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Pulsin Soya Protein

Pulsin Soya Protein is marketed as an easy way of adding protein to the diet, which it is claimed can be beneficial to vegetarians, vegans, athletes, those on a weight loss diet, or anyone wanting to boost their immune system.

Pulsin Soya Protein

Pulsin Soya Protein Pros
  • Nutritional information for the product is provided on the official product website
  • The product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those who don’t eat gluten, and those who don't eat dairy products
  • The product is not likely to cause severe side effects in people of good health
  • The product is convenient and easy to use
Pulsin Soya Protein Cons
  • No clinical studies have been undertaken on the specific product
  • There is no money-back guarantee available (although unopened items can be returned within 7 days for a full refund)
  • The product is not organic
  • On the Pulsin website there is reference to a possible negative effect of Soya Protein on testosterone levels, but the associated link is ineffective

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Pulsin Soya Protein Review

Pulsin Soya Protein is designed as a powder that can be added easily to other food. It is dairy free, gluten free, non GM, and suitable for vegans, but it is not certified organic. It has no added fillers, sugars or sweeteners. The product’s official website states that 10g of the product provides 9.0g of protein. It claims that a serving of the product will improve diet by providing essential amino acids that the body can’t make. It doesn’t appear to have been studied clinically. The product has only one ingredient and is not likely to cause severe side effects in people of good health.

Pulsin Soya Protein Claimed weight loss benefits

The product’s official website says that a natural protein powder like soya protein can improve the diet of vegetarians, vegans, athletes, those on a weight loss diet, or anyone wanting to boost their immune system. It does not state directly that the product will help with weight loss or increase resistance to disease. In the “Shop by Goal” area of the website, Soya Protein is the first item for sale under “Weight Loss”, which suggests that the intention is to promote it primarily as a product to aid loss of weight. The claim is also made that it might help to lower cholesterol.

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How Pulsin Soya Protein Works


The official Pulsin website does not directly claim that Pulsin Soya Protein benefits weight loss or lowers cholesterol. It is low in fat and carbohydrate and so might be useful in a weight loss diet. Its main claim is that it can make a general improvement to the diet. High protein diets have been linked to weight loss and they are thought to work by suppressing the appetite, potentially helping the user to reduce their daily calorie intake. Pulsin Soya Protein is suitable for vegetarian or vegan users, and may therefore be useful as an alternative to other protein supplements such as whey or casein.

How Each Ingredient Works

Soya Protein

Soya protein is thought to aid weight loss and body composition indirectly in several different ways. Firstly, the ingredient is believed to complement a weight loss diet by suppressing the appetite without adding many calories. By contributing to a feeling of satiety, it is sometimes claimed to help users to avoid snacking and stick to a calorie-controlled diet. In this way it might be considered to reduce the intake of fat and carbohydrate.

Most proteins derived from plants are incomplete, but soya protein is described as a complete protein, in that it supplies all the amino acids that are necessary for tissue and muscle growth. It might therefore be considered useful for helping to build lean mass as part of a muscle-building regime. Since amino acids are key components of muscle tissue, including supplementary amino acids in your diet is thought to increase the mass and strength of muscle if taken at the same time as regular resistance exercise. It has also been linked to improved recovery from exercise in the past. Some claim that taking supplementary protein when following an exercise regime can help to improve body composition by encouraging fat loss through exercise, but maintaining muscle mass thanks to supplementary protein intake.

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Key Pulsin Soya Protein Ingredients

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The official product website provides a full breakdown of what ingredients are present in the supplement, including ingredient quantities, full nutritional information and a breakdown of the amino acids present in the supplement. The only active ingredient in Pulsin Soya Protein is soya protein isolate. It is stated on the official website that one serving of 10g of the product provides 9.0g of protein and 39kcal. The ingredients are dairy free, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Active Ingredients

Soya Protein

Soya beans and soya products are a complete protein source and are the richest sources of isoflavones (naturally found in beans) in the human diet. Isoflavones are types of naturally occurring isoflavanoids, many of which act as phytoestrogens which are plant-derived compounds similar in chemical structure and function to the female sex hormone oestrogen. Isoflavones are believed to be associated with some health benefits such as aiding bone health, reducing menopausal symptoms, and giving some protection against heart disease and some cancers (especially breast cancer).

