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Pure Life Cleanse Review

Pure Life Cleanse claims to be a natural cleanser that can be used to help battle excess weight and to detoxify the body. It is primarily advertised as a ‘colon cleanser’, although the manufacturer claims that it helps achieve an all-round boost of energy and a healthy body. pure life cleanse

Pure Life Cleanse Review Pros
  • All active ingredients come from natural sources
  • There have been some clinical studies and research on all ingredients
  • The manufacturing company offers 40% off to members
Pure Life Cleanse Review Cons
  • There is not a lot of information available about the product or manufacturer online
  • There is no published clinical research available for the Pure Life Cleanse product

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Pure Life Cleanse Review

Although Pure Life Cleanse is targeted at a majority female audience, the product can be taken by both men and women. The supplement claims to be an ‘all-natural’ aid to lose excess weight and to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. Pure Life Cleanse claims that their product gently cleanses the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and skin and works alongside the body’s inbuilt detoxification system to achieve boosted results. The product contains a mix of herbs and nutrients, all of which have been studied to some degree in clinical trials, although there are still gaps in the research for some of the product’s active ingredients.

Pure Life Cleanse Claimed Weight Loss Benefits

Pure Life Cleanse targets all areas of the body by cleansing multiple organs, such as the kidneys, liver and heart. There is, however, no published research that proves Pure Life Cleanse aids in weight loss. The product only seems to contain ingredients which have the same effect as a fibre-rich diet. The supplement targets the digestive and intestinal system in the body and claims to work alongside these internal natural systems.

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How Pure Life Cleanse Works

The herbs and nutrients in Pure Life Cleanse are claimed to act as a gentle cleanser that works throughout the body in day-to-day life. The four key ingredients work together to keep the body regular and detoxed. The supplement has a high fibre content which keeps the stomach and intestinal system sustained for longer; this helps conquer the desire to snack throughout the day. Therefore the product could help achieve weight loss results alongside diet plans and regular exercise. However, no ingredient within Pure Life Cleanse has been clinically proven to actively tackle weight loss in isolation. The herbs and nutrients claim only to work alongside the body’s internal systems which already work to maintain a healthy balance without the help of any supplements.

Acai Berry
Acai berry is included in the Pure Life Cleanse supplement because it is rich in anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are claimed to have a cleansing effect on the digestive tract by entering the stomach and intestines and eradicating any harmful toxins that may decrease energy levels and make it difficult to lose excess weight. The berries also contain a high amount of fibre which keeps the body fuller for longer, meaning that they suppress appetite, so users won’t need to fill up on extra food throughout the day. More information on the acai palm and fruit is widely available.

Liquorice Root
The root of the G. glabra plant (liquorice root) is harvested and used for many purposes including dietary supplements such as Pure Life Cleanse. The flavanoids found in liquorice root are claimed to help gastric irritation and to maintain the body’s gastrointestinal system. These flavanoids work by lowering the pH level in the stomach; there have been claims that a lower pH level in the stomach can help reduce heartburn and indigestion. There is more inormation about the effects of liquorice root online.

Senna Leaf
There are two main parts of the senna plant which are used for medicinal purposes; the leaves and the pods. The leaves are used in Pure Life Cleasnse as a mild laxative to relieve constipation and gastric problems such as bloatedness. Some studies have concluded that this ingredient works on the intestinal walls and cause contractions to spur bowel movements. There is no scientific research to suggest that senna leaf can aid in weight loss, but it is only marketed as a natural cleanser by the manufacturer and not a weight loss supplement. Further information can be found online.

Flax Seed Powder
Flax seed powder contains a high level of fibre, within the seed’s coat, which claims to keep the body regular as well as suppressing appetite when taken before meals. Some research suggests that the flax seed powder combines with cholesterol and stops it from being absrobed, reducing the amount of food needed to be consumed for the body to remain full. Flax seed powder also contains the essential fatty acid, Omega 3, which is not naturally produced by the body; therefore it is important to get it through certain foods and supplements such as Pure Life Cleanse. More information is widely available about the effects of flax seed.

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Key Ingredients

Pure Life Cleanse claims that all ingredients in the product are 100% natural and effective. Although there are minimal ingredients in the product, the official product website claims that all ingredients provide nutrients to the body which then work together to ‘create a metabolic reaction by breaking down carbohydrate into energy’. Although clnical studies are limited and cannot fully support this statement, there has been some research which suggests that the ingredients are effective in cleansing the body of harmful toxins. These studies can be found below.

