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Proto-col Thermo Slim

Proto-col Thermo Slim is a weight loss supplement that is claimed, by its manufacturers, to be free from side effects while naturally re-energising your body and simultaneously providing you with a dose of vitamins and minerals as well as boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite.

In this review we will investigate how effective Thermo Slim is, looking at both the positive and negative aspects of the product while determining whether it is the best weight loss aid for you.

Proto-col Thermo Slim Review

Proto-col Thermo Slim Pros
  • Not too expensive
  • Contains natural ingredients
Proto-col Thermo Slim Cons
  • Lack of clinical testing on product
  • Side effect concerns

Proto-col Thermo Slim Review

According to its company website, Proto-col Thermo Slim is an expertly formulated supplement that uses herbal technology in order to help its users achieve their goal weight. A revolutionary blend of natural stimulants that are able to help shed pounds in weight while also providing the body with vitamins and minerals. Is this product as great as it seems?

Claimed weight loss benefits

The company behind Thermo Slim claim that their supplement is an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. We cannot be certain about the appetite suppression but we agree that Thermo Slim is a metabolism booster.

How Proto-col Thermo Slim Works

Proto-col Thermo Slim weight loss claimsProto-col Thermo Slim is said to suppress sensations of hunger while boosting vitality and metabolism through its key, herbal ingredients. Due to the stimulants the product contains, it is able to increase the body’s energy levels, meaning that its users feel more motivated to exercise and are able to do so for a longer period of time and burn more fat – ultimately losing more weight.

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Key Proto-col Thermo Slim Ingredients

Green Tea Powder

Green tea is able to aid weight loss by preventing the production of excessive triglyceride – a substance that is created by the body through the synthesis of sugar and fat in the small intestine and liver, and transported in the blood stream. The substance provides the body with energy but if there is an excessive amount then it will be turned in to fat and stored by the body. Green tea contains an enzyme that dissolves triglyceride, resulting in the reduction of the body’s fat content.

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Guarana Powder Extract

Guarana in Proto-col Thermo SlimGuarana extract holds a huge amount of caffeine and so is able to boost the body’s energy and performance meaning that it is able to burn more fat, and so aid weight loss. It is believed that the extract can also increase mental clarity and focus and can relieve tension that may be caused by stress.

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Cayenne Powder Extract

This extract contains a substance called capsaicin, which is able to raise the body’s levels of the neurotransmitters hormone called norepinephrine, a chemical which promotes the release of fatty acids from fat cells so that they can be burned for energy. Cayenne is a natural thermogenic and using it with other thermogenics can greatly boost metabolism.

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Weight Loss Power: 45/100

With no customer reviews, we cannot be certain if this product will work as claimed. However, with the ingredients there is a chance that you can see some weight loss results.
Speed of results: 50/100

The Proto-col Thermo Slim website claims that the supplement is able to boost metabolism quickly meaning that you will be able to start shedding weight fast. However, with no customer reviews we cannot be certain of this.
Appetite Suppression: 35/100

Caffeine is believed to be an appetite suppressant as it can provide you with energy while also preventing hunger pangs. The key ingredients in Thermo Slim are able to send signals to the brain in order to reduce hunger. However, caffeine isn’t a proven effective appetite suppressant, therefore we cannot rate them high.
Long Term Results: 10/100

As there have been no clinical studies in to the effectiveness of Thermo Slim, it is difficult to know for sure how long the results can last. However, studies into the long term effects of its ingredients suggest that the results are only for the short term and without a diet and exercise plan the lost weight may return. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 50/100

Again, there have been no clinical studies on Thermo Slim and so its safety is not certain. There have, to date, been no reported side effects from the supplement, despite there being potential effects from its ingredients. More testing needs to take place before the product’s safety can be confirmed.
Value for money: 60/100

Thermo Slim can be purchased at £31.95 for a month’s supply of 90 capsules, averaging to just over £1 per day, making it one of the cheaper supplements on today’s market. However, with the lack of clinical testing it is not known for definite how effective the product is.

Proto-col Thermo Slim Side Effects

Proto-col Thermo Slim Potential side effects - headachesThe Proto-col Thermo Slim website states that there are no known side effects of the supplement; however, there is no evidence of any clinical testing that would need to be conducted to know this for sure. There have been reports of side effects from the product’s main ingredients such as stomach upsets, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, headaches, insomnia and nervousness. Some of the key ingredients such as guarana extract can worsen certain disorders such as bleeding disorders, glaucoma, high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome. As some of its ingredients are unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, they should not take Thermo Slim.

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Where to Buy Proto-col Thermo Slim

Although it does not appear that Thermo Slim is available to purchase from UK high street stores, it is available to purchase directly from the company website or by telephone for £31.95 for a month’s supply of 90 capsules.

You can also purchase a pack of 30 capsules for just £12.95. The website states that orders will be despatched on the same day and orders over £30 come with free delivery. The company also runs special discounts and deals, which means that you may be able to get the supplement for an even better price.

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Overall Verdict

There is some clinical evidence to support some of the claimed weight loss qualities of some of Thermo Slim’s key ingredients, however there is limited evidence to support all of the claims made by the company and to prove the effectiveness and safety of the product. Although the company behind the product claims that there are no side effects carried by the supplement, it is known that there are side effects that come with its key ingredients, which, suggests that there, could in fact, be potential side effects and excluded groups – such as pregnant women, who should not take the supplement. At £1 per day, this is one of the cheaper supplements on the market but as there is debate over its effectiveness, it may not be good value for money.

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Overall: 42/100

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