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Clinical Studies

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There is no evidence of clinical studies on the official product website. There does not appear to have been any clinical study on Pulsin Soya Protein specifically, but there have been studies on soya protein in general. Research with regard to soya protein and weight loss is typically at an early stage, and should not be taken currently as proof that it aids weight loss or body composition.

Clinical studies are performed and reported on by scientists. They usually test the substance against a control, to measure safety and efficacy. The reports are reviewed by other experts before being published in scientific journals.

Clinical Studies On Each Ingredient

Clinical Studies on Soya Protein

A few trials have been performed on soya protein to investigate its potential impacts on weight loss and body composition, though most of these have been small in size and so do not provide any proof when considered on their own. A small scale study in 2007, looking at body composition and insulin secretion in 12 postmenopausal women over a 3 month period, concluded that a daily supplement of Soy Protein might have prevented the increase in subcutaneous and total abdominal fat that was observed with the control group.

In 2015 a pilot study on 25 older, abdominally obese subjects looked at the effect of soy protein as opposed to non-soy protein meal replacements during a 12 week low calorie weight-loss programme. The results suggested that a weight loss intervention which incorporates either soy or non-soy meal replacement products, is associated with significant weight loss and improvements in cardiometabolic risk in older adults. This suggests that soy protein may be as good as other protein sources in these respects.

In 2014 there was a study on the effectiveness of soy protein compared with meat-based protein, in high-protein diets for weight loss in 20 obese men. Body weight and the motivation to eat were measured daily over a 2 week period. It was found that appetite control and weight loss were similar in both high-protein weight loss diets, which suggests that soy protein is at least as effective as meat-based protein for appetite control.

A small scale study on 12 mildly obese men compared the effects of fat-reduced diets containing either animal protein, soy protein or carbohydrate on 24 hour energy expenditure after 4 days. The results showed that both animal and soy protein have a greater thermogenic effect than carbohydrate, and so might be relevant in the regulation of body weight. As with many of these studies, it is important to note that this trial involved a very small sample of participants and so the results cannot be deemed wholly reliable.

In another study, 24 obese subjects were divided into 2 groups receiving hypocaloric diets containing either casein protein or soy protein. After 75 days, all subjects had lost a similar amount of weight but the percentage decrease of LDL cholesterol was greater in the group that had received soy protein, which indicates that soy protein may be of benefit to users who need a long term hypocaloric diet.

Overall, results from studies on soya protein have been positive, indicating that the ingredient might be beneficial for weight loss. Until more higher quality, larger scale studies have been performed however, these benefits cannot be stated with any certainty.

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Pulsin Soya Protein Side Effects

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The official product website does not identify any potential side effects that may occur as a result of taking Pulsin Soya Protein. It does not list any groups of people who should avoid taking the product either, due to a lack of research or potential health implications. Since Pulsin Soya Protein contains just one ingredient – soya protein isolate – any side effects associated with this ingredient are likely to be representative of any side effects that may occur as a result of taking the supplement. On the whole, the ingredient seems to be safe for most people of good general health, but it may cause some mild side effects.

Side Effects Associated With Each Ingredient

Side Effects associated with Soya Protein

The data from the scientific evidence of the safety and adverse effects of Soya Protein is insufficient to conclude that it has no side effects. It is recommended therefore, that users take the product with caution and stop using it if they suffer any severe or on-going side effects that may be a result of the product, and consult a doctor. It is thought that soy can cause constipation, bloating and nausea. It can also cause allergic reaction in some people.

Some studies have identified potential risks from high intake of isoflavones, such as in women with a history of breast cancer, so they should avoid soya products until there has been more research in this area. There is also concern that taking high doses of soya dietary supplements might cause abnormal tissue growth in the uterus.

There are some groups of people who need to limit their protein intake, so it is best to consult your doctor before embarking on a high protein diet. There has been some concern about a possible negative effect of Soya Protein on testosterone levels, but there is no reliable evidence to support this in the case of anyone who does not consume it to excess.