Acai Berry
Acai Berry is a fruit grown on the Acai palm tree. This tree is native indigenous to the Brazilian Amazon, yet the recent demand for the fruit in products such as cleansing supplements means that acai trees are now cultivated in the majority of northern states of South America. The outer skin of the berry is usually purple in colour, but can be green depending on growing time and place of cultivation. The inside of the fruit is thin and pulpy, surrounding a seed in the centre of the berry. The berry has many uses other than for medicinal purposes, including alcohol, cosmetics, juice and food products.

Liquorice Root
Liquorice root comes from a small shrub called Glycyrrhiza glabra plant, which is grown in subtropical climates with rich soil in Southern Europe, India and parts of Asia. Liquorice is 30-50 times sweeter than sugar; the sweet taste of liquorice comes from the glycyrrhizin found within the root. Liquorice is used in products other than health supplements, such as tobacco and certain foods as a flavouring agent. Liquorice root has been used for medicinal purposes since Ancient Roman and Greek times for problems such as cough medicine and stomach ulcers.

Senna Leaf
Senna Leaves come from the senna plant, grown throughout the tropics. There are around 50 different species of the senna plant used for cultivation, these are used mainly in medications but is also found in certain hair treatments and thickening agents. In medicine, the dried leaves of the plant are normally used, including the Pure Life Cleanse supplement. Senna is an FDA approved herb that can be given without prescription as a laxative or a in hospitals as a bowel cleanser before certain tests such as colonoscopies.

Flax Seed Powder
Flax seeds come from the common flax or linseed fiber crop. Flax is grown for its oil and seeds which are used in supplements as well as some wood-finishing products. The seeds are either yellow or brown and both contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for the body to remain healthy. The seeds also contain a high fibre content which helps with bowel movement and appetite suppression. The yellow flax seeds are used more widely in medicines and supplements whereas the brown seeds are used more commonly in cattle feed, varnishes and paints.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538
Clinical trials are undergone to test the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and medicinal ingredients and products. The results of these trials are used to validate product claims and are used as evidence to support an ingredient or product’s effectiveness to treat certain health issues. To date, the clinical trials of Pure Life Cleanse are extremely limited; in fact no research for the product has been published to prove Pure Life Cleanse as an effective weight loss and detoxification supplement. However, the individual active ingredients in the supplement have been studied in isolation and there have been many clinical studies which act as evidence either for or against their success rates as medical treatments.

Acai Berry
In 2006, food chemists tested freeze-dried acai berries and observed the effects of their antioxidants. The antioxidants within the berries were divided into two groups, ‘fast-acting’ and ‘slow-acting’, and scientists observed them both when put into contact with oxygen. A solid result was reached whereby the berries significantly effected oxygen levels, in fact the levels were the highest recorded of any food to date. The antioxidants in the acai berry were found to enter human cells and function at full capacity. Therefore, this trial indicates that the anti-oxidants in acai berries do have a positive effect on the oxygen levels in the body, which gives reason to its potential cleansing properties. Read the full NCBI report for more information about the study.

Another study took place in 2011 to measure the effects of the acai berry on the metabolic systems of overweight subjects. This study can be used to either support or counteract claims of Pure Life Cleanse being an effective weight loss supplement. A group of 10 overweight adult subjects took 100g of acai pulp twice daily for a month. The study did produce some positive results showing that the acai berry did have some effect on the metabolic system. However, there was no change in blood pressure levels or any significant increase in weight loss within the 10 subjects over the 30 day period. The full NCBI outline of the study is available to read online.

Liquorice Root
A clinical study was undergone in 2004 to observe the effects of liquorice root, specifically the hydrophobic flavanoids contained in the root, on overweight mice. The mice were fed a high-fat diet and given doses of liquorice root over a set period of time and then observed. Compared to the control, there was a suppression of weight gain and abdominal adipose tissues in those that had been given the liquorice root. This research indicated a link between the flavanoids in liquorice root and abdominal fat accumulation. This study could be used as evidence to support Pure Life Cleanse as an effective weight loss supplement as well as a claimed natural cleanser.

