eating a vegetable or a packet of nuts, and therefore any side-effects are also likely to be negligible. Increasing the amount of water consumed might be recommended to help the fibre pass through the system, but this has never been shown to be effective; the best way to deal with this problem is to avoid other fibrous foods in the diet whilst taking the supplement, and experimenting with different vegetables, grains, etc. to find safe options.


Caffeine is a stimulant, and this means that individuals can become addicted to taking it. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms have been carefully studied; a review from 2004 examined these symptoms, considering 57 separate studies, and came to the conclusion that there was a direct correlation between excessive caffeine intake and headaches, irritability, inability to sleep, depression and inability to think clearly, amongst other symptoms. Caffeine can also have unpleasant side effects in the short term if taken in high quantity, with shakiness, nausea, headaches and inability to sit still or concentrate appearing in individuals unused to caffeine. To avoid these effects, it is recommended to take only one serving a day for the first week to scout for any problems, and only to go beyond the recommended dose after ensuring that the recommended dose is no longer having a significant effect.

Green Tea

Comparatively, green tea extract is considered a safe ingredient in all but the highest dosages. In supplemental form, it has been suggested to be safe at concentrations of up to 800 milligrams in one go, and single dosages of up to 1600 milligrams have been said to have no significant adverse effects. This is much higher than any individual would be consuming whilst using Probioslim and so this should not be an issue.

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How to Use

Woman With Pills 538

The Probioslim website doesn’t provide much information about how to take Probioslim, only stating that a single serving is one capsule. In the FAQ’s section, they recommend taking the product for 3 months at least to experience the full benefits, though they claim it’s possible to experience the effects in just a few days., one of the major retailers of Probioslim, on the label from the container states that a capsule should be taken twice a day, once with breakfast and once with dinner. It also reveals that the recommended dose contains about as much caffeine as one cup of coffee, and warns against taking other sources of caffeine along with this product.

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Who Makes It?

The manufacturers of Probioslim are Nutraclick, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based company founded in 2009 which has supposedly grown from a four employee company with only one product to a 200+ employee company with many different supplement-based products. They were initially founded as Fish Media, changing their name in 2013 to reflect their move towards health and fitness orientated products. Their products are aimed at increasing general health and wellbeing (the ‘Peak Life’ brand and Probioslim), cosmetic products aimed at women (the ‘Stages of Beauty’ brand), and supplements aimed at improving athletic performance (the ‘Force Factor’ brand); each brand contains many products focusing on specific areas of the category. They describe themselves as a ‘fast moving’, ‘risk taking’, ‘innovative’ company that aims to improve the lives of their customers, and aims to become bigger over the next five years.

The company tends to receive positive product reviews on the website, with most products receiving between a 3 and 5 star rating. However, most reviews are still average at best and a few products receive 2 star ratings, with many customers complaining of having seen no results. There are complaints that the free trial period offered for many products is difficult to cancel and that customers have been charged for products sent during this period.

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Where to Buy Probioslim


The best retailer to buy Probioslim from appears to be Amazon. They offer a lower price than Nutraclick or GNC, have a strong reputation for good delivery and customer services along with multiple delivery options and a returns centre, and retailers can often be found through the site that offer the product for a lower price than the original offer. GNC and Nutraclick are both viable alternatives; GNC is probably the preferred option as they have a good reputation for reliable delivery, and membership ensures lower prices on multiple purchases. It’s important to note that Probioslim is only available to customers within the U.S.A.

Probioslim is available through its US website, where it can be bought directly from the manufacturer, Nutraclick. However, this is only available to customers living within the US. One tub of Probioslim retails here for $69.99 (£41.31), which contains 60 capsules and the recommended dosage is two capsules a day- about a month’s supply. A free sample is also allegedly available through the website, and several customers have attested to this in reviews; however, customers are advised that failure to call within 18 days of ordering results in placement on the ‘Probioslim VIP Membership’ program, which automatically ships the product to you every month for $69.99 plus $4.99 shipping fees. Several customers have complained about this so it is worth reading the small print before purchasing from this site.

Probioslim is currently only available in the US despite being sold by GNC, a company with UK nationwide stores. GNC retail Probioslim at the same price as Nutraclick. The shipping cost with GNC is one dollar (59p) lower than the Nutraclick website. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their products, providing that items are unopened or in good condition (the money returned will depend on the condition of the product).

Amazon currently offer Probioslim for $59.99 (£35.30), with free shipping- this is much cheaper than buying from GNC or Nutraclick, even if the customer is a member of GNC. Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world. They offer a range of delivery options depending on the required speed, and have a ‘deliveries and returns’ centre with comprehensive information regarding any queries customers may have. They also have a reputable customer service team, and typically offer between two and four week money-back guarantees on all products.

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Does Probioslim Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: The product is linked with an auto-payment scheme if you go for the ‘free trial’ option on the official website.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, an ingredients list is provided.

Company contact details readily available: Contact details are available on the official website.

Probioslim does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and there is no mention of manufacturing standards. The product is also sometimes sold on an auto-enrolment scheme.

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Overall Verdict

Probioslim is claimed to be a combined digestive aid and weight loss supplement. The ingredients are however generally understudied, and the methods have not been proven to aid weight loss. The product might cause side effects such as flatulence and caffeine-related problems. The product is available to purchase from several US-based retailers for a one-off payment, but there is an auto-payment scheme advertised as a free trial on the official website that some customers have reported to be a scam.

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    I thought I had purchased a free sample only to find export fees had to be paid at my post office. Then after the 3rd bottle arrived which I rejected and sent back. Then to find that Probioslim had taken 3 months from my bank plus charge for $ conversion. After the 1st batch arrived I went to the Web site to cancel my order as this product had no effect on slimming. I have now cancelled my bank payment. Hope this sinks in I do not want Probioslim. Regards Patricia pepe

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      I just within the last wk started using probioslim. Haven’t really noticed any weightless yet, but I also didn’t read until today that I shouldn’t be drinking any caffeine on top of it, so as of today, no more caffeine, so we’ll see how it goes. Also Leslie, I bought mine at Walmart, therefore I don’t have to worry about my bank account.

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