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How To Use

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Pulsin Soya Protein is unflavoured. The Pulsin website suggests that the consumer add a dessert spoonful of the Soya Protein supplement to a soya yoghurt and sweeten it with maple syrup, to eat as a snack. Advice is given on the official Pulsin website that users should not exceed 40g in one serving, and should bear in mind that the recommended daily intake of protein in the UK is 45g for women and 55g for men. The optimum amount can vary depending on height, muscle mass, lifestyle and level of activity.

The product website also has a recipe section, but it is difficult to identify a recipe that includes Soya Protein rather than other products that are for sale on the same website. Women with a history of breast cancer should not use soya products, until more research has been done in this area. People who need to limit the amount of protein in their diet should not use this product. Pulsin Soya Protein is suitable for use in vegetarian and vegan diets. Due to a lack of large scale clinical trials on the ingredient, it is recommended that users with an existing health condition and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

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Who Makes It

Pulsin Ltd is based in Gloucestershire and their contact information is available on the official website, including postal address, telephone number and email address. Their mantra is “Embrace the natural rhythm of life!” and the aim of the company is to “transform everyday eating occasions into health optimising opportunities that maintain and enhance our natural balanced state.” The website introduces three university friends who have been instrumental in developing the Pulsin product range over the last ten years. There is information and a timeline about how they developed the business together. There is information about several awards that the company has won.

The Pulsin range includes protein powders, snack bars, baking ingredients, and snack bars for children. The website is helpfully arranged to make it easy to shop by range, goal or diet. There is comprehensive information about the nutritional values of the Pulsin products, and about the ingredients used, although not always the ingredient quantities. The soya from which the soya protein powder originates is grown and produced in China. There is no long term money-back guarantee but it is possible to return the item unopened for a full refund (less postage) within seven days. The payment methods appear to be safe.

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Where To Buy Pulsin Soya Protein

On Pulsin’s official website, all protein powder orders over £25 will receive a free order of 250g Hemp Protein. Delivery is free on orders over £35, which includes other items for sale on the website. As a one-time purchase to an address in mainland UK, the Soya Protein costs £5.39 plus £5.99 shipping and handling plus £1 tax for 250g (which works out at approximately £4.95 in total per 100g); £16.19 plus £5.99 shipping and handling plus £1 tax for 1kg (approximately £2.32 in total per 100g); and £45.00 total for 5kg (£0.90 per 100g). There are discounts for 1kg or 5kg monthly subscriptions, in which case a recurring subscription of either £14.57 (approximately £1.46 per 100g) or £40.50 (approximately £0.81 per 100g) respectively will be set up via Paypal. You can choose to have the delivery monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Delivery appears to be 1-3 working days for an address in the UK. No options are shown for delivery to another country. The website states that postage is calculated by the weight of the order and the delivery address. Pulsin Soya Protein can also be bought from UK mainland stores such as Holland and Barrett, and Tesco, and from online stores such as Amazon.

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Does Pulsin Soya Protein meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is a money-back guarantee, but only for 14 days.

One-off payment: The payment method seems to be safe and available as one-off, and it can be made by PayPal or credit or debit card. Subscriptions of recurring monthly payments are available via Paypal.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of any manufacturing certificates on the official website.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, there is no mention of a diet plan with this product.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: An ingredients list is provided, including ingredient quantities, as there is only one ingredient.

Company contact details readily available: There is an email address for enquiries, and also a telephone number and an address in the UK.

Pulsin Soya Protein does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria because it fails to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no diet plan with the product, and there is no mention of manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

Pulsin Soya Protein is advertised as a natural plant-based alternative to dairy protein, which can easily be added to other food to increase daily protein intake. The official product website does not claim that this product directly aids weight loss or improves body composition, but historically soya protein has been associated with these effects. Studies have shown that soya protein might be effective as an appetite suppressant and therefore might be beneficial for losing weight, but this should not be assumed as proven. Severe side effects in people of good health are unlikely. There are groups of people, however, for whom this product is not recommended.

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