A further study was conducted in 2003 to research the weight loss effects of liquorice root. Sceintists took 15 people of normal weight and measured their body fat before giving them 3.5g of liquorice every day for 2 months. They then measured their body fat again after the consumption period and found that generally body fat was reduced and the hormone, aldosterone, was significantly suppressed. However, it was also concluded that the subjects took on excess water while consuming the liquorice root. Although this study can not be used as solid evidence of the weight loss properties of liquorice root because there were only 15 subjects, it spurs ideas about its effectiveness to reduce body fat around the body.

Senna Leaf
Out of all of the active ingredients in Pure Life Cleanse, senna leaf has the most clinical research to support its effectiveness. However the majority of these trials, although they are very strong in terms of evidence, only test the ingredient in terms of its laxative properties. For example, there is some animal data which supports senna leaf as an efficient laxative. Some scientists tested the sennosides, a chemical found in senna leaves, on a group of rats and found that the sennosides effected the neurons in the colon to spur bowel movement and also accumulated fluids through colonic absorption.

Senna leaf has also been tested extensively on human subjects, particuarly on those with a medical conditions. Sceintists divided 345 subjects into groups; some of the subjects were given a dose of senna and others were given a dose of sodium phosphate to compare it against. On average, senna proved to be a better solution for bowel evacuation than the sodium phosphate. This result can be used to support claims that senna leaf is an effective laxative and bowel cleanser. All of the studies mentioned are detailed online.

Flax Seed Powder
Many recent clinical studies on flax seed powder are in association with cancer treatment; however, there have been some trials done to observe the effects of flaxseed as a dietary supplement. For example, the 2003 trial used a group of male obese rats to test the flaxseed ingredient. The rats were randomly assigned to three different diet plans, casein, soy protein and flaxseed, to see which diet most effected the weight and hormone production of the rats. The flaxseed proved to be the most successful in reducing insulin concentration, but all three diets had similar effects on weight gain. Therefore, this trial shows that flaxseed has some effect on the body in terms of hormone production but can not be differentiated from other ingredients in terms of weight loss. Full details on the study can be read in this NCBI report.

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Weight Loss Power:


There is no clinical research to support the effect of Pure Life Cleanse as an effective weight loss supplement. Although the company claims that their product can help lose excess body fat, there is not enough solid research to determine these claims as accurate. There are some studies on the active ingredients in isolation that suggest they could aid in weight loss, but these studies are very small scale and not valid proof of the product’s effectiveness.

Speed of results:


Customer reviews suggest that results occur within a few days of taking the supplement but there is no information stating how long the supplement takes to take effect fully on the body.

Appetite Suppression:


Pure Life Cleanse has no active ingredients which acts solely as an appetite suppressant. However, there is some published research, although it is very limited, which suggests that the high fibre content of acai berry and flax seed powder suppresses the appetite when taken before meals, leaving the stomach feeling fuller for longer and decreasing the need to satisfy the pangs of hunger on a daily basis.

Long Term Results:


Pure Life Cleanse is advertised as a product which detoxifies the body of harmful toxins that build up over a period of time. Following this view, it seems as though the supplement only lasts for a short length of time and the process may need to be repeated after more toxins build up over a certain length of time. However, there are no claims about how long the effects of the product will last.



All of the active ingredients in Pure Life Cleanse are from natural sources. They are all considered ‘safe for use’ by the FDA Union, which is an authoritative source that customers can go to for advice about medicine safety. There are some possible side effects related to all of the ingredients within the product, but these have little research supporting them and are not particularly severe symptoms.

Value for money:


The price of Pure Life Cleanse is not stated on the product website so it is hard to accurately judge its value for money. The product can be purchased on eBay at a variety of prices ranging from £15 to £60. As an ‘all natural’ product, the price does seem a little extensive because a customer isn’t necessarily purchasing anything that can’t be found in everyday diet. All of the ingredients are available to buy by individually, yet by combining all of the ingredients in one product for ease, the supplement is more efficient and perhaps is worth the extra cost.

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Pure Life Cleanse Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Pure Life Cleanse contains all natural ingredients which have very few possible side effects when taken in moderation and according to the product instructions. This is most probably due to the fact that most of the nutrients in the active ingredients are also found in everyday foods, such as Omega 3 and flavonoids. There has, however, been some research into the ingredients which suggests that there may be some minimal side effects when consuming the product and sometimes they are a little more severe when taken in excess.

Acai Berry
As of yet, there is no research that indicates any side effects of acai berries when used in supplements, yet this does not means that there aren’t any. The FDA have deemed it safe for use in moderation and when consumed in food, yet there have been claims that when taken for medicinal purposes, as part of supplements, it could increase any swelling of wounds, cause high blood pressure, and in extreme cases spur intestinal bleeding. However, these are rare side effects that are not necessarily related to the acai berry. It is important to consult with a health professional before taking any form of supplement that could interact with other medicines or treatment. More information about the possible side effects of acai berry is available.

Liquorice Root
There is very limited research available which suggests particular side effects of liquorice root but the majority of studies that have been undergone have proved the ingredient to be safe for consumption when taken in regular amounts. However, there have been claims of some rare side effects such as ocular effets and hypersensitivity which may occur when taken in excess. Liquorice root is not thought to interact with any other medication; considering that is is used in everyday foods, it is most probably safe for daily consumption without risk of serious side effects. More information about the possible side effects of liquorice root is available online.

Senna Leaf
There has been more research into the side effects of senna leaf which show that it can sometimes cause allergic reactions and more serious effects than the other active ingredients in Pure Life Cleanse. If any of the serious side effects occur then you should contact a medical professional as soon as possible; these side effects include severe stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, confusion and jaundice. Less serious side effects include stomach cramps, bloating and joint pain; however, if these persist then it is also important to contact a GP for advice. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplement containing senna, as it may interact with other medication and medical conditions. The full list of possible side effects and symptoms should be consulted for more ifnormation.

Flax Seed Powder
Flax seed powder is a natural supplement and is deemed safe for use by the FDA when taken as instructed on the product or by a healthcare professiional. However, research shows that there can be some minor side effects such as bloatedness, nausea and diarrhea. If these persist and cause particular discomfort then it is wise to seek medical help from a GP. There is also a possibilty to get an allergic reaction from flax seed powder which is more severe than the previous side effects. The symptoms of allergic reaction include discolouration of the skin, rashes and shortness of breath – more information about the side effects of flax seed powder is available online. If any serious side effects occur then contact a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible.

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How To Use

Woman With Pills 538
The suggested use for this product is to take 2-3 capsules per day with water or as instructed by a healthcare practitioner. However, there is no information given about how long a customer should take the supplement for. The bottle contains 50 capsules, which would last approximately 25 days, but it is best to check with a GP about how long to consume the supplement for.

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Who Makes Pure Life Cleanse

Pure Life Cleanse is manufactured and sold by a company called BioTrim Labs, which is based in the US. The company offer ‘all natural’ supplements in four different areas, cleansing, weight control and muscle building. More information is available on the BioTrim Labs facebook page and twitter page; these both contain customer comments indicating the overall satisfaction rating of buyers. The customer feedback on this page is very mixed in tone, there are some claims of issues buying the product and its effects, yet others praise the results they have achieved by using Pure Life Cleanse and other dietary supplements available from the company, such as Acai Ultra Lean, for weight loss, and Anabolic Rx24 Testosterone Booster, aimed at men looking to build muscle mass.

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Where To Buy

BioTrim Labs distributes its supplements interntationally. On Biotrim Lab’s website there is an option to request Pure Life Cleanse to be shipped to the United Kingdom. To purchase a bottle of 50 capsules from the BioTrim website it would cost a customer $35.95 (£23.01) with free delivery. As well as purchasing the product from the BioTrim Lab company itself, is is also available from international distribution companies such as eBay, where the product is sold at a variety of prices ranging from £10 to £60 depending on the vendor. The reliability of these sellers may vary so it is important to check the vendor’s details before purchasing any products. The product isn’t currently available on Amazon; only alternative cleansing products are advertised after searching for ‘Pure Life Cleanse’ on the site. Pure Life Cleanse is also available for purchase on the official product website at £23.01 ($35.95), the same price as is advertised on the BioTrim Labs site above.

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Overall Verdict

Looking at Pure Life Cleanse as a whole, it seems that the product has some good aspects. There aren’t a huge amount of side effects associated with the active ingredients and all of the ingredients have published research available about their effects and medicinal purposes. BioTrim Labs also offer free delivery to all customers and have a returns policy is a customer is unhappy with the product. However, there isn’t a lot of information available about the BioTrim Lab company online. The product page for Pure Life Cleanse is very limited as there are no links to other pages containing useful information about ingredients or how to use the product, the only link on the page is to purchase the product. For more information about Pure Life Cleanse, visit the BioTrim Lab website